The Wilds Await

A salty siege turned sour

25th Penth – To Sarek

Party Members








Scribed by Mardus Henley, scribe for Savric De Warren in his own words.


I had gathered a party to head to Sarek, for I had been instructed to assault a keep. Bloodaxe had given the description, North East of Kierans camp where the river flows down from the glacier there is a lake, on the North edge of that lake there lies a shrine to Varanor, around that is built a fort.

I had to retrieve a quiver from the shrine. Gathering the party was easy for two of my companions are followers themselves Bodi and Vaki and the rest at least know of him.


We travelled well prepared, with so much in tow that we struggled to get it all in the skull platform, the ride was most uncomfortable. We set off in the direction we assumed and travelled for some time in the cold but with relative ease, despite bad weather. The first thing we encountered I had come across twice before, the signs of whatever titan creatures approaching and bring the bitter cold with them! I had almost been frozen to death in a hut previously, only to emerge the next day for the party to find giant prints in the earth. We know to skirt whatever these are when they approach, and we did so.


On another rest a pack of wolves approached, they were curious, we decided to scare them away as they were of no real threat. We continued to make progress towards the camp, on the next watch we were approached by the same pack of wolves again! Bodi decided to feed the pack and coax them to follow us, not a normal course of action to me but who am I to judge.


The directions turned out to be accurate and from a mile away we were able to see our target, this is where Pin was able to assist us with his magic and scout the camp from distance. He said there were some 18 people outside and likely more in the buildings. As we were by bloodaxe a statue stood in the middle, that was where we needed to get to. There were warriors undergoing training around the shrine and someone who looked like a leader. To the East stood a gate, which we resolved would be the point of attack. First we would need to go back and fetch our siege equipment.


Bodi tried to communicate to the wolves to wait here and that there was food inside, I think he was interested in one of the pack a dark young wolf. Whether they would stay I don't know and we left on our way.


Our journey was not uneventful to the skull platform, we came across a great stone door that had been revealed by melted snow. It looked dark and formidable, many of our party were keen to investigate as it had inscriptions in, in Horth or Glarnic, I can't remember which, they all look the same to me. There was some discussion about whether we should investigate but it was thought best not to as we had a job to accomplish but maybe we could return.


It was then we felt the presence of a magical storm of Vondal approach, I did not want to be at the mercy of Vondal again in the open. The doorway seemed the only option. Forcing our way in did not work. Bodi touched against the wall and appeared to try and connect with it but was flung back and looked in some pain. Fisher stepped forward with a feather I recognised and placed it against the door, which yielded and we seemed to be encompassed by a magical shield from the elements. I remember he got the feather when we ventured to Karrendorr, there was a raven that followed us and transformed into a strange woman that had said she was a daughter of Hess. This doorway must be connected to Hess.


We set off again when Vondals wrath eased and we made it back to the skull platform where we had left our Ballista and the strange Minotaur in fancy clothes we had brought to help man it. The journey back to the fort was mostly uneventful and we travelled quickly.


We used magic to hide our approach and began our assault choosing to target the gate. I fired first with an arrow with Bodi's, Vakis and my image upon it, we were to let them know who was brining this assault. The shot was true and I was able to pick off one archer and seriously wound another, as the ballista crashed a pot of oil against the gates. Vaki began to charge forward and we hailed some more projectiles on them, lighting up the gate in flames and setting a building within the camp on fire. Bodi, Vaki and myself began to assault, moving forwards whilst giving fire. Pin and Fisher were by the ballista but it did not work as we hoped, with many projectiles missing their mark. More archers appeared upon the walls and we were able to set fire to another section causing some disarray. Some helpful magic from Efrexoa stopped more warriors reaching the wall on one section. Vaki was able to get upon the walls, launching from her horse and climbing like some kind of creature, and engaging an archer, a formidable sight upon the walls.


Arrows rained down on her but none caused damage, the archers were smart however and those of us following up the attack were unable to land shots as they ducked beneath the ramparts. It quickly became apparent we were in trouble and would need to retreat. Vaki climbed from the ramparts as we covered with a few shots and everyone turned to run. I would not have made it away without the help of Efrexoa turning himself into horse form and coming back for me. We had arrows rained upon us three times, knocking him out of his form twice, before Brian and Vaki were able to turn and rescue us. We made it out of range just in time, we could not have sustained much more of a beating.


We made our way back in defeat, our victors knowing exactly who had brought the assault upon them.


Upon the way back we encountered a monstrous bear, I have again encountered before and we at least emerged from this fight easily victorious, a small win. We settled down to rest and recover, the next morning there were elk tracks, Bodi seemed upset he wasn't awake to see them. I will remember not to shoot them if I happen to chance on any. The only other thing we found were canine tracks and some bodies picked clean along the way but at this time we thought best to return and come back on another day. Bodi and Vaki sought out bloodaxe, I thought it best to not return until I was victorious, I will be. We will return more prepared and claim what I've been tasked with

The Tall and the Bearded
From the journals of Gleipnir Oathold

Plenth 13th-20th

The party:

- Ashuriel, the Young Gnomish Wizard

- Pin, the Old Gnomish Wizard

- Gleipnir, the Dwarven Cleric

- Vaki, the Goliath Barbarian

- Scarloc, the Elven Ranger

Our journey begins with brief introductions for yours truly.  It seems that our fine Pin had a pupil I was unaware of, and I was introduced to Ashuriel.  To make matters short, we were all eager to be about Solara, and decided to head out for the northern chain of mountains, and the desolate wastes they border.  It was rumored that the Valmari, the local humans of this area, were quite interested in these chalky deposits found throughout the area, and could be found mining it from the wastes.  We hoped to come across their tracks and ask them for directions to where they engaged in trade with my dwarven kin.  As it turns out, the journey would be far more complicated than simply finding this location, but more on that later.

We struck out from the Ur-Gate, marching north towards the wastes when we chanced upon the entrance to a worked cavern.  Hoping that my kin would be closer than I previously imagined, I set about chanting a rite of Augury to determine if the worked passage would lead to my kin.  According to the runes, there are no dwarves this way, and yet the familiar carving of the stonework would suggest a Midgard's mason's skill in craft.  Strange indeed, yet my kin were not within the cavern so we pressed further up the valley into the open waste.  As we reached the wastes,  we slept throughout the night and came across a strange red tumbleweed.  For any new adventurers traveling Solara, these tumbleweeds are Extremely Dangerous, and are capable of summoning or creating undead creatures from their plant bodies.  Various shades and skeletal creatures that can drain your life stepped out from the many red tumbleweeds that simply cropped up during the night.  We had managed to fight them back, but any party caught unawares by these plants, or that see them during the day are advised to burn them when you find them.  

Turning west, Scarloc had managed to find the wagon ruts and caravan tracks, evidence of the Valmari's passage, and offered council that we should follow.  As we made our journey we chanced upon a great earth turner, an úrm of massive size.  With scales and ridges of a metal sheen the úrm shattered through the ground as a great quake.  Luckily I had felt it through the stone during my merging.  Ashuriel quickly threw up a rope into the area, conjuring a strange room that hung in the air.  We waited out the creatures passing, figuring that the úrm would be blind to us if we didn't touch the ground with our feet.  Guessing correctly, the úrm left our campsite mostly intact, except for one of my companions tent, and turned southward.  Immediately after our departure from Ashuriel's space, a strange goat herder approached us.  He slung questions, insults, and drawings upon us, hoping to sketch the úrm and us while we passed.  Despite his rudeness, I, by Muradin's Tenants, entreated him with a gift to send him well upon his way.  He did point us in the direction of a place known as Fort Tycon, a stronghold and staging ground for the Valmari's operations on the mainland.  We separated from our rude guide, and made journey north towards Tycon.

During our journey's north, we chanced upon a lone cabin.  Fair warning to adventurers passing towards Tycon, this cabin is no ordinary resting place.  Indeed were it not for the the strange goatherder's brew keeping me awake, I likely would have fallen prey to the curse.  Everything seemed fine, but when we awoke, a deep slumber had come over Vaki.  Seemingly impossible to awaken, we hurried her out of the cabin, and marched her a little away from the cabin.  I used all my cunning and did what any good medicine man would do, jabbed a knife lightly into her.  She then proceeded to hurl Pin, who was standing right next to me, at my head.  Though she meant nothing by it, I could sense a change about her behavior and her manic.  Seemingly aged in thought to a child, I worried our Vaki might be permanently…stunted, but hopefully this will even out in time.

Thankfully our journey north proved fruitful, and with Tycon in sight we strode to the gate ready to enquire the location of my dwarven kin.  We entreated with the guards, and got the attention of their lieutenant.  We negotiated with him, and learned much of the Valmari, their coins, and procured an ambassador who would be able to speak with Eddon on the matters of the Valmari.  In addition they spoke of the location of my kin, in the trading hold of Geraduer.  It was located at the very end of the western mountains of the Ur-Gate chain.  However, to gain entry one would require a bagpipe and a song that would ring out to proclaim you as friend to the hold.  Believe me when I say that there are many many songs, and that the precise knowledge of it will be required to even gain entry to hold.

The Bitch Hunt

Plenth 2nd-4th


Bodi, Halfling Ranger

Pin, Gnomish Wizard

Efrexoa, Tiefling Druid

Andreth, Human Cleric/Warlock

Fisher, Elven Rogue/Ranger

Gleipnir, Dwarven Cleric

I met up with my fellow adventurers in the Axe and Thistle.  I prepared them for what was to come.  I had received from Bloodaxe a task to hunt down the lizard "bitch" that stalks the swamps of Sarek.  The swamps were the realms of Remaron, a true Master and rumored lairing within the swamp.  We gathered our gear, and set out from the skull platform in Sarek.  Once we arrived in Sarek, we did not take the 1st nor the 2nd, but the 3rd stop amidst the stench of the mire.  Immediately upon arrival we were greeted by two Drakonids, two Drakounds, and one large Drakogre.  Charging us, the Drakonid forces posed a serious threat, spitting acids from their mouths.  This added a real concern for the Drakounds and the Drakogre focused entirely upon the melting flesh.  Gleipnir, I, Brian, and Fisher held the jaw of the skull platform, while Pin, Efrexoa, and Andreth cast magics upon the creatures.  It was a long fight, but until the tide turned for them one of the Drakonids escaped into the swamp.  Feeling wounded and unable to pursue, we decided that rest was important and headed south to leave the swamp, as we could not rest there.  On our way out of the swamp, we found vile, bloated, and withered bodies.  Pin worked his mojo on the corpses, but I'm unsure if it had any affect on the corpses.  Eventually we escaped the swamp, running across the river with the help of Efrexoa's magic, and made camp.

As we awoke in the morning, we returned back to the swamp.  Once we entered the mire proper I attuned my senses to find the lizard "bitch".  Finding nothing that resembled this lizard "bitch", I settled for the weakest group of Drakonids I could sense.  Fisher and I tracked down this small group of Drakonids, and between the two of us it was not even a challenge as the Drakonid Drakoundmaster was watering his Drakounds.  Announcing my challenge, I spoke to the Drakonid in Skareth and told him I was hunting his mother.  I gave him the option of telling me what I needed to know, and in exchange the Drakonid could go free.  He refused this offer, and I told him we would kill his dogs and make him tell us.  During the fight, Fisher had managed to get behind the Drakoundmaster and knock him unconscious.  At this moment all the Drakounds turned their eyes, and charged Fisher.  After we dispatched the Drakounds,  we put them in a pile, and we tied up the Drakoundmaster.  I used my healing magic upon him to awaken him.  Once he was awoke, I explained to him his dogs were and that he would soon follow if he didn't tell me what I needed to know.  He told me the lizard "bitch" would shove her bone spike up my ass. I thanked him for the information, and asked if he wanted to die or not.  He responded by trying to spit acid in my face.  I shut his mouth with my Swordspear, killing him for his stupidity.  I told my party that the lizard "bitch" would be coming, and that we could make a defense in an abandoned ruin not far from where we were.

We started setting up defenses for the lizard "bitch".  Pin collapsed rocks to block paths using his magic, Gleipnir setup tarps to block off sight from their javelin fire, while the rest off us got ready for the longest fight of our lives.  Fisher's familiar signaled the oncoming lizard party, and battle began.  The Drakonids surrounded us, and attacked in bulk. Andreth flew up into the air, blasting Drakonids left and right, while Fisher and I held off three of them, including the lizard "bitch" herself.  I gave Fisher the signal to amscray, and the moment he left Brian and I swiftly followed.  My hand fell and the party unleashed a barrage of necrofire upon them.  Retreating to my party, I was jumped by two Drakonids and one knocked unconscious.  Next thing I remember,  Gleipnir stood next to me and healed my wounds.  I could see Brian knocked out in the corner, while a Drakonid was breathing down my neck.  Gleipnir using his magic, submerged me within the stone floor.  Feeling battered and bruised, I could feel the fight turn against us, and called upon the power of Bloodaxe.  I feel his presence drag me from the stone, and leap into the fray again.  My wounds stitched beneath my armor, as the power of Bloodaxe fought against the acids of the Drakonids.  Gleipnir conjured a wall of flame to seal off the passages, while I and the others battled the remaining Drakonids within the room.  Gleipnir takes a nasty stab from a spear and is laid out on floor, while Efrexoa leaps over Gleipnir's body, shielding it from further attack.  Fisher, the giant bear, and I finish off the remaining Drakonids, but then Andreth shouted that the lizard "bitch" were running for the water.  Pin rode out on his phantom steed to hunt them down, as I healed Gleipnir to his feet.  We hear a scream from out of the room, as Pin's body lay motionless on his phantom steed, and rode back to us.  It turns out the lizard "bitch" had not run, but actually surprised Pin, and was coming to finish the job.  I draw my glass dagger, as Gleipnir draws his two glass hand axes.  The giant bear valiantly charged the lizard "bitch", but was no match for her bone spike.  Unconscious at her feet, Efrexoa was stepped over by the lizard "bitch" as she continued to maul our druid friend.  Pin worked his magic to save Efrexoa from certain, while I charged the lizard "bitch" in a desperate last attack.  My wounds stitching, I felt reinvigorated and we would fight on our terms, and surrounded her as Pin and Andreth harassed her with magic from afar.  Fisher's was the blow that finally took the "bitch" head, and we thought the battle done.  However, if something dies so steeped in the Master's magic, a foul entity would arise from its corpse.  My companions  seemed close to death while the evil spirit took its revenge on Fisher, disappearing and then reappearing with its hand draining the life from him.  Then something out of fairy tales, an old man soaring down from the heavens, crashing into the creature with his blade, exploding it with radiant magic, and the evil spirit was banished from this realm.  A saving grace, as Brian, alive came around the corner and tying the unconscious Fisher to his back, we fled from the swamp with my prized bone blade in hand.  We made for the skull platform, and strangely Andreth still beamed with divine energy, as light pierced the sky and allowed us safe passage to the skull and Santuar.

Libraries and Returning friends








Our group returned to Maephoon with the intention of gathering up one of our own who we had left to be an ambassador to these phoenix people and so headed out to do so. Upon arriving to the city it seemed warn out but its size still grand, many buildings and people filled this land and has a very different culture to our own. There are red robed men which seem to be their scholars and acolytes in training of many different races and creeds. Among this mass of people we found a large green man who Bodi ran up to and gave a bear hug introducing him as the one we were looking for. After saying our greetings to him a scholar approached us and spoke of a mission he wished to have us complete if we felt up to the task. He wanted us to find and explore a library to the north that had been lost for awhile that was a bit away. Us not wanting to leave this place empty handed and wanting some adventure decided to take up this mission and head north.

On our first day out there was almost no issue, we just took the road up to the river crossing and stayed at a fortification for the night which apparently someone saw some glowing things in the river but took no action against it. The next day we set out again further north and were again unhindered in our journey and were able to rest unhindered. Although the next day of our trip was not so kind to us, as we were crossing a river some giant reptilian beast came upon us and Snatched up Gigo in its jaws and another taking his pack animal through the use of some illusion magic got it to drop him. We continued on our way with Gigo injured but alive and again rest for the night. Along the way we found some tunnels in the side of the mountain that we decided against going into and found ourselves upon a path heading north. Some of what looked like goblins had fought something and lost and headed back to the tunnels we saw earlier.

This path lead us to an opening that looked quite pristine and well kept after some investigation we found that something indeed lived here and wanted no part of it. As we were leaving someone tripped and let out a yelp that alerted the creature to our presence and what we saw round the corner was what seemed to be an owlbear quite too large to be normal. I had the feeling of some magic that had tampered with this beast. It was quite fearsome dealing a mighty blow to Reygar in a single hit and knocking him out with the next. For most of the fight it was the party trying to get Reygar some aid and get him out of harms way since this creature seemed to have it in for him. We eventually managed to defeat the beast when Reygar while blinded managed to do a hefty throw that cleaved through the head of the beast and killed it on the spot. 

The rest of our journey was unhindered although we found some tunnels belonging to some fire ants that use their flame to burrow glassy holes into sand with their flame. We decided to continue on our way though as these seemed like something not to be messed with and found upon a hill a large dome that I peered inside with my divination. It seemed empty from what I could see and hear and so we went inside. There was a brasier and some stone walls with runes downstairs and we could not figure out how to progress further when Gigo had the idea to bash the brasier to ignite its flame which happened to work. The basement opened up wonderfully showing a new skull and the door to some place we could not enter as I could not understand the magic of the Phoenix.

We returned to the city through this new skull and were rewarded well. I was given access to the library and was funded 500g worth of spell copying items. Bodi given a saddle that lets him use his companion more effectively and the others various boons. The others returned after this but I think I shall stay in this city a bit longer as their magical prowess interests me and I wish to be an ambassador in Gigo's place as someone who can more represent what magic our people have. 

Deadly Rivers

17th of Havis




Following the plan of having everyone on horseback, which turned out to be something i would recommend for anyone planning to go on longer treks on the other side of the Ur-Gate. Decision might be a bit harder to make if you plan on heading North but heading South the climate only gets more temperate the farther away from the Ur-Gate you get.


18th of Havis
Passed through the Ur-Gate and headed Southwest. The day was uneventful, the expected wildlife tracks but we see nothing of them. During the night we are woken by a giant turtle emerging out of the ground outside of the cave. Trees with fruits growing on its back, it looked like a small hill before it started moving.

I suspect it has some connection with a deity that i am sure, beyond that i can only say that if you feed it valuable gems it rewards you with these fruits it has growing on its back. The fruits when eaten release the potent healing magic contained within them, stronger than any healing potion you can buy in Santaur.


19th of Havis

"The Fane is where the rivers meet" was the description given to Pin by the bird folk regarding the fane of their deity, we passed this very Fane during our second day of travel, it is very distinct because of the rainbow spanning over it.

Towards the end of the day the terrain slopes downward and some more vegetation springs forth from the ground.


20th of Havis

About halfway through the day we walk into a skirmish between the bird folk and the Valmari, unable to communicate properly with either, or force a ceasefire in any way we were forced to halfheartedly throw our weight in with the Valmari. The bird folk were swiftly defeated and decided to try to flee. We chased down a pair of them and brought them back to show them that their dead were buried in the proper way. An Arborian sky burial in this case. It is important they know where the bones are for they must be buried after the birds have pecked their bones clean. I can only pray this gesture buys us a chance to mend relations and reach an understanding with them.

In this case the Snake tribe of bird folk attacked the Valmari who were digging in and around their sacred burial site, no easy solution in other words.

The Valmari captain gave us directions to the Quamari and to one of their legion forts. To head west to a large river and follow it downstream to a much larger one, a mile across in some places.
Follow it upstream will take you to the legion fort by the city of the snakemen, downstream will take you into the realm of the elves.

The soil gets more and more fertile as we travel and at the end of the day we see a forest on the other side of the river.

This reminded me of a story i had heard of the Quamari, their hair looks like freshly fallen snow, and their eyes are amber. Like the Quor they were forced to wander and it is very unlikely any remain on the world they were created.


21 & 22nd of Havis

Having made it into what i now know is the Turravald, the realm of the elves we spent a few days looking for them, they are nomadic like most other creatures living in this land and they travel mostly on the back of moose, making them hard to track unless you know what you are looking for. We also learned that there are river spirits, some of them malevolent and very dangerous.


The snow elves themselves are skillful leatherworkers and bowyers, they roam the wilds during the summer months and shelter in their hidden citadels during the winter.

Their elder clarified what exactly the dwarves had done to earn their reputation. Explaining that while the others were resisting the masters bleeding the gods for their own means the dwarves allowed it. Then they hid in their holds when the master that slew Selara while the others stod up and fought to avenge her.

As with most things masters, what dies does not stay dead and Selara is now undead, this corrupts the land and the other spirits are fighting a losing battle to prevent the entire area from becoming a desolate vasteland. This however is lifetimes away, even for elves.


Through my talk with the Quamari i have a few new leads, first and foremost Selara had a consort, the moon. When Selara died she killed herself in her grief, i suspect this is the glow that illuminates the night sky to the north.

Second is seeking out the dwarves in the mountains east of the realm of the elves, this puts it almost as far away from the Ur-Gate as the elves, requiring another expedition. There is a chance they know more, depending on how close their ties with the masters actually were.


Finally the elder spoke of some points of interest surrounding the Turravald. To the North are the ruins where the people of Selara dwelled, it used to be a very important city in ages past. South is a lake where Fyrandelle dwells, is the spirit of the turravald, this is his domain, he isnt their god but its his land and they pay tribute to him as is his due. East in the mountains is the golden valley, in the ancient times called the golden lands but none are permitted there, they do not roam beyond because of ancient pacts.


We stayed the night, and two young elves accompanied us to Santaur as part of their rite of adulthood.


Scarloc Liadon of the Small Council, Strider of the Westmarch.

A Cursed Swamp and Hole
From the journals of Gleipnir Oathold

Havis 5th-12th  

The party: 

- Bodi, the halfling ranger

- Gleipnir, the dwarven cleric

- Fisher, the elven ranger/rogue

- Pin, the gnomish wizard

- Savric, the human fighter

Oh to be back on the fields of adventure!  It feels quite some time since I've gotten a goodly party together to set off on common purpose.  I'm very glad that this week would be far different, and that my party mates were capable lads.  Bodi, as always the tracker/explorer, lead us upon the fields of Sarek once more with Brian to tow our goods, and led us on a quick jaunt to the Fane of Bloodaxe.  Savric seemed quite interested in proclaiming his many victories to the Sareph, and we had the time and supplies to make the rest of our journeys.  Pin was equal content to travel simply for the experience and our newcomer, a 5'0'' elf with white hair by the name of Fisher was eager to practice his tracking.  Truth be told his face seemed a might off at the beginning, but we'll get into that later.  Anyways, Bloodaxe seemed warm enough, and just as before Savric and Bodi entered into a deep coma upon touching the Sareph's ever-bleeding greataxe.  It took but a few moments, I preoccupied myself with the 8' tall wooden statue of the Sareph and inspecting its likeness, but Bodi and Savric did return.  While Savric seemed no worse for wear, Bodi's awakening was marked by what would seem a stroke.  The each explained the Bloodaxe had given them each a quest.  For Savric he was to find a blessed Quiver made by Vondal located deep within the fort of Kieran's bandits, near some kind of lake.  For Bodi, the Bloodaxe had granted him knowledge of Remaron, a Master within the realms of Sarek, and all of his creations.  Bloodaxe then tasked Bodi to hunt down a favored female lizard of Remaron within the confines of the Dread Swamp.  After this explanation we agreed to head into the swamp in order to entreat with my kin in the southern mountains, and the chance upon the tracks of Bodi's quarry.  It took us around 4 days to finally reach the swamp, however we did so without much threat or danger, though we did come in sight of Kieran's fort while riding the skull to the swamp.


Upon reaching the fetid lands of Remaron, the stench was palpable, if not downright malevolent.  It permeated the water, the air, and apparently even the creatures for the foul Drakonids filled the swamp by the hundreds according to Bodi.  Even some large and huge sized presences were felt by Bodi's expanded senses, and while we would not encounter these creatures, I found it odd that the creature Bodi was to hunt was not one of these, but rather a medium female lizard of some kind.  Suffice it to say we made our way south with all do haste, coming upon tracks of the Drakonids quite often, and while we didn't follow any of these we came clear of the swamp and into the open air, while on the banks of a river.  Its waters were tested by Bodi, and no sooner had it touched his lips, then was he rendered a sickly and pale state, as if some magical disease had befouled him.  I quickly removed the offending curse through magics, and thankfully Bodi seemed better almost immediately.  Glad for his return, we ventured further afield till we came in sight of the southern mountain chain.


Here upon the foothills of the range we setup camp, and I prayed to Mother Korsh, the Stern Lady for guidance in our travels.  I asked her to bless my rods of Augury, with the precision to determine the location of Karrendor, hold of my kin.  No sooner it seems then I finished my meditations, but a great kelemúrm, or earthworm, broke from the ground and attacked the camp.  The battle was a fierce one, Bodi and I charging to the fore, while Savric and Pin peppered it with arrows and magic, and even Fisher using his long polearm struck a blow true.  Strangely the kelemúrm was not actually a living creature, but a construct of the Master Intina, and Pin's investigations revealed the wretched sorceries within its rocky exterior.  Sprinkling some strange dust upon the inner workings, a black flame emanated from within, and the powder ended the constructs bindings.  I must speak with Pin further upon this.  Looking back upon the campsite, Savric's tent seemed the only thing savaged by the kelemúrm.  Even my augury rods were intact, and seemed to the point the way southeast towards some set of mountains far off, a likely sign of faith from the Stern Lady Dorsh.  Again beginning our trek, now with a direction, Bodi lead us towards what appeared to be a strange tower, of smoothed sandstone, almost glistening in the sunlight.  Indeed the very stone was so well made that to scale the tower seemed impossible from its smooth possibly polished exterior, and though I found the approach easy all except Pin seemed afraid of the structure.  It wasn't until Pin and I reached the vacinity of the tower and it opening to my greeting, that we noticed magical sigils and runes carven within the small hallway before us.  Pin explained that these were runes of enchantment and abjuration, and likely warded away those of non-dwarven ancestry, giving them the feeling of unwelcome if not unease.  However, in spite of the warding, Pin and I explored the tower, and while its beds and cells seemed empty, it held upon its roof a useful map that we managed to decipher, and detailed not only the location of Karrendor further southeast, but another village east of this tower, one that seemed dedicated to manning these fortifications.  As we left the tower, and told the others of what we had found, but a raven appeared to flock to us, and though it seemed strange, its didn't harm us, and so we allowed it to continue following us.


As we approached Karrendor proper, we were beset upon by many more challenges.  A freak snow storm reared its head, and we were lucky to find shelter within a natural cave close by.  In addition, some strange basillisk like creatures, that appeared bronze attacked our camp and attempted to melt and heat the metal of our arms and armour.  Had it not been for Bodi's keen watch and some quick warding and repositioning I fear the ranger might have died to the pack of metal heating lizards.  Finally on our last leg a glacier lay in direct path to Karrendor and while we hoped to take the bridge twixt it and the mountains to shorten our journey, we wisely determined that Brian alone would destroy the shoddily constructed rope and wood, and we would plummet into the crevasse.  However, though wisdom lead our feet around the glacier, it seemed that we would be plagued by an even greater threat, for a terrible flying bone dragon, an apparent madness of Hroth's doing, laired near this glacier.  Its flight came swift, and had it not been for a cunning image of the surrounding plain to mask our presence, cast by Pin himself, we might not have survived, and died mere feet from the bronze doors of Karrendor.  However, that was not to be our fate, and we escaped the creature's notice and reached the entrance.  


A beautiful stone and bronze statue greeted us with spear in one hand and shield in the other.  A beautiful shield, round of polished gold, along its edges runs a circle of black obsidian, and runes carved in the silvery metal of Jarro.  Within the center lies a corinthian helm and spear standing vertically behind it, with feathery wings extending from the sides of the helm.  That is the symbol of my Mother Korsh, and by her will, and by that of her brothers I spoke the words, and the halls of Karrendor opened once again.  Immediately the raven transformed into a strange woman, calling herself a daughter of Hess.  She explained that she was sent to aid us in our journey should we be halted by a danger, yet we had accomplished all through our own strength.  She also provided a means of returning to Karrendor without the need for travel.  In the foyer of the hold, she inscribed a circle that we might teleport to, and provided an amulet that would allow my companions and I a means of returning.  Last she explained that beyond the foyer's doors, there would be much evil left by Intina, and that we should not travel there lightly or ill prepared lest we fall to the corruptions within.  We thanked her for her help, and parted ways, teleported by her magic, back to Santuar.

Delivering guts and glory to Grandma.

Start Date: 19th of Sunmar

Oscar, Aetelwulf, Fisher, and Savric attend.

Finally I'm able once again to head out into the wilderness, cramped city life does not sit well with me. Too many walls, and accursed rodents everywhere. Our party arrived in Duredun initially without purpose, I myself was just eager to go anywhere in the wilds and several others seemed to be equally directionless. Luckily, Savric had recently visited Duredun and was keen to check up on the Genasi he had assisted in matters of a civil war.

Savric knew the vague direction we needed to head so I used my scouting experience to guide us to the village we sort. Savric was surprised by how much the place had developed since he'd last seen it and I must admit it was quite a remarkable little hamlet now. A central fortification was surrounded by several stone and wooden buildings that seemed to accommodate every aspect of the townspeople's day to day needs.

Our group approached the gate and were met by two tattooed guards, they halted us and asked our business. Savric informed them we wished to speak to someone he called Fatstorm. Which seemed a little impolite but the guards just acknowledged the request and one of them left for a few minutes. He returned with a rotund gentlemen who also bore the intricate tattoos that these Genasi all seemed to sport. They shifted and ripple like rolling clouds as the man moved. He greeted Savric warmly and we quickly got down to talk of business.

Fatstorm told us of the growing numbers of Demons roaming the forests in the area and feared for the safety of his Grandmother. Upon saying this he became a little cagey and began speaking in hushed tones. He asked for us to meet him in a few hours for a feast. I was rather looking forward to this as Fatstorm looked like a man who took feasting seriously.

We waited for Fatstorm at the local inn, west of the main fort and were eventually able to meet with him once more. While we ate roasted boar, Fatstorm told us that his Grandmother had been exiled some time ago for practising rituals that were frowned upon by the Genasi and it was a sore subject that he didn't like to talk about in front of his guards. After a little more food we were tasked with heading out to the North East to locate the old ladies' shack and ensure that she was safe.

We headed out immediately, Savric and I once again teamed up to navigate as we were the most able and experienced. We hadn't been travelling long when a shadowy canine ambushed us. It was not my first time seeing such a creature as my party had been attacked by one of these Abyssal hounds last time I visited this place. The hound unleashed it's horrid breath upon our group before we could even ready our weapons, the necrotic miasma narrowly missed me but engulfed Savric, Oscar, Aethelwulf and Savric's noble steed. All but the donkey survived and suffered only minor injury. Between us we were able to dispatch the creature, I advised that Oscar smash the skull as he landed the final blow. I remember during my last fight with one of these creatures that it regenerated until we smashed the skull. Turns out this is not the case, even with the skull destroyed the abyssal hound formed from vile smoke once more. We were ready for it's attacks this time though and swiftly dealt with it for a second time. Any adventurers that run into these creatures out in the wilds, know that you will have to kill the twice no matter what. Be ready for them.

The rest of our days journey was uneventful and we looked for a place to set up camp. I found a lovely hill from which we could see the stars, it was a beautiful night too. Savric shot down this spot a insisted we find somewhere with more cover so we weren't exposed. No sense of romance that one.

During the night and ugly little man appeared. Sacric later informed me that he was a monk although I'm beginning to doubt the validity of this statement. It looked like an imp to me. The imp seemed quite pleased with itself in finding us and tossed a strange coin our way. Naturally I caught it. I'm never one to pass up misplaced treasures. This seemed to delight the imp even more. I approached the creature while Aethelwulf left to wake the others. I tried to communicate with the creature but it spoke gibberish, then it attempted to turn invisible and escape. Instinct kicked in and I struck the him so hard that he exploded, it was quite the gruesome sight. I collected a few entrails, one never knows when such things might prove useful, and returned to the group. We continued our rest and were on our way at first light.

We found the shack we'd been searching for without further incident but it was eerily quiet in this area. Aethulwulf sensed strange fiendish and fey magic coming from within the house so we were on high alert. At this point Oscar went and stared at a bird on the garden fence this must have upset the creature as it began screeching loudly. Seems the bird was some sort of alarm as it was quickly followed by the emergence of Fatstorms Grandmother. She was… strange.

She informed us that she was perfectly safe where she was and that there was no need to worry about her as she had a barrier that prevented the demons from getting in. It didn't look like much of a barrier to me, anyone could step over the fence that surrounded her property with ease. In fact that's exactly what we did. The old woman told us she had disabled the barrier to let us through but it was quite obvious she was lying. Not to be put off we joined the eccentric old dear for tea. Do not drink the tea, it is deeply unpleasant but we didn't want to offend her. I asked about the coin I obtained from the imp. Savric had already proven to be quite the scholar on the subject even if he couldn't tell an imp from a monk. It seemed that the coin was a token from the order of the three scales. Some strange cult that believed in the balance of nature, the divine and the depths. Fatstorm's grandmother confirmed this and offered us a way to find an altar at which I could use this coin if I so wished. I traded her the imp guts I had procured for a kitten that she said would guide us to our destination. I-I named him Mr Mittens…

Anyway, we took Mr Mittens outside and placed him on the floor. Sure enough he suddenly took off at quite the impressive pace. We struggled to keep up at times but managed to follow the feline until it eventually halted quite suddenly. The end of the day was drawing near so we decided to set up camp on that spot, just in case it was of importance. It turned out Mr Mittens was just tired and the place we rested was an arbitrary one determined by the whim of a cat that wanted to sleep. Luckily nothing bothered us during the night and we once again set my adorable feline companion on the ground at which point he once again shot off toward some hitherto unknown destination.

Eventually we reached a clearing which contained a shallow pond with a strange altar in the centre, this seemed to be the place. Mr Mittens had once again stopped, however this time he let out a single meow then ripped apart exposing long rotted undead insides. I still haven't quite gotten over this part. Arguably worse things would happen to me yet but this was by far the most scarring occurrence of our trip.

After recovering from my new pets evisceration we decided we should give the altar a go. It had three holes for people to stick there arms in and a slot in the centre for a coin. Aethelwulf, Oscar and I all took a point around the altar. Oscar at the point representing the depths, Aethelwulf at the divine and myself at the point for nature. I don't really know what happened but I appeared to lose whatever it was that we did. The other two were granted boons whilst I was inflicted with some sort of powerful cursed disease.

With heavy hearts and grotesque kitten related horrors fresh in our minds we decided to begin making our way back to the crones cabin. I hoped to possibly find a cure with her and she obliged but said it would take some time. In the mean time I will continue to search for a way to rid myself of this blasted curse.

While on route back to the safety of the crones house we ran came upon a strange looking devil, although hesitant at first we decided it best that we rid these lands of such a foul creature. The fight started at long range and the creature hurled small balls of flame at us from it's mouth as we slowly drew closer to each other. The devil boasted resistance to many types of damage including a vague resilience to magical effects. We slowly closed in as Savric fired mighty shots from his bow whittling down the monster one shot at a time. Seeing that the tide of battle was not in his favour the creature attempted to retreat but we cornered it and with a swift swipe I severed its head.

After some discussion amongst ourselves we decided to drag the corpse of this devil with us. The intention being to get him cleansed at the pools of the jubilant mane, a unicorn acquaintance of Savric's. We continued making our way toward Fatstorms grandmothers house and weren't travelling long before we were once again bothered by imps, there were more of them this time but they were still trying to employ invisibility tactics in order to get the drop on us. They were easily dispatched once they revealed themselves though. We dragged the bodies of the imps along with the barbed devil and continued on to the relative safety of the old ladies abode. She once again allowed us to stay the night before we made our way toward the pool of the jubilant mane.

On our way to the pool we stopped by Fatstorm's village to inform him of his grandmother's safety and to pass on her message to visit more. Then we continued on our journey to the pools of the jubilant mane. We came across a strange old man along the way, he demanded payment as some sort of toll for passage into 'his' section of the island. Weary from travel we decided it best not to risk a conflict with him and just paid his asking price.

Once we reached the pool we spoke briefly with the unicorn that Savric addressed as The Jubilant Mane. The unicorn instructed us to cleanse the devil in the pool as Savric had done before, apparently a subject of this power is exactly what was needed to allow the unicorn to revert back to his true form. Before us stood the splendid celestial form of an angel, his golden mane just as magnificent as before. Jubilant Mane told us about the dangers the devils posed and to be ready for the coming fight against them, he went on to warn us of the sheer numbers within their stronghold.

After Jubilant Mane departed we made our way back toward the skull platform without incident and made our way back home.

Now I'm going to stop writing as the flesh seems to have begun falling off my arm and requires my attention.



Exploration of Southern Solara
or at least an attempt at that

Date: 41st of Sunmar

Party: Andreth, Pin, Bodi, Ash, Aethelwulf

I was warned that crossing through the Ur gate would be an uncomfortable experience, but it seems that Gleipnir's ward is allowing for easier passing. Just across the bridge we found some scholars studying the gate, and after some pleasantries exchanged with Pin, we learned that it was still not safe to stay too long in the chamber.

Upon exiting the gate we journeyed southward, as was our plan. En route to a familiar campsite of Andreth and Pin, we were attacked by a pair of Gryphons. Very dangerous creatures they were, capable of lifting even myself high into the air. I was saved from a premature death by Pin and his Illusion magics, though the experience was too close for comfort. After harvesting what valuables we could from the creatures we continued southward, all the while chased by a desert storm. The rain was heavy but did not last the night.

Early morning, just before dawn as my watch was close to ending, I was near fatally struck with a series of arrows. The group awoken by the sound of my falling repelled the raiders in a hard fought victory. I survived the brink of death yet again, this time thanks to Ash's abilities of foresight, though my waterskin was not so lucky. As I recovered, the others managed to capture one of our attackers. It was then decided that we would take the prisoner to the only known friendly village in order to learn more about why we were attacked, and who else might be willing to do so.

We journeyed westward from the outcropping we slept under, towards the Sacred Pond, but the storm was not yet done with us. While crossing through a gully a flash flood pushed us a mile or so off course. The prisoner was nearly lost in the white water but Bodi managed to pull them to safety and resuscitate them. The rest of the trek was without issue.

Reaching the village, Pin spoke with their leader about our attack. Though I could not understand all that was said, it was clear that they were distraught by the attack, and the prisoner was sent to his home village for further punishment.

Enthralled by the great beasts of burden collected by this tribe, Bodi requested that we set out in search of one to raise as his own. I admit, I was also intrigued by this for it is quite difficult to find a beast that can carry one such as myself for great distances. Our search however was all for nought, so we decided to return home. 

The travel home was not a dangerous one, though we pushed ourselves very hard to return quickly. Not much of note happened, except for the discovery of a cave just south-west of the Gate of Ur. It was left unexplored, as we were eager to return to our beds, perhaps an adventure for another time.

- Aethelwulf


Ur-Gates, Sand and Mayflies

30th of Sunmar

Informed by Sir Eddon of a newly discovered cave where no one that had entered was seen again a group was quickly assembled to investigate this.
There had been two groups, the first consisted of 5 people who had walked into the cave and never returned, the second 4 people who had seen combat had gone after them into the cave to find them. This was four days ago and they also have yet to return.

We get to the cave, just large enough to drag a cart through, Gleipnir says the stone is carved out using magic, and that work here was done in two stages. The first is truly ancient work, the second a thousand or so years ago, the time of the masters in other words.

9 sets of human tracks led into the cave, nothing had yet to leave it, with not much else to learn from standing outside we entered the cave. Walking past a series of what looks like storage rooms we come upon a circular chamber.

In the middle of the chamber a statue, like that of a man wearing large robes and a deep hood stands, looking away from us and across a bridge spanning a chasm i could not see the bottom of.
The walls of the chamber may once had tapestries on them, the statue itself seems, for lack of a better word. Desecrated. With metal rods protruding from all over it, perhaps intended to tinker with its magic. Of which, according to Andreth it radiated blinding amounts of.

Crossing the bridge i see another statue, this one facing the other statue head on, as well as a ballista on the other side of the chasm.
Halfway across the bridge two pillars stand on opposite sides of it, when you walk between these you cross a barrier, or more like a portal, and Ur-Gate again according to Gleipnir. At the time this portal was one way, but the barrier that prevents you from going back is invisible from the Midgardian side, there will also be some discomfort passing through.

In the chamber on the other side, there are signs of battle, but this battle raged ages ago so not much to learn from it anymore. The chambers on the other side of the chasm appears to be a garrison of some sort. Though only memories and the ghosts of the past dwell here now.

We leave the garrison and find ourselves in a blasted wasteland, called the Valley of Death by the locals, around us are more obelisks like the one excavated back in Midgardia, in addition to some buildings. All appear melted in some ancient battle but i cannot be sure.
The sun is different here, it is found in the East and this globe of molten gold is apparently a fragment of Selara who is the progenitor of many races and used to be the ruler of the land.

To me it looked like the first group of people had spent some time looking around before setting up camp close to the cave, they had then been set upon by a shadow and one of them had died, i am unsure of the exact details. But i have been told the rock here is cursed and it is not a place one should linger needlessly.
Then it appears the group intended to rescue the first found who they were to rescue but without a way of getting back they split up. Two warriors and two commoners in each group, one heading South, the other one North.

We decided to go North following the Valley of Death into the Whispering Wastes, following the tracks we came upon a corpse. It was one from Santaur, his stomach and chest had been torn open and his liver and heart removed, possibly consumed. He had arrowheads stuck in him but not the rest of the arrow, the heads where made from some strangle crystal. Finally his third mortal wound was a crack to the back of the head.

The assailant, a Beacock i suspect at least has skeletal feet, is winged and with a screech paralyses its prey, we learned this as it seemingly came looking for us that night. I am guessing it is nocturnal and lives somewhere in the Southeast of the Whispering Wastes. Finally my companions did not wake from the blood freezing shriek but found their will as soon as i woke them up. This tells me that if it catches you alone and sleeping you might never be able to wake up.

After following the tracks north for 20 miles, mostly along a ridge you will find when you emerge from the Valley of Death a group of 20 or so humans with horses and a wagon came in from the West. Joining up with the survivors and giving them water, then taking them East.
During this night we were set upon by this Beacock but i could not find us because some dwarven deity concealed us in the rock.

The second day we follow the tracks East and come upon a people called the Valmari, or so i gathered later. They were mining salt, did not speak any language any of us knew, but appeared to recognise Erdari, this suggest a connection with something divine.
Because of this a lot of time was spent and relatively little was gained from it, we got the three survivors back, we know they have hollowed out metal clubs as weapons that they pour salt into and this somehow launches projectiles. They seemed protective of these devices.

After some time we were on our way back to the dried out river we spent the night in 10 miles back West. On the way we were set upon by a scorpion the size of a horse emerging from the sands. Poor decision as Savric had it dead before most of us could even turn around.
The night in the dried out riverbed passed uneventfully and we walked the 18 or so miles South back to the Ur-Gate where we left Savric to look after the trio of survivors while we headed South looking for the remaining four.

We followed the tracks south for a day before setting up camp, the south is significantly more pleasant, i will summarize in what way at the end of this log. During the night what i can only describe as a mouse the size of four bulls with a long tongue and chitin plates covering it walked over us, i suspect it to be a scavenger and herbivore, it can eat meat but doesn't hunt it itself. Fair warning it might decide to have a nibble if you don't move out of its way. Later in the night some wolves, likely to be normal wolves, decently fed and not rabid.

The tracks steered West and lead on for another 20 miles, on the way we learned one of the survivors had been taken by one or more winged creatures with feline hind paws and the front legs with the talons of a hawk.

At the end of the day we come upon another camp of locals, these looks like humanoid crows, intelligent enough to craft weapons and armour, sleep in tents and domesticate these large armoured mice. Their elder cast a spell that allowed us to understand each other and this is where i learned most of what i know of this land.

She spoke of the Quomari, snow elves who are 150 miles to the Southwest of our current location, this puts it roughly 180 miles or between one and two weeks travel to the Southwest from the Ur-Gate. It strikes me that the Southern part of the land is very accessible for the use of horses for example to speed up travel.

Dwarves are not held in high regard as apparently when they rose up against the "Tyrants", which i assume is another name for the masters the dwarves hid in their dwarven holds. Geinse the elder i was speaking to said she hadn't seen one in ten to fifteen years and that one was dead. She said the Valmari traded with them and the Valmari even mentioned the dwarves aren't very, lets say excited about strangers. The bird folk ambush the Valmari caravans as they attempt to trade with the dwarves so if i were to go looking for them i would find the Valmari. As opposed to scouring the mountains which is the other option.

"Colanders land" was mentioned, this is apparently all his land and by "this" i am guessing the area South of the Ur-Gate. He is referred to as "The Great Spirit". She mentioned Barromen, and pointed at Pin so she might be speaking of gnomes.

Gleipnir managed to break down some of the racial tension between the bird folk and the dwarves by cramming armour onto one of their warriors. In return he got one of their crystalline swords, not one for swords he gave it to me. The blade was apparently blessed but this blessing diminished when it was given away.

To restore the blessing i need to complete the rites by going to Hinhankaga, the Fane of Gaagii. Gaagii being Selara's daughter.

Armed with this knowledge, a new sword and dragging another three surviving mayflies with us we trekked back to to the Ur-Gate, only interrupted by one of these flying hawk-cat hybrid.

Lessons learned, the Valley of Death appears almost devoid of life, but the place is cursed, the three mayflies we left with Savric had gotten sick in our absence, and not from lack of food or water.

The Whispering Wastes is apparently cursed as well, Gleipnir tells me the man that died there had his souls taken by the land, not returned to Koros. It is also warmer and less hospitable than the South, water is nowhere to be found and so on. It needs to be mentioned that some light source illuminates the northern sky at night.

The South is more pleasant, the temperature is less taxing, and it doesn't change as violently when the sun goes down. Also plants, water and wildlife there where the North had massive insects and flying screeching skeletons.

Finally on the subject of the Ur-Gate, through magic Gleipnir combined Silver, Lodestone and the blood from a powerful being to create a temporary focus in the statue gazing over the bridge allowing us to walk back into Midgardia. This will only last for 25 days, placed there the 37th of Sunmar.
Gleipnir suspects Darro metal can be used to create a more permanent focus allowing free travel between the two worlds. Why the statue on their side was sabotaged i can only theorise was done to prevent anything spilling into our world.

Scarloc Liadon of the small council, Strider of the earldom of Westmarch.

Rise of the Wolf King
Or the time Puck was Impulsive

Date: Twelfth of Sunmar

Party: Puck, Eddon, Andreth, Aethelwulf, Ash, Borden

Upon reaching the wall of Pelias Ash discovered a symbol left by her father, though it was not clear in its exact meaning. Our best guess was that it was a stamp of the date and time of his departure.

Immediately upon exiting the skull we were set upon by dragon-like Humanoids. Early on they pressed their advantage of numbers and surprise but once we recovered, short work was made of them. One of them surrendered to me, and after some debate, it was determined best to end his suffering. Peter, as he was called before he turned, was miraculously released from his curse after Ash's prayer was answered, and his soul was allowed to return to his homeland. Before his death Peter gave Ash and item that had belonged to her father, who even now may be somewhere deep in Morrendeep.

We traveled for sometime to our destination of Old Santaur without any more disturbances. Inside the Volken were held up in a small fort, repelling raids by the Tuskars. At first they were wary of us, and wanted to eat my new friend  Ash. Puck was prepared however, and produced a small gem known as the Wolf's Amber, winning the packs allegiance. They had been waiting for the bearer of the Wolf's Amber for a number of days due to a prophecy revealed by their shaman GGrruhhrr. In celebration of his arrival they made a feast of Tusker corpses. Revolted, most of the party members refused to eat, with some debate on whether or not this was an act of cannibalism. In the end, those of us who first refused relented when we learned that it was a breach of their customs, and we would have no longer been under their protection.

Ash and I stood guard upon the wall while sir Eddon and Puck negotiated with Feesaar, their leader. I do not know the exact details of their conversation, but my trust in their diplomatic skills proved to be well placed. Strangely, Eddon appeared to have a small bite upon his hand afterwards, which I put down to one of their more wild customs.

Suddenly we were beset upon by more beastman, the Tuskers had returned. We defended the walls of the Volken fort while they continued to laze about in a post-feast stupor, confident that Puck the Chosen would defeat the invaders. It was a tough fight, but in the end, sir Eddon and his blade Escarra proved to be too much for them. In this time I was struck with a near fatal blow, but was retrieved from the edges of death by our cleric, Borden.

In accordance with their prophesy, the Volken devoured the eyes of the dead Tuskers. However, in a trance, Ash revealed that the eyes of the fallen were not they eyes needed to complete the prophecy. In search of these eyes, we searched the base of a fallen tower that the Tuskers had been rooting around. Inside its walls we found a strange tree bearing magical fruit, and the corpse of what I assume was a long dead Volken. It was here that I sensed a powerful Seriph artifact, upon the head of the skeleton. With care we dug up the corpse until the crown was revealed. A horrible thing, ringed with wolves' teeth and copper eyes, which Puck immediately placed upon his head. A tense moment passed as we waited for a response, when suddenly, Puck was transformed into a beast that towered above even me, a goliath. The crown fused with his head, and he ran off into the darkness, where we were too weak to follow. I'm afraid the man's soul may still be trapped within the beast.

We rested beneath the tree where Eddon gathered its fruit, powerful items that will be of use in hunting down the abomination we have unleashed. I prayed to the tree and said thanks for its protection and gifts, then prayed to Kyne for guidance. In respones the Goddess blessed me with an ancient elven blade to smite my foes.

The return journey proved grueling but not dangerous, and we arrived back within the safety of the walls within two days time.



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