Greywood is tall and somewhat muscular for an elf. His skin is a leathery copper, his long black hair is tied back, and his steel-gray eyes have an intense, hardened stare. He wears plain traveler’s clothes yet a military insignia hangs around his neck. His face and demeanor seem to suggest that he’s several hundred years old but he’s not even a halfway through his second century.


Orphaned with his sister as a child and raised by human commoners, elf Nevin Greywood had few career opportunities available to him so he joined the King’s militia as soon as he was of age. He distinguished himself early in his career but after several decades of service, the endless violence wore on him and Greywood began to regret his decision.

Things only got worse when his unit received a new commanding officer, Marshal Balfry, a young noble and a snake of a man, more skilled in political manipulation than military operations. After a series of escalating disagreements with Balfry over his self-serving duplicity and botched command decisions, Greywood requested a discharge but Balfry denied it and threatned to have him executed for treason if he brought it up again.

A few years later, Greywood rescued King Edmund IV’s brother and seized the opportunity to request his discharge directly from the King. He was so grateful that he granted it immediately and there was nothing Balfry could do.

The decades of fighting had taken a toll on Greywood and he moved deep into an isolated wilderness, far out of Balfry’s reach. He lived a quiet, peaceful life for nearly thirty years until his sister showed up one day, crying. Her son, Virrin, had been framed for the murder of a noble and would be beheaded. But the Hand of the King himself had offered Virrin the possibility of a stay of execution if Greywood would meet with him. It didn’t make sense to Greywood until his sister told him that the Hand was a man called Lord Balfry.

Greywood met with Balfry and was offered a deal: King Godric was very interested in learning about the realms revealed by the opening of the mists. If Greywood were to “volunteer” and re-enlist as Captain, he would be sent to the city of Santaur, where he would be assigned expeditions into the new realms and required to send reports to the King. After seven years he would be freed from his service and Virrin would be freed from prison. If he refused, Virrin would be executed. Greywood, caught in Balfry’s machinations, had no choice but to acquiesce.

He arrived in Santaur escorted by several members of the King’s Royal Guard. The Guardsmen set Greywood up with lodging and left the next day, except for one. Lieutenant Drig will stay in Santaur to monitor Greywood’s progress, select his assignments, and receive his reports.


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