The Wilds Await

Rumble in the Jungle

40th of Plenth

Scarloc, Wood Elf Ranger 3
Entity, Collosi Paladin 1/Warlock 3
Andreth, Human Cleric 1/Warlock 2
Omora, Dwarf Paladin 2


When one arrives you will see a village, this village is Zuralex and used to be a dwarf outpost until Green Burkitiri Goblins assaulted the outpost just before they could raise the palisades, a dwarf named Merdol Krav wrote in a letter explaining this to his father Ardol Krav.

In the basement of the largest building is a hidden storage room, containing food and water, this area seems safe to rest in, later an outpost could be raised here but first the issue of the hundreds of goblins that assaulted and carried off anyone there. I suspect they are the ones who poisoned the man who made it to Santaur.

Heading Southwest along an overgrown jungle track for 12 miles before arriving in Kalrezzo, and finding Ardol Krav. We informed him of his sons demise, he tok it hard, roughly 25 dwarves in Kalrezzo.

Kalugarax, his dragonborn tracker asked us to assist them in hunting down this giant lizard that had been preventing their trappers from hunting herbivores. He showed us the way to the trappers last known camp after showing us how to take down jungle trolls, in short they have mushrooms on their shoulders that bursts and heal them. Kalugarax warned us that if we piss it off sufficiently it will simply eat the mushrooms, making it a lot faster and more ferocious, in addition to enhancing its healing capabilities.

Arriving at the trapper camp the most interesting trail i found was that of a giant lizard with footsteps the size of our dwarf. The creature we are hunting is bipedal with long strides and an incredible speed, it was probably hunting dwarves out of the camp, this happened two days ago.

I had a look around the camp and i can tell there is no damage on the tents themselves so by the looks of things the trappers ran without a fight. At the bottom of one of the five bedrolls i found two arrows with golden fletchings and strange arrowheads, Entity identified them as sleep arrows.

Back on the subject of the lizard. I pin the lizard at roughly 20 feet high and can say it has three large toes with talons and a smaller toe on the inside of its feet, it most likely does not carry weapons but it seems like a speed predator. I cannot say how intelligent it is but i suspect it's instincts are sharp.

A large creature walked past us on the west side of our camp, coming from the south and heading northwards, the next morning i checked its tracks and the size of the animal that made these are the size of a giant, it looks like a larger version of the tracks we found earlier. About 60 feet away from the camp meaning that either we got very lucky, its senses is not that sharp or it simply wasn't hungry.

We decided that since the larger specimen headed north and the trappers were chased west to keep going, hoping to at the very least confirm the trappers fate. After a while we encountered a tiny dragon that told me its name was Drix after i fed it. It communicates with simple impressions and called itself a Psuedodragon.

After some more miles we arrived at a clearing, roughly 1500 feet across, at the other end was a pair of two legged reptiles standing over the corpse of a large prey, through Sphere's eyes entity saw a orange haired dwarf hiding from them underneath this carcass they were devouring when we arived. They soon caught our scent and charged us, we killed them, saved the dwarf and headed home.

For future reference should you encounter these reptiles, their forelimbs are small and their only real weapon are their formidable jaws and sheer bulk, they are incredibly fast so outrunning one is probably a fruitless endeavor, but if you can weather the initial storm of their charge the fight becomes a lot more manageable, if this happen try to tie them down and prevent them from picking up speed to pounce again.

Scarloc Liadon

Looking for Jin

Not seeing Jin in more than 2 weeks I was getting interested in his disappearance. I wanted to inform  Lord Westingford, Earl of Westmarch the nature and dangers of Yiere. While I was there I asked if He had heard of the activities of a wandering monk named Jin, and was sent away without knowledge. I was later approached and given information that he had went east. I traveled swiftly on my horse Valdin to the DykeHurst and the men there told me that some one matching Jins description might have past 5 or so days prior. I first checked at the shrine and found a rare bottle of wine confirming in my mind that he had in fact pass through this way. He hadnt been spotted in Soham so I continued towards the direction of Tors Cross.

It was late when I went to sleep leaving my horse to watch over me, after a whole day of it telling me how it was an ancient breed of horse that bore the race of the Highmen, but also proved tireless and no need for nourishment. I dreamt vividly of rotting corpses stuck up n spikes and hung along the edge of a forest. When I awoke I knew to go to the Thieves Forest. I was convinced they had Jin not only by their slick words but also by the sense of my horse.

I went back to town to scrounge up the 50Gp, and Puck was willing to give it up. I went back in the morning to pay. Leaving the gold and waiting a distance away as per the instructions of the many men with bows pointing at me. As I was heading back in the direction Soham to wait, I noticed a single set of foot prints heading back west, and immediate so I followed them and eventually found Jin meditating at the Dragon Shrine.

I first noticed that he was now completely covered in black garbs, including over his mouth, and when I shook him awake he secondly noticed his new blood red eyes. He told me he had been in the Thieves Forest but was not captured. He had been cursed by the 2-headed snake ring he wore and was now bonded to it. He bargained the release of Scarloc and Nigel, so long as we leave Lady Ayla there. She is prisoner as a punishment for her grandmother backing out of a deal. When we go to pick them up we are supposed to get directions for Morrendeep to give to Jin so he can complete his mission for her new Snake Diety.

The Desecrated land of Hell
Warning tale of Yiere

Plenth 30th

We packed our thing, taking what we thought would help us in an unknown world. We didn't pack enough. We did however bring the "Godstone", the legendary thief pendant, and an abyssal book.

It was Entity, Grin, Andreth, Gleipnir and myself. It didn't take long for us to make it back to the maze we had cleared out weeks before. There wasn't anything to prevent us from making our way. When we got there, the maze was still standing, but there was a passage burnt through the hedges leading straight into the central void where the lode stone lay. We mustered our might, and placed our hands on the stone.

Everything went black, and it felt like we were passing through a layer of grim before making it into a more fluid state. We were then free, but still surrounded by a blackness, that even though we could see through, still covered all. The only thing we could see were sets of glowing eyes in the distance. Noticing we might be in danger, Gleipnir handed me the platinum ring that gave me protection. Gleipnir opened the book and noticed that some of the previously unreadable messages had been rearranged into common. The "Godstone" was help up, and it reacted, pushing, yet pulling at the same time. We found it unhelpful then, but it might be sie to bring it next time. We debated, and took a vote. "Lets head to the glowing eyes" we decided. That is where my vote was placed. When we made it, a large Hell Tiger lunged at us, warning that we should not be here, and how we belonged to the Abyss. We tried to converse, and I warned it that we would defend ourselves, but it was not a fight we were looking for.

The tiger didn't care and lunged at Entity shoving him back, then turning and swiping at me. Andreth and Entity hexed the beast making it weaker and less dextrous, and Grin and Gleipnir attacked. I finished off the beast with my War Pick, envoking my Devine Smite, slaying the beast. That was the least of our problems though, as a stone barrier had appeared during the fight, and now started to enclose on us. There was a slight panic, feeling the loss of controll, but I ran up and started attacking the stone. My friends obviously thought it was a good idea, and started attacking the same section. After a decent amount of damage was done to myself, we broke through, only to have another being aparate in front of us.

The being asked about Grom, seeming disappointed that he had fallen, but saying we needed to prove ourselves before entering the realm proper. I didn't think much of the test, so was ready to head forward. I should have been more cautious. The stones that had tried to kill us only moments before, arranged themselves into a staircase and we arose right before the other side of the lode stone. If we touched it, we would assumedly return to near our home. We took a 10 minute respite, so we could check the land and found it not only burnt, but desecrated as far as we could sense.

Seemingly arbitrarily we decided to head East, North-East and not practicing caution. We made it about 2 miles before we took the eye of a flying monstrosity. It was on us in seconds and swooped right for Gleipnir, but I returned its attack with a fury of my own, and my Pick connected with the haunches of the creature.  I then cast Shield of Faith on Andreth, or squishiest member. After a few attacks, that seemed not as effective as usual, the Stone Gargoyle(?) used a Fire Breath weapon and Entity, as well as Gleipnir went down. I was saved barely by the protection ward from Gleipnir, but it was due to this fact that he went down. I yelled to Grin "Get Gleipnir" and when I could rushed over to Entity, healing him, and for-going my own healing. Not only did our hits not do enough damage, but just hitting the thing was fairly difficult, even for me. The only time I've ever missed, was thanks to this creature.

Out of nowhere, an arrow pierced the back of the stone beast causing it to fly into the air, and moments later it exploaded into bits. Coming as if through a mist, a near-giant humanoid came to us, saying we were lucky and that beasts like that can usually be found roaming the land. He told us of a place of safety a few more miles to the east, then disappeared just as he had come to us. We thought hard, and decided to return home. We had made it this far barely surviving, but we had information to give. Not only about the strength of the monsters here, but also of a sentient race of large "men" and a town or village of sorts where we might rest and resupply.

We made it back to the lode stone without facing any more animals, and after traveling through, I walked home with my head held high. None of my friends died this day.



Sheik Bronzebody

All Thorns and No Roses
A Venture to find the Lady Ayla.

I herein summarise events between the 18th of Plenth and the 19th of Plenth. The weather was favourable. And all in company in good health. I, Entity, sworn to the Lord Earl Westingford of Westmarch, put pen to this telling of events.

Our number was five:
Gleipnir, dwarven priest holy man.
Grom, ferocious warrior.
Nigel, learned magician.
And Scarloc, woodsman and tracker.

The Lady Ayla of Soham had been missing for several weeks and when news srufaced of her whereabouts we a group was assembled to go to her aid, and to ask her aid in governing over the people of Soham after the passing of her lord brother. We paid visit to the village of Troneford, where we hoped she might yet reside but alas; she had left with a waysider known as Petyr Cullen.

While the others found this, and more, out, it was so that I went to pay our respects to the Sanders who hold these lands by the grace of my Lord Earl. I was hospitably met and was offered chance to return and speak more with the lordling at residence. With promises to do so I set forth once more and my steadfast companions lead the way into what I would come to learn was the Holloways. We were able to pass through without incident, and indeed it took us below the Pelias Wall, and out into the wild lands beyond.

Our tracker, Scarloc, the gods have mercy on him, lead the way with nary an error and so we made good time following the Lady's tracks. She and her guide had made north by west and soon passed by a location from which now rose an ominous light. Scarloc investigated and reported back that in the centre of some old battleground stood a tower, platformed, in a bowl formed not by nature. Yet this was not the strangest; he told of a large skull; crafted by unknown hand which had come to, we assumed, deliver or receive some passenger absent. It lingered shortly ere it sped off once more.

We took heed the signs and left that place, making a good three miles before considering striking for camp. Only when we were about it, we noticed an altar across the river; and a convenient bridge. Nigel passed over under our watchful eyes as we kept guard from nearby heights and he told of an evil presence and a defiled altar of Kastus.

This seemed ominous but ere we made our minds fast, Grom, his soul find rest beyond, discovered a hidden entrance into a small room set below the ruins of some ancient building. And here did not the sudden vents stop turning; torches were afoot from the east and seeing the outlines of men with boar like features in the shadows, I took cover on the hilloc I was on. Scarloc provided aid in covering me with branches and dirt, and so I was able to over hear, and see, their foul goings on.

A man they had, tied up and prisoned, and dark ritual did they perform upon the altar; calling wings and teeth from the skies. A Dragon, not beautiful and majestic but foul and tattered descended and took the man as its offering. The boar-men marked themselves, claiming the blessing of "the Winged One" and left to bring war upon the Ursa, of who we yet know little but enough to care.

I wished to pursue the boar-men but Gleipnir, always bound by duty and the task at hand, swayed me to continue the task taken, and not stray our path. In my stead, Nigel sent his companion owl out to warn the Ursa of their impending danger and so we took refuge in the underground chamber overnight. Let it be known that this place, be it hard to find, is a sanctuary to travellers who mean well, and that in forn days it was known as the Wyld Hall. (At this junction Gleipnir's player had to leave, so untold adventures see him back safe to the city of Santaur.)

What followed next was not such that it makes for good reading, it was not glorious nor good. We found their tent, battered over. Inside was a box of the Lady Ayla we presumed yet she was not in sight. Inside the cave over yonder we thought, and were right. But she was not alone. SHe and her guide had been bound by root and vine, and a living creature of bark and gnarled branches, one of the greater Fey, stood hidden guard over them. As Grom and Scarloc attempted to free our newly found allies, I stood watch over the cave entrance. Was that luck? Did Mekanus suggest my actions? I cannot say, but deeper inside the Fey lord revealed itself and brought with it a bear of prodigious size. The battle was not long, we got in strikes, and Grom brought down his axe with strength for three, but it would not yield, or even acknowledge our threat. It took Nigel and Scarloc in one strike, felling them with poisonous barbs shot from it's fingers, and weakend by its thrashing roots, Grom fell to the bear.

I grabbed Grom; his life still pulsing within him and ran, but fore I could assist him, it ran cold and away. I and the mule, Scrumptious made free, and so we made for the Pelias Wall once more.

Vole’s Log – A Taverns Venture Over the Wall

10th of Plenth to 12 of Plenth


In the brisk morning air, I met with those willing to delve into the deep unknown in search for a location to build my Tavern. I, Enity, Arriam, Puck and Gleipnir left Santaur and headed south west to the wall.


Upon reaching Walls End an old gray watchmen opened the ancient gates [Gleipnir pointed them out to be of dwarven origin] and revealed a strange and unkept land of hilly grasslands. Arriam would lead the way and keep us on path


Following the river at a safe distance, we searched for a vantage point. An effigy atop of an altar resting on a hill took our fancy, we reached its location and to our horror and to some… their curiosity, a blood sacrifice had taken place in the not so distance past. We quickly decided to find shelter for the night as the sun died down into the west.


Once again Arriam came to our salvation as the fine ranger of the wilds found a small shallow cave for us to rest, it seemed to be safe in nature, but that was to change rather swiftly.


I was first on watch and indeed to my horror 3 wisp like creatures ventured out of the waters below. I was hurt, shocked infact and Gleipnir took a fair beating also. Though, through quick thinking… or more like blind luck Puck managed to command the wisps to flee back into their watery domain. Oh yeah! Gleipnir also managed to stop a zombie or something from coming back to life … I think so anyways, Ill take his word for it.


Once rested, we ventured once again to the odd wild land, it made me feel uneasy, I cant explain it but something was off about this land. We headed further south and found a keep like structure, but before we could investigate some giant oxen,cow… thing charged us! Several of us were tossed aside in a single charge, but once again this strange land played with my mind! The huge husk of a creature stopped mid charge infront of Enitity… I cant explain it, he somehow managed to charm it? I don’t know it freaked me out anyways.


This is where things got REALLY weird, a bear stood on two legs, it wore armour and even spoke! He spoke of strange beings called the “masters” Entity seemed to understand to some degree what the hairy lad was on about. He warned us of this land and was somewhat friendly, though he did not trust us “pinked skin” or whatever it was he called us. Anyways, he told us to seek out the truth (whatever that means) at a skull platform. We decided to head back home and return when at full strength.. that cow fella really gave me a shiner on me eye yee see.

We didn't find any suitable locations for the tavern, though that means we need to venture out again! … I really dont know if thats a good or bad thing, over the wall really freaked me out.


Mysteries of the Southern forest
Report from the desk of Entity, marshall to Lord Earl Westford of Westmarch

Herein lies the log of events taking place between the 30th of Havis and 31st of Havis. The weather was favourable. And all in company in good health. I, Entity, sworn to the Lord Earl Westingford of Westmarch, put pen to this telling of events.

Tasked by a cleric to gather herbs of healing, our company set out on a journey south where said herbs are thought to grow wild and plenty.

The company numbered four;
Fynn the enraged warrior woodsman,
Nigel, magician and purveyour of fine baked goods,
and Sheik, scaled holy warrior.

Deciding that it would not be wise to venture straight into danger, I ordered that we not go into the forest proper fore we search the edges. Thus we struck South by West, and found little of what we sought. Fynn, being skilled in the ways of beast and growing things, proposed that eastwards lay our search and profit.

Well was it that we followed his advice, as we soon found ourselves encompassed in greens. Within the hour herbs had been found, but so had trouble come to haunt our steps. Orcs, so Fynn found them by their tounge, and they retreated on an errand to asnwer the call of some beastly master of theirs. Such we avoided a hostile encounter, but our respite was shortlived.

Again I argued that the path not straight into danger was to be chosen, so we turned East by South and soon stood before a sight not told of in the City of Santaur. An obelisk of stone, carved with runes forgotten and the thunder of the heavens wreathed upon its crest. In arcs the lightning flailed around it and as Nigel interpreted long ago craved words, we stood in awe of the artifact. "If you are worthy to unlock the stones, you shall recieve the treasure meant for thee" said Nigel as he recalled the runes of the script before us.

Furhter investigation yielded runes which Nigel could not recall seeing in times before, and it was upon my magicks that called next. Alas the field is not one of great range and so I was to touch the stone. It was my duty, and so I did; so said the runes "Water, Thunder and Earth combine, and circle down you shall divine". I relayed this message, though it confused us greatly. Before Nigel found, magically enscribed, a rune signifying a moveable ston set in the surface of the obelisk. Sheik took courage and storde forth to activate the artifact, and so it was that it shone brightly for a moment, revealing two paths to the south and east, and the south and west.

We did not enjoy victory long, a bustling and roaring had us seek cover but the creature, hideous as it was tall, strode into the open before we could reach safety. Nigel, veiled by a lumpy rododendria, spelled Sheik and myself with an image of trees and as we stood, two sentinels on the open field, the creature weathered our scent.

A battle ensued with the ogre once it started towards us, and it proved stupid and incapable both, though it certainly had might for five, even six. But i's blows went foul and in the end Fynn clove its skull with a well hefted axe. So the creature fell and we took of it's possessions, a single bottle of fine spirits indeed, and as trophy a tusk for Fynn.

Once more I urge caution, and tired by the constant reminder, I am denied in my request. Rather than leave we remain, and luck has it that naught wanders in to investigate the clamour of battle as the spirits are discovered as what they are.

One final task do we manage, to follow the trail of light South and East to discover a brother stone, the obleisk of earth. One of three from the script we are certain, and now Nigel approaches and activates the second stone. Our fortune is with us and all goes as it should. Bouyed by success Nigel shares out baked goods among the others as I am forced to decline what seems an enjoyable treat.

However, as we have found herbs on our journey to this second artifact, it is decided that we shall return successful on the mission accepted, and perhaps one day return to accomplish the one discovered.

But safe is not who wanders home after ventures into darkness. As we learned when spiders, grown large beyond nature, assailed our numbers. We fought a fighting retreat, and managed freedom in the end.

We arrived in Santaur early the 31st of Havis after breaking for camp in the fields naught south of the city.

Here I end my telling of the transpired events and bid all faithful vassals and folk of my Lord Earl be careful of the dangers south of Santaur. One ought not listen to them, for false may the be, but rumours of the southern forests told these days seem to ring true.

The capture of John of Holcombe


Entity, Colossi Paladin 1/Warlock 1
Andreth, Human Warlock 1/Cleric 1
Scarloc, Wood Elf Ranger 2

​​​​​​​Gleipnir, Dwarf Cleric 3
Puck, Human Warlock 5

Gathered by Entity, champion of the Earl, on the 15th of Havis we set out to find John of Holcombe, wanted for the murder of four travelers and stealing their mules and possessions.
We caught his trail at a small guard post with a corporal and two other guards guarding it. They informed us that John had passed through there roughly half a day ago and that he had vigilantes following him.

Tracks only led one way and we followed it for two and a half miles, heading northwest. At this point the tracks split, a bigger clawed creature, perhaps a bear kept heading north west while the tracks left by humanoids and mules turned east. After following these tracks for another mile and a half we came upon the site of a skirmish.

Following some trails to a cave directly north of the path we found an elf, badly wounded but Gleipnir managed to save his life. We identified the cave as a bear den after we encountered two cubs trying to get Halsin, the elf we rescued out of the cave. He was disoriented and confused and was unable to remain coherent.
We headed back inside the cave and put down the den-mother and her two cubs, for they were maneaters and it would be unsafe to leave them alive. In doing so rescuing another elf, this one named Tarron.

After conversation with these two we learned they were the vigilantes that was following John and that they had been ambushed by some of his bandits, forcing them to retreat to the cave were they were set upon by bears.
They did manage to kill one of the ambushers, a dwarf with a note detailing their hiding spot, about half a day east, meaning 10 or so miles. We sent the vigilantes back to Santaur as they were in no condition to fight, then took a rest planning to head out towards the hideout at night. Planning to arrive there at daybreak.

After clearing out the hideout it became clear that John had made off with the gold and had planned for a dire-wolf to kill his former companions. We put the beast down, then followed John to a small village north of the hideout.

Entity made the arrest, me and Gleipnir recovered the gold from his house and with John roped up and in our custody we headed back to Santaur. John of Halcombe was found guilty of murder, theft and robbery then hanged the 20th of Havis.

​​​​​​​Scarloc Liadon, Tracker, Hunter and Bowyer of Santaur.

Headed to the Theives Forrest, Didn't make it past Soham
How we protected a village and capture a bandit leader

Havis 4th

After gathering our party at the East gate we headed east towards the Thieves Forrest. It was Gleinper, Grom, Grin, and new companions Andreth and Entity. Again we spent the night at the Shrine, seemingly unburdened. I dreamt of a Sad Dragonborn carving the Statue, in long years past. We decided to stop at Soham to grab a drink and rest, maybe get info. It turned out that there were a few villagers under the thumb of the Bandits. The drinks we were given, were in fact poison but I found out in time due to the help of a loving soul. Only Grin ended up being poisoned and I healed him when given the chance.

Knowing that a signal has been sent up, we discussed weather to hold our ground with the villagers, or take them away to safety. We ended on standing our ground. There was an old fort we could fortify and we had the villagers bring in as much timber as they could, and geared them up for battle. Archers, oil bearers, and a shody militia.  After nightfall we were approached by the ranks of archers 10 a piece, and a melee force of about 15 with the Leader.


The fire trap was set, and a "hostage" was held, being used to lure the Leader in. In lui of Entity's and my own Lawfulness, Grin cut off her ear, and used her as a personal shield. This plan worked, but it hurt my heart. The leader rushed in with his troops, while one of the archer flanks retreated. The leader and his troops got caught in the fire trap and 7 bandits fell. The leader in a rage, took out almost 30 of my flank, leaving me to stand alone with Gleipner. Grom came in to help finish the fight. Andreth was helpful lighting the fire, and using his spells to attack at long range. It helped to wear down the Leader.

The 2 other flanks of archers retreated during the melee with the Bandit militia, so there are still theives in the woods, but they are hopfully out of order for a while. Entity and Andreth rished to the Earl with the leader as a prisoner, and Glepiner went back to town to request help from a Knight he knew. He came back 2 days later with mercenaries to keep Soham safe. I spent these 2 days healing the sick and injured, and afterwards went to the river for some solitued and to clean myself. As I was re-donning my armor I felt a nudging on my back. It was a beautiful pure white horse. It showed no fear, and allowed me to pet him. I took him back to the village, hearing joyous sounds, and this was good to hear, but my heart still hung in sadness.


We shortly headed back to Santuar, riding my new steed, with my mule in tow. I unloaded Scrumtiouc my mule, and headed to my room after feeding my two wonderful pets.

We made it back on Havis 10th.

Grom's letters home: The Hedge Maze
(spelling errors are intentional - Grom isn't good at 'riting)

Dear father,

Today, the 36th day of Sumnar, 1185, I went to explore a mystyrious hedge maze with my friends Sheik, Gleipner, and Grin. Also Jin came along. (He is, if you recall from my previous letter, the one I had to get out of trouble with Baron Hawkenlye and cost the party 150 gold.) 

The 5 us went in and found that it was imense in size. We explored for a while, mapping the twists and terns. Jin was in the lead and came across 3 large cat monster things. He cleverly came up with a plan to get them to chase him towards the rest of the party so that we could get the drop on them. It was a good stragety and we were able to slay the cretures. I did not tell Jin this but I think he is as dependable of an ally in battle as he is irresponsible of a traveling companian.

The cretures had been snacking on the remains of a man and we found a book on him. Someone with better reeding skills than I found that it warned not to "behead the wrong wizard," whatever that means.

Further exploration revealed several other cretures and we fought a long battle with a bunch of ghouls who attacked us and we persued them back to the entrance of their nest. (Nest? Lair? Burrow? I cannot remember from my studies what the foul creture's home is called.) There was one in particuler who was very hard to hit for some reason, but we finally defeated it and burned the rest of them in their nest. Or den. Or hive.

When we finally managed to find our way to the center of the maze, everything got dark and there was a big giant inside! Half of his head was missing but he didn't need it because he took all 5 of us on simultainiously without much difficulty. I had one of my tipical boneheaded ideas to remove its necklise but that just made him angrier. In the end, with all of us working together, we were able to fell the giant. Then there was a strange voice that spoke to us in our heads and spoke of the "godhead" and "the wrong wizard." 

Then the hole maze disappeered and there was a stone that seems to be a portle to another land. We also found a bunch of strange items: The giant's crown had a silver stone with a face on it, his necklise had a shard of the godhead or something, there was a broken sword, an ivry knight from a chess game, a necklise of a legendery theif, and a brass statue.

Please give my love to mother, bother, and sister.



The Sickness of Tor's Cross mine
From the journals of Gleipnir Oathold

Perhaps it were luck or the grace of Forge Father Muradin, but the roads from Hadricsholm were quiet.  Many were the paths that lead from the main road,  the first right, marked with road sign of the village Soham.  From Soham though, a gloom cast upon us as I witnessed the road just west of Tor's Cross.  Strewn in the trees with the bodies of dead men, carrying etchings of thief or wolveshead, lay before us the long Gibbet Road.  Cruel as the man may have been to make such a grisly path, I pray that his intention here was noble for the dead oft not lie restfully when such a mistreatment of corpses is taken.  As we passed along the Gibbet Road a small unmarked path lay to our left near a few hours from Soham.  This I fear be the source of these hung men, or at least their home.  There were no signposts, yet markings there were of wagon ruts and foot marks along it.  The path also, as we learned later, lay along the lines of the Thieves Forest, perhaps even a path to The Shank itself.   However, we were not here for that, and instead journeyed a few more hours to [[Tor's Cross]].  A wide and clear field struck our vision first, followed swiftly by a palisade in similar construct to Dykehurst.  We had arrived in Tor's Cross and would learn of the sickness disparaging the miners, and would bear this burden in spite of our transgressions.

We entered town hopeful and determined to help the miners to the north.  We found lodging and rest in the only tavern in town, and after paying for rooms spoke with some of the locals.  One man, a journeyman miner,  spoke of the local diggers as if they were a cult or some tight knit clan.  They did not speak to him, and he found there lack of song, or any sense of camaraderie strange and worrying.  He had been glad to be away from the work there, and told us to not go, for the sickness had long since passed.  At first we were elated to hear the blights upon the mine were gone, but still we had traveled so far and were determined to see for ourselves the truth of his claims.  And then one of our number got it in his head to make something of his time in Tor's Cross.

For my part I do not blame him for the theft he was accused of, as I had only heard of the crime after we had settled into the inn.  During our time in Hadriksholm I had seen what appeared to be a man murdered by a mob, and would like to think I could be more patient in finding the truth of guilt or innocence, and forgive him his mistake.  A deal was struck, and our companions hand was spared the axe, though now we needed to find more than just disease in the mine.  Our friend Grom, had negotiated with the Baron. He had secured pardon upon payment of our companion's bounty and made promise that we would return the mine to working order.  We were fortunate that the lack of work and sickness were related, as we soon found the cause of the slacking labor.

We approached the mine, and investigated the remnants of sickness there.  Apparently with the placing of Wolves' Amber, one can cure this malady, for it drives what we found to be a foreign entity from the bodies of the miners, killing them if their body could nay bear the cure.  Still we entered the mine to root out the cause, and found that the miners disagreed with our investigations.  There minds taken by this strange ooze like creature,  they attacked us and we freed them from their enslavement to the creature.  Thanking us for their lives, we separated and drove deeper into the mine, into an abandoned shaft that had been boarded.  There we found and fought what amounted to a man turned ooze.  Burning our arms and armor,  the ooze was yet slain its "body" scattered near an altar it had made onto itself.  Apparently even oozes crave for more than simple metal or flesh.  With its death, we had saved the mine and freed the men, and we were grateful.  Though now I see a greater evil dwells here, and must urgently deal with it before the Baron's men and thieves slay one another in hate, or worse corpse eaters may begin to arise from the Gibbet Road.  This evil I will not allow to come to pass.


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