The Wilds Await

Grin's new spear

In a cave East of Volkenheim crawling with Atseli, Grin and his party came upon a silvery spear, they were looking for it at the request of Thane Rolf Wyrmbreaker of Volkenheim and as they went to return it to him he bid they keep it.

Bluesteel, named so by Grin is a 5 feet long spear made of a suprisingly solid but light, dark brown tree. The spearhead is longer and broader than that of your usual boar spear and has a colour that reminds one of polished silver, the buttcap is a sharp spike of a similar metal.

Bluesteel has the characteristics of a normal spear except it has the "Finesse" property, it counts as a magic weapon when illuminated to any degree by the full moon. It currently has 5 charges and as a free action its wielder can expend one charge giving the spearhead a blue sheen that sheds dim light for 15 feet and the next time the weapon strikes an enemy creature it causes an additional 2d6 radiant damage and prevents the creature from healing any damage for 24 hours. The weapon damage from the strike counts as magical when it is charged.

Magisters of Maephoon
A Mage and his Entourage

I herein summarise events between the 21st of Shiel and the 22nd of Shiel in the year 11 of Godric's Reign. The weather was favourable. And all in company in good health. I, Entity, sworn to the Lord Earl Westingford of Westmarch, put pen to this telling of events.

In party with me were:

Such it was that we set forth once more to see the lands of Maephoon. Now forced to travel by road, it was that we so went south; soonest to cross out of Fyr lands. There we found flat lands, sparse in vegetation and all over black ash. We took east by river's bank and on a distant hill saw we a creature in dark shroud. My sense could not pierce it; even when Meekanus gave me sight. Yet Nigel's warning in Draconic for it not to approach us held it at bay. So it turned east also, and following its wake we travelled until dusk.

Into a cave went the creature, and so we made camp on the hilloc above. In early morning we had a visitor, a man in a robe, creature at its side and an orb floating behind it. It spoke to us first politely, making inquiry as to our purpose. It told us we must leave; that we must tell the magistrates in Torraket far to the east; for he was about killing all that live in these lands and we should stay in the city until he was done.

Explaining that we were not from Torraket, nor knew its location, he seemed to loose patience and decided we would be food for its creature. The creature… Humanoid of shape, yet all over scale and twice a man. So we fought, and won, though dire was the battle. In the end, we found that three things of magic were ours, and that the creature was called a Hezrou. Wounded we were and so we departed Maephoon, to bring these tidings home.

Thus ends my telling of events. Know that not all has been set forth herein as much was said and done which is of less import.

Morrendeep and it's affiniity for Poison.

Scarloc, Wood Elf Ranger 4

Gleipnir, Dwarf Cleric 4

Jin, Human Monk 4

Eddon, Human Fighter 3

Entity, Colossi Warlock 3/Paladin 1/Sorcerer 1

Olgar, Half-Orc Barbarian 2


11th of Shiel

We head for the Morrendeep, following the plan we head directly for the skull platform and arrive there when the sun is at its highest. While waiting for the green skull the image of a boy was conjured forth, probably from the magic being cast by Gleipnir and Entity. The image refered to Entity as "Colossus 875" beckoned for him to come home and informed him a white skull was on the way to pick ot up. The image refered to the rest of us as "Unthralled", i can only assume Entity is an unwilling refugee as it did not seem to have any idea what was going on. Regardless now it is aware and is currently a willing refugee as it promptly declared the image held no authority over him and the image of the boy faded stating that "It had made a choice" a threat so thinly veiled it came across as pathetic.

The green skull arrived and the the green pillar turned red signalling the skull was about to leave immediately instead of taking an hour to do so, it soon became clear it was making way for the promised white skull.

The skull put us down 4 miles away from the second wall and 1.5 miles away from the Seranos, you will know you are there if you look south and see a massive bridge spanning the Seranos, then the largest stairs you've ever seen, there will be two statues, one of Mahal and the other of Moradin the statues will be headless however.

Crossing this bridge and notice how it is slowly repairing itself, we crossed i lead the group west along the south bank of the Seranos, do not enter through the main gates. The destruction wrought is by a dragon of old, and it has made Morrendeep its lair.

We kept following the bank until we found stairs leading up to a stone wall, leveled with the main entrance. This entrance will only open if you have the key provided to us by Bren Redbeard and his clan.

Once inside there was a canal and a boat waiting for us, we got in and passed through a gate that closed behind us, as it closed we found we were in a chamber and the water started draining until we were 100 feet down and looking at yet another gate, concealed by the water. Heading through we entered a room illuminated by two torches with two statues of Moradin straight ahead. When i entered this chamber i was looking West. The canal continues west, to the south there is a redoubt. There is nothing left alive there except whatever is down in the spider hole, the spiders are dangerous but a few of them is manageable by a well equipped adventuring party. We did find what Gleipnir assumes is a Dwarr corpse as well as a journal however, and it claims the all Dwarr to be dead, counting the total number of dwarves there is but one left alive inside, in addition to the one sent back by Garrick. Having not found his body this last one would have had to be Garrick himself and according to the journal he seeks the Fane of Mahal.

Finally to the North there is some mechanism or someone firing arrows, i did not get to investigate it further.

Seeing as how we also seek the Fane in order to find the egg and the arrow we wanted to follow, but at this point we heard war drums, and outside these Draconids had gathered.

Sir Eddon Grey was the first to find a solution and headed outside to talk to these Draconids, we learned they were not hostile and indeed we are to find the "Greentail Tribe" the next time we come back. This leader who spoke to us could also tell us that the dragon only sleeps when the moon is at its darkest.

Sometime around now Gleipnir told me he could no longer feel Moradin and i could sense something waking in the deeps, needing no further warning we got in our boats and made our way back up. Jin however went missing somewhere in the chaos and i can only hope he has a plan. We waited inside the hidden entrance for a day, catching some rest and listening to the dragon raging outside looking for us. On the walls i wrote in coal:
"Brother in fate, i can only hope you have a plan with this. Know that i will return for you, when the dragon next slumbers the moon will be dark and we will return to finish what we started here today."

We have to return at some point, for i suspect the Dwarr are still alive in the Fane of Mahal where we have to go regardless if we are to retrieve the egg and free Ayla, perhaps restoring stability to the Dreywood.


12th of Shiel

Gleipnir suggested we salvage this expedition by looking for the location that Sheik seeks, we agreed that we might as well. Setting out the next day we followed the Second Wall North-Northeast and after passing the first gap in the wall we found a halfbreed locked up in a cage hanging 20feet of the ground. He identified himself as Olgar the Ironside and said he tok the skull to explore, was knocked out and awoke in the cage. We helped him down and he decided to join us. It was at this point we realized the Dracolids were still following us as trails of torches snaked itself through the forest. I ushered the group to the North side of the second wall and hid their tracks behind them. During my watch i scaled the wall as to better serve as the lookout, there was moonlight and i could see far.

While standing there i could see there was four trails of torches, one for each direction, they appear to have been tracking us but lost the trail after i started concealing it. The dragon was also searching east along the river for us, i feel Gleipnirs wish to follow the drag of the amulet might have saved our lives.

After some time i saw a figure approaching, as he came closer i realized it was a very fair looking man with blonde hair, he spoke to me in several tounges before arriving at my native one. He spoke of what my people remembered and how sad it was that we could no longer hear the song. He then grasped by arm and asked if we had been to Morrendeep, pointing out a black scale growing on my forearm, he asked me to find Yarrow and after finding it i returned to the camp where the man was allready cooking up a concoction only missing the Yarrow i had found. He taught me a magical potion that can cure whatever the curse the Morrendeep lays upon you is, i fear it is to turn us into Dracolids. The ones without will, not like how the Greentails claimed their minds were still their own.

I wrote the ritual down in its entirety but there is still much i do not know about it.

Entity was unsuprisingly not affected, Eddon neither for some reason. I suspect it might be his blood.


13th of Shiel

In the morning a thick wet fog lay over the land and i decided to follow the amulet. If we get lost all i have to do is head east and use the Seranos and the Escarpment as a funnel to the Pelias wall. Not far into the day, directly east of the northern edge of the second part of the second wall from the south stands Carrinwatch. I suspect it to be part of a much larger fortress or settlement simply based on the irregular ruins surrounding it.

We found a stone casket that Gleipnir soon identified as a sarcophagus, with breathing holes hidden in the side he suspects vigil was held here, by Saints, Seraphs or gods he cannot say. Regardless, Carrinwatch is riddled with the tracks of Ursa, Boarfollk and Draconids and we needed to get moving, i suspect they merely use it for navigation but despite this we are too exposed here. Finally Gleipnir can say the foundation is of an origin he does not recognize, the walls themselves are built by men and is likely older than Morrendeep itself. Eddon mentioned to Dronlords and as he did a strange key fall from a dragons head peering over a wall like some sort of gargoyle. This key and Sheiks amulet are somehow linked and showing the way to the same place, by triangulating i could discern that it was roughly 16 miles away to the Northeast.

Wasting no more time we headed out, aiming for the scource of this yoke that was dragging us towards it, by the 4th segment of wall from the South we came into an area that caused bleeding to be much much worse, a mere scratch bled like it was a spear wound. We avoided it by staying very close to the wall and squeezed past. In the gap between the fourth and fifth wall segments there are tracks from large hooved herbivors, wolves four times the size of normal wolves and even tracks of Ursa and Boarfolk. Traveling on we found a watchtower with few tracks around it, it seemed safe and we set up camp and decided to rest there.


14th of Shiel

It all seemed well untill Eddons watch, at the break of dawn the Draconids were upon us, nearly a dozen of them. How they had found us i have no idea but we had no choice but to defend ourselves. And defend ourselves we did, i can go on and on about each mans individual valor in this battle, from Eddons leap into their horde as some hero of legend, to Gleipnir fighting in his briefs we all contributed beyond what anyone should expect, and in under a minute they all lay dead at our feet. It should be noted that they poison their spears by slavering on them, antitoxin before going into a fight with them would be beneficial. I found tracks of several of them having not participated in the battle and i am certain they went to warn their friends of where we were.

Hearing drums again we made for whatever the amulet and key wished to show us, for it was on our way to the Pelias wall, our ultimate and indeed desperate objective. The amulet leads to a burrow, dragonbones lying ontop of it with a cave leading into the darkness. On the burrow it reads "Here lies Karshkar the blind, we are the Dronguard we lay down our lives for him."

The pursuit continued all the way untill we reached the wall, i can say they seem to tack by smell and they do not relent, they are also incredibly numerous even if they are of no great threat alone in a fight. Depending on how affected you are by the poison, and if you have a cure for the disease or curse they carry.

I got to try my hand at this decursing brew and i can say it worked but there is still much i do not know about it. That night i remained at the wall and to the watchmens great dread the dragon could be heard roaring within earshot but out of bowshot of the wall.

At the next oppurtunity we shall return to the Morrendeep to finish what we started and to learn of Jin and Garrecks fate's.


Madness in the land of Yiere
from the journal of Devros Greywood

10th of Shiel, 1186

My traveling companions, Gleipnir, Grin, Entity, Andreth, and I returned from the land of Yiere after having quite a strange experience. I did not learn anything new about the Axe of Nines but there was plenty of other knowledge gained.

Traveling by way of a magic lodestone, we arrived in Yiere and decided to travel to the East. We quickly came upon a run-down fort called Hope’s Folly where we met a man called Seighardt, Captain of the Toad Company, housed at the fort. We also were surprised to see Fynn in the fort, though he was of a much more somber mood than I have usually seen him at the Adventurer’s Boot.

Captain Seighardt told us that Yiere had become a dark and dangerous place after the “bad times.” He also gave us the lay of the land, which I will record here:

To the West, beyond the mountains, lies the town of Wolfwater. At the base of the mountains is the Lair, accessible somewhere near our landing point, which Seighardt referred to as the Abyss. If traveling that way, parties should expect to encounter “Fanged Silte,” the description of which closely matched the tigers of Pelias.

To the North are thick forests which break into tundra.

To the East are more wilds, home to Fleshfangs, pony-sized bipedal/quadrupedal lizards.

To the South is Captain Seighardt’s home, the city of Zifta. It is near mountains and an ocean and to travel there means entering a land of goblins and a giant snake they call the Basilisk, though it is apparently not the same as Basilisks in Pelias.

Also roaming Yiere are gargoyles, which the previous expedition to Yiere encountered. Captain Seighardt told us they are vulnerable to lightning.

Since, in order to establish relations between our 2 realms, it made the most sense to travel to the city of Zifta, we decided on that course of action. The Captain advised us that even though the city was to the southwest, it would be safer to first travel southeast to the town of Tannersby.

The five of us, joined by a silent Fynn, set out in that direction. While we traveled we encountered a group of bandits engaged in a fight amongst themselves. Combat ensued and we made quick work of them. It proved to be a worthwhile diversion as we found enough gold on their bodies so that we each walked away 80 GP richer!

As we approached Tannersby, we came across a strange corral where a man had a bunch of domesticated Fleshfangs. He offered to tells us more about them if we returned the next day, as he was tired.

We arrived in Tannersby before dusk and secured food and lodging for the night. In the morning, we spoke to the seneschal, who informed us that the citizens there were falling victim to a rash of kidnappings, particularly women. Our assistance was requested and although we would have preferred to do so, our duty required us to press on. The seneschal suggested we continue south to the town of Warren, where a man called Hark there may be able to offer us a reward for when we put an end to the kidnappings. Fynn decided he no longer wanted to travel with us and so we said farewell to him there.

On the way to Warren we encountered an outpost of the Toad Company. There we met men called Smithy Longbottom, Targ, and Blackely. We informed them about the trouble in Tannersby and Longbottom dispatched a humanoid construct called O’Hare to offer assistance. I think Entity would have liked to talk more with O’Hare but he headed to Tannersby post haste.

We continued on and just before Warren, the road, now a mountain pass, was blocked by 2 large boulders. A strange purple goat-man stood on top them. He claimed that a large monster dropped them there. As he spoke, his features changed, and he shapeshifted into a bird to fly down from the boulders. He said his name was Shifter. With no other course of action possible, we began to climb the boulders when Shifter transformed his hands into massive fists and pulverized the boulders into rubble. Then he vanished.

Once we were finally in Warren, we were amazed. Magic was everywhere and buildings floated in mid-air. We found the man Hark, who was the Sherrif of Warren and told him we were on our way to Zifta. He cautioned us that there were goblin caves in the mountains west of Warren. Then he showed us another lodestone which he said would take us back to from where we returned. He also informed us that he had a vault full of magical items and if we were to stop the kidnappings in Tannersby he would give us one.

Wanting to refresh before continuing our journey, we entered one of the floating buildings. Seated at a table having a drink was none other than Fynn! We did not know how he arrived at Warren before we did and pressed him for answers. I detected no magic about him, though he did look a bit different from the Fynn we knew.

Finally, Fynn said he would tell us what he knew. We followed him to the east, where we found desert, and the ruins of a city. As we got closer, we recognized the city as our very own Santaur! Fynn explained that the land of Yiere was created by Tawor and Tassus and is a patchwork of many other realms. This version of Santaur was one of those realms. But Tawor’s brother, along with his son, Tornul betrayed Tawor and Tassus and is the reason why the land of Yiere was in what Captain Seighardt called the “bad times.” Tornul smote this realm’s Santaur and is likely the reason Tawor and Tassus have not been seen since the bad times began.

It was within these ruins that a broken sword in Gleipnir’s possession began to glow and words in a foreign language appeared on its hilt. Even though we did not know the language, we knew that it said “Abyss Bane.” Gleipnir used his uncanny ability to reforge the broken sword into a complete shortsword, which he gave to me, since he had originally intended for it to go to Grom.
Shaken to our very core, we returned to Warren and decided we should use the lodestone there to return to our own Santaur. The lodestone took us back to a location not far from Santaur, apparently close to the location where John Holcombe was found. We quickly traveled back to find that Santaur was as we had left it and not the ash and ruins that it was in Yiere.

Futher exploration of Yiere is definitely required.

Embegrass How I love Thee, An Expedition into Sarek

Calsar 39 to Calsar 44

A expedition into Sarek featuring I (Grin), Entity, Andreth and Jin

To begin with, we were not prepared, we ventured into Sarek not expecting the dangers that lied ahead. One would think we speak of hulking beasts and hordes of monstrosities but nay this was not the case. It was the world itself that caused us great grief, blistering blizzards of a world torn asunder by deep snow, extremely cold temperatures and limited daylight.


Thankfully our experienced survivalist Bodi and his companion Gary found us shelter before the weather became to deadly. In fact, I say a shelter it was more a hole, but it was our hole! Before the sun disappeared, Entity came across a strange plant that had warming properties called Embergrass – Note: This plant will save your life keep an eye out for it. This lay beside a ruin of some sort, possibly a shrine of sorts as the fiery grass like plant was placed there as an offering. Soon night hit though and we had to huddle for warmth in our hole.


The following day we aimed to venture back home to regain supplies but the weather be incarnate once more and we had to survive another night of its perils. Finally, we managed to make it back to City and resupplied for the harsh weather, thick fur cloaks, tents and shovels were all purchased to help us fight against the elements.


Once we returned the world known as Sarek we soon picked up the tracks of something large. Bodi quickly tracked it down and the hulk of a beast charged at us. I can say for myself that the beast did indeed have a frightening presence, though we as a group made short work of it. The prize for such a swift hunt was a huge pelt that we sold once we returned home. Near to where we fell the beast we found a cave, which we think the bear like creature lived in, we found more of this Embergrass! It seems the plant grows wildly in cracks around hot springs, be sure to check any areas for as I said before this stuff will save lives. Sir Entity in fact lined his …well I suppose his armour? I don’t know .. the lad confuses me when it comes to his functions. Anyways! The tin man lined his armour with the Embergrass and this did indeed seem to work well to keep him warm.


Once we left the cave we had to deal with a pack of wolves, they seem like the kind we know in our lands. They were dealt with swiftly as well.  After a few more struggles with the elements we happened to come across a settlement called Volkenheim. They were wary people and rather suspicious of outsiders, to the point where we had to prove we were not their enemy, a band of folks known as the followers of Hess. To prove such a case, we had to draw blood at their gates to prove to them we were not of such a people – I do wish to find out more of this Hess as it seems they may be a threat to further exploration. The endeavour to prove we were friendly went without too much a hassle, though Sir Entity did have a little bit of an explanation to give (yes it was indeed lengthy).


A night was spent with Volkehiems leader Rolf Wyrmbreaker their Thane, alongside another of note Hildr, whom seemed to be some kind of seer or advisor to Rolf….anyway she was his Volva whatever that be eh! After a night of simple chat and possible negation of peaceful coexistence, I came out of Volkenheim feeling these were a people we could trust, though a dagger of mine did go missing but that be no concern.

So, with all that said, the people of Volkenheim gave us a hand in reaching back to the skull platform upon which we arrived. I must say; I thank them dearly for this service as the thought of having to deal with the harsh climates of Sarek fills my bones with a shudder.

Here and Elsewhere
From the journals of Gleipnir Oathold

Froar 26th – 36th

The party:

1. Amber, Druid, Dwarf

2. Andreth, Cleric, Human

3. Gleipnir, Cleric, Dwarf

4. Entity, Construct(Wood Elf), Paladin

A hurried expedition of us left for a land we knew not the name of.  Still we pressed ourselves into the skull and awaited our journey.  Exiting, we landed upon a broad sandy beach that stretched near 10 miles Southwest and Northeast.  Unsure of where to head, we decided to simply wander North in hopes of finding shelter and life.  We managed to find both.  As we wandered up the coast, we came across a small cottage.  Upon closer inspection we determined several things.  One, the cottage had seemingly not been used for a long time as the lock had rusted off.  Two, in spite of this disuse there were fresh sheets and exactly four beds one for each of us.  Finally, and we saw first hand how strong these defenses were, the entire cottage was built upon cold iron, and was therefore warded against any fey creature that may wish entry into the cottage.  Overall I would say it was a safe place to stay.

We decided to explore around a bit more and had our first run in with one of the locals.  As it turns out the goblins of this realm are far different from ours.  Rather than attacking us outright the goblin, well dressed and well spoken, offered to trade with us.  With but a snap of his finger, a table manifested and we began bartering.  In our dealings with these creatures we learned many things.  We had arrived in the land of Elsewhere, a unique and highly magical place controlled by the Fey Courts.  These lords of the land were located in the Obsidian City, 25 days journey east, and the City of Light, 30 days northeast.  While one could possibly enter the City of Light freely, without a license the Obsidian City will slay you if you attempt to gain entry.  Learning of these permits required a bit more barter, but each goblin from Goblin Mt. City, which laid five days south along the coast, carried one and it permitted their unique trade across the country of Elsewhere.  

The goblin's dealings were unique in that they could offer most anything provided it was known within Goblin Mountain.  When I say anything I mean anything, from skill at arms, to improving one's own many strengths, even magic beyond your wildest dream.  However there dealings are different from our land.  They do not accept coin, but mainly trade in both magic and memory.  What's more there is no protection for the buyer.  In a discussion with the goblins we encountered, they agreed that should a "sack" be worth 1 silver, and a buyer offer 1 gold the goblin would pocket the difference and say nothing.  In addition, each goblin valued things differently so there is no uniform price.  Last, and this is most crucial, when asked for a "sack" the goblin may simply offer you a cloth bag with holes filling it, because it was not specified otherwise.  Buyer's beware I suppose.

Still we explored the land some more, hoping to find our way to this Goblin Mt. City, and ran across several foes.  Animals made of plants that rotted as soon as they were defeated, and what could only be described as ogre sized Bramble Men, which guarded ancient statues of old.  We fought with each of them in turn and won the day, though the Bramble Men were certainly dangerous, exploding in a toxic cloud upon their death.  One thing of final mention,  A lone mountain is near the skull's landing.  This mountain contains within it an ancient being, perhaps even a godling.  Our druid Amber described it as a single eye miles in size, which she discovered at the bottom of a well placed high atop the mountain.  This well when drunk will poison those who drink it, draining their strength for some lengthy time.  I would recommend not doing that.  There are many more sights to see within the land, but do be careful of the local flora, it is far more dangerous then it seems!

Things that go bump in the night.

Scarloc, Wood Elf Ranger 3

Entity, Colossi Paladin 1/Warlock 3

Shiek, Dragonborn Paladin 3

Bodi, Halfling Ranger 2

Omora, Dwarf Paladin 3


23rd of Calsar

With the previous expedition having went South we agreed to head north instead, and followed the unusually well kept road north until we came to a fork, taking the right path and soon we were headed eastwards. After some time Entity spots Fyr's hiding in the brushes around what looked to be a wounded greater basilisk, it needs to be mentioned that we based this on blood on the ground that was under it, this was red and it turns out a greater basilisk bleeds green. As a side note, as with other basilisks avert your gaze should you close within 10 or so paces or risk turning into an eternal memory of your last moments.


The Fyr's were simply using the basilisk as bait and attacked Entity as soon as it closed to heal the alleged wounds of the reptile, we defeated them in short order and learned something interesting.

It is my theory that the Fyr's use some sort of magic to empower the plants of the area as their means of travel, almost like a portal. For there was no tracks showing where they came from, only signs of their passing in and around the brushes.


We kept going for some time, before setting up camp to rest, during the night while i was on watch i witnessed a creeping black fog, hiding what i think were insects and black tentacles, in front of the fog skeletal figures wearing robes and carrying scythes working their way every so slowly between the trees. I woke the group and we headed back along the road and up a hill that we passed directly south of on our way there.


24th of Calsar

Waking the next morning we could see a desolation, and it seems to creep towards mount bloom, it is my suspicion that the fog i saw that night spread it, expanding at night and withdrawing before the sun rises. curious we decided to travel to the edge of the desolation, Shiek rides forth and can say for certain that the area is desecrated. Sphere could also see a massive figure with the body of a man, the head of a frog and spines on its back walking away from us in the desolation. The trees that stod there still stand but they are merely structures of something akin to ash and would crumble at the slightest touch.


We decided to head back to the road north of the hill we rested on to a statue pointing its sword southward that we passed heading for the desolation of ash. Curious that it might show the way to something I and Bodi attempted to head directly in the direction it was pointing. This led us to a small passage in the hills, concealed by branches and leaves. Venturing into it we come across a small outpost seemingly grown out of the ground.

There are more tracks around the plants and Entity found a map that showed a "Shrine of Eolair" ontop of "Bloom Peak" which is the mountain you arrive at the South foot of when coming by skull.


25th of Calsar

We stayed the night there and the next morning we headed for Bloom peak, intending to scale its North face, on the way Bodi found four blink dog pups and decided to take one.


The way up the mountain is tough but not dangerous, once we got to the summit we found a glass dome reinforced with metal, inside there stands a statue labeled Eolair. First off it needs to be mentioned that should you find something that seems unlikely, strangle or unnatural it is not impossible you are looking at the Fane of some diety as they are able to shape reality around their Fane.


Entity could tell me that the statue itself contained a fragment of this Eolair, and as he entered a "Naidel" apparently trapped underneath the statue asked us to release him, he said he was guilty of crimes but he could help with the creeping fog. He thought seeing his criminal records might convince us to release him and said these were in a city to the east. We told him everything east is ashes.


Shiek wrote a warning on the door for anyone else approaching and i carved the symbols of trap and ambush into a nearby tree. We also found a fireplace roughly a week old outside the dome.


Heading back towards the skull platform just before we arrive we see dismembered heads with bat wings flying overhead, we shot them down and examined them. The heads are violently ripped off, and this type of magic belongs to evil cultits who uses these things either as instruments of terror or watch dogs.

Westward and the Wrath of Boars
20th Froar - 22nd of Froar

To my dear uncle and the right honorable lord Richard, Earl of Westmarch

This missive I write you on the evening of the 22nd of Froar, in the 10th year of the reign of King Godric at the garrison of Wall's End where I am in the admirable hospitality of Captain Saunders and the fellows of your good and worshipful Company. While the Captain's halls may have seen better and more glorious days he ensures that they keep out well the chill of this winter, the fare is pleasant and I am admired of the dedication of his stable hands in the care of my horse Ingram who was savaged by one of those pony-sized golden wolves. The fellow of that which that was given you following our first day out. I write to you then following the conclusion of that expedition beyond the Pelias wall into the new world beyond, to set down our experiences therein and my reflections upon them.

Firstly however it is my regretful duty to inform your lordship of my failure to meet the object with which we set out, the scouting two-days hence along the course of the river suranos. We were unable to venture so far as two days ranging due to the presence of the boar-men, and nonce did we spy an indication of a coast. Nor in our brief explorations as yet did we come upon any resources of value to your realms prosperity. Secondly though it is my most welcome duty to commend the men in your service. Initially I was dismayed at their vagabond nature but after the previous two days I exalt these people for their exemplary bravery in the face of terrible villainy;

Your enigmatic metal champion known as Entity who sacrificed his corporeal carapace to empower a bolt of power that smote dead our foe.
Omora the dwarf whose conviction in his heathen God struck the leader of our foes with such terror as to paralyse it.
Amber the shapechanger who took on the form of such wild beasts as I had ne'er dreamed, her new forms absorbing the fury of our enemy as a sponge to water.
As well the man Jack who despite a grievous wound from the wolves on that first day remained with the party and acquitted himself very well.
The giantish traveler Kathak too, whom we found in our journey and who stood with us for our victory on the hill of bones.

Yes my lord, I write of our victory and of a stand against an enemy for the boarmen are not only quite real but are truly a malevolent creation. Until our second day we saw only their remains and had naught but the singular and brief experiences of our friend Entity for word of their living demeanor, but on that day as we turned away from our rangings towards a site for camping did spot us and gave chase on the instant. Their furious drumbeat thundering in the chill air. Even on foot I would gage them to be able to outrun all but the swiftest of horse and rapidly they closed on us, for only I had been graced with one of the noble beasts. Rather than return to our chosen respite, an old and ruined tower that we had come upon a little before these events and more upon which I must describe later, I instead called for us to retreat to the hill of bones oh which was mentioned previous. A solemn place that hill, the site of an engagement perhaps a month or two old, festooned with unburied dead numbering up to three-score perhaps. And their spirits restive. Most of them were our adversary judging by the bones but a small number bore the resemblance of bears rather than of boars. Your champion Entity identified those as a manner of people called the Ursa, whom he reported being in a state of open hostility to the boars and given the numbers it seems likely the site was a battle between the two, with the boarmen dealt a stinging loss. Grimly it was also discovered there the remains of humans, slain mercilessly and in dark rituals. Being that they were our kind I had lingered to bury those bones and give them the rite of Kastus when earlier we had came upon the site, so that those souls at least shall have the peace they were evidently denied in life.

It was in that setting then that we made our stand, deploying the ingenious smoke powder I was entrusted by Captain Saunders to call for aid as we anchored ourselves on the east side of the hill. With our left flank against the cliff and Amber taking the form of an enormous cat-like beast with teeth the size of a man's head protecting our right. Our line thus formed we peppered the enemy at range before they crashed against us. I confess I believed the battle lost before it began, we were out numbered and seemingly out powered by the odious pig shaped foe and fighting amidst a field of the dead seemed an ill omen. I remained ahorse despite my beast being ill suited for battle and my weapon ill designed for such a position, as you know it is not in the Northern style to fight mounted. Yet I believed our only chance was to blunt their chase, put them into disarray and then withdraw again to the wall before they could coalesce and I would need the horse's speed for that. It proved not to be so of course and instead did snatch victory in all her glory from the maw of defeat and dealt to the enemy a second loss on that hill. Despite the outcome however I would caution any one most severely who wouldst seek to engage them in battle. The beasts worked themselves into such an awful frenzy of hatred and bloodlust that mortal wounds seems as only scrapes to them. I shall likely never forget the image of my blade opening the throat of one and where a normal man would collapse as his lifeblood left him this creature only bellowed raggedly in anger and simply redoubled it's efforts to kill us. It is my most sincere belief that without the unique and powerful talents of our party that day, not all of us would have survived. Indeed, Omara nearly did not. Having taken a nasty blow to his leg and crashing to the ground. The creature that felled him I managed to dispatch after that and then only one remained besides the chief of this pack, and once it's final subject was shed it's mortal coil the cowardly beast, having been transfixed in terror by Omora's divine fervor beforehand now quit the field.

There was not much time given us then to indulge in the elation of our victory under Kastus aegis. With the din of our fight quieted we heard once more the cacophony of those evil war drums and spied away in the distance further numbers of the enemy boiling forth towards us. No doubt as attracted to the curious column of yellow signal smoke as Captain Saunders and his riders coming to aid us from the opposite direction. I lingered a moment as the party began eastward to deliver a rebuke of arrows towards the last upright pig before giving heel also. Leaving behind us a pile of molten slag from Entity's lightning bolt, another half score of dead boarmen and the fluttering standard with which we had set out from your keep. I am quite pleased that it marks the site of our battle my lord, no matter what dishonor the enemy may attempt to do it. If given the chance I declare I would return to that hill, cleanse it well in Kastus' name and erect there an edifice from which to repay any ill visited upon my banner and in double for all the brave men and women the abominable barbarians have delivered suffering upon in the last year and indeed centuries previous.

I say centuries with much assurance my Lord for I have little doubt that our people once dwelt in the lands now referred as the West Marches. I will write now of the broken tower I described earlier, the one we had planned to make a camp at. It sits upon a small rise along the the south bank of the suranos giving good views of the river and its surrounds, no doubt how it came to be referred to as the River Guard tower. Your metal-man Entity spoke of being there briefly afore and that where contact was made with the usra-bear-men. Indeed there were a wealth of tracks in the vicinity of varying type and age showing it was a well trafficked location though vacated when we arrived upon it. Before moving on to make the best use of our daylight that second day we made two important discoveries.

First, the cunning Jack discovered hidden among the stones an old box and within a withered old map. We recognised the course of the river upon and so oriented with little difficulty. There were many markings and we could see around us through the woodlands many ruins in our venture but two markings in particular stood out. That of a human shaped skull, identified as the home of the enchanted stone-skulls that flit through the mysts and one of a boar shaped skull some six miles to the south west of the tower. Looking in that direction the sharp eyed of our party were just able to pick out the emmination of an unnatural sickly green light. What dwells there? The heart of the boar-men's domain? The fane of whatever fell deity spawned them? I should not like to find out without an army at my back.

Now the second discovery. Our dwarvish friends with their great skill and affinity for the working and craft of stone went over the tower, examining it in detail. They concluded that the tower was somewhere around six hundreds of years old and that it was definitively constructed by humans in such a similar and alike manner as the stonework our masons construct here. Now as you will no doubt be aware my lord, if we total the reigns of Kings as kept by the chroniclers from the time of the legendary King Pelias, who lead our ancestors to this land according to myth, unto the reign of King Godric today then we get a sum of years getting near to six hundreds. This cannot be mere coincidence in my belief, I think we have proved the legend to be truth. It seems to be that these boar-men are what prompted the ancient exodus and the construction of the Wall once by Kastus' guidance our forefathers arrived safe. If that is indeed so, it is even more important to reinforce the wall and continue investigations into the west marches. We must prepare for the possibility that the boar men will assail us as they did our ancestors and we must find the means to defeat and if possible destroy them.

To that end if my lord will allow me to offer advise, the south side of the river beyond the wall is replete with the enemy. They have palisades and ritual sites throughout and we currently cannot contest their control of it. Therefore we should avoid that side as much as possible until our strength is grown. My guess is that the north bank is controlled by the ursa-bear-men and they are accounted atleast neutral towards our people, and it seems we have a common enemy in the boars. We may have better luck exploring along that side in our future ventures and I should like to make contact with the bears, learn more of the foe and their domain, maybe even coordinate our efforts. The mere prospect of Captain Saunders' heavy cavalry managed to cut through even the frenzied battle lust of the boars that were chasing us and bade them melt away back and the bears were evidently able to wring a terrible price from them at the first battle of the Hill of Bones, both working together could have excellent results.

Your loyal servant and nephew,
Sir Eddon Grey of Northmarch

P.S My lord if you could do me the favor of not including too much detail of these matters when you write to to your sister, my mother. I will of course be truthful in my own letters as a dutiful son must but as you recounted to me at our meeting she does fret so. It would not do to worry her unduly and should she feel it appropriate, no doubt my father Lord Douglas will command me return home to satisfy her and I should not like to have to disobey him.

Pearls and Eyes

I herein summarise events between the 8th of Calsar and the 12th of Calsar. The weather was favourable. And all in company in good health, except for Andreth who kept complaining about his back. I, Entity, sworn to the Lord Earl Westingford of Westmarch, put pen to this telling of events.

In party with me were Andreth and Omora.

We went out to seek the favour of Ardol Krav and to further relations with him and his people. Lucky was it that he should already be waiting for us in Zuralex. As we met, he was being spied upon by one of the Yuanti, a people with snake tails instead of a lower body. I declare its presence and so it slithers off into the jungle. Ardol Krav says they are a strange folk; fickle and often aggressive. Andreth inquires as to where their territory is and how to recognize it, and Ardol Krav indulges by explaining that their territory is marked by them hanging their shed snake skins in the trees.

After extending an invite to Moktanero he asks that we do him a favour and investigate the Shrine of the Snake God and as we agree to do so; he quickly takes his leave, but not without leaving me a potion to help stave of the most common sorts of poisons encountered in the Evergreens.

It is not long, fore we meet goblins, who are hiding from the sound of two large beasts attempting to eat one another. Andreth and I dispatch of them, but as the fight draws to an end; a clam the size of two men hops out of a nearby pond. It's tongue is of legendary proportions; reaching 60 feet at its utmost. We fight a hard battle, and in the end stand victorious. Though at this point I have lost my shield.

We decide to return and on our way back catch a glimpse of the two beasts who are still at one another's throats. As we make some haste back to Zuralex we encounter dwarves. A few of them, all in strange clothing that seems quite heavy, yet they are not sweating more than any. They greet us and we exchange pleasantries, favours and information. We are told that their master craftsman, Tinker, would like to have us come by Moktanero and that they are here to set up a trading post.

I pursue a trade agreement with them on the behalf of my lord Earl, but they will not promise trade when they've no outpost. In the end, they help us open what seemed a giant pearl we had found inside the clam, and from it we gain 5 wondrous pearls the size of a good man's fist. We give one to the dwarves' leader as a token of good will, and break for rest.

In the morning Omora joins our numbers and together we again set out for the Shrine. This time with more luck, as we soon reach a tall building of ancient make. Inside is clean and well maintained, and as we enter an inner sanctum the doors slam shut behind Omora who was first to enter. However, Andreth and I are soon granted access and it is requested that we touch an altar of some god of theirs. As me and Omora do so, we see a vision of a grand snake; winged and in much splendour. This was the god – Kukulkan, patron of the Yuanti and greatest of snakes.

There ends the beauty; it is vengeful for someone has stolen its eye and it threatens us; ordering us to bring it back. It is infuriating but we cannot deny it out of fear. Do not trust this deity as it wants power for itself and perhaps its people; but cares very little about the lives of others and will wantonly do as it wishes.

We leave at haste and soon encounter a snake of proportions beyond nature which commands a troop of goblins. It speaks of another reptilian godling who would prevent us going further as I attempt to command it to stop in the name of Kukulkan. So we fight, and though it is a mighty foe; we lay it low without losses. So we continue on homewards; for I know who has the Eye; Puck, who received it from Sheik Bronzebody who claimed it after our fight with the Yuanti sorcerer.

We track down Puck who gives the amulet over freely; asking only that we mention his name before the god. We return and do as Puck asked; being granted a favour and shown a vision to the hidden location of the Sunken Temple.

On our way home I retrieve the snake's head and bring it before my lord Earl as a gift and token of the favour the adventurers hold him in for granting such leave as to quest in his land and from his purse.

Thus ends my telling of events. Know that not all has been set forth herein as much was said and done which is of less import.

Rumble in the Jungle

40th of Plenth

Scarloc, Wood Elf Ranger 3
Entity, Collosi Paladin 1/Warlock 3
Andreth, Human Cleric 1/Warlock 2
Omora, Dwarf Paladin 2


When one arrives you will see a village, this village is Zuralex and used to be a dwarf outpost until Green Burkitiri Goblins assaulted the outpost just before they could raise the palisades, a dwarf named Merdol Krav wrote in a letter explaining this to his father Ardol Krav.

In the basement of the largest building is a hidden storage room, containing food and water, this area seems safe to rest in, later an outpost could be raised here but first the issue of the hundreds of goblins that assaulted and carried off anyone there. I suspect they are the ones who poisoned the man who made it to Santaur.

Heading Southwest along an overgrown jungle track for 12 miles before arriving in Kalrezzo, and finding Ardol Krav. We informed him of his sons demise, he tok it hard, roughly 25 dwarves in Kalrezzo.

Kalugarax, his dragonborn tracker asked us to assist them in hunting down this giant lizard that had been preventing their trappers from hunting herbivores. He showed us the way to the trappers last known camp after showing us how to take down jungle trolls, in short they have mushrooms on their shoulders that bursts and heal them. Kalugarax warned us that if we piss it off sufficiently it will simply eat the mushrooms, making it a lot faster and more ferocious, in addition to enhancing its healing capabilities.

Arriving at the trapper camp the most interesting trail i found was that of a giant lizard with footsteps the size of our dwarf. The creature we are hunting is bipedal with long strides and an incredible speed, it was probably hunting dwarves out of the camp, this happened two days ago.

I had a look around the camp and i can tell there is no damage on the tents themselves so by the looks of things the trappers ran without a fight. At the bottom of one of the five bedrolls i found two arrows with golden fletchings and strange arrowheads, Entity identified them as sleep arrows.

Back on the subject of the lizard. I pin the lizard at roughly 20 feet high and can say it has three large toes with talons and a smaller toe on the inside of its feet, it most likely does not carry weapons but it seems like a speed predator. I cannot say how intelligent it is but i suspect it's instincts are sharp.

A large creature walked past us on the west side of our camp, coming from the south and heading northwards, the next morning i checked its tracks and the size of the animal that made these are the size of a giant, it looks like a larger version of the tracks we found earlier. About 60 feet away from the camp meaning that either we got very lucky, its senses is not that sharp or it simply wasn't hungry.

We decided that since the larger specimen headed north and the trappers were chased west to keep going, hoping to at the very least confirm the trappers fate. After a while we encountered a tiny dragon that told me its name was Drix after i fed it. It communicates with simple impressions and called itself a Psuedodragon.

After some more miles we arrived at a clearing, roughly 1500 feet across, at the other end was a pair of two legged reptiles standing over the corpse of a large prey, through Sphere's eyes entity saw a orange haired dwarf hiding from them underneath this carcass they were devouring when we arived. They soon caught our scent and charged us, we killed them, saved the dwarf and headed home.

For future reference should you encounter these reptiles, their forelimbs are small and their only real weapon are their formidable jaws and sheer bulk, they are incredibly fast so outrunning one is probably a fruitless endeavor, but if you can weather the initial storm of their charge the fight becomes a lot more manageable, if this happen try to tie them down and prevent them from picking up speed to pounce again.

Scarloc Liadon


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