The Wilds Await

A Bargain with Hess

32nd Havis – 41st Havis

Ah a fine return to Sarek, and a much needed one at that. Myself, Bodi and Andreth have been effected by a mysterious black mark, thus we enlisted the help of the nobleborn blegh Savric and the fine wood elf Greywood to accompany us.

Well, Sarek greeted us as expected, Vondal shattered down a freezing blizzard; so strong it ripped up an entire tent and engulfed two mules. Oh Sarek how I indeed missed ye. We did not let such effect our spirits we had a mission; to locate and commune with Hess, for at the time being she is all I know whom has the power to lift such a curse.

As we recovered from the brutal onslaught of Vondal we hurried to venture forward. Eventually we came across a cabin with a totem dedicated to Hess, I dont know what but something gave me the idea to meditate by the totem, in an attempt to commune with Hess and guess what, to my surprise it worked! Well.. it worked to some degree laddie; Hess did not appear but I had a vision of sorts with follower of Hess, a shaman named.. infact  his name eludes me darn it! Though I recall it began with a H, take that knowledge as you wish.

Anyways! The shaman seen the mark upon my hand and gave us directions to meet with him west of the craigy hills near the sea. Our journey went nearly without a single hiccup and Savric the nobleborn.. aligned himself with the deity Blood Axe and became a Einharjar!

Now about this hiccupt… BLASTED VALERIE's striked upon us a day short of reaching our destination. Luckily our brave priest Andreth stood steadfast in the frontline, parrying blows like a mad man and the deadly shots of Savric tallied 3 kills! A fine shot for a dirty noble, though what else do nobles have to do than practice their aim in their countless leisure. 

Finally, we reached out destination, a tent.. a scruffy one at that, how do they stand up against that of Vondals strikes I cant tell yee. The shaman lead us into the Cursed Woods and it was there we met with Hess.

In a small shack covered in rubble and dirt the Shaman allowed Hess to speak through him and the bargain began. All 3 whom were marked by this fell curse stood together along side the 2 faithful companions, Hess spoke of our creators; that of human Creators, Koros and Voros, the halfling creator Hobo and even mentioned that of the elven kind Kine. Hess told us we had lost our ways and that of our gods. I did not even know I was of created, nevermind by the name of Koros and Hess said that was the greatest shame of all, for a creators creations to be oblivious of their maker. I have to agree in some regard, though I still stand firm I am a man of my own chosen, free and able to carve my own path….atleast I was until now.

Hess gave me the option to destroy my spear Bluesteel in return for the removal of my curse. Though this was indeed a fine deal I declined and suggested instead of my removal it would cure both Bodi and Andreth instead. Hess did agree to such but then counter offered with the following mission;

To find 3 weapons built by those who stole the flame – just like Blue steel – and in return our curses would be lifted.

Another fair judged proposal by Hess, yet I decided to counter once more with a final offer. One that would shatter freedom I cherish  wholeheartedly; I offered my services to Hess, in return our curses would be lifted and I would walk in Hess's name. She accepted in the condition I completed a task to set an example of a gluttonous oaf and reverse the desecration I and several  others created. This was accepted and I now have a year and one day to complete my task or die trying.

I would have been pleased to say this is were the journey ended, however on our return journey a mighty shiver came from nowhere, thunderous tremors besieged cabin, the air around us began to freeze, once it past… colossal giant usual footprints could be see on the grounds outside, something monstrous and mightily had walked through our path laddie. So,large were these beings and so powerful they had frozen an entire river, along with the whalebone ship that sat upon it. We quickly searched the ship and found it was owned by the Draugr and had upon its vessel a fine ballista; Huzzah! Matilda can begin construction! With this good news we set towards home…. oh Sarek you are a wondrous but cruel land!



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