The Wilds Await

Mysteries of the Southern forest

Report from the desk of Entity, marshall to Lord Earl Westford of Westmarch

Herein lies the log of events taking place between the 30th of Havis and 31st of Havis. The weather was favourable. And all in company in good health. I, Entity, sworn to the Lord Earl Westingford of Westmarch, put pen to this telling of events.

Tasked by a cleric to gather herbs of healing, our company set out on a journey south where said herbs are thought to grow wild and plenty.

The company numbered four;
Fynn the enraged warrior woodsman,
Nigel, magician and purveyour of fine baked goods,
and Sheik, scaled holy warrior.

Deciding that it would not be wise to venture straight into danger, I ordered that we not go into the forest proper fore we search the edges. Thus we struck South by West, and found little of what we sought. Fynn, being skilled in the ways of beast and growing things, proposed that eastwards lay our search and profit.

Well was it that we followed his advice, as we soon found ourselves encompassed in greens. Within the hour herbs had been found, but so had trouble come to haunt our steps. Orcs, so Fynn found them by their tounge, and they retreated on an errand to asnwer the call of some beastly master of theirs. Such we avoided a hostile encounter, but our respite was shortlived.

Again I argued that the path not straight into danger was to be chosen, so we turned East by South and soon stood before a sight not told of in the City of Santaur. An obelisk of stone, carved with runes forgotten and the thunder of the heavens wreathed upon its crest. In arcs the lightning flailed around it and as Nigel interpreted long ago craved words, we stood in awe of the artifact. "If you are worthy to unlock the stones, you shall recieve the treasure meant for thee" said Nigel as he recalled the runes of the script before us.

Furhter investigation yielded runes which Nigel could not recall seeing in times before, and it was upon my magicks that called next. Alas the field is not one of great range and so I was to touch the stone. It was my duty, and so I did; so said the runes "Water, Thunder and Earth combine, and circle down you shall divine". I relayed this message, though it confused us greatly. Before Nigel found, magically enscribed, a rune signifying a moveable ston set in the surface of the obelisk. Sheik took courage and storde forth to activate the artifact, and so it was that it shone brightly for a moment, revealing two paths to the south and east, and the south and west.

We did not enjoy victory long, a bustling and roaring had us seek cover but the creature, hideous as it was tall, strode into the open before we could reach safety. Nigel, veiled by a lumpy rododendria, spelled Sheik and myself with an image of trees and as we stood, two sentinels on the open field, the creature weathered our scent.

A battle ensued with the ogre once it started towards us, and it proved stupid and incapable both, though it certainly had might for five, even six. But i's blows went foul and in the end Fynn clove its skull with a well hefted axe. So the creature fell and we took of it's possessions, a single bottle of fine spirits indeed, and as trophy a tusk for Fynn.

Once more I urge caution, and tired by the constant reminder, I am denied in my request. Rather than leave we remain, and luck has it that naught wanders in to investigate the clamour of battle as the spirits are discovered as what they are.

One final task do we manage, to follow the trail of light South and East to discover a brother stone, the obleisk of earth. One of three from the script we are certain, and now Nigel approaches and activates the second stone. Our fortune is with us and all goes as it should. Bouyed by success Nigel shares out baked goods among the others as I am forced to decline what seems an enjoyable treat.

However, as we have found herbs on our journey to this second artifact, it is decided that we shall return successful on the mission accepted, and perhaps one day return to accomplish the one discovered.

But safe is not who wanders home after ventures into darkness. As we learned when spiders, grown large beyond nature, assailed our numbers. We fought a fighting retreat, and managed freedom in the end.

We arrived in Santaur early the 31st of Havis after breaking for camp in the fields naught south of the city.

Here I end my telling of the transpired events and bid all faithful vassals and folk of my Lord Earl be careful of the dangers south of Santaur. One ought not listen to them, for false may the be, but rumours of the southern forests told these days seem to ring true.



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