The Wilds Await

Battle of Zuralex
the fall of Shiek, Omora, and all dwarves present.

30th of Sunmar

So, as I am learning how to write properly in this language, I was told to write about the happenings of the battle of Zuralex.

So there I was, minding my own business when Entity shows up raving and waving a letter about. After I calmed him down he handed it to me and it read as follows:
"A messenger comes bearing a dire request that he needs 8 able bodied men or woman to help fend off the army of Burktiri that is marching to Zuralex." Signed Ardol Krav.

Entity then went on to tell me that he was gathering a party to go help out, and that he wanted me to help him. So we set forth to gather the rest and gather gear, traps, spikes, anti-toxins and so forth. anything we could need for an entrenched battle.

So the 30th we headed out; Entity, Omora, Sheik, Puck, Andreth, Amber, and I.
As soon as we stepped of the skull-platform in Zuralex we were greeted by Kreugor Firebeard, a dark skinned dwarf, with molten blood and fire for hair and bear, I thought he looked rather awesome, for a dwarf, or fire-dwarf as he self proclaimed.
He told us he had taken time off from killing Hill-giants to come to Ardol's aid in defending Zuralex, just like us.

After we had been told a bit about the layout of the camp, we were allowed to do some minor adjustments and improvements to the camp and surrounding areas. We proceeded to do so, and then had some final talks to the troops and their leaders.

Shortly there after we were under siege, and bolts & poison darts were flying in all directions as the goblins came from the east and the west. Wave after wave broke against our defenses, but we grew fewer and fewer each time, as many a valiant dwarf died this day.

As the fifth or sixth wave came against us, they saw fit to bring Ogres and Trolls with them. taunting us all the while. I do not know how long we fought, but somewhere along the way we lost Shiek, Omora, and even Kreugor.

The rest I can only write about as hear-say, as I was struck unconscious during our fallback.
They tell of a dragon, striking a deal with Entity, and of a brave escape to the platform, I do not remember much as I was weakened and carried around by Entity.

All I know is that I am glad to be alive today, but saddened by the loss of Zuralex, and so many Dwarven lives. One can only hope the goblin army of Burktiri suffered as greatly, or worse in taking it.

Of Frostfangs, Valkyrie, and Storms
From the journals of Gleipnir Oathold

10th – 25th of Sunmar, 1186

The party of Bodi, Gleipnir, Grin, Entity, and Sheik headed out to brave Sarek in the summer month of Sunmar.  We had agreed, much to my joy, that we were going to attempt the long journey to my people's hold far to the Southwest.  The road, however, would be long and treacherous at times proving more dangerous than we could handle.  With that in mind and with Entity's description of the Summer months, we decided to gear out appropriately.  Horses were rustled, saddles were cinched, rations were stocked, and even a wagon bough and set to our mounts.  Indeed, everyone seemed ready for the trek, and I would say the company started in high spirits.  The Southwood, simple as ever was an easy trek and the worst spotted was a single group of Lynx tracks though they never showed.  Only a single day passed before we came to the set of cabins we would orient from.  We met with Captain Ignar there, said some quick words of intent, and journeyed further afield upon the road newly melted.  And here our troubles truly started to mount.

As we deliberated upon which fork in the road to veture, a great booming began to sound in  the distance.  Sheets of rain soon followed, and within minutes what had once been a sunny day turned to what amounted to thundering shower.  Fear of the horses bolting, or the wagon being damaged perked us to action.  We began bolting and tying down all we had, even managed to calm the horses.  Then we placed an…"offering" upon the road.  It was known that Vondal loved to strike the ground with his lightning, and metal was his favorite target.  With this in mind, I conjured forth a great spire for Vondal to strike.  It sated the storm lord, and thankfully we were not endangered by the worst of the winds.  From the fork we journeyed northwest, though we learned later is was west/northwest, and saw a few things of notes.  Wolves had been scouring through the local wood, likely hunting the giant elk calves we spotted.  We shooed both, though Entity wished to speak with an elk and even managed the feat later, and we continued along the road. Once more Vondal reared his storm front, and once more we battened down the hatches!  Our sacrfice however was in vain, and we were forced to weather the hurricane winds.  Luckily our wagon was not toppled, and our horses did not manage to bolt, but we feared that Vondal was dead set on denying us our course.

We soon reached the lake Captain Ignar spoke of in his tale, at least the one we assumed was correct.  However, during our journey west along the lakes southern beach we came across a river far to quickly, even before the hills we were meant to find!  We had obviously confused our way and started for the lake further south.  No sooner had we turned the cart around next to the river, then a howling began.  Not kin to the storms of Vondal, instead it seemed the wolves we had shooed had come for us again.  These wolves were strange however with pelts of winter white across their bodies, and a cold emanated from them that could burn a man's hand in hoarfrost.  When you managed to lay them low, instead of curling up like a stuck beast they melted into the ground like snow.  Of course, Bodi took the opportunity to make an offering to Bloodaxe, and we called them Frostfangs of the northern woods.  Be careful if you see wolves in white pelts indeed.

We made for the lake, hoping that our troubles lay behind us, and indeed we were rewarded by a clearer sense of direction.  No river blocked our path, and no wolves were at our backs, but once more Vondal unleashed his furies.  We hoped that perhaps we could make our way through, erring towards more than halfway through our journey, and the rained had not yet echoed in thunder.  We were mistaken however, and just as Bodi lost his way so to did we lose our bet with Vondal.  The rain churned and grew into a typhoon, and firebolts soon filled the sky again.  Unfortunately, caught out amidst the field we had no where to go to for cover, worse still no trees to tie our horses to, and Vondal again was deaf to our pleas and sacrifice.  Smiting the thunder rod and bursting ablaze, Vondal's full storm met us.  We tried to hold what we could, but canvas sheared, goods and food were lost, and even Rolf, Grin's new steed, bolted across the plain in terror.  From the storm, we had not yet given up on our journey and hoped, in spite of Vondal's insistence we could still make for the foothills.  We were wrong and soon more furies met us carried upon Vondal's storming winds.

Not cloud, nor gale assailed us after we waited out the storm to a drizzle.  Instead, along this new lake's beachfront we were accosted by what can only be described as winged woman.  With bows in hand, strewn with devilry and fetid arrows,  these harpies struck fast and quick.  Dodging threw the air as they shot from their bows, they harassed us in our skivvies, which I did not appreciate.  It seemed Grin would be the first to be taken by the foul fowl, but his luck held, and with magic, steel, and a leaping bite from Frey, we beat back them though not without serious lingering wounds upon us.  I had thought us tougher stuff than this, but with horse lost, and our company suffering ailing wounds, we thought wise to turn back at this point.  I hope my Stern Lady Korsh will understand.

We turned and strode along the appropriate path west/southwest.  These flying vixens again attacked, though in lesser number, and again we repelled.  In the forest, it became difficult for them to make their marks, and thankfully in daylight we could both take advantage of the cover of the wagon, and were fully armed.  In this they seemed a trifle, if it not for their lucky strike on Sheik who nearly fell to an arrow that slit through his throat like a knife rotting the trunk of a tree.  I cured Sheik his ill, and knew now more than before, that greater pains must be taken for this journey to succeed.  If we had pushed for the foothills, I fear we may not have returned to Santuar alive, if at all.

To end in one last hurrah, Vondal's storms again saw us off.  I had had enough of these wretched winds, and I swear if I find a way to stymie wind, I will tie them down if it means making the hold.  Again we strapped down horse and wagon, and again we made sacrifice to Vondal, and fortunately he accepted the iron shaft.  Once more we saw Captain Ignar in the cabins, and though we had not made our destination we know more of the hinterlands now, and by Muradin on high I will craft us something to bring the birds, wolves, and storms to heel!

A Detour and the Fane of Hess
An expedition to seek Hess in the lands of Sarek

Herein lies the log of events taking place between the 42nd of Mittern and 5th of Sunmar. The weather was favourable. And all in company in good health, except for myself, who was already tired from my previous journey. I, Entity, sworn to the Lord Earl Westingford of Westmarch, put pen to this telling of events. Know that within is all one needs to find Hess, if one has time and tenacity.

Our number was four:
and Sheik

Gathered to make an attempt to reach Hess the group gathers for the journey to the skull platform. Spirited away safely as always, we arrive in Sarek. Here it is also summer as the now missing snow tells. We strike out straight for our destination, heading north west into the pine forest. We travel for 24 miles in that direction before making a camp. Our spirits are high as the weather is pleasant, though not much is said between us. As we continued our journey that next day we hit a crevasse, and so need go around it. We took the path south west alongside it, a poorer choice it would turn out, yet not disastrous. What we ought have done was go north and east, thus walking by the Fane of the Blood-axe and finding the river and the bridge there which we used on our way home. So we would have saved many a day of travel. But we did not and therefore went along the crevasse for another 12 miles before we needed rest once more and there we came upon a cabin. It had been recently stocked, perhaps a summer task and the attic was brimming with goods. This cabin also lay near a small spring, making it an excellent stop if one were to travel the road and not mind a detour for water. Ida found the spring as she was out hunting, and returned with the news of it, as well as two rabbits, making food for a man and six days. The following day saw us still wandering such, but only for a further 6 miles; where the crevasse ended and met up with the road, only to continue onwards on the other side of the road. It seems that both road and crevasse would be hidden under snow otherwise, and unwary travellers in spring or autumn ought not be so; for one might fall in. Sometime early that day we also found that a campfire had been set not long ago, with tracks of boots heading east, I think it was in the afternoon, thus placing it near the road and the end of the crevasse, making me think they travelled east not by woods but on the road.

The forest left us here, and we entered a wide plain, now attempting to make our way back whence we had come, having lost days to the crevasse. And yet Vondal slept, or perhaps raged elsewhere, for calm was the wind and cloud. North west was now our direction for 12 miles, then north for 6. During this day we passed by trees which had been clawed upon by some great animal, I tended their bark with magics as the other broke for a quick rest and then we set off. Also, I do not recall where on our path, was another campfire; this one had bones scattered all around, and so we left quickly.

We camped again, and the next day we managed our way further north, 6 miles into our journey was a crag, and it seemed to open unto some cave or other deep down. We had not time to investigate and so pressed on. So we hit the river 6 miles farther north and sending Valdin, and Sphere, east and west respectively, we waited for news of a crossing. For the river here was maybe 30 feet across and very deep with clear snow melt from the north and west. Sphere told that west and north the river ran ever more fierce, but Vladin said east it was wider, calmer too. Ida, our guide, said that rivers run calmer and shallower where they are wide, and so we headed east to find crossing and so we did 12 miles down river. We made our crossing and so found a cabin there. It had been damaged by claws, examination showed that the creature was two legged, and yet the marks were all at waist height. Inside was no better; blood there was and more damage. I set about mending the shelter with magics and this would turn our fates. For it seems there are powers that be in Sarek which feed of such, and they came for us, invisible and hungry. We tried to fight, to block the entrance and so lock them inside, but we could not hear them, not see them and when one walked straight through Sheik, or so he's told me since, it started to dawn on us that retreat was an option best taken. Barakus and Valdin were our rescue; for so we could make our escape safe and sound, travelling two miles east.

We made camp once more, some miles from the cabin and now Ida told more of the creatures which had come down upon us, calling them followers, or spawn; which she was not sure, of Nemir. They sense magic from miles away as it flares in their otherwise blind eyes, so they gather to feed. As she told, we made camp, and then an elk appeared. No normal elk either, for it was such in size that none before have been larger. Ida, inspired by the mounts of Eddon and Sheik, approached it with calling sounds and open palm. Indeed it seemed to take to it, but only for a moment, and as we made ready to fight, she suddenly changed her tone of voice and now the elk responded. She fed it some berries from her rations while petting it, and until she tried to mount it all was fine. But then it was not; and the elk attacked. However, such are elks that even if big, they are not a danger to four armed and ready; we drove it off. The night was peaceful after and we had rest.

We now struck north west once more and so, even as I began to doubt Ida's honesty about her claimed intent as our guide, we came upon a stone. It had a leather band with hair tied fast onto it as a crown, marking it fane to a god. Clearly the site of ritual, and ritual sacrifice at that, the only sign of life nearby was a leather tent. I argued with Ida, coming out into the open about my doubts and this place she had taken us to, and when pressed she confessed that she had been lost, but that this was the landmark she had searched for. I wished that we press on; for this was not the forest we sought, but it was argued that perhaps whoever lived in the tent might know the way, and so I was satisfied by sending Sphere to look north for us. Sphere returned to tell that beyond the hills only miles north of us was the start of a twisted woodland. Yet we stayed, for perhaps the stranger might know ought of the land and the dangers ahead. And well was it that I took advice and calm head with my companions; for they were right indeed. Me and Ida went out to hunt once more, I asked Valdin come with me should need be for haste, and learned from talking with Sheik that Valdin was once a normal horse, but wandered into the mists. There the horse found the ancient soul of a man sworn to duty beyond death; Valdin. As was the man’s want and custom he took possession of the horse and so Valdin could leave the mists once more to seek a means to complete its duty. It seemed to me that Vladin had done so before, being many horses over the years. Thus I thanked Valdin, not Sheik for the favour of company as it was Valdin who chose to go of reasoned free will, an ability more horses ought to practice in my opinion. Yet I returned empty handed, not knowing what men would eat. However Ida had success once more and came back with two birds to be plucked, cooked and consumed.

A man came to us at twilight, a word used to set time and not scene for indeed the sun does not set in Sarek this time of year, and instead lingers red in the north before riding once more. The man was as the tent; clad in leathers and hides, and seemingly without forged metal. So it told he was a hermit and by closer inspection Sphere found the figure male, with amber eyes; slitted like those of a cat. He spoke to us, naming himself Hirkar, shaman of Hess, and likely it seems too. He calls me spawn of the beloved of Kine and warns me of entry into the forest, and yet he is willing to guide us. We all make camp around the tent and in the morning Hirkar leads us into the hills and the forest beyond. The branches seem to move out of his path and well is that, for here no mortal may travel unhindered, and, says Hirkar, her children would shred us bone from tendon. He leads us on and we seem to lose track of time, travelling ever deeper. We come before a house, old, unkempt and filthy with refuse, trash and old bones, even humanoid ones. Hirkar leads us inside to a circular room where he has a desk. He mixes a potion and explains that once he drinks it we shall have words with her, and that she has limited time. I ask that I go first, for I seek not only to rid myself of Lithar's mark, but others as well. They graciously agree, and so I am allowed to make my attempt as Hirkar downs the potion; blood and herbs all. His eyes roll back into his skull; showing a white which we thought not there, and he then speaks…

Hess is much like seraphs, and, I think other gods, for she does as she pleases in her own manner, and starts by addressing us all in turn, calling Ida daughter of Koros, me a spawn of the belowed of Kine and of Sheik and Eddon as children of Voros. She speaks her hatred of the Masters who supposedly sowed the first seed of my people, she speaks of Sheik's and Eddon's gods, and that she is saddened by their fate; not being able to come with them as the dwarves' progenitor did. I attempt to ask my favour, and she seems almost insulted that I thought one such as myself, a Colossi, would be allowed to enter and leave her domain alive. We talk of Lithar, his purpose is made clear; to hunt those who waste and take where there is no need. It seems to me a just cause and I explain that we did not mean do such in the ruin of the cave, for we saw not food in the human meat, we saw not shelter in the cave, but a dangerous hole in which some monster might lurk to prey upon the hunters and providers of the land. So we learned one of the wills of Hess; that one take only what one is owed by the land. She says that if one in the party would speak for me, and take the mark upon themselves, there to be inactive for a year and a day, to be removed upon the completion of a task, she will indeed agree to remove it, but not from all, just me alone. The others she says, shall have to come before her themselves to seek their freedom. I dare not ask this, I do not ask this, of any of my companions, yet Ida unwaveringly speaks up. She says she seeks her own boon of Hess, and that she will take on this task, in exchange for powers that would grant her passage through the lands of Sarek. Hess agrees, and sets Ida the task of finding and slaying a man, a poacher and, in her eyes, pest upon the land. Ida agrees also, and though I make clear that I expect no such sacrifice on her behalf for me, she makes the bargain. Hess turns to the remaining two, but they would ask no boon of her, and she says she is sorry to hear so, for there is much they could ask, and she answer.

So Hirkar regains his senses, and sets about mixing another draught. He offers it to Ida and it is he who explains her task, to find the man, two days north of here where the children of Horsh dwell, and to slay him. He sets the deadline; one year and a day, and bids Ida drink. She does, and her eyes turn into those of a cat; yet blue still. I find them unique and when she asks me I say so. Her final boon from Hess is a single hair, a foot long, to be used for a shrine in her name which Ida wishes to build. Thus Hirkar leads us out of the cursed woods, and I ask that he tell me Hess' wish that I might write it down, for it seems to me that the people of the land are not as aware of her wishes as they could stand to benefit to be. Yet he would not for Hess does not wish her word writ, but rather learned, she wishes not to make scholars, but wise men and women; survivors. So I am told to tell of my story and meeting, and so I agree to do, as the people of Sarek ought know what Hess thinks wrong before they do it, and so choose with open eyes their own path. Ida consults with Hirkar, and they seem to be in understanding with one another, she names him brother fore we leave.

She now takes us east, to the sea indeed. But ever dangerous is Sarek, and here lay ship smashed upon the shore, bodies of men thrown up on the shore. And not by storm of Vondal, but by creatures of the sea; they have been stabbed by spear and dagger, and their chests crushed in by suction-cupped tentacles, others broken by claw and force. This may well the work of the Draugr; sworn enemies of Thane Rolf's people and foe to all of Volkenheim. Not wishing part of this fate we leave and make camp elsewhere. So we come to the river where it meets the sea and west by few miles we find a bridge to cross by. We pass by due east of the Blood-axe's Fane and so come finally to Volkenheim's lands. Here I ask that we detour to meet the Thane, for I wish to bring him news and tidings. And Ida also, has business there and so our course is set. I tell Sheik and Eddon for the blood they take and inspect, to make sure enemies do not pass over their threshold, and how they do not keep the blood after, but destroy it. Eddon would still go, but not Sheik, who would wander the shore with Valdin for some time. Sphere stays with them as messenger in need, and we approach the settlement of Volkenheim. The sentries go to fetch Thane Rolf and he greets us warmly as always, but, again as always, insists that the test be taken. Ida turns her head so her eyes might not be seen, and I attempt to cover for her by telling loudly of our adventure, but Hildr, mother of the Than and seer of Volkenheim, bids her meet her eyes and so Ida is revealed, but instead of fear or anger, her change is taken as proof of our story, and so my words, that Hess, goddess of Life, Death and the Natural order, wishes that all take only that which they are owed and not waste. Thane Rolf, wise and understanding of my purpose sees the need for this to be known, and so bids that word be spread of this. Ida and Hildr talk, and it soon becomes clear that Ida has commissioned a totem, animal heads in pole with Hess' on top; in there to be entombed the single hair of Hess. She wishes it raised by the platform so travellers from Westmarch may give tribute and service fore setting out, and perhaps take wisdom from Hess.

I introduce Eddon to The Rolf Wyrmbreaker, and they exchange cultural and titular knowledge. For the rites of the Sarek people are not as ours, yet not alien. They select ruler not by trial of arms by other men or by succession, but by duel, the Holmgang. A ritual battle, duel even, between two who would settle a dispute, take territory or defend honour. It seemed a kin to the duels of honour we have, but Eddon explains that we rather use lines of succession and a system of nobility, where those who rule teach their children the task and set them to it in their stead upon their death. Thane Rolf would know if that means one cannot take rule by force and if perhaps one ruler would set men against another's in what the Thane seems to think, and I agree, a waste of life. Eddon iterates that this is not the custom, but that war, battle, is something which happens indeed, but that those who so claim power, are named usurper and so not always seen as just. Such is not our system of duels however, and Eddon details that nobles hold the right of trial by combat, whereby they may prove their right by arms as the gods shall see fit that the on in the right wouldst win such a contest. I mention that indeed our duels of honour and the Holmgang seem similar enough to me, and as Champion, representative in duels of honour for the Earl Westingford of Westmarch, it is my business to know such. The Thane warms greatly to Eddon, and tells the story of how he came by the name of Wyrmbreaker. A giant breed of wyrm, as snake and dragon crossed, lives in the oceans of Sarek. They are mayhaps of Vondal for they may breathe thunder and lightning. He details that they grow to be as long as sixty foot, but the one he fought and bested was fifteen. It sounds a great deed and "It would not crawl onto land here in Volkenheim to face my wrath now would it?" said Thane Rolf when I inquired if the fight was at sea. So we learn the serpent was fought not on land, but at sea, swimming, and the feat takes on heroic proportions.

Thane Rolf makes gift unto Eddon a pelt, one from the summer's Dire Bear hunt. A massive thing with bone plates protruding. I carry it for Eddon who gives thanks and return gift of a flask of oil, as he is not in store of gifts on his travels. The Thane shows some interest in the material used to make it and would offer us room and board for the night. I decline, saying that we left one of our number wandering the shore and that I would not leave him there alone by night. Neither will Eddon and though the Thane had hoped to spar with him, to which Sir Eddon modestly replies that he could not think himself of ability such as the Wyrmbreaker, and we make our leave, being given food for the journey. Ida rejoin us and we set forth. We take the shoreline as our guide and travel south and east. We meet Sheik and so continue along the shore for some time, picking seashells and talking. The bear pelt, being in excess of one hundred and fifty libra pondo is laden upon Barakus as we travel onwards. Sarek has not shown its face fore blizzard and claw have marked you, and the claw makes its attempt as we are set upon by Antseli. Feral and cunning as ever they come upon us from what must be caves or creases in the rocky shore and as a larger pool is inland, they manage a flanking attack. They go straight past me; targeting Ida with ferocious abandon, but she stands proud; calling on Vondal and maybe now also Hess as she turns them away with her divine powers. I bid her step behind me also, and so add the burning of fire to that of the divine light. With Eddon and Sheik stirring their mounts into the foray we defeat them with ease. So we strike an arc around the hills and head up to the platform; now ready to be home at last.

Thus ends my telling of events. Know that not all has been set forth herein as much was said and done which is of less import.

Notes: We found a dead stag somewhere on our journey; I do not recall when or where but I took its antlers.
Early on our journey we also saw more of the pit-traps, now obvious and open as the snow has gone.

Centaurs, Intellect Devourers and the Dire Badger Centipede Brigade
An Expedition South of the Platform in Maephoon

Herein lies the log of events taking place between the 36th of Mittern and 38th of Mittern. The weather was favourable. And all in company in good health, except for myself, who was already tired from my previous journey. I, Entity, sworn to the Lord Earl Westingford of Westmarch, put pen to this telling of events.

Our number was five:
Omora and

Maephoon was much the same as always. Wanting to explore the lands we set out east for the river crossing and then south by west; heading deeper into the unknown lands. Pausing by a spring south by south west from the crossing we took a break.

 We soon came upon a carcass, a a dead body. Hawks, of abnormal size, had gathered to feast upon the meat and in our interactions with them, Amber learned that there were a few points of interest around:
Some fair distance west lies a large body of water, and there are frogs in that pool which eat the birds.
South and east is a mountain, where the creatures such as the one they were eating live on its northern side.
The Hawks have nests south of the carcass.

Speaking of their meal; it looked at first a horse, but when turned over it was revealed to be more. A human torso sat in place of the horses head and neck, and it had carried a halberd in life. We decided to venture towards the mountain, to see if we might bring news to them of their fallen, and to establish contact.

That first night we sought shelter in a ruin. An old place with a strange bowl set into the floor. Around it were rays as those of the sun, and, upon investigation, was found a carving at its centre; a skull with "death" and "life" carved in the eye sockets. While Amber looked into matters of the bowl, I went to look at a hole that had recently been dug and then filled again. I found a grave site with no body, and just then Amber activated the eye with "death" carved into it.

She must have indicated the donkey, for as she withered down in mass of muscle, the donkey was grasped by a black tendril and dragged with such speed its gear flew everywhere. The tendril had come from the bowl wich made short progress of beating it into pulp and nothingness. It was confided that Amber had at first thought to indicate myself, and I need not say that caution around her, not for she means ill, but for she can be reckless in her dealings.

She also tried the "life" socket, but had not enough to give the bowl for it to bring something back.

No longer at ease in these ruins we ventured outside them and made camp. Things seemed well until Sphere woke me, warning that sounds were approaching from the south. We all got up and prepared to fight, but nothing happened until Amber charged blindly into the darkness, now in the shape of a dire wolf. She found badgers there, and at once showing their unnatural intelligence, they threw centipedes at her. Their poison proved potent and once the badgers joined in Amber took real injury. But we all stood with her, and in the end we lay low the creatures.

We continued our rest, being bothered only by the hawks showing up to see what meat might be had from the badgers; making us burn the bodies as we did not wish other predators. We had now taken so ill that no longer would we travel on. Amber had a slash across her back, and a few of us had only barely recovered from their own wounds. So we decided to go back north, taking a slightly different route.

We now came upon a nest of wasps set into the ground. THe hole was awfully large, for the wasps were awfully large. The size of a house pet they buzzed around their nest. We decided to make war upon them, and from a distance began our barrage. Omora, Puck and Amber managed a storm of fire which they sent into the nest; burning maybe hundreds of wasps into crisps.

That seemed well for a while, but retaliation came swift and stinging. No less than six and three were their number and angry as can bee. Using wide area attacks we brought many low, but their stingers would have put us under was it not for good luck and teamwork. They might seem harmless, and faced singular they are for they are frail, but their sting outdoes a dire wolf's bite and is not to be ignored.

Now all tired and gravely wounded we made for the platform and home. But a fell creature followed us in the dark. Small and hoping tree to tree it was hard to make out for a veil of shadows like that on the Hezrou clung to it. It took Sphere with an arrow and though we retaliated it would not show itself nor run. Though one hit did disperse the shade that had followed it and hid its nature from us, we did not see its form for it hid expertly after that. So we did; forcing onwards through the afternoon's falling sun and making it across the river, even back to the road by blessing of great need and the power of Amber and Omora's magics. Thinking ourselves finally safe we made camp.

But we were not, on the third watch two Fyr came running north, and straight into our camp; calling for help. Three monstrous slugs followed them; crawling not on their foot, but on a legion of little legs. Their tendrils and feelers waving we entered battle with them. The Fyr fell quickly before them, and we could all feel their psychic abilities as they set about tearing into the brains of the Fyr. But they did not linger to feast, and turned upon us next. I feared them, for I saw what they did and knew my weakness against them. But Amber, ever reckless, stood tall against them, taking the form of a bear, and from a distance we helped her dispatch them, all but Ida who decided to stand proud against the foe in close combat. But not before one had indeed managed to break her mind. But she, and we, were lucky, for it seems that her mind was simply damaged and before the slugs could end her, Puck struck rapid blows with great power and broke them apart.

We are certain Amber will recover in time, and having made sure she would be okay for the present, we turned to move the Fyr off the road. Omora left a note with them, making mention of their fate. We found that they had been treasure hunting, for on their person was a a map with treasure marked and four small gemstones. One we gave to Amber, for it could grant her magical armour for some hours and her wounds had left her unable to wear her own and I purchased another free and it's single protective charge may well save me one day.

So we returned home having lost the war but won all the battles.

Thus ends my telling of events. Know that not all has been set forth herein as much was said and done which is of less import. I bid those travelling Maephoon be careful, for while beasts seem reluctant to make battle, they are dangerous if pressed, and some darker presence lies across the realm and certainly seeks the death of those who venture as free men.

Of Ashes, Wyverns and Monks

Scarloc, Wood Elf Ranger 4
Gleipnir, Dwarf Cleric 4
Entity, Colossi Paladin 1/Warlock 3/Sorcerer 1

Olgar, Half Orc Barbarian 2

Gin, Half Elf Sorcerer 2


16th of Mittern

Having agreed to attempt to find the Horn of the Elders we headed around Bloom Peak, making sure to stay out of the forest and the desolation until we had to, walking around tok us two days.


18th of Mittern

Heading west along the lake past the everburning campfire we tok a turn southwest around the mountains instead of north at the lakes edge like last time, we saw a bright coloured flying creature, covered in scale not feathers and leaving droplets in the air as it flies. A dim light trails this flying lizard as it flies. Soon after we found some fallen trees and made a shelter of them, Olgar saved some draconic creature during the night but otherwise nothing of interest happened happened.


19th of Mittern

Following the mountains we came upon a valley leading into the mountains, and headed Northwest into it, it seems the ash layer gets thinner as you venture into the desolation, and by the looks of things the desolation might even recover if given time.

We made our way up the mountain and as the sun set we realized we were directly undearneath the nest of the black winged creatures. Not having the time to make our way back i found a small cave and we made our camp. In the night one of these things landed outside our cave and it found us. It turns out these things are Wyverns, as far as i can tell they come in two sizes, younglings and adults, the younglings while dangerous cane be defeated by a single man, the adults on the other hand would require a master dedicated combatant to bring down alone.

Indeed all the small one did was land and then call for help before it was killed, help arrived but we had barricaded the cave and they dared not assault as for it would mean their doom. As soon as the sun rose they abandoned their siege and we killed another large one before it could escape.


20th of Mittern

We keep following the road, realizing while the one we are taking is less traveled as it passes directly by the Wyvern nest, remaining in the nest is two adults and a youngling. They did not seem up for another fight and allowed us to walk past them, after some time we found a cabin 100feet from the path, soon after that some arcane symbols in the cliffside. Gin claims whoever made it has great magical knowledge and the symbols prevent most things from attacking travelers on the road.

It is also some ward, preventing things that does not have good intentions from continuing, how it determines this i have no idea.


We came upon a peddler wearing the orange regilia we seek, he was from the monastery we were looking for, we later learned it was called Mystwatch. While there we pretended to be sent by these Magistrates, who, or indeed what they are we do not know. But apparently they are important, and they "live in their magical tower, unconcerned with what happens in the rest of the world." We also learned they "Claim all the power in the world". Finally, they have a vault of ancient artefacts, which does indeed hold the horn, it is so powerful Entity could not even get close enough to identify it but we are quite certain it is what we seek. To give us this horn they want us to investigate the founders grave, exactly what this means i am not sure but we are to look out for a group of people who wear black and white and are adept at summoning elementals.


Finally they handed us a book titled "Tales of the Myst", Gleipnir is going to read it, and on our way out i noticed the shallow carvings of a woman holding some sort of torch, carved into the side of the monastery, i think it is a religious symbol.



The Long March of Snow
From the journals of Gleipnir Oathold

29th - 35th of Mittern, 1186

The party of Grin, Gleipnir, Gin, Entity, and Bodi traveled to the land of Sarek.  Though I'd never been here I'd seen the markings upon my companions, and was hopeful that we may be able to find out more of this mark.  The first leg of our journey took us to the village of Volkenheim, where Thane Rolf Wyrmbreaker and his Vôlva Hildr could tell us more of this black spot.  Before we got there however, I experienced first-hand the blighted snowfalls of Vondal, local storm lord, and we were forced to trek slowly to Volkenheim.  We managed to find shelter within a cabin, though not before discovering a lair of this Lithar the Hunter.  Apparently, Lithar hunts more than my companions, but any who desecrate his meat lockers, or any he wishes to hunt.  However, Lithar does not travel within the Forest of Hess's children, rather he prefers the company of a blizzard, and will only hunt then.  This according to Hildr renders him near invisible to those within the storm, and he has slain entire villages through this tact.  We were therefore advised not to confront him directly.  She also confided in us that though Lithar may hunt us, he is still an "aspect" of Hess and would fall under her domain, including his weakness for weapons like the Jarro spear that Grin carries.

Hearing this news, we decided to travel further north of Volkenheim, through the Cursewood where the Children of Hess dwell, in an attempt to reach this Hess, so that we may ask her to reign in her hunting Werelynx.  Perhaps if we had made it to her fane things would have been different, but alas the snows and winds were cruel, and we were forced to take shelter before we had travelled the full day once again.   During this journey north, we chanced upon an abandoned village, and believing it an appropriate place to rest we began setting our belongings down.  To our shock, the village was not abandoned, nor a village at all, but rather conjured wooden houses and halls surrounded the Fane of the Seraph known as Bloodaxe magiced his hand.  He had dwelled here for some time alone, and had not received warriors in his halls for what seemed like centuries.  Asking those who touched his greataxe if they wished to join his Einherjar, Bodi, to my displeasure, jumped at the chance.  Glory and prowess would be his, so Bloodaxe claimed, and with one fell swoop Bodi's neck was cleaved by Bloodaxe's greataxe.  We thought him stone dead in that moment, yet he was still breathing though unconcious.  

Twas here I believe the trouble began.  While Bodi rested, we had to remain within this Fane, and the winter months of Sarek as harsh as they were, we tried our luck at hunting without a ranger.  As luck would have it we did find some small game near the Fane.  However, we has split the party with Grin and I hunting, and Entity and Gin to look after Bodi.  Of course, a few moments after we left a strange creature attacked our companions.  Though the house was bolted and shut, a great orb of power near 9 feet across floated through the wall, as if a ghost.  The orb then turned to Entity and Gin, and fired lighting from itself.  In pain, and rage Entity and Gin fought back heroically, yet to no avail, as separated from us it was a far tougher foe.  Grin and I arrived to late, and upon arriving stopped the wretched orb from slaying Entity, who stood alone now against it.  As quickly as the orb had appeared, it vanished with nothing more than some strange dust to mark its destruction.  What's worse, Entity told us that the orb had fried Gin dead, and absorbed the caster into its bulk, disintegrating his corpse likely to the same dust we saw now.  In fact, after it had consumed Gin, the orb's structure remolded itself, almost repairing what fractures lay across its glassy surface.  With Gin's death a heavy sigh fell across the party, and plans were changed.

Rather than risk the Cursewood down a man, we agreed that as soon as Bodi was able to travel we would make our way back to Santuar and the skull platform.  In three days time Bodi returned to us though not before we gave the Seraph Bloodaxe a piece of our mind!  Apparently these strange orbs are attracted to the overt use of magic, perhaps tracking the many castings we did?  I'm not sure, but he also said that if we wished to hunt this Lithar, we would have to quell the storm surrounding him.  He explained that only the storm lord, Vondal, could have such power and he was as turbulent as the winds he commanded.  However, if we wished to find him we only needed to travel 8 days, perhaps more if the weather worsened,  from Bloodaxe's Fane with the wind at our backs always, and we would reach Vondal.  He also told me that my kin had once been in this land southwest west in the far corner of Sarek.  We would later learn of a route we could take that would avoid Kieran's bandits and lead us to my kin's old hold.

We ventured south now, and could not take shelter within the city of Volkenheim, so long as the marks of Lithar were upon my compatriots.  Instead we chanced the snows, and lucked into finding another set of cabins.  These, however held men, specifically Thane Wyrmbreaker's men.  There we met with Captain Ignar, and his company, who had been hunting and harried by the bandits of Kieran, amongst the other common threats of bear dens, and the Wargmen.  Seeing the beset upon by common foes that would endanger us upon the road, I felt these men could use the gifts Muradin had placed upon me.  I granted to both the captain and his strongest warrior, who apparently was also an Einherjar of Bloodaxe, a suit of scale to replace their studded leather & hides.  They thanked us by telling us of a path to the hold of what I believe to be Korsh's people.  The captain said, "As you head west the road will fork in a day, when this happens head northwest until you hit the lake, for you will if your course is true, this should happen after two-three days.  Once you find the lake, seek its southern edge then head west, do so for another tow or so days, by now you should soon see hills.  After reaching the hills turn south and walk that way, it is simple for now the wind will be in your face if Vondal himself does not seek to foil you, for all winds gather at Leirhe, a great mountain and the throne of the storm lord.  With the wind in your face walk for two to three days, take care not to veer east for then you will miss the river as it flows from the south to the north.  If you do veer west that is no great sin, but do not cross the river before you see the mountains to the south, for the bridge is 3 days march form the hills you headed south from."  I thanked him for his words, though we still decided that Santuar was our destination.  As we left the captain's company, we soon learned of the these threats to the road firsthand.

Our march to the skull platform was long, and the snows within the southern forest were still deep in Mittern.  In fact, we learned from Ignar that they shared the common names for the months, most interesting.  Anyways, as we marched south we were attacked not once, but twice!  Though both threats were well within our groups power to contend with, indeed an experience party could easily have dealt with the large bear, much less the others, I will recount here the nature of these threats regardless.  The first group did not ambush us, rather we stumbled upon one another.  They were walking skeletons prodded forward by these Wargmen, mongrels wielding crude javelins of bones.  The taint of necromancy echoed from these bone-men, who were the reanimated corpses of these Wargmen.  After they were dealt with another group came, this time of Kieran's bunch!  Though these were, but teenagers and press-ganged peasants who surrendered quickly when we had slain half their number.  Clemency was granted to two of them, and now we in Santuar have two more able-bondied young in Ida and Olav.  Ida appears to have the gift of a wilder, and I may be able to shape her into a fine lass of the gods.  Olav, on the other hand, was taken in by Bodi to act as stable boy while Bodi is away.  Though some in our party may not have enjoyed the decision to spare these bandits, but I pray that Olav and Ida can do some good in Santuar while they are here.  With Gin's death, I fear we may need new blood.  

The watery book tale of treasure

We get taken by a traveler to a room in the tavern,
Where we all had to agree to a adventure to in some secret land.
When we agreed we were teleported into a book.

we swirled trough fairy tales of old!
We landed on a ship in the middle of a harbor where aparantly we where hired to haul crates and barrels as regular deck hands.
when we where doing the hard work the ship left the harbor.

we where in the hold, where a cook was cooking a nasty meal, and some old cranky bastard was playing a card game, when Olgar tried to convience him to show him what is behind the locked door he was really tense, and threatend in to so ringing this bell if the big man dindt walk away.

we went to the deck to see the captain and talk about the time of travel.
we came to the conclusion that the captain is loud mouth.
we got our answer 14 days before we arrive to the nearest port.
At this point devros turned quite green and started to puked over the Railing.

Olgar started drinking some moonshine.
After this bodi started insulting the sailor for his piss drink.
they went into an argument. after this point Frey Attacked the poor Sailor olgar had to interfere. by wresteling the wolf to the ground. and talked to the captain about him taking responsebilities.

Devros spotted some creature in the water, after consulting a sailor she dindt see jakc shit.
Devros though wasnt fooled by this and he kept looking he spotted the beast with other shapes in the water. he informed us about it and we went to sleep.

Bodi we got an Eyepatch he looks cool.

During a strange incident we lost our way, and found a island. in the middle of nowhere. While I was discussing with the captain. about being lost, we spotted land and combat started.
that is good cause I almost wanted to toss him overboard.

We are facing a Giant turtle monster. While people was trying to attack the giant creature from a distance, Olgar ignored the fact there was a storm and just jumped in to face this giant creature. Mabye it isnt a bear but it looks like a good fight. while Olgar tried to chat first. they fucking pushed me off the beast. Now I was getting mad. the humanoids looked liked turtles themself they where aqautic clearly. While Olgar was in the water other turtles started to board the ship. Olgar is going for blood now.
The deck is full of turtles with massive bone club while the turtle beast, fires a bolt with chain to the ship that could rip the ship apart we needed to stop that.
the captain is beast of a man with nice strenght decapetating a turtleman.
While this was al going down, So did the turtle it dived into the depth smashing the side of the ship. Making it sink in rapid speed, Olgar stil in the water was angry at the water moving at frantic speed towards the boat and making sure the guys have a chance of escape. Bodi stuck some turtle in the neck. while Savric was trying to be acrobat he failed horibly. he was in tangled in the rigging. Devros was protecting the old man andreth. While the ship was sinking people where getting of the ship. Bodi just had to be tossed away again out of battle. Savric was saved by a galant lady sailor.
We just got away with our lives in the lifeboat.

We where a drift in the wide ocean where many days we just drifted.
into the nothingness the heat and dehydration was picking at the less bodyily fit. they feel exhausted.
When we found a island people went exploring.
Olgar just went to a spot and started to dig he just by accident found a treusure of silver.
and some food, which was fabelous they just relaxed in the sands.\While the pages went swirling by again, ancient story's again passed by while they wher e spit out with a torrent of silver coins.
the mysterious story teller, just smirked at us and went away. he was nowhere to be found.

A Delve Too Deep
Into Eternity

The adventures of Lurko, This is lurko me big man, brought friends to the find some lost smart people. When we traveling Hugo big lumbering man, Magnus some holy avenger, Zareh and man with many beasts, and dunstan a woodsman. Followed me on this journ… Jour…… on this trip to find smart people. We have traveled to the forrest north where a sign was of the lost smart people. Dunstan led us to the right location, cause we located a bunker of some sorts. where there where tracks leading into the forrest. we followed this until we found some body's Lurko was offcourse verry smart and not take stuff from dead people. hue hue hue. Yes Lurko smart.

But it was not long after that some monkey's attacked us they where furry and had some crude weapons to hit friend with. While party member struck them down, Lurko scared them off with his presence of pure awesomeness. they started running like the little monkey they where. when we lost track of them we found good spot to make camp and spend the night in the woods. Where somebody told a scary story everybody was super scaryied but not Lurko he is to strong to be scared.

We traveled the next day when we encountered some strange tree with a good pokey stick in it while the entire party was to scared to touch the stick Lurko just pulled it out cause he no scared is. This was a magic snake stick. (great for poking monkey's) then a fight almost happend cause we heard a great sound of a beast coming closer to our party. the team not Lurko this time made sure we dind't fight. I was disapointed :( the next day we found a dying tree with big mushrooms who where not good for eating. the entire party was looking for clu…….. stuf so lurking just bashed the tree to find out more. it dind't tell me anything though even trough my intimidating presence. apart from dirty water which smelled verry bad and was murky lurko dindt see anything impressive. when they where done looking at the tree we finnanly moved on to the mountain.

Here we saw some big cave with many images of dead things and the dying. Though we found a nice looking doggy who attacked Lurko I was sad cause he could have been a nice pet. when Hugo finaly came running in to hug him. he died Hugo was not happy cause he missed his chance to hug this nice doggy. we found that we where weake…. weaaken….. that we where getting soft. I did find Images of people in big metal suits hauling strange metal which they forged into arrows must be warm to forge anything metal in a completly sealed metal suit. and a strange symbol we found at the top of the pillar like cave this Lurko dindt like. Lurko did find a manhole to some secret area. when we enter an endless corridor. where we encountered strange balls of crystal telling story's of eath and decay again we found these strange metal covered people hauling barrels of this metals and all they passed trough died. or was kept burning. Lurko won't say he is scared but this metal is not natural. felt like it was some poison metal to be used for great weapons if he could create this deadly effect on Lurko. We kept facing this poison, me and hugo got soft. we stil fought like lions againt the coming line of monkey's they where super scared of us hahahahahaha. then this dead monsters came so I trew snake stick at them! it turned into big sssssissling thingy. and helped us attack the dead thingy's they fought fierce but we prevailed at the end.

when we traveled at the end of the tunnel we found barrels filled with some strange metals. this is where my memory failed me, I dont know what happend after that but this trial of fire tested us and hurt us badly so Lurko wil give up adventuringto wild lands and wil go back to tavern brawling or be a bouncer at a tavern for good coin. this is not the life for Lurko, this dise… disea… this soft making thing is not for me. Signed Lurko Ironhead. PS. If I don't make it please tell my old buddy Jin that he stil owes me money for that drinking game we played. seeing he lost, Make a brew in my honnor he must.

Blizzards and Tents oh My, A Return to Sarek

Mittern 2 – Mittern 9







With the frost still touching my fingers I write tae yee of the lands Sarek once again. For nearly over a week we ventured deep into the lands. The weather.. what a bane she be. We set out on the first day in the hopes of finding an old wifey who is said to have knowledge of my newly acquired Bluesteel. Though sadly we never go to find out about exactly what the wifey knew – another time for sure. Upon our trekking to her cabin we came across several cabins upon which we rested in. I will say if you venture there keep a keen eye for these as they may save your life as they did ours.


During the first few days we came across a cave of sorts, it was filled with bones, skulls and a simple chest. The contents within gave us all a shudder; human flesh still on the bone brimmed the chest, we gladly fed it to Bodi’s new companion the loveable but deadly Frey. The following morning we placed all the contents of the cave together, along with the skeletal corpse of whatever lived here victim. There after Andreth gave a few words for the victim and Entity set the place ablaze, a fine send of I for the poor soul.


However, once we left this cave we decided to seal off this cave for good and with the use of Entity’s thunderous ways the entrance was closed off. This was indeed to be a folly we would soon regret. For a thunderous wind kicked up, I for one almost believed Entity created it himself! Yet this unnatural blizzard came at us hard, we did best to prepare with the felling of trees for wind protection but this 20-odd stint of hell would test even the mightiest of men.  Our tents were pitched all 3 of them, yet only 1 would stand. Unfortunately for Entity, Andreth, Bodi and Frey theirs tents would be ripped a knew one during the fell blizzard – luckly for Gin and I our tent would stand the test.. luck was indeed on our side. By the time the blizzard came and gone I seen Entity was not pleased. His belongs had been scattered far and wide and felt this pain for him. I could see in the eyes of all those bar me and Gin had a heavy test of endurance, my respect to all of them is indeed grand as I don’t know how they survived.


With only 1 tent between us all we decided we had to abandon our goals with the old wifey and decided to head back. Everything went fair from then on but something odd happened in one of the rest way cabins. A strange figure appeared, a man of almost 2 meters tall with a tremendous amount of hairy growth stepped into the cabin. He was at first kind and polite as he was met by Entity and the rest of the party but as soon as he seen Bluesteel in my position he quickly made haste to leave. It was clear this man was of the Children of Hess, a people we still no little about, thought one thing I did know clear, my new spear was crafted for their execution. Bodi taunts me for not living up to its purpose, but I am a free man, I make my own insights and I do not know enough about these people to simply deem them for slaughter. One thing is clear; we need to find out more.


Side note – The plant Yarrrow can be found in these lands, I hear it is useful to some. Best to ask Gin as he has expertise in such area’s

Treasure of the Outlawed
The death of Garri

A log written by Bodi, with the help of Ithiloneth as Bodi's player hurt his hand:

We venture out in the wilderness of sarek, the party consisted of the barbarian Olgar. The swashbuckling Grin and the metal man known as Entity. I guided the party through the harsh terrain, I fear that without my skill we would be lost in this frozen hellhole.
We were setting out towards the forest west of the skull platform, our mission was to find a weapon that could be used to slay the followers of Hess.

The thane told us that the people who has this weapon are outlaws and are to be killed at sight. On our way over we found large pit traps, something big had dug them and then place stakes at the bottom. If you fall into one of these you will probably die. We made camp at the edge of the forest, but I'm the middle of the night we heard I cry from a women. Olgar took point rushing towards the sound with the party following as fast as we could manage. When we got there it was only a frozen corpse on the ground, then from out of the tree tops two creatures attack the party, as I felt there gaze on me my body began to freeze.

After the party dealt with the Wendigos we found out that their throats were evolved enough so that they could mimic any sound. After the fight we headed back to camp to continue our rest. Waking up the next day we started to head closer towards the forest. There we heard two voices call out to us from the woods. They wanted us to drop our weapons; or they would not let us enter and then we’d have to leave. Olgar, being hotheaded wanted to walk in there and kill them; thinking these were the outlaws. But Grin and Entity voiced the opinion that we should not kill those whom we have not seen do any wrong, and I did not like the idea of going inside, but he was invited in as they seemed to like him. So he did, to try his hand at diplomacy. After long negotiations we found out that they were outlawed for not wanting to fight in a war. I, knowing what he felt like to be outlawed wanted to help these people, in return they would tell us where the weapon was to be found. Another thing I learned, was that the outlaws were using wolf's bane, a herb, to keep the children of Hess at bay. After lengthy negotiations I went back to the party and after explaining the situation to them, Grin and Entity decided to engage in some diplomacy of their own. Grin argued that they could settle west of the Pelias Wall; that they'd be free and able to farm that land. Entity argued that they should settle east of the wall, remarking that the boarmen might overwhelm and kill the small group. In the end, Eilif, the leader of the group decided that going to the Earl for permission would be best, and accepted Entity’s invitation.

We travelled with the so-called outlaws back to the skull platform; having to endure a blizzard on our way there. We sought our shelter in a hunting lodge on the way, and huddled up together over night. In the morning, I lead the way to the platform, even though the snowfall was heavy.

Entity wished to have a few days to settle the refugees on in at least a  temporary camp, and once that was dealt with; we set out again.

Being told the correct directions to find the Bluesteel spear, we headed north, taking the shorter route to our goal. We camped up in a hunting lodge yet again, there seem to be many of these. As I sat on my watch talking to Garri with Sphere watching over us from above. Suddenly we were set upon by five frozen ghoul-like creatures; corpses. These were Antseli we had been warned about. They seemingly came out of nowhere, having expertly stealthed upon our camp. I had to take it upon myself to try to survive, so that I could wake the party from their slumber. But Entity woke out of nowhere, all I saw from ducking behind my shield was a wall of fire, and the frozen ghouls were burned to ash; it seemed that they were susceptible to its burning. And then I could see Entity landing, as if he had jumped very high, on top of another one of the ghouls. Garri took a bite out of that one; killing it.

In the morning after the encounter, with the Antseli, we headed towards the cave where the Bluesteel was to be found, and arriving, we entered it. Olgar lead the way with a torch in his hand, we ventured deep into the cave. It was all over ice; blue and transparent like. As told, under one bear pelt on the floor, we found a handle, and when we turned the table moved aside to reveal a ladder going down. We went down the ladder; Garri climbed down the walls of ice using his claws. We explored the ice caverns, finding the bodies of two dead men and their packs. After delving even deeper, we came upon an area where the ice seemed even more slippery, we looked for whatever had killed the two men, and for the spear. We found ourselves in an adjoining chamber, but it was a dead end. As Entity began a ritual to see if the dead end held secret entrances hidden by magic, the sound of his voice carried through the caves. A terrible scream, a chorus of them in fact, sounded and resounded in the caverns.

A dozen, or more, Antseli were upon us, creeping out from the darkness in ever larger numbers, Grin, being clever, poured oil in a line before us at the chokepoint we were defending. We held out for a long fight, fighting a battle that forced us to be creative. Eventually, none of the enemy were standing, but with them Garri had fallen. It seemed that as they killed him they frenzied; renewing their vigor with a short burst of attacks. After mourning Garri, we burned his corpse, (tears have splotched the ink here, making it run down the page) and headed we headed deeper in, looking for the spear. Eventually we found their lair, a scene of horrors unkown. It seems they eat people, and then regurgitate what they devour. It makes for a fucking mess I tell you. But there, among the bones and entrails, was also our quest; the spear. Entity grabbed the weapons of the fallen and so we left these foul caves behind.

So; we went to the Thane. Grin told him the outlaws would trouble them no more, and the Thane, grateful for our service, awarded us Bluesteel as a reward. We decided it would go to Grin, and he’s carried it since.


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