The Wilds Await

Time lords

30 planth or so
we headed out to skull where BOldrak once tok us, past a stony marble looking dragon who is keeping guard for the entrace. we decided to head north west from the skull a bit, where we came across, a circle with thses corupted crystal who will take the magic that has been cast around it. for good or ill effects. 

Vardis found a leathery satchel the first day at a camp, a healing potion and a spellscroll who we will find out later in town. we came across a corupted giant wich  we skipped, soonly after we came across these Metasheen Dwarfs, lord and a like. named Galruk Metasheen who took us to the stone giangts. by airship as we gave them the info about this corruption cave and giant. 

took us 4 days by the airship , we found these creatures named  arakkoa who lived to 125y or so. serving the ships as they have been saved a long time ago when there where on the brink of exstiction 

After talking to Vilas  and  Abadai we got more infomration about the 5 blades, that their grand father who crafted the Montanica, the death sword,   as the wielder get stronger by every kill, he also loses a part of him self, until he become a dragon worm.  

also showed him the ash blade, and after talking to Abadai who then agreed to reactivatet the blade, as it seemed fit i was able to use it. But never, NEVER! turn my blade against the alliance of giants, storm, cloud, fire, ice and stone. as he will find me and end my pitty life.  As i get the blade back, uncovred from the ash, its a fine sword, silver handle, cromed with gold and a handguard, the blade it self is silver aliek metal blade, with runes on it, slightly flow of green.    

If we ever finished a Quest for them, we are to talk to Mika at the outpost, as going by the airship is for the privliges and lord alike. unless we are summoned or have something realy importan to say thats a life or deaths matter.    

on the 10th day we see Boulder the firely dwarf at the outpost,  seeing we where going to the cave to explore more and to kill this cave fisher, we tok him with us. we found a cloud giant  named marnissa on the road to the cave. 

The corrupted cave –  it seems like the crystals sucks up all magic used near them,  there is a way to see wich one is active, if they glow, magic have been used near it. may it be positive or negative magic.  if they dont glow, no magic has been used near them, so be care of what u do near these. we killed 3 dead merfolks who was corrupted by the crystals.  but the main goal was to find this cave fisher as the yield was to good to leav.   as we looked around the cave, we found this big mushroom, with posionus spores,  where our ranger got draged true, so left us with little choice, we had to rush it to save our mate.  not a big battle as i was able to grappel it like a champ so the rest of party to easly kill it.  not long after we killed the cave fisher we  found live merfolks, alongside a kraken priest, we at oce anganged these as boulder reconise them as the prime foe of the allaience. after a might battle, we killed them, taking the head of the kraken priest. wich i gave to Mika as a thropy later on.

seeing something at the bottom of the pound inside the cave,  and after great party work, as i dive down to get it, we found the Time sword, on of the 5 blades, now holding 2 of 5 blades. 
and from the cave fish we got 4 gallions of the blood, 2 prime meat and 4 shells. selling it at the outpost.
 On the way out of the cave we spotted small beholders, who had been drawn to the power of these crystals, one who kept sucking the magic out of the crystal having 5 eyes, as it gained more and more power. and a lesser one with 4, who often act as a pet for wizards.  



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