The Wilds Await

Shadows of the Masters

Those present Pin,  Gleipnir, Lilly, Shrike, and Savric


I heard there was issue with some place in Maephoon that Gleipnir needed help with and a master of arcane knowledge might be needed. So I decided to join his company and go with him on this mission. Our travel to Maephoon was unhindered and we made our way onto the isle and went cross the river to this tomb that awaited us. And so without issue we arrived at this broken down place with the feeling of nothing good around it.

Upon entering the door that was supposed to be closed was now freely open inviting us in As we wandered through its hall a figure appeared out of a statue of a faceless man who had wings were spread open like that of a soaring eagle. It spoke to us and told us that its master no longer wishes to waste energy or manpower replacing all of those beasts that were destroyed by our hands and that we were allowed to see him personally. So, weary of betrayal we walked down into the tomb and met not a man or an avatar but some strange glowing orb hanging by strange chains of some make I did not recognize only that they seemed dwarven. It was being held over what looked like a pit of fire and around this entire contraption were statues and metallic spider webs. Gleipnir spoke to this creature for awhile and it eventually invited him to touch the orb. The metallic webs that were in the way moved when Gleipnir walked through them I assume because of the strange medallion he held. Upon touching the orb he seemed to vanish into it and others followed him. Upon my inspection of the orb they seemed to be inside of it walking around and I could see what they were doing. It was quite strange. Not wanting to leave my companions behind I went in as well and ended up in some strange place.

We were in what looked like a courtyard with an altar at one side and some strange structure leading down on the other and a pond there. Our bodies felt light as a feather and our thoughts could provoke changes in the world. We were no longer on our plane of existence but some mental one where thoughts ruled. We came upon the door and with thought opened it and created a mirror to look around. Inside was the scene of some skeletons at benches and upon touching them memories would leak into us leading to a story of men who cared greatly for their leader and some man in robes being his consort and they were fighting weapons of the masters. This ultimately lead to them doing a sacrificial ritual to bring the one they adored power.

In the room I copied a text of what I think to be the ritual and in the library there were many books that were strangly blank except for one belonging to the court sorcerer  who put this ritual together and I with the help of Lilly coppied some of its knowledge so that it may also be deciphered for I am a keeper of such knowledge so that they will not be miss used once again for the only way to defeat a spell is to know its making and the threads that weave it. As Lilly and I transcribed these the others looked around in the courtyard and downstairs for a bit while we finished and really did not find much.

So after Lilly and I finished our transcription we joined our party to further look around in the basement where we then found a body that we believed was the body of the lord and the one under this spell. We attempered to communicate with the body and we were responded to and in our conversation with it we had learned that though he was an avatar of death he was not under his own will that the masters sent a shade to keep him under their shackles and to do their bidding. Though he still did enjoy death. He tasked us with destroying this shade and gave us temporary protection from the divination in the rooms leading up to its place of slumber. And so we went to fight it.

We crossed floors with a strange eye on it and other substance on the ground and found a closed tomb upon which our enemy layed. We all readied ourselves to attack the creature and so opened the tomb. Upon which we released some of our fiercest spells and left the shade badly damaged. During our combat many were knocked out and the creature would fall and come back but not with its full vigor. It attempted to attack the one it was bound to and we continued our attempt in stopping it. There was an eye inside of its tomb which we then thought to destroy and Glipnier had the wit to find another in the lake outside and the staff which lay in the area leading underground in the courtyard and destroyed them. After this the creature ceased to exist and faded away. 

The one who was bound was reluctant to heed our words of leaving the barrier and the city alone but did so in the return of protection of the island inhabitants from another shade of the masters that would be likely sent to replace the one destroyed and so with this renewed peace we returned home. 

In Search of Bronze

Date: 37th of Mittern, year 1187

Party: Kogan, Mardigan, Adrian, Borden, Ash

  For most of us this was our first venture into the Wild. With the veteran Kogan as our guide and leader, we headed west in search of bronze. 

  The beginning of our journey was mostly uneventful. We used our torches to keep the mosquitos away and marched on for several hours. The first unusual sight that we encountered was the large carcass of some dead creature. We could not discern the cause of death from our venture point, but the body was crawling with maggots. Speculations were made that perhaps the curse of the undead now also target the wildlife. However, we did not venture closer to inspect the dead creature and kept going west. 

  It was a few hours later that we were attracted by the groans of something. When getting closer we found one of the undead tied to a tree, with burning torches put close enough to torture the creature, but not close enough to kill it. This was obviously the doing of something or someone intelligent, and someone who held no more love for the undead than we did. 

  Looking for clues, we found the tracks of what we believed to be five bipedal lizard-like creatures. Following those we encountered a small, but well built fortress. Unsure how to proceed, we stuck around inspecting the building, when suddenly the front gates lifted. This seemed like an obvious trap, especially considering the burn marks on the ground behind the gate. As we expected, there were numerous tiles in the floor that looked a bit off.

  We made our way carefully through these, but the inner gates were still closed. We could hear shuffling behind them, so knowing we're dealing with intelligent creatures, we decided to knock. Unfortunately, the response was in a language none of us understood. 

  Stumped, we decided to slide 10GP under the inner gate, hoping this will at least earn us some trust from the creatures behind. This worked indeed as gold seems to be an universal language. 

  None of us had encountered or could recognize what kind of creatures these were, but they seemed to have some relation to the Dragonborn we're familiar with. They were indeed lizard-like and red scaled. 

  After passing them 5 more gold pieces, they finally took us to their leader, who we could communicate with. He seemed to be using some kind of spell for this and holding up this very elaborate and expensive looking axe. This axe seemed very important to the creatures.

  We wanted to establish some sort of trade, perhaps offer them a bit more gold for information about where we could find bronze. Unfortunately, the talks did not go in our favor. The lizards believed us to be there to bring gifts to the creature they serve. Something named Ragnok, who in turn seems to be a servent to 'The Masters'. 

  Being new to this, the names did not mean anything to me, but I believed remembering them might prove useful in the future. 

  This is where our bad luck started. The creatures were insisting we leave all our valuables (gold and bronze) as a gift to this Ragnok. Events escalated when we shot at them, believing they would not simply let us go.

  The less said about the battle, the better. We fought bravely, but were outnumbered and the Gods did not favor us. Adrian protected us, fighting on the front lines until his last breath. We managed to kill a few of the creatures, but many managed to run away and hide in order to tend to their more serious wounds. The remaining four of us barely made it out alive, before heading back a bit poorer and a friend down. 

  A truly tragic day.

More than Inspecting the civil war


Date: 33rd of mittern we headed out

Party Dolphus, Savric and Tal-Thrum.

Our party had been gathered by Dolphus who on hearing of the civil war between the Genasi had thought it would be best to investigate and see what was happening between the factions. I thought this to be a good cause, and see what we could find out and what could be done.


On arriving at Doredun, we set out I had been here once before. We set about travelling north to the coast. We spotted a winged creature flying in circles, not large but we chose to avoid it on be on our way.

After a short distance we came upon a guard post and a figure at the top hailed us. We continued to approach and this boy with tattoos and pants and a vest slid down the structure and greeted us.

He told us war had broken and that the last time our kind had come we had started it if not directly, a token of war was delivered by skull walkers. I asked if there would be hostility to us, and he said there wouldn't but they may be wary. Dolphus explained we were here neutrality for humanitarian aid and if the village elder would be around to talk to. He directed us where to go.

We moved off and next encountered a mercenary company, in blue with a trident emblem. Dolphus seemed to recognise the mercenaries sigil. We approached the company and were met by an elf and an air Genasi. The camp was preparing for war and preparations were in full swing. Dolphus again made his speel offering arms or armour but they just tried to enlist us, we explained we couldn't as we were already in the Earls company. It seemed pointless talking to the mercenaries with no real ties, so we moved off in search of a leader to speak to.

We reached the town of Verania, here the water Genasi were. A pair at the gates eyed us suspiciously as we approached them. Dolphus again tried to offer them weapons, booze or women as aid but they grew frustrated with his accent and it was decided it was best he not talk for a while.

We eventually with some tension managed to parlay our way into the camp to speak with their leader, maybe now progress would be made.

We were introduced to their leader Horath, who kept his arm beneath the table as we stood in front of him. I asked how the war fared and he said it went badly though neither side would win. He said there could be no end and that the Earth Genasi just wanted to be rid of them and drive them out and that they had weapons of great power that were hard to stop, creating great booms.

Though he said he had acted and been given a boon from Samal to aid in his fight. On being asked to see his hand he showed it, water tatoos flowed down his arm but his hand was demonic. I had a bad feeling about him from the start and we asked to make our leave. He grew frustrated and kicked a chair, asking what we're doing probing if we are meant to be neutral as we say. We managed to make exit and decided it would be best to visit the other camp and see what more truth could be discovered.


We decided to skirt the no mans land and it was for the best, as the great weapon was fired and Dolphus was temporarily deafened by the noise yet it would not quiet him. We were then intercepted by a group and on declaring that we meant no harm, were escorted to the air Genasi camp. We passed the great weapon, manned by five of them, it seemed that it had air forced into it and then it was fired, yet no great sound could be heard from it.

We carried on and were introduced to the leader, a great fat Genasi though not tall. We followed the same line of question and he said his war was going well and that they would win, though a barrier had been stopping them progressing. Dolphus again pressed arms and other such things upon them, to little luck. I asked for a word with our party alone and we discussed for a while, maybe what he was offering was not the outcome we would be wanted to pursue, and possibly other good could be made of the situation. We decided to continue questioning.


The Genasi said their fight was true and they had been given these lands by the Hirophant but not just this, that the water Genasi had sent demons upon them, he produced some foul bodies, creatures the same as who had attacked others we had heard.


With this information we thought we should maybe confront Horath about this, it was rather abhorrent.

We took a cart of the demon bodies, we would go to the camp and put him on the spot about his actions. At the gates of the water Genasi we were again greeted by the two gaurds who were disgusted by our cargo. We explained we wanted to enter and were shocked at the suggestion we should enter with a cart of demons. They summoned a mercenary to the bridge, a dwarf named Twin Fang. Dolphus spoke with him in dwarvish so I did not understand what was said but it was rather heated. He eventually turned and said we were allowed to enter, pulling up to a halt outside Horaths building. He came to the door.

We pressed him on his actions and he did not deny and said he had just done what he had to do, Dolphus accused him of going against the natural and therefore good. Taking a devils bargain was the wrong option. On being pressed so hard he became angry and came on to attack us where we stood. I was able to let loose two arrows, knocking him to the floor. Though it did not stop him, he was up in an instant and shot forth a wave of force, that looked like fire from his black hand.

It caught Tal-Thrum and Dolphus but Dolphus after this managed to restrain him by magic and we landed some more blows. The fight continued with the help of Twin fang, whilst the water genasai fled. He eventually fell with an arrow to the eye.

Everything settled, the barrier fell and the giant statues on the gates dissipated below to the water. Dolphus suggested we ran but Twin-fang started to drag the body to the gates. Where we saw the air Genasi beginning to charge, we hailed them and they slowed their charge stopping in front of us as they saw the body. We explained what had happened and bade them not to kill the water genasi, to give them time to gather there things and move to another place. They were not at fault here with the demons. Reluctantly they agreed to wait outside until they were able to leave.

Then we discussed the body of Horath and the weapon that was his hand, it was agreed we would get rid of this, we knew somewhere we could cleanse it at the pools of Jubilant mane. It was agreed that we would do it and we set off to finish our job, war averted. As we left the leader, who was introduced as Fat Storm said we would be welcome back at any time.

I can't say the journey wasn't eventful, it started easily with a couple of bears that were easily slain and scared away. Next we chanced upon a couple of elves, who gave us warning of travelling with a dwarf, Dolphus thankfully stayed quiet and we moved on our way to camp. Our next encounter wasn't so pleasant, we were set on by a couple of bull centaurs, terrible creatures I've fought once before. Though we were able to break their charge and dispatch them.

We eventually made it to Jubilant mane and the pools, they were happy we had brought something else demonic to cleanse within the pool. We cleansed the hand and then bathed in the pools and like last time I was here felt invigorated. Jubilant mane then helped us by transporting us back to the skull portal with a touch.

Once you bisect the Barmaid, it get's Orcward.

21st Mittern

Attending: Sparax, Pin, Fisher, Silence and Villo

We arrived on Doredun, a strange place beset by preternatural weather, isolating our starting point from anywhere but a large and grandiose manor. We looked into entrance of the manor, our party seemed concerned that their ally had screwed up their plan to leave their previously obtained items for them. He did however leave a message saying that some equipment had been left for us 'by the fire'.


We saw some brandy that was feeling uneasy, bizarre for an alcoholic beverage. Pin, the smartest member of our group theorized that it may be because the new champion was not present. Whatever that meant. After collecting the equipment from a central bowl with a fire placed within it we continued onward through several rooms, many of which were almost identical to the equipment room but without lit fires. These rooms were unnaturally chilly and generally unpleasant to be in. Some sort of spell or mechanism seems to be afoot, though as a humble fisherman I wouldn't dare to make assumptions on such things.


We dropped into a pool which transported us to another strange building and lead out into a pub called The Dog Inn. Silence flirted with a barmaid and she seemed very interested in his tankard. The barman told us about a bar fight that robbed him of his only cask of Fireman's Fighting brandy.


Next thing we know the woman appeared holding Silence's tankard aloft and then was immediately bisected by a half naked Silence.


The barman fainted and we played cards with bugbears until he came back to consciousness.


We appear to have traveled to a place they went to last time only an impossible amount of time has passed.


The tankard that caused such a fuss appeared to belong to Fireman himself, he also happened to be the original owner of the tavern and was an undefeated brawler who regularly knocked out everyone who entered his establishment.


We entered the basement of the tavern which seemed to lead into a series of hallways. We accidentally set off a wire trap while exploring some of the basements stores which alerted an unknown hulking creature but we were able to throw it off our scent through a combination of trickery and stealth. I feel I somewhat squandered this good fortune when I was tempted into attacking a rodent of unusual size (I really can't stand the things, even ones that aren't the size of a mastiff) and alerted both an orc and a troll to our presence, not to mention those wretched plague carrying vermin. I informed the group and we set up an ambush ready for their approach.



After a brief tussle we dispatched the two brutes with minimum damage to our party. We entered the room where the lumbering creatures had been holed up and found a chest with a few trinkets inside. We proceeded to rest for the evening to allow our more injured party members to recover from their injuries. During the conflict Pin seemed to be overwhelmed by a magic hat he'd put on from our arrival and floated off in a bubble, I retrieved the floating gnome upon our success and dragged him along with us in a way that he'd be both safe and still be able to provide us with his unique talents.


After ascertaining that our party was ready for any trials ahead we pressed on through a doorway at the southernmost point of the largest store room where we had spent the night. Once again we were lead down several tens of feet of tunnels before coming out at a tomb of sorts filled with sarcophagi and numerous orcs. One of the orcs was significantly stronger than the rest and had a bizarre pet with one eye. It was a drawn out conflict but nothing we couldn't handle and after subverting the enemy we collected the spoils of our victory.


After a minor incident with the slightly more enthusiastic of our group reveling in the rewards we'd gained we made our way back toward our origin.


We dropped a dead rat into one of the teleportation wells which switched deceased abomination for two sets of armour with varied abilities, we decided to take these treasures back to the bar possibly for trade or just safe return home.


Upon our return to the bar we traded some of our discoveries with the bar keep for a little gold and some items. He also offered us information on the ways of the land in which we were but naive travelers. The bar had on it's premises a piano which transformed the favoured mercenary currency of the land for varied treasures and abilities gained by truly bonding with an item in your possession. Villo used his token wisely, gaining a valuable boon from an item he possessed and Sparax deepened his bond with a fellow adventurer. I knew what reward would mean most to me and willed it to be. After reaping our rewards we traded with the ally of Villo, Pin and Silence mentioned earlier then returned home.

A report by Cpl. Kogan

This report is written by request of Deacon Andreth Norien who collected a group of new entrants to Lord Westingford's Company, including myself Corporal Kogan formerly of the 3rd Legion of Usan(my service record and medical discharge papers are properly lodged with the Sergeant-At-Arms). The other members of our party were; Ivan a skilled goliath fighter, Pin a gnomish scholar and arcanist, and Villo an elf of indeterminable sex. The purpose to which Deacon Norien gathered us was to escort him to one of the new realms beyond the Wall to reconnoiter the land there because he had not seen it before. I believe this to have been some sort of hazing ritual.

Upon arrival in the new realm we disembarked from the crystal skull in a large clearing strewn about with ruins. On some of the stonework a previous party had inscribed directions to a safe camp site some miles to the east. We headed straight north instead because there were rumors of a beach in that direction and this was good for the aging constitution of the Deacon.

The trees of this land are truly evil. Taller than the keeps of men, thicker than a castles round tower and covered with vegetation. I kept my eyes on them throughout our journey just incase they tried to pull any tricks. They're also full of snails around the size of house-cats, they have very brightly coloured shells which tends to indicate an animal is poisonous or otherwise dangerous.

On our first rest stop I overheard Ivar talk about his skill with beasts, I noticed this because it made a change from his endless enthusiasm for iron-infused gruel, so I challenged him to make friends with one of them. To my surprise he made the attempt and climbed a tree to entice one of them, it did not like him very much though and spat horrific darts at him.

During our second day we found the coast and enjoyed the sea breeze as we calmly followed the beach eastward. About half a day in that direction we found a natural harbour about a mile wide protected by coastal headlands. We stopped there to do some fishing briefly but the party decided to move on after determining that the fish were larger than war galleys. The party had a similar feeling the next day when we discovered footprints so large that Ivar could lay in them without touching the edges. After which we turned back and began heading south.

On our fifth 'day' of traveling uneventfully the party discovered a large artificial structure of worked stone and investigated. The architecture of this structure is immense and grand, a comfortable size for giants. After dispatching some wildlife from within it, two large lizard creatures the size of horses, I set about butchering the creatures for meat while Pin took to examining the carvings and symbols. The gnome determined that this was the temple to a local deity, a deity of blood sacrifice to judge by the carvings of creatures and humanoids being tossed into a flaming bowl.

Ivar then took up our kills and dragged them onto the altar, setting them on fire. I gave formal protest about consorting with strange blood drenched deities. Which you would think would be Andreth's job, what with being a cleric of Kastus and wielder of the fabled Sword of Truth but I think the humidity didn't agree with him. Elderly humans seem to prefer a more dry heat to function properly.

After receiving the sacrifice the being awoke and spoke with us, calling itself the Goatshame and ranting at length about it's love of blood sacrifice. Especially humanoid sacrifice, with the proviso that they be willing. Now back when I was in the legion I remember a young lieutenant getting a chewing out for fraternising with one of her privates, because the power imbalance muddied the waters of clear consent so I'm thinking a blimming God saying "Oh go on, burn yourself to death on my altar for me." is more than a bit creepy. However after extolling the virtues of sacrifice it started to go on at further length about the Masters and how it'd risen up against them centuries ago along with it's siblings and been soundly defeated. After learning that fire was the greatest discovery of the local population I am hardly surprised.

I did manage to ask it if there was any gold nearby, or other precious or strategic metals. Its understanding of gold was limited to sacrifice and so Ivar emptied his coin purse into the altar. Up until this point I had rather like Ivar given his dedication to proper diet and physical fitness. I was a bit annoyed about sacrificing our dinner but the gold! I could hardly believe it. Goatshame the blood god was pleased by this however and offered that there was a large amount of bronze cached far to the west. Bronze is a good metal, no steel of course but still very useful. Might be an idea to go and get it one day.

Following this announcement and after having Ivar swear fealty the god went back to it's slumber. After which Ivar thought of asking it where it's siblings dwelt and so the party decided to go on a hunt for more sacrifice so we could speak with it again. I enjoyed the idea of a good hunt at least so I set about tracking. I found the indications of a small group of the horse sized lizard creatures along with what seemed to be the tracks of a group of people. The party began following the Lizard tracks and I explained how one of the beasts, an adolescent by its size and injured by the lay of the tracks, would make good prey if we could seperate it from the rest. Ivar balked at this idea and called it dishonorable and refused to keep hunting. Madness. Honour is civilised behaviour between civilised people, not dirty stinky horrible evil dwarf-eating wildlife!

So we turned back and started following the human tracks. Not sure what we were hoping for, maybe that they'd gladly flambe themselves so that we could ask Goatshame for his Sisters' addresses or something. Pin kept piping up but after arguing about hunting the lizards we just wanted to get something done and ignored him. When we caught up to the people it turned out they weren't people but undead spirit zombie things and that's what he'd been trying to tell us the whole time. Villo threw a dart at them, the first time I'd seen her do anything besides sigh and to be fair it was a really good throw. After that we came home.

Zwerg-Diplomatie Jawhol!

Session 72

The 45th day of Shiel in the year 1187

Adventuring party: Codi, Fisher, Pin, Rawr and Villo


we gathered a party of elfs.. even though my muradins cursed letter asked for dwarfs. mahall give me strength. we set out South West from the skull into the elven lands, we had a uneventful walk, and I got the time to jot down some maps for the area. During the night we were attacked by some kind of Abyssal hound, we made short work of it, until it came back alive and attacked again, this time we made shorter work of it and made sure to destroy the remaining skulls that the creature left behind, mind the black fog, Muradin knows it struck at us as a last little attempt to kill us as we destroyed them, getting them from some range with boots on is to be advised.

Next day we headed further southwest, we came across a small animal that Pin gave food to, it in return showed us some berries that are safe to eat, they also give vigour to the imbiber. It tastes nice, Pin said they were named Elderberries.

We then walekd until we found a river, wanting to cross it and venture further into the land we scoutet the riverside for a large enough tree to be felled across the river. after 4 miles of walking east and south along the river we found a massive tree and I felled it. after waling across it we chopped off the excess and found 5 units of darkwood inside of the trunk of it. We saw a big frog on the last part of the journey and the night went by without incident. day 3, we went further southwest until a second river, there we found a wall on the east side of it, and as we aproched I took the lead, and walked ahead of the party. I spoke to a Dwarven guard and he sent for an emmiserry, we spoke for a while and we were invited in, as long as I kept the Elfs in check and in order. it was some kind of Dwarven logging camp, and it had a small retinue of dwarven guards keeping watch and tents all around, we got some tents designated to us, I'll add more notes in the morning. this is a very exciting moment in my life…

These are the final journal entries of my travelling companion, Codi Ironhammer who fell while bravely combatting a monstrous landwyrm that threatened the safety of our party and our dwarven hosts. He died as he lived, with courage and inadvisable nudity.

The landwyrm that slew Codi was a powerful foe, it's thick hide resisted all physical attacks and it attacked twice in rapid succession after burrowing it's way to a chosen target underground. Magical attacks are definitely advised if one comes across this creature in the future.

After finally dispatching the landwyrm we checked on our fallen compatriot but realised there was nothing to be done for him. We harvested what we could from our kill and made arrangements with one of the guards who fought alongside us for Codi to have a proper dwarven burial as a warrior should.

The landwyrms are apparently used as siege creatures by other factions and these were merely young ones, however these creatures had not been seen in a long time so may be an indication of another faction making moves behind the scenes to capitalise on the conflict between the dwarves and elves.

The funeral rights and celebration were held in the morning but without our emissary to guide us in negotiations with the dwarfs we felt it unwise to continue with our task and after trading some of the Landwyrm hide for more darkwood and a manual on its uses, we began making our way skullward. Before we left we were given a token of safe passage in dwarven lands which will be available for any party wishing to travel in the dwarven territories and can be collected from the adventurers guild.

The journey back passed uneventfully and we arrived home unscathed. We shall have to return to these lands on another day, preferably with another dwarven emissary to continue Codi's work lest his sacrifice be in vain.

Signed Fisher.

Trees and thoughts
Session 73

Mittern 5 – Mittern 8

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Lily + Cure
Roar + Tiny Wolf
WolfBlood the donkey

Roar has gathered party for the visit of the elves. We loads Wolfblood up 
with stuff and heads to the Elves. Roar asked about the abnormal thunder they 
heard on the way back from the previous mission no one seems to know about it.
 We meet a party of elven scouts missing a druid.
We talk with them. I told them we are going to town to find out more about
the mystical Deepwood. We get to the Treefortress and goes to the head 
Druid. We gets a quest about some free escaped prisoners in the east.
From Spiked Thorn. More like a mention that they are there and we may deal
with them if we wants to. Unsure if he wants them dead.. or captured however.

Before we at all go there I (Roar) brings the party to the weaver dark elf
for more knowledge about the dark wood. Today the Weaver had a torch 
and a dwarf prisoner. Shrike and the weaver seemed to share a Language.
and spike shortly, I wonder if they are perhaps family related… i got a glare 
from our weaver which might have been a confirmation of that.. unsure still.
After a short talk about the prison camp and dark wood we got the mission
from the weaver to take with us a dwarven prisoner to the camp in the east

We come close to the prison camp and come upon a scout group of elves.
They and our prisoner dwarf has a argument about the war before we shove
our dwarf to continue on.We ome across what is the prison camp, we see 
a large tower and prisoners in prisoner cloth and crude weapons, Some
might even be using guard weapons we are not sure. Before we get into
a discussion  on how to approach this we get to learn that the dwarf prisoner
 is named Durfus.  Then Lilly makes the dwarf invisible and we don't know 
Where he went. He was sure he would take this opportunity to get as far away
from us as he could, as he was given the chance. Shrike decided to walk up 
and be taken in by the guards  aswell for some reason Now all we can do is wait
and see what Shrike is up to… and if the dwarf will at all try and escape.

After 20 minutes of waiting Shrike comes out with a small being. very tiny
actually. We didn’t know what was going on at this time. We were met by
Shrike and a small thing called Tiny. After a short while the dwarf also comes
out from his invisibility. Probably knowing he wouldn't get far in elven territory
and his escape would be highly futile. After a large discussion about what 
to do, we decided to bring Tiny and the now “free” dwarf back with us to 
the skull. I (Roar) was not eager to try and test the limits of our relationship
with the elves but like most of the party we didn’t want to doom this tiny
person to the same servitude and prison as the weaver. I do express my sympathy
for someone imprisoned for all his life and while i don’t want the same
for this Tiny… is the chance of the elves finding out and perhaps souring
our relationship with those who are closest to our skull landing… worth it?

On our way to the skull platform we heard the same weird thunder in 
the same interval as last time. Tiny said he made that and called it a “cannon”
It was said it shoot air to launch projectiles? I (Roar) do ponder if i may 
be elven biased or just worried about angering the closest and in my mind
the deadliest faction of the war that we are being neutral in.

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What Goes Down Must Go Up

Hmm, My name is Pindelton Huppelmeff! Seeker of magic and keeper of fates. 

I found two companions Silent and Villo for this mission and they were quite rude and ignored me in the tavern, acting if they did not see me. I had seen that we had all recently applied as adventurers and well we were seeking adventure! News arrived of a new skull and naturally we went to check it out. It seems that we were the only adventurers there and only left with the three of us. The strange thing about this skull is that instead of going into the air sunk into the ground. But soon we arrived at our new destination, and a giant statue of a dwarf and an anvil were awaiting us the anvil if you touch it will send you back to the skull. 


We knocked on the door but received no answer so we invited ourselves in, there was quite a good amount of plate mail armor about so we thought it a good idea to secure it for selling. Though when we went to drag it through the door they disappeared and turned into human flesh. Down the hall there was a large room with a well that I wanted to check out but before I could Villo decided to jump into the well and Silent dragged me into it with him. Quite rude. We found ourselves in some new unknown place and after searching around we heard the sounds of a bugbear in pain being attacked by some strange fire bugs which we quickly eviscerated and even finished off the reinforcements. The bugbear said he name was Kodof and quickly became friends with us. We palled around with him for a bit more on that level killing some more of those fire bugs (which by the way taste quite good) and finding some items. The only other thing of interest on this floor was some strange stair case that you could not climb up as it would turn into a slipery slope the closer you got to the top. The other was a well that was warm to the touch and that created an item once you reach inside. The items were quite nice and its how I got this spiffy hat. Though their magic deactivates once you go past the barrier and just become mundane weapons and armor. Once we were done with all of this we went down the next flight of stairs to the next floor. 


In this room there was a massive cage that said deep and a giant door that said danger so I put one and two together and decided to look where the lever to the cage connected to. I was able to figure out where in the ground the mechanism was located and had Silent skillfully pull out the gear that controlled the contraption. We were able to get it open and onto the next floor.


On the third floor we were met by a large tavern with markings insinuating dwarven ladies of the night for sale, and in the other room there was a group of men fighting. Silent decided to look around the room for useful items but the men did not take kindly to this and attacked us. I took one down with my staff and we all drank some powerful drink that gave us the senses of a master tavern brawler and allowed us to pummel our opponents quite easily. After this I blacked out for a little while as the drink was quite strong. We then woke up and found our way to another well that took us back to our starting point, and so we made our way out of this place but to our dismay our new friend Kodof was unable to come with us. Also as a note you will not be able to leave from this place if you take too many items with you as the magic anvil will not glow if they are on your person. 



Pindelton Huppelmeff

Session 69: Every Wolf Has His Day

The 45th Day of Shiel of Year 1187

Adventuring Compay: Savric, Puck, Vaki, Grin, and Lilly.


I'm not used to writing stuff that's supposed to be so official so please excuse any mistakes I make. So our group got together at The Adventurer's Boot looking to explore Maephoon once more. Our plan was to head to the southwest after first dealing with the evils that lurked in The Crypt House once more. Unfortunately we only got to visit the house, and failed to completely purge it of evil.

Even getting to the crypt ended up being a perilous task. On our way there a few of my companions were put to sleep with fell magic. Then the forest around me shifted into a garden, and various evil beasts showed their presence. I stood guard over my companions, and while I was doing that Puck calmed the situation down.

Puck apparently talked to one of the frog people, and he informed us that they wanted to kill everyone. That was if we didn't do their evil bidding. They wanted us to kill the spiders, and I told the rest of the group this was a great opportunity to destroy both races of evil monsters. We could trick both of them into fighting, and then when the time was right turn the tides of battle to slay all of the monsters.

My companions on the other hand kept choosing sides. Ultimately none of us could agree on anything so we decided to just continue on back to the crypt rather than fight amongst ourselves. There was still evil to be slain there. Though Puck seemed really intent on killing the spiders for the whole trip. I think he's in league with the frog people.

Anyways we made our way to The Crypt House only to find lots of recent activity. The throne there had been used recently, and there were lots of tracks. Not to mention there was freshly laid purple dragon clay that we had to explode to even enter the tomb. Regardless of the evils there we held out our lights of justice, and went deep into the catacombs.

Eventually we passed by the area with the snake statue, and went to a whole new level. There we found another statue with more of those magic gems on it. I warned the group to be careful as last time the snake statue attacked us with magic from similar gems. However we didn't have much time to consider things. An evil floating creature with 6 eyes at the end of stalks came around the corner as we tried to destroy the statue.

As it emerged two wraiths appeared as well, and the gate to the upstairs slammed shut. After it did, a flaming boulder came down, and crushed Cure. Poor Cure only has 299,343,321 bodies left now. After that we turned to give justice to the evil things that were assailing our group. I wasn't about to let their crimes go unpunished.

As the battle raged on the many eyed creature shot rays out of each of its eyes at us. Each one had a different effect, but all were horrible. To add to this the two wraiths used vile magic to compel us to attack each other. All of us did our best to resist, but at some point the assault of magic became too much for even me. In spite of all of that though we fought back with all we had.

Unfortunately that was not the end of their tricks. Glyphs of warding were placed down the path ahead, and as we pushed through their ranks they got set off. One of them exploded in fire, but another mind controlled Grin. After that he turned with nothing but killing intent aimed at the rest of us.

This was made even worse as Savric was knocked unconscious, but I used quick thinking to turn the situation around. I took one of the gems off the statue, and tapped into its evil magic. I found that it had the spell named blight hidden inside of it, and I launched it at the creature with all of the eyes. The magic destroyed the creature, and removed the mind control from Grin.

My companion Puck questioned my decision to turn the creature's evil magic against itself, but I told him that the ends justified the means. Bringing justice, and good to the world is more important than anything else. Using evil to beat evil is still doing good. Laws, morales, and codes are simply things that evil doers use to shield themselves against the light of justice. I wasn't about to let that stop me.

Unfortunately though the evil creatures had more devious plans. As we killed the wraiths they once again rose from the grave as another type of undead creature. Even the eye monster came back from the grave after being slain once. However our trust in friendship, and teamwork proved more than enough to beat back the monsters. Finally things were at an end, or at least so I thought.

As we took a breath after the harrowing fight the creature that owns the crypt spoke to us. It told us to stop, and warned us that it was sending another minion in our direction. It spoke of using undeath to avoid death, and I wasn't about to buy any of its lies. Neither was Vaki as she did her best to destroy the statue, but alas it wasn't possible.

As she did that the rest of us took to avoiding some of the other wards in the area, and cleansing it of its' evil magic. We took what items we could in hopes of cleansing them of their evil. Then after that we burned the corpses of the wraiths in hopes that they would never rise again. Finally we made our way with Vaki making a drawing in blood to mark the location of the gate trap.

Quickly after we made our near the skull platform, but fate would not allow us to rest so easily. During the earliest part of the morning a giant snake attacked our group. Luckily Puck, Grin, and Vaki killed the vile monster almost instantly. After that I extracted some of its' poison for Grin, and Vaki went to burning it.

Later that day after finishing our rest we went to the skull platform, but again fate made an effort to intervene with our plans. The skull appeared on fire surrounded by wisps instead of in its normal state, and a flaming metal suit of giant armour came out of the woods. It threw down fireballs, firewalls, and many other types of magic. Most importantly it seemed to be after Grin specifically.

I have to say the fight was quite perilous, but Puck's use of the spell known as faire fire saved the day. It lit the creature in a magical aura, and allowed our attacks to land true. Even with that though the situation was a close call. Grin used the magic I put on his weapon to assail the monster with justice, but it knocked him unconscious in return.

I tried using my ice magic against the monster, but it used a mix of dispelling magic and wards to keep most of my efforts at bay. Everyone else did their best as well, but Grin was on the precipice of death. Puck then once more saved the day by turning Grin into a mighty wolf.

Grin's new form was as elegant as the moon, and as powerful as the sun. It clawed, bit, and ripped at the armoured hulk that held the wolf so tightly. As if that wasn't enough he then howled into the sky, and a huge beam of radiant energy rained down on the golem evaporating it into nothingness. It was truly the sight of the best wolf in all of the Mystbound Realms.

The creature was not one to leave without spite however. It exploded into a ball of flame, and almost killed Grin and Vaki with its' parting gift. I ran over, and saved the wolf's life by bandaging the wounds. Even injured however the canine looked more elegant than any other I had ever seen. After patching him up we then headed out, and began to make our way home.

All in all the journey lasted from 43rd of Shiel to the 44th. It wasn't long, but we overcame many trials. Eventually I plan to return to the crypt to cleanse it of all its evil. Even as we left I felt as if some of its evil was fading away. I also intend to eventually kill both the spiders, and the frog men. Though I would be wary of Puck as he carried a devination trinket from the frog people.

Hopefully though our endeavors left the land more pure than it once was, and brought justice to those who had wronged Maephoon.


LIzardman, with a Schimitar, in the library.
Session 69, a killing in the library.

Session 69:
Vaki, efrexoa, Sparax, and reygar go to Maraankosh.

A short Novel, based upon a true story, by Efrexoa the Druid.

27th of Shiel.

We gathered at the shady adventurers hole in the wall. 
I had given notice that I was looking for people to come find Nistor.
The first companion was a Goliath woman, known as Vaki, covered in scars, 7'9" tall, with white eyes and red pupils.

The next was Sparax, a Cleric not resembling a Cleric at all, more rogueish in dress, short blond hair, pale skin, and a piece missing from his nose, this adventurer was easy to spot from the other side of the tavern when he walked towards me.
Lastly Reygar, the 8 foot tall naked, scarred, silver-haired and bearded, Vrykul comes shambling inn from the cold.
We all assessed each-other and deemed this as an ok group. We then talked for a short while, until a winged creature entered the tavern and looked around, he walked over and handed me a note. He then stalked off straight for the door.

Reygar claimed it's only a messenger when we pressed him for what race it was. So Vaki called out to it. She then presented herself to it and asks what kind of creature it is.
Luckily he seemed more amused then angry. Reygar tried to tell Vaki off for being rude to it as it left in a hurry.
She then asked me what the envelope contains. I opened it :
"dear adventurers, you are summoned to come to the cloud academy of the clouds, at the main entrance you will be received by me, Marnissa of the wind, if you tarry for more than a week this invite will be void. we have a quest that you might be interested in.
signed Marnissa of the wind, head librarian, and second wizard of Nistor."

I showed Vaki the note and she read it out loud.

We headed out to the skull that took us to the efrem hefet, the evergreens. It was as warm as always. So we walked straight to the temple of the Marble Dragon to get to the second skull.
Upon crossing the bridge Vaki was amazed by the now all to common sight to the rest of us, the actual dragon. The dragon spoke to Reygar in Titonic or some such language. I do not know what they spoke off, but he waved to the dragon. It then spoke to Vaki after staring at her for a long while, it then named itself as the Guardian to her. We of-course already knew this fact. A new fact we gleaned is that the dragon is only 5550 years old. It told us not to waste time and go find a guest? we rushed ahead.

Upon entering the skull room we found Brynor, he was happy we had gotten the message. Brynor stood up, and Vaki was impressed at the size of the Storm Giant Librarian in front of us. Jackamo mentioned him in his last report from here. He still had 2 monocles, instead of the Bifocal invention we told him about last time.

He tells us he has been instructed to take us to Nistor by his teacher. I asked him who it is, and he responds with Nicias. he explains that all lore-masters need to apprentice with Nicias as he is the wisest and most learned in both magic and lore.

Brynor produced a red key from one of his pockets. Reygar told him not to lose it, and Brynor told him that's why it was not given to him, they bantered back and forth for a while until he pressed the key into the pillar. Just like my key it has its own slot. Red smoke billowed up from the platform and a ruby-like giant-sized skull appeared. We got in.

Vaki and I asked Brynor about Nistor, he responded: "Nistor is seen as the archive by the entire word, before it was corrupted by myst. titans walked among the people in times of old. Nicius created Nistor, the citadel in the clouds. its not so impressive from the outside, but the inside will show us why it is called the biggest library in the world."

Vaki was very excited by the prospect of being high up in the sky.
We walked 20 miles from the skull and south-east. 15 miles in we stumbled across a temple building, Vaki and Reygar wanted to explore it, so we agreed to it and headed inside.

Vaki seemed like the excitable sort. getting so excited over all these trivial things.

We saw all the giants, from small hill to large storm ones, we also saw a larger one than the rest with a woman and an axe. he held the axe to her throat. This mural on the wall was quite intricate and high in detail.
Walking further into the cave we found a temple like entrance as Sparax howled out in pain, and came running up to us, claiming to have been attacked by a insect 6 feet tall, with yellow chitin and pincers as large as Vakis maul. Suddenly we heard voices in our heads, telling us evil things not prudent to put down on parchment.

We went inside the temple and found some Zombie-like merefolk, known as seaspawn, I tried to talk to one and he asked what we were doing in the temple of Meri Adrie. We told him we were adventurers from a foreign land here to look around. The other one tells us to follow him.
We entered a room with other creatures, they seemed hostile. One even had tentacles growing out of his head.

One of them was clearly a priest of sorts. he looked to Reygar and Vaki, the tallest in the group. he adressed them in an unknown language, then switched to Glarnic and asked why we were there, to maybe give offerings to the temple. Vaki responded that we were just curious, to which he responded that we all have been young once in our life, suddenly tentacles sprouted from the waters and he said that "someone" likes us.
Sparax claimed that the thing is an octopus that wants to eat Vaki. The priest seemingly unfazed by this comment in Kothic said its rare for the spawn of the Kraken to show interest in newcomers. Vaki tried to leave, which made the priest suspicious, and he said we needed to leave an offering if we wished to leave. Vaki threw some meat to one of the tentacles, and it grabed it mid flight.

The priest told us to not return unless we have offerings. The next time we won't be so lucky. Reygar went insane and talked about attacking them, I'm just glad they didn't understand Kothic. We left, and at the entrance of the cave/temple I saw a creature. It's Brynor, we told him we found nothing and that we are leaving, he seemed happy to do that.

We travled to the outpost, we found more bird-folk there. or Arakoa as they like being called. They are the followers of Nicias, "handy to have people that fly in a floating city" Brynor said. Apparently they are slow to trust, but loyal to a fault when trust is established. They are also quite adept at spell casting.

The outpost was made of stone, neat, well kept. Many races like dwarfs and merefolk live there other then the Arakoa, we saw fire, stone and ice dwarfs, but no Metasheen.
Where were several shops and inns in the small town. A gray rectangular pyramid like building stood out to us, Brynor said it's actually Nistor. Vaki wanted to head there straight away. Brynor showed us to the door on the side, and we entered. Inside we found ourselves in a circular room. 

I handed the note to the Giant lady behind the counter. She said there had been a murder and we needed to help them. She handed us some lanterns and said fire is prohibited inside. She is Marnissa, and she took us to some portals. there were 7 of them, for every subject they had a seperate library;
History, philosophy, Medicae, Arcanum, Culture, Construction & artificery, Numbers.

Left to right, top to bottom.
Seemed like the one library was in fact 7 libraries, connected by 1 common hub, known as Nistor. All created by Nicias.

Marnissa opened one of the portals, to the History section and beckoned us to enter without her, and to try solve the murder. As we entered we got a weird feeling and suddenly got transported into the sky, high above the clouds, into a hallway of sorts.

There to greet us was Mira, an Arakoa of mostly human features, and quite good looks.
Exiting the hallway we went from stone to wood, and bookcases in the millions, as far above us as we could see. Mira took us to a statue in the middle, where the scene of the crime in fact was.

The statue is of Lanaxis, and the corpse had clearly fallen off of it, it was a Vrykul, a runemaster Reygar supplied, a keeper of the halls, culture and tradition, like a Shaman. He seemed to have been impaled by a spear. He wore black clothes and boots, Reygar claimed this is traditional Runemaster clothing.

Vaki noticed blood on a pillar to the northwest of the statue. I checked the corpse for into, he had been dead for about 26 hours, from the angle of impaling the killer was shorter than the Vrykul that is 6'8". Considering the weight of the Vrykul it is amazing that the spear has held.

The attacker did it from the back.  We turned the corpse, I saw that the victim had seen his attacker and tried to run from him. His hands had defensive marks, like cuts and splinters from the spear and shaft.

No-one had touched the corpse before I did, the Arakoa that discovered the corpse having kept watch over it.

On the corpse we found a note with a familiar incantation :
"Renar cresus Restor Mortis lanin ec dapalin"
The Magebane spell contained in Jackamo's notes. Additionally we found this piece of trivia:
"Blue is for storm, Red is for fire, silver is for cloud, brown is for hill, white is frost, gray is stone, black is femorian, yellow stands for ettin, and green is nature."
I believe this might be the colour of the resulting gems from the ritual on the specific giant races, but the Ritual circle is needed.

Sparax walked off and then yelled that he had found dirt, and with floors as shiny as these, that was very odd.  Vaki headed off to help him. Reygar left for the lobby at this point.
Sparax found 2 books in a room to the west, but it was in a language he couldn't read, one was in elven, the other in Glarnic; about runes on platforms, their uses and strengths. 

Mira had gotten the ledger book, and said the victim was known as Varian, he was an apprentice Rune master to the frost titan.
Me and Vaki went to check his room again, finding Sparax knocking on the wall with his pommel.
I found an illusion covering a small hallway into a larger one. We headed into it. It was quite dusty.

We found a skinny dwarf in green robes, with orange/blind/gray hair and beard, he holds a staff, he called himself Maron.
He claimed we were in the Scrolls section of the library, dating back about 2000 years.
he says he has seen 3 people pass by, a guard with blue eyes, a dwarf of the metasheen clan in red robes, and a merefolk, but it was dark so he could be wrong about that.

We looked around with eyes and magic for a long while, until Mira came along and found us, she was dumbfounded as to how we were in the Medicae, so we told her about the portal, After searching for a while with Mira, detecting magic, we found a book that looked odd, as I pulled it a portal appeared. We then ended up in the Arcanum part of the library, and we were told by Mira that we were not even allowed in here usually, but this was a special circumstance as we were hunting a killer.

We split up and looked around, as there was no magical trace to follow, we did it the old fashioned way. I saw some magical runes in the floors around the area, they looked like a repository for the magics of that type, but I found no way in. Suddenly a scream was heard, so I rushed towards it. I met Sparax on the way and we came to a shrine like area. upon the alter we saw the mangled corpse of Mira. Vaki then entered the area and kept watch over the door while Sparax and I swept the stacks and isles of the room. I then felt a sharp pain as something lizardlike stepped out of the shadows, with the help of Sparax and Vaki we made short work of the wouldbe assassin and we got the help of Nicias to carry him to the lobby, there Marnissa and Nicias spoke and he informed her that we had apprehended him, she then teleported away with him.

Nicias then thanked us for now, and handed us a warhammer and a shield, that Sparax and Vaki took. we then took the long walk back to the skull, then headed back to Sarek.


the end.


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