Those who knew Grom would be surprised that Devros is his kin, but that’s only because Grom was so different from the rest of his family. Devros is neither tall nor particularly strong. His hair is black, yet his eyes seem somehow darker. He rarely seems to smile and often appears to be lost in thought. He doesn’t speak often but when he does it’s usually deadly serious, though he will converse easily with people if it will be to his benefit.


Devros Morryn is Grom’s half-brother, the result of renown wizard Magnus Raveneye’s ill-advised affair with an apprentice. Despite being a bastard, his father treated him well enough – as long as it didn’t disrupt his legitimate family. His older siblings wanted nothing to do with him but Grom, always a bit different, was close with Devros and the two spent many a day getting in trouble together.

Raised by his mother, Aida Morren, Devros eagerly took up his father’s offer to give him a higher education. Much of his learning came directly from the arcane tutelage of Lord Raveneye but strings were pulled to introduce him to many of Ironcrest’s experts in other fields, as well. Due to his illegitimacy, however, he couldn’t be officially admitted to any learning institutions and Devros thirsted for more knowledge. He often snuck into off-limits rooms of the Ironcrest library and had been known to break into the private offices of local sages to read their personal tomes.

When Lord Raveneye received a letter from Grom describing the Axe of Nines, he sent Devros to Santaur to warn Grom not to use it, but he arrived too late. Grom had been killed. Concerned that the Axe of Nines may have played a role in Grom’s death, he brought it and Grom’s body to Lord Raveneye for safekeeping.

While attempting to learn more about the Axe, Devros accidentally cut his finger on its edge and the blood was absorbed by the Axe, as if it was drinking it. Shortly thereafter he fell into a fever that lasted 3 days, during which he heard Grom’s voice, along with many others. The voices spoke of Valgar the Seer and Devros somehow knew that he must return to the lands beyond Santaur to learn more.

Devros stole the Axe from his father and headed off to Santaur, where he joined the Lord Westingford’s company of explorers. After a few uneventful weeks, Devros was guided by a white owl to a shrine of Valgar. In exchange for assistance in recovering Grom’s soul, Devros pledged himself to Valgar and returned to Santaur with a new sense of magic power growing inside him.


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