The Wilds Await

Making base in Biibabalamtu

A series of knotted ropes appears at the adventurer’s guild from Tal-Thrūm who insists that is it a log of his recent adventure to Biibabalamtu. After some translation is done on the length of rope it reads as follows.

Party: Tal-Thrūm, Oscar Mason, Tira, Yarid, and Zeratix

        I came to this city at the will of my god and I try to understand its customs but they confuse me. Women live with men and apparently ones blood makes them better than others. I ask the locals questions of who might need my help and they told me to go to some place of drink. Apparently it is a boot that people drink at, looked like a normal tavern to me. Here I met my companions for this trip, Yarid a man of the arcane who likes to inhale burning substances, Oscar who was quite skilled with his polearm, Zeratix, a larger man with somewhat green skin and pointed ears, and Tira a fare woman whose ears are also pointed and for some reason takes on the burden of a man. Apparently there was a new land that needed to be explored and a family heirloom of Oscars that needed to be retrieved. We set out and arrived at some strange monument shaped in the image of a human skull and were told to enter it. I was hesitant at first but joined my companions for their journey. The sight of the world moving past through the skull was an astonishing thing to see, but it was over soon and we were on this untouched land.

      Upon arrival at this place any would feel its terrible heat and wetness; it is a struggle to keep your sanity when everything touching your body starts to stick to you especially in heavy armor with the sun being ever so relentless and never setting. Tira found some text that read the fairy queen told them to rebel against the masters and that it was a mistake.  The forests were so thick and untrodden it seemed that every step we took forward we needed to take three back. I am surprised that my companions would go to this place without someone who is a master of this terrain. Nevertheless we found our way through on our first night unimpeded. We traveled again the next day again finding our path hard trodden; we went to bed and rotated our watches as usual. Yarid spotted some strange lizard like creatures that were at least the height of five men and ate the leaves from the heights of the massive trees in the area. They seemed docile enough so we let them be; some other creatures however had different plans for the beasts. Some humanoid looking creatures attacked them and seemed to be looking for a meal but were met back with force and were soon destroyed and turned into fine dust by the giant lizards. Other than that the night was then calm. Traveling the next day we set out and happened upon a well surrounded by the undead creatures we saw attacking the giant lizards earlier.

     Expecting these creatures to be inherently evil we attacked one of them at the edge of the encampment but were met with no resistance from it the strange thing was we saw its spirit or something of the sort floating to the well apparently the creatures can not die but return once killed. Near the well there was a similar creature except there were some strange worms extruding from its body and it was shouting at us in some language that none of us knew. We proceeded to attack this other creature to no avail until Yarid tapped into a large vain of mana and sent forth a vicious attack at the creature. The damage this did startled it, the creature lunged into the well which seemed to heal it every time it came into contact with it. Before jumping in the creature called out to its companions in the area and the once docile creatures sprang into action coming after us. Soon to be surrounded one of the creatures started speaking to Zeratix, it was his old employer Aodi who apparently had another job offer for him. Aodi called off the creatures and spoke to Zeratix for a moment. Apparently he had been cursed and wanted to hire Zeratix to break the curse and that afflicted him. To get more information on the matter apparently there was some type of deity in the well which we spoke to and learned that it was Stanza the Faerie Queen, the one mentioned in the graffiti from earlier. She spoke of an old master named Rarakan who cursed her people and was also the cause of Aodi’s affliction and said in defeating Rarakan he and the others would be cured and free to pass on. Stanza also told Oscar and I that we were afflicted by the plague in this area caused by bites of mosquitos in the area, and that drinking from her well would heal us. I felt no ill will from her so I indeed did drink from it and felt refreshed beyond belief.

     We were told many things about the area including where to find the temple of  Rarakan if we ever wished to take the battle too him as in the temple he is only a husk of his former self and much weaker than in his full state. That being said though he is still a master and should not be treated lightly for a fraction of their power is still enough to end many men. We decided to build a fortification at this well for future endeavors and the area should be safe as long as one of the husks do not go mad as Stanza can control them until a certain point where their hunger for flesh takes over and they are irredeemable; you can find a marking for this place at the exit of the skull marked on a fallen pillar. Mosquitos in the area carry the plague but hate torch fire with a passion so as long as your party carries one with you there should be no worry of being bitten by these creatures. And Stanza very sternly warned us that if you are ever to see a door appear in the woods to not open it and if you are foolish to still do this to not go into the well as the real body of Zeratix lies there with a great amount of its power still there. It would mean death to tamper with such a thing without great preparation. Lastly Oscar found at the bottom of the well some drorn blade, a glave that was once wielded by his now dead brother Gawain. Oscar seemed to be relieved to have this once again in his families possession.

     Our party then returned home quite uneventfully after these events and found our way back onto the skull to return home. The group asked me to write this for them but I am not too familiar with the common languages writing yet as I just recently learned it to speak to your people. I now seek a place to stay but I cannot seem to find where the men sleep as everywhere I go seems to be a common area for men and women to mingle.


Knotted by,



A Holiday for Gigo in Maephoon


The venture eastwards into Maephoon began on the 6th of Sheil. The aim was to locate a city ran by the magistrate. Gleipnir, Grin, Scarloc, Gigo and Tira headed off in high spirits with Scarloc guiding the way. 

Day One

To begin with the party knew there journey lay into the east, this following along the river the party came into a familiar site; an abandon ruin that was once cleared before by Gleipnir and Grin. The party was about to continue onwards, when Gigo believed magical objects still laid inside and ventured inside. The crazed imposing menace leaped down into a strange hole inside the ruin and was immediately met by a handful of Will-O-Wisps. The rest of the party rushed to return Gigo but they did not realize he went down the hole. Luckily to begin with Gigo was not attacked. However, once the party ventured down to the second floor the will-o-wisps began their attacks as Grin and Gleipnir tried to open the door. 

As combat broke out; Gleipnir remembered there would be a magical glyph and it would need ot be destroyed to gain access to the other side. Grin sent Gigo a message to begin smashing the door from the other side and eventually the door would open. 

After several hit and runs tactics of the Will-O-Wisps and Gigo fell to the war cry of a skeletal creature. Grin ran to help him but a strange purple dust exploded once kinetic force came into contact with it. Luckily the both survived the bursts of flames, along with the poisonous bite of the skeletal warrior like creature. 

Victory was eventually achieved and the party found a magical key, though they do not know exactly what it was for. (Upon returning to Santaur they learned the key was magical and has the ability to unlock anything locked via Arcane lock)  The party also found this ruined they believed that had been cleared previously had been dug out deeper into the depths. Scarloc could hear water and the conclusion came that more dwelt further down the ruin, most likely something of necrotic origin. However, the party was rather injured and they knew that had to rest clear of the distinct border of the desolation at night a black smoke appears with grim reaper like beings, far too dangerous for the party to rest in. 

The keen survival expertise of Scarloc came in as a great boon, as the party swiftly found safe and hidden refuge to camp for the first night.  During Grins watch, one of the strange hooded creatures with scythes stalked the land, though the party was well hidden and was able to rest safely.

Day Two

The second day met with more fresh and confident faces as they pushed further east along the river. The traveling began safely as they reached an abandoned fort, aptly named Ashfallen Keep. Inside they found a chest filled with strange martial weapons with metal handles (Katana looking weapons), 12 in total were found and taken by the party. 

That evening, Scarloc was on watch, a strange snake like creature crept up near the camp, though quick thinking though, Scarloc tossed a ration at it and even tho it was more likely a predator, it took the ration and left the party in peace.

Day 3

The party continued once more eastwards and quickly found a bunch of armored humanoids, they picked up the pace to meet them to introduce themselves. The armored men had strange armour that looked almost wooden but was as strong as steel. These men agreed to take the party to the City of the Magestrate called Torraket. Upon reaching Torraket, the party able to be convincing enough to gain entry to the city. It was rather difficult because Torraket is a magearchy and did not take kindly to anyone bar nobles to have knowledge of magic. However, the party managed to convince them as Scarloc and Gleipnir were members of Santuars small counsel and that the party was ambassadors of this great city. 

Under armed guard the party was escorted to a house to await the magistrate, after waiting for quiet some time one of them finally arrived. Diplomatic talks began between Grin and the magistrate, though this magistrate was not at all impressed, in fact it was rather bored by the lot of them, even after a showcase of magical ability. However, the diplomatic mission was a success as the magistrate agreed to send an apprentice to meet with Santuar. Grin had a small spark of an idea, he challenged the magistrate to pick a champion in a test of water breathing at the cities dock. If Grin won they would send someone of greater stature back with them to Santaur and if he loses he owes them a favour. The magistrate accepted and Grin believed he had tricked the man as he held in his possession as ring that allowed him to hold his breath for an hour. However, Grins trick was met with a far more clever trick of the magistrates own making, there champion had water breathing casted upon them. The magistrates miniator champion was indeed the victor, and though Grin knew they tricked him he gracefully accepted his defeat. However the final trick would be that of his making.

The Magistrate called upon the favor they had won and stated for losing one our magic users must stay for a period of 2 months in there city. This was when Grin played his final trick, he suggested Gigo would should stay, being an Arch Mage of Santaur. The magistrate and also Gigo accepted and the party silently sniggered as they left for home with the ambassador of Torraket, an apprentice of the magistrate. 

The Lost Travellers Innn
Gm Jin - Marenkosh

Party: Fruhorn, Sparax, Yarid, Gwillym, Efrexoa

20th Quickern


We ventured through the hot uncomfortable jungle to a bridge and waterfall, on a temple copmplex. We saw figures running around and a large figure emerged that Efrexoa recognised. After a short

talk they said the skull platfroms were working but gave us a gem and said we could use it to fix

another if we were to visit it. We went to enter to temple and were greeted by a large stone dragon.

I could understand none of the conversation and he looked quite terrifying but seemed friendly enough.


Entering the temple the heat was sweltering and huge figure of fire appeared to be meditating in the corner. It was shared that we were not to disturb Menat, after a while he got to his feet and left and the temperature dropped.


We entered a giant skull platform and after much spinning and unease we landed and exited. The land we saw was strange, where everything was larger than what I'm used to seeing. Being a halfling in a land of giants it felt daunting.

We decided to venture south as none had been that way before, Exfrexoa wanted to find some giant vegetables, I'd rather find riches but each to their own.


After a days travel we made camp in a defensible position. During my watch I heard voices and lights approaching. I concealed myself until they drew close, and deciding them not a threat revealed myself. They were a group of dwarves from clan Mamet, with burning hair. I took them to the group to introduce. They were Reugor firebeard, Kreyon and Rey. The group awoke with a bit

of a start and Sparex made some insults, I think as he was just awakened. This escalated and a duel was thrown down, Yarid and Exfrexoa scolded him for insulting their customs.


The duel was interesting to behold, Sparex didnt even put a guard up and let himself be pummelled by Reugor, who after the fight tried to bring him round and failed. Efrexoa then had to tend to him.

Reugor said to not fight was brave indeed and the Dwarves joined us for a chat and some food.

They shared if we wanted to learn more history we should seek a scholar in a capital and gave us directions. They also shared some knollege of smoking and herbs with Yarid and Efrexoa who were keen to learn. Eventually we headed on, bidding them farewell. They told us not to go further south because of ice giants so we made our way west.


Efrexoa found a slightly larger carrot and was mildly happy.


Travelling further we stumbled upon jolly music and laughter in the wilderness. Getting closer it was what appeared to be a tavern, some of the group didn't trust the look of it and tried to investigate. We ended up moving stealthily closer and through the window could see a tavern keeper, a group of adventurers and a band playing but better than that Ale and food!


Sparex entered first with a bang surprising the inn keeper and myself and Gwillym followed. We were welcomed to the Lost Travellers inn and took seats at the bar. Yarid and Efrexoa didnt join and at the time I thought them just uptight. We drank ale and retired to a comfortable room with pie.

I went to sleep in comfort and woke up voice above us, stuck in a pit of bones and steep sides. We had been tricked. We managed to escape the pit and climb the sides, though Sparex was unable to see in the darkness. Swarms of rats descended on us and a large rat man figure stood looking down on the scene. We'd have to fight, though we had no weapons.


I charged at the rat figure, just making it onto the ledge upon which he stood. Sparex fumbled in the dark, still being attacked by creatures as gwillym was able to damage some of the foes that assaulted him from all sides. The fight continued for what seemed like a good while, before Efrexoa and Yarid came to our rescue. As they burst in I took a heavy blow and was knocked unconscious.


I don't know after how long but I was brought round by Yarid and shortly after we had finished the remaining assailants. We looked for treasure and all seemed well before I again collapsed, feeling shaky and weak. It wasn't until I was later brought round and healed again by my compatriots that I was told that I could have an affliction of sorts. It didn't bode well. We decided to make our way back.


During the way back we stumbled upon a large ring of green runes, with magnificent purple crystals in the middle. I was taken in by them and ventured into the ring to look closer with Gwillym and before we knew it the others were shouting for us to get out but it was too late, we fumbled to escape and were trapped by a barrier with moving trees descending on us. Gwillym jumped to the crystals and appeared to half lose his mind as the trees descended on us, giving me a mighty whack.

As I thought it was all over for us a giant voice boomed “stop” and the trees moved back away.


I titan of a tree thing approached that Yarid would tell us was Dunmore the titan of nature. He scolded us and told Efrexoa and I that we reeked of corruption. This worried me and I asked if there was anything he could do and he said yes and was able to remove it and asked if I wanted his mark, indebted I agreed. Efrexoa would not admit anything was wrong with him, possibly due to arrogance but Dunmore was able to make him see what he was becoming and he also let himself be cured of his taint and received the mark. We bid farewell and left on our way.


Just before the skull platform as we made it back stood three huge giants, one bigger than both. He had lightening hair and a lightening sword and looked formidable. He was recognised to be the Titan of lightening. (Forgotten name?) . He asked if we would carry a message to Santaur for those that could aid, in getting back his son. There is a great reward offered but those coming forward must be strong. I feel this was to be beyond my capabilities but for those strong enough they could gain more information from those we travelled with.

Neath Skulls and Hearts
From the journals of Gleipnir Oathold

Quickern 5th – 13th

The party:

1. Bodi, the halfling ranger

2. Ida, the human cleric

3. Haakon, the human wizard

4. Gleipnir, the dwarf cleric

5. Andreth, the human warlock/cleric


Captain Ignar's Directions:

"As you head west the road will fork in a day, when this happens head Northwest until you hit the lake, for you will if your course is true, this should happen after two-three days. Once you find the lake seek its southern edge then head west, do so for another two or so days, by now you should soon see hills. After reaching the hills turn South and walk that way, it is simple for now the wind will be in your face if Vondal himself does not seek to foil you, for all winds gather at Leirhe, a great mountain and the throne of the stormlord. With the wind in your face walk for two to three days, take care not to veer East for then you will miss the river as it flows from the South to the North. If you do veer West that is no great sin but do not cross the river before you see the mountains to the South, for the bridge is 3 days march from the hills you headed South from."

Our journey began hopeful and bright as the party hurried onto the skull.  The others had agreed to help me gather directions, and perhaps even find my kin of Korsh.  Though I knew Ida was eager to return to her duties to Vondal, and likely pursue leads surrounding Lirians, I am grateful for her willingness to help me reconnect with my old blood.  Leaving upon the fifth of Quickern, we took a westerly direction and began our journey based upon the descriptions of Captain Ignar.  He had said that from the cabins west of the skull we would begin his instructions for the long trek.  However, my mind was still worried and stewed during the first days on the fate of my lost cousins.  Was it possible that like Santuar these dwarves were trapped within their hold, or had they perhaps left their ancestral homes to find new shelters as the Dren and Dweyans had.  With this in mind I had to know that more than long dead bones would meet us within the hold.

We discussed this quandry, and with the council of my fellows, agreed to head towards a certain Shaman of Hess by the name of Hirkar who may know more of their fate.  We also had some additional questions for his mistress, as Haakon's translations for the first tome had come through which only begat more puzzles for us to solve.  Our journey to Hirkar was by no means easy, and though it lay along Ignar's directions we were harried by furies and frostfangs.  In spite of these foes we reached Hirkar, and with Haakon following me through the woods we divined many answers, some we didn't even know we needed.

To my surprise Hess was not nearly as grim as I had originally assumed, in fact she was most forthcoming answering as much as she could.  She explained that my kin indeed were within their ancestral hold of Karrendor.  However, they were not only beset upon by foul creations of the masters, three in particular Remaros, Tamos, and Intina were cited in Haakon's translations,  but also were trapped behind the old gates.  Some ward had since come up to block all from entry, and only those invoking the names of Muradin and Mahal may pass through.  We continued our discussion and brought up Haakon's translations, surprisingly the only other who might be able to open this gate is the this Dionyror, who we believe to be Dror located within Allodheim.  Of Jordmundar and the fate of the ghostly Lirians, the only help Hess could provide was the dwarven adage, "By Fire and Steel shall it die,"  if she is right on thirteen of this vile serpents I fear our work will be long in freeing the Lirians from the madness of eternal servitude.  We then asked of more names of Varanar, who is indeed Vondal, and quite the penchant for facades, and that Remarion the Corruptor dwells beneath the Mire.  I fear that after this journal I know more of this location then I wish, for I reason he too is beneath the Mire's skull.  On the subject of the Mire, Hess mentioned a more direct path to the dwarven hold passing through the Mire and following the river that flows through it, specifically upriver into the hills and mountains of the southwest.  Lastly, Hess explained to us that Lir had not truly died, but was regathering his strength within Allodheim.  I fear the god's return may come under the control of his treacherous Dionyror, who seems more in common with the masters then other names of the past detailed in Haakon's translations.  Indeed, Dionyror seeks ought and wishes to snuff all of Lirian blood, and as it turns out Haakon was one of these fated bloodline of Lir.  The tragedy of all this will become clear as I finish my tale.  On the pyramids has warned us not wander within Aenar, the name of the tomb, and that great evil was within this place that should not be let loose.  At this point our time grew short and Hirkar returned to us from his possession.  We thanked him, and I promised to free my kin, renewed in my vow and hopeful for the future that they still might live!

Alas this optimism was not meant to last, for upon our final days returning home a great blow came to me.  It was not the lightning storm of the fifth day that held woe for us, as Ida handled that beautifully.  Instead our curiousity killed us in the crib.  It was brought to my attention that their was a door and passageway beneath the skull platform.  Cautious of such things I worried the passageway had been beset by traps of a magical nature.  Andreth had fortunately prepared his detection rites, and was even prepared to dispel the wards cast upon the great door below.  If I had simply not helped him, or had paid more attention to where we were perhaps she would live.  Alas as the seal was broken and a great black flame erupted from down the corridor.  Realizing the folly of our actions, I yelled a warning to those ahead, the magic of the masters was present and this fell flame reminded me to keenly my times within the Dragonbarrow.  However this was no shade before us, instead this fell creature was perhaps one of the three masers previously listed.  He wielded the unhallowed black metals of the Derro, and as the fire cleared before my eyes, Haakon lay dead at my feet.  Nearby Ida lay unconscious, and Andreth stood smoking in a blasted crater.  Though his curiosity had brought us to this terrible place, in moments Andreth, brandishing Kaveral, the sword of Kastus, resealed the door as best he could. If I could say that my foolishness had ended their only one life would have been lost that day.  Ida, bless her soul still had the will to attempt revivification upon Haakon, if I had warned her the dangers of bringing back one engulfed in the Master's magic we would not have been forced to confront his twisted spirit.  He had been raised a wraith contorted in pain by his final moments, and ignored my turnings of Mahal and Muradin.  Evilly did the spirit grin, and stripped Ida of her remaining life.  Once more death was thrown at my feet, but this time I would not allow for this growing ball of misery to overwhelm my friends.  I yelled for Andreth to flee, who had been not much but char and bones from the blast, and empowered Bodi's spear to better slay the corrupted souls.  Together we laid to rest Ida and Haakon, and have this warning for others.  DO NOT DELVE BENEATH THE SKULLS!  The magic of the Masters will do far worse then kill you, and no god's magic will undue the maddening touch these fell curses have if wielded by a true Master.  If not to add to my mounting grief, I was beset by the voice of Muradin within my mind, he warned that the new seal would not hold.  I know not what I can do, but perhaps my lady will be able to help, for that creature can not be allowed to wander Sarek.

Toadal Warfare

Group: Vaki, Kathak, Tira, Devros, Nia

Date: Quickern 19 to Quickern 22

I am coming back from my second journey to Maephoon, and I have to say that I was much more pleased with the results this time. I gathered a new group of adventurers, and we made our way out to the southwest from the skull platform. Kathak was experienced with the wilderness so he lead our way, and soon enough we came upon a stream.

It was here we first discovered the tracks to these evil frog creatures I had heard so much about. We followed the tracks for the rest of the day, and eventually happened across a cave near the stream where we could rest our heads. The night passed rather uneventfully, but when morning came around we saw a humanoid creature mucking about around the waters.

After some discussion, and scouting we discovered the creature was one of the evil frog men. An unholy mix between man, and frog the vile thing wore nothing but a loincloth. Holding a spear in hand the primitive beast seemed ready for combat, and violence. I was ready to meet it all the same, but my companions suggested at least trying a more diplomatic route.

Tira had a discussion with the frog man in Erdari, but the information she got was about what one would expect. It was a savage tribal beast, and was willing to kill spiders even after hearing they were intelligent creatures. After having this short chat it then jumped into the stream, and we continued following the tracks we had found before.

While walking along the sandy banks Deveros was attacked by a hidden creature. This creature looked like a giant scorpion, and was hiding secretly in the sand waiting to ambush the first person who walked by.  It popped up, but my companion managed to get out of the way without suffering serious harm. After that I jumped straight into the action.

I used my enchantment magic to try to bind the creature in place, but its mind was surprisingly strong. After that the group took to hacking away at it. Vaki chopped at the creature, Kathak shot arrows into the beast, and Tira used a bolt of arcane magic. After felling the creature Devros quickly used healing magic to repair the wounds I had sustained, and we then harvested the creature's meat for food.

Our meal did not pass by in peace though. Some large undead carrion birds came looking for an easy meal. Not wanting to fight them we obliged, and placed most of the meat outside of our camp. This seemed to satisfying them so we were able to finish eating our meal before heading back out on the trail.

It wasn't long after that when we came about the vile creatures that had left such a trail for us. The three of them sat huddled around a fire making terrifying croaking noises. Again Tira requested to try more diplomatic means, and I agreed to it. The savages had other plans however.

As we attempted to parley with the creatures they took up arms, and charged us in response. They had no intentions of settling on peaceful terms. Their hatred for those connected to The Spider Queen was abundantly apparent as well considering that they made an obvious effort to kill me. The lot of them did everything in their power to end my life.

Lucky for me I had allies of my own. Vaki used my healing potion to close my wounds, and then we took to responding with appropriate force. Kathak shot his arrows from a distance with my spider Elise distracting the frog men for him. Vaki did her best to chop the enemies down, and Tira used her magic to disable the commander.

While they did that I endured the continued assault from the frog men using defensive magic, and then used my enchantment magic to lock down one of their warriors. The whole while Devros used illusion magic against the creatures, but they appeared to be practically immune to his display. Though perhaps that had more to do with his choice of illusion. I cannot say for sure.

Eventually we managed to kill one of the warriors, and their leader. Though the leader did make an attempt to escape down river. Kathak made a expert shot from at least 150 feet away with his arrow to kill it. Then Vaki dove into the river to retrieve the body. Our whole group made superior use of teamwork, and we managed to handle everything perfectly.

After the fight we tied the last frog man up, and made our way across the barrier. The frog man was rather uncooperative when it came to questioning, but it didn't matter. We took him back to Broodmother Opacalia to see what she would do with him. Being a creature of deep wisdom she made good use of the captive.

She used her magic to gain information from the beast about the activities of its kin. We also told the broodmother of the piles of dead spiders in bags we had found on the frogs, and showed her an amulet that had been on their leader. This only seemed to prove the beasts were even more evil than I originally thought.

The amulet was enchanted with vile magic, and the broodmother wrapped it in her webs to seal it away. She also spoke of some other things, but I fear that information is somewhat sensitive considering there are still those who wish her harm. After the discussion the mother then gave our group boons for our hard work.

These boons were made of ancient magic, and instantly their effect could be felt throughout our bodies. Though Tira turned down the boon as she is already pledged to another ancient being. After that Tira was allowed to examine the arcane markings on Opacalia's back, and discovered they are written in ancient text. One can read the words, but the knowledge of their meaning seems to fade away the second one's eyes turn elsewhere.

Finally the generous spider gave us a few other rewards for our patronage. She gave us a magical lockbox that could only be opened with a password. The password is something else I shall omit as one of my companions kept the box when we returned. Inside the box were also three magic gems each containing the magic of a spell that could be used only once. She also gave a gift to all adventurers of Santaur.

She showed me her symbol, and told me that any who mark themselves with it shall not be harmed by her children. Though I'm sure those that seek to hunt the spiders will still find a stalwart defense raised against them. With this however adventurers of Santaur who wish to travel by her lands can do so without worrying of coming into conflict with her kin. On that accord I would urge adventurers not to ruin the amiable relations we now have with Broodmother Opacalia.

I will mention the broodmother seemed interested in having one of our donkeys as a meal during the visit. When we told her we needed them she left things be, but future expeditions might find bringing her some livestock to eat could grant one a proper audience. Perhaps someone of higher status wanting to establish more official relations could do such a thing, but I am not in a position to request that of them.

Finally our group made our way back towards the skull platform home. On the journey back we passed once again by The Shrine of Eolair the Fair. Tira read the markings on the door, and told me the full message reads "Shrine of Eolair the Fair, he who brought peace."

While there we also made an effort to make basic repairs on the location. This was done in large part by Kothak who put the statue back in place. Much of it was still broken, but I was pleased to see my new group repairing the damage that the previous one had done. As we left the location all of us got a serene feeling as well. Proof that the gods were pleased with our actions.

On a final note I will mention one thing. Be cautious of the frog men. They attacked when we tried to treat with them. They are also cold blooded savages, and killers. They seem to be interested in eating, and killing more than anything else. If you capture any I would suggest bringing them to Broodmother Opacalia. Doing so brought great joy to my heart, and I hope that it will bring even half as much to yours.

Marankosh, A journey of Vamps, Bugbears and Glasses

 - exerts from "Vox Magnus, Arcanic Devices" Published by Rolandus Prints.

Parchment (1)

Though filled with sketches of black runic skulls and the case study of Vrykull welcome gestures, the following pieces of information can be gathered. 

On the 12 of Quickern, Jackamo and Eferxoa ventured out together into the lands of Marankosh. The reasons? Well, the keen mind of Jackamo and the curious nature of Eferxoa guided there desires to seek new and exotic plant life. 

More scribbles continue around the parchment, theories of plant growth, followed by what seems to be the starts of a research paper on green skin and what it occurs.

Upon entering Marankosh, the pair fall upon the sight of a rather tall humanoid. This individual introduced himself as Reygar Icefang. Reygar was approximately 8ft tall (2.4384m) with ice blue eyes, his race was called Vrykull.  Reygar told Jackamo and Efrexoa he was waiting for a women called Ida, as he had a task for her.  Unfortunately neither knew who this woman was and instead convinced Reygar to join them. Reygar accepted.  

The wall of a man with piercing blue eyes led the pair to a temple. This huge complex held much wonder, however one thing did draw attention above all. A huge marble like being in centre of the temple, the Stone Dragon. 

Sketches of the dragons wings and mathematical equations guesstimating the full extent of this beings wing span can be seen all around this section of the parchments edges.

The Stone Dragon had golden eyes and belly, but the scales covering the rest of its gigantic mass was white as marble. The creature was known to us as "the Guardian", however during a short conversation with this guardian a female forest giant joined in. She informed the party she  was here to clear out a goblin infestation and that several other heroic individuals from Santaur has been assisting her.  It was decided here that Reygar would be Jackamo's and Efrexoa's guide, failure to keep these two alive would be at the forfeit of Reygars own head.

Parchment (2)

Most of this page is filled with detailed listings of various races; weird looking dwarfs made of fire, ice or rock. Odd beings called the Ursa and lizard like beings next to what one could only describe as "fish people" and "wolf" 

After leaving a hallway filled with portraits of different races upon its walls, the party came across a black skull made  of a rare stone called obsidian. Runes cover the skull if one examings it closely. 

A magical incantation in Glarnic runes appears to be written here, but it was unfinished as if something dragged Jackamo's hand away from the page

Parchment (3)

Magma rock, Dragon Glass abd various other translations for obsidian can be seen translated upon the rough lines of the parchment. An entire essay on "the absorbing qualities of Obsidian; Why does it absorb magic" fills the page in a tiny font.   

Parchment (4)

The page is titled "The Anatomy of Bugbears and the Diameter of a Great-sword, why do they collide so well?"

The party rested after passing through the jungle and seeing a grand stag bowing to Efrexoa. The night went without much worry, until Opee (Jackamo's Familair) warned Efrexoa of intruders. 

4 Bugbears attacked, Jackamo was nearly taken out by one swift javlin, yet in he returned this blow with enlarged fury. He turned the 8ft wall of muscle (Reygar) into a 16ft monstrosity, the bugbears did not stand a chance. Several limbs and two halved corpses later. Reygar and Efrexoa held the last remaining Bugbear in custody. The bugbear pleaded for his life and informed the party they were sent by Ruk to scare off travelers and keep them away from his business.  Once the use of the prisoner was depleted Reygar ended his miserable existence. 

Parchment (5)

Entries informing about  Ruk the Titan of hills scatters the top half, scribbled quickly as Reygar informed Jackamo of his knowledge of Ruk. The rest of the page is filled with vast scribbles about the masters and a strange orb

On Ruk: Smallest of the titans and the dumbest. His feral nature is normally kept in check, however the hill giants at his command corrupted by purple crystals has caused some alarm.

The party found various goods on the bugbears, but the strangest of all was a small yellow gem, its worth was unknown but it was clear it had a connection with the masters. 

Parchment (6)

A few studies of plant life and possible theories in the art of covering tracks.

A humanoid shortly appeared after the encounter with the bugbears, he went by the name of Varis. He informed the party he had been tracking them, however he did not exactly explain why and came across as rather arrogant.  Nonetheless, the ranger joined the party as they set off to seek the Capital city of Jottunheim. 

Parchment (7)

More case studies on plants and also diagram of a trinket to help find large mundane objects lost on ones person

As the party moved onwards, the party ended up meeting a rather friendly Hill Giant called Brynor the lore master. It seemed the giant had lost his glasses, but the keen eyes of Efrexoa noticed they were infact around his neck. The scholarly giant regaled them with origin of the corrupted Hill Giants.

He stated it happened with magebane, a purple like crystal around 800-900 years ago. The Masters were mentioned, the Hill giants and there allies battled the Masters, which lead Magebane being released and Lanaxus the prime titan being killed. 

Parchment (8)

This page is filled entirely with the saga of Lanaxus and the origins of the Hill Giants. [Send Jackamo/Grin a PM if you wish to have the full story]

Parchment (9)

An alchemical recipe based around vampire ashes, aswell as essay titled "Of the Vamperic Bite"

The party upon leaving the Brynor after an exchange of gifts continued there journey and soon found a cave. The curious lot ventured inside and to there amazement found an entire complex hidden inside. The party presumed Varis had ventured inside to scout, however something sinster was about. Varis was drawn in by some hypnotic whisper. The party waited a while but soon noticed something was up and ventured inside to find him. The whispers returned, each party member receiving strange messages. 

Soon Varis was found though he was covered in blood, the party did not ask question as they quickly tried to leave. However, a strange fey like creature tried to stop the party from leaving. The creature swiftly fell to Varis's fine aim and Reygars mighty swing. 

It was here, the graceful, yet sinster vampire showed up. A little flustered and confused, the party readied to make there stand. Efrexoa ran out the cave, believing he needed to be outside to call down the moons rays to scourch our foe. In the mean time Reygar grappled and held the vampire in check. Eventually after a struggle and the return of Efrexoa, the fell being was ignited by Efrexoa's rays of the moon. 

Parchment 10

Frantic sketches and diagrams of various magical devices and weaponry.

Before leaving, the party scouted out the vampires lair, luckily so as they found 5 magical items, locked and suspended in a chest dangling by chains over a dark pit of blood.

Upon retrieving the chest through sheer luck as it fell from the chains (nat 20 luck roll) the following items were found.

  • A book of lore (still be read)
  • A Wand of Paraylsation
  • Greatsword named Flamebringer
  • A bag of minor holding
  • Black Plate Armour  with resistance to necrotic damage. 

Exert ends 

A web of madness
A counter to log to Mia

Group: Gwilym, Savric, Pahgigoth, Kairon, and Nia.

Date: 6 Quickern 1187 to 7 Quickern 1187

This log is written by Mardus Henley, scribe in employ of Savric de Warren, of the Barony of Hawkenly, these are his own words written in response to the web of lies posted in the log by Nia.

I began to lead the party as it appeared I was the only one that has spent much time in the wild and tracking. We decided upon some exploration and to head south west where none had yet headed. Travelling was easy at first as Nia stated until we reached the darkness. Any who have ventured this far know the dangers beyond.

It's accurate that we stumbled upon some webs and ruins and this made me grow cautious. Our party did seem like an odd bunch, Nia talking to her pet spider that frankly made me a little on edge and Pahgigoth, who didn't seem entirely with it most of the time, often staring into nowhere talking to himself. The rest seemed quite pleasant.


The log of Nia is accurate to the point that Pahigoth ran after a spider and we were forced to give chase. Stumbling into a fearful place where we found Pahigoth entangled, I rushed to his aid with Kairon and Gwilym. I struggled to pull him free while swarms of spiders covered him and got beneath his armour and a giant monstrosity of a creature skittered backwards calling a terrifying call . Nia was not to be seen for a good whilst we struggled. Eventually appearing and speaking some terrifying noise next to the spiders, I was terrified and deeply unsettled and had to step back from her and continued to try and defend my comrades.


Pahigoth began to run as he must have been very much shaken and picked up Mia. Kairon through his torch in the web, we should cleanse this place as much as possible. At this Nia who was clearly a little deranged launched magic at me for the first time, an ice blast grazed my arm. Before I could say anything she was carried out of sight as another giant spider descended upon us.

For honour me and Kairon thought we would hold the line against these monstrosities, despite our fleeing comrades. We fell one giant spider only for more swarms to appear, then another descended on us. Gwilym, Kairon and I used every tactic we had to fight bravely and survive the onslaught.

Eventually the battle was won but barely, it could have been all of us left to die on that field but we few held out. In respect of these mighty beasts I went to make sacrifice. Mia again turned up at this point not the danger was gone, accusing me of defiling them. From the markings on there backs and there size, these creatures were unnatural, they were monsters! I would not stop my ritual. At this she used magic and put me to sleep. The next I find myself awake again, woken by my friend the argument still continuing. Justifiably I used force to try and restrain this lunatic.

Pahigigoth did manage to cool the situation to a resolve I was happy with, though I think cutting the spider in half was more of a defilement than my ritual burning but that just shows this lunacy.

The next thing we know is Nia is called over to were the broodmother has been discovered. In my opinion it should have been time to leave there and then. Let her go in there with them and not return. She did come back though, only to tell us we were to be hunted!! What kind of a parley is that to agree upon!


As Nia's log states we were able to see off this abomination without her help, this half human, half spider creature. We hit it and it appeared to instantly heal, we were in serious peril.

I was happy to return alive from this foray and believe we should go back and finish this broodmother and all her kin! They are monsters upon the earth and had created an abominable creature.

Nia is clearly mad and I should be wary of travelling with her until she proves herself otherwise sane.


Savric De Warren


The Web of Fate

Group: Gwilym, Savric, Pahgigoth, Kairon, and Nia.

Date: 6 Quickern 1187 to 7 Quickern 1187

Two days ago I left safety, and journeyed to the lands of Maephoon. I went with a four other individuals, and we brought our 3 donkeys along for the journey. We traveled to the southwest as it seemed that no other explorers had properly mapped the area. The first day was relatively uneventful with our group spending the first night on the south side of a mountain named Bloom Peak. The second day however we headed deeper into the darkness.

It was there we discovered a host of ruins, and webs. It was an interesting discovery, but according to my pet spider Elise there weren't any other spiders lurking around the area. However it looked like a large battle had recently taken place on the grounds. Given that fact we slowed our travels, and moved carefully along our path. Eventually night came, and trouble followed shortly thereafter.

While setting up our camp I had Elise check the surrounding webs. She found another small spider, but Pahgigoth seemed insistent on catching it. I warned the small spider to run, but alas the man chased after it. He chased so fiercely in fact that the rest of our group was forced to run after him in that direction.

Eventually we did stumble upon him again, but we also came upon a swarm of spiders too. One spider that was easily as big as a human man was attacking Pahgigoth along with a swarm of normal sized spiders. The swarm surrounded him while he was stuck in their webs, and almost killed the orc. Fortunately we showed up just in time.

After saving his life we chased the larger spider away. As it ran it made calls for help from its kin, and I took to scarring off the smaller spiders. Being a servant of the spider queen myself I knew what must be done, and gave them a warning to dissipate if they did not wish to suffer harm. Luckily they listened, and soon enough it seemed the tides had turn.

Along with one of my allies we put the remaining spiders to sleep, and I told the group that it was now time to retreat. The servants of the spider queen only sought to defend their home, and I knew for certain that they would do so with the coming reinforcements. Unfortunately my allies were more concerned with senselessly harming innocents, and destroying homes.

Pahgigoth and I left the creatures to their home, but the other 3 recklessly continued their savage behavior. Sarvic threw a torch on the spiders' homes burning them, and killing many of the smaller ones. I did my best to put out the flames, but alas I wasn't able to land my cold blast in the right place. The others took to fighting the reinforcements that had arrived.

Two large spiders each big enough to easily fell a horse appeared, and began to valiantly defend their home against the malicious invaders. Their efforts were in vain sadly. The diabolic men used wicked magic, and underhanded tricks to slay their enemies. Peppering the poor noble beasts with arrows, and creating the sounds of large avians to frighten the creatures away from their defensive structures. 

I beckoned over, and over that there was no need for violence. Yet only Pahgigoth had the sense to listen. The rest continued to senselessly slaughter the spiders. With all of that the theater finally reached its closing act, and what of the defenders were left ran for their lives in all directions. The fight was over. The blood of the spiders was sprayed all about the forest.

Yet even that was not enough to satiate their lust for violence. As the group called us back I discovered Savric was attempting to defile one of the spiders' corpses. When I saw this I was furious, and pleaded with him to stop. I begged him with tears falling down my face to stop his demonic ritual, but he continued paying me no regard. Eventually he left me no choice, and I put him to sleep to stop his foul act.

While he rested calmly I asked Pahgigoth to help me dig a grave so we could give the creature a proper funeral, but unfortunately the others were also involved in this foul trade of evil blood magic. They quickly awoke Savric, and threatened me for putting a stop their foul rituals. I tried to plead with them to see common sense, but not one of them listened.

Instead they grew more determined than ever to complete their blood magic rituals, and they made various attempts to tie me up. Some of them held me against my will, and only thanks to my swiftness did I manage to escape. After that they resorted to more violent means, and began to attack me in full force. I nimbly dodged all of their blows of course, but had even one hit me I could have ended up dead!

Luckily at this point Pahgigoth interjected, and cut the spider in twain. He told the villains they could have one half of the corpse, and he would burry the other. To be honest even this was still much more foul then I would like to have allowed, but I gave in considering the psychopaths had already taken an attempt at my life. I know not exactly what their beliefs are, but clearly their blood magic corrupts the mind and seduces the soul.

After that incident things calmed down for a moment, but one of them called me over to some of the ruins to our west. Inside of it he had discovered a broodmother. She was understandably upset at the groups' actions, and I went inside to parley with her. Seeing her in person was quite the humbling experience. She looked large enough to fight off twenty men by herself, and she was surrounded by the eggs of her young.

We spoke as fellow followers of the spider queen, but she displayed her anger at the damage that had been done to her brood. I gave her my apologies, but told her I took no part in the harming of her children. This seemed to calm her anger, but only slightly. Eventually she decided that instead of kill my companions for their actions she would give them a test of fate.

She showed me a creature that looked to be part man, and part spider. This creature was humanoid, but had less than 8 appendages and less than 8 eyes. Yet more than two of both. She told me the creature would hunt the group, and if they could survive the test they would be free to go. I thanked her for being so lenient after having her home destroyed, and children killed.

Before I left however I asked if there was anything we could do to earn her favor. She told me that evil, horrible, vile, diabolic, villainous, treasonous, murderous, violent, demonic frogs lived in the river south of her lands. They apparently have been killing innocent spiders, and adventurers who kill the evil creatures may be able to befriend the broodmother. 

After that I told the group of her decision to spare their lives, and instead give them a test. Of course they spit in the face of her kindness, and threatened to kill the innocent creature later. To be honest I wasn't very surprised. Aside from Pahgigoth all of them were clearly psychopathic killers, and destroyers of homes. That much was obvious.

Regardless we made our way out, and I did my best to warn the others of the hunter's location. Again they took my kind offering, and spat in my face. I probably shouldn't have helped them at all. Though at the very least they made good use of my information. They picked an open spot, and set up a line of torches to fight the creature where they could see. Their methods did in fact end up being quite effective.

They used their usual tactics involving a barrage of arrows, and then followed it up with some sort of foul blood magic that prevented the hunter from healing itself. Their evil magic seemed to decide the day, and they managed to slay the hunter without dying. After killing it though they could not just leave things be. They dismembered the corpse, and burnt it to ashes all about the forest like the savages they were.

This seemed to only work in part though. The next day four more of the hunters appeared. Each one seeming to shadow each of those that had slain the original. They made no move against us as the broodmother had promised proving she is one who values her word. After that we passed through the barrier, and began to make our way home.

Of course that was not going to be the end of things as I thought. On the way back to the skull we passed by an old shrine. Again they lived up to their reputation, and instantly began to defile the god's fane. For no reason either. We were simply passing by, and they decided that the ruin looked to be in too good of condition. They couldn't allow that I guess.

This time I made no effort to stop them. Not because I did not wish to, but rather because I feared for my life. Their comments on the way back to the skull already made me fear for my life every time I closed my eyes. If any other adventurers read this know that Pahgigoth is a somewhat naive, but honorable warriors. As for the others I would suggest staying away if you value your neck. They're just as likely to cut it as they are the enemy's.

Fiends advance in Doredon
GM: Rigo

Roar, Human Paladin 1/Wizard 1 (Wolf)
Yarid, Human Wizard 4 (Niko)
Zeratix, Half-Orc Fighter 4 (Jin)


Account of an expedition to the land of Doredon from Calsar 29th to Calsar 34th in 1186, written by Yarid Polmear.

A previous journey to this land resulted in a request for an emissary from our side by the wood elves in the south, a mission which I had now decided to take on. Though I found myself with just the two aforementioned brave companions on the dawn of the first journeying day, the task was deemed too important to ignore. Even if our numbers were meager, at least we weren’t heading straight into hostile territory.
First off we moved approximately six miles southwest to find the hollow tree in which the elves had hidden a message and directions for us. Our search was cut short however. While searching the woods, a menacing fiendish canine with a bare skull for a head and only blackness inside pounced on us from behind a boulder. It coughed out a cone dark smog on as soon as it close; luckily Roar was left outside its effective range and I managed to dodge a good amount of the soul corroding mist with Zeratix doing the same. Our retaliation was swift and nearly every one of our strikes dug deep into the creature. The hound slumped to the ground but our victory was short lived. The shadow that formed a large chunk of its body leapt some hundred feet from us leaving the skull behind and twisted itself to an exact imitation of its fallen form. Again it sought our demise, now with revitalized vigor. Roar and I stood further back, safe from the fiend’s breath, and instead relied on our bows to lend aid to the half-orc master of melee. Once more he proved nimble enough to get away from the hound’s wicked exhalation and did not suffer major damage. This time our efforts were rewarded by the creature’s full demise. The sighs of relief were audible when the thing’s black body began dissipating into the air. Left behind was just its white bone skull and a hint of the magic used for its conjuration. I judged it would be equally as risky to leave it there as it was to pick it up. Hoping to prevent any harm to the nature here and possibly find answers by bringing the skull to the elves we chose the latter option.
It wasn’t long after that we located the hollow tree and the message and directions left inside it. A black songbird was there waiting for us and took flight as soon us we had read the note. I sent my familiar after it so to have the the option to resummon it later and gain knowledge of the route ahead. We were to continue southwest for another half day, there we’d meet a group to escort us further.
By now it had become clear how much being without a ranger to guide our way through the land truly hindered our travel. After another half a day’s walk we bedded down, still some ways away from our target location. During the following day’s travel we stumbled upon a bunch of curious looking, small, bear like animals with black and white stripes on their faces’ and tails. The creatures were obviously alarmed by our presence and sought shelter within a berry bush. Our first instinct was of course to inspect this exotic species for it might prove a valuable specimen. Closer examination however revealed however that only their would be worth bothering with. Zeratix and Roar came up with an idea to dig a sizable pit to the ground and tie the animals in it for later retrieval. I let them exempt me from shoveling duty for being the eldest in the party, though by just 4 years; something I came to regret for the rest of the journey. I purposefully don’t glamour away the streaks of grey in my hair but that gives them no justification to call me “an old man”.
We headed off once more and by the evening of the this second travel day arrived at a glade where our old acquaintance Swift Force waited with his troop. He was to lead us to their city the next day. Before it became wholly dark his men took us to the nearby river to fish. Of us, only Zeratix seemed to enjoy their method, of spearfishing as it requires more physical prowess than us scholars had.
The next we enjoyed a leisurely stroll to the elves’ capital under the ginormous tree towering above their forest. Above the commoners’ dwellings was the chief’s viny abode, a place where we received a surprisingly warm welcome despite the our first, not so great encounters and their now ongoing troubles with the demonic powers. I secured diplomatic relations with their leader in a short audience, parting what knowledge we had of the demons in the east as well as offered our company’s aid, for a suitable price. All this seemed to please the remarkably long lived elf and he said to direct us to Spiked Thorns, their court wizard of sorts. We paid the mage a visit the same evening. He wasn’t the most pleasant of our encounters but all the more professional. We received directions to presumed fiendish lair half a day’s travel to the east from him as well as a small compensation for the hound skull. We had some talks relating to the arcane but those I leave out of this report for their lesser importance though worthy of mention is the silver powder given to us to overcome the fiends’ resistance to ordinary weaponry. In the late hours when the only illumination was candle and lantern we finally got to our inn where my companions secured themselves company for the night and I engrossed myself in the intricacies of their variant of chess.
We got on our way early the next dawn. Still being without a warden of the wilds to guide our travel it took us a good well of luck to find the rumored place. On our way we met an elven patrol in the leader of which Zeratix took “interest” in but luckily for both parties she turned him down. Later on a pair of giant eagled also came to harass us but were no match to our arcane might. Roar feathered one of them and Zeratix stuffed the other one in his bag.
Nearing the end of the third river we began feeling anxious and took care to advance in the thicker brush, hoping to say of sight whatever was there. The strategy worked wonders. A menacing fiendish figure stood incanting what appeared a ritual of cursing by a point where water from the river pooled, very much ignorant of our approach. No hesitation was had and in fierce assault we nearly finished the creature before it could react. Zeratix held its attention for the remained of the fight and our victory followed soon after. Zeratix threw out the remaining eagle from his bag and replaced it with the slain demon. A lockbox was retrieved from the bottom of the pool and easily pried open, revealing a blood stained dagger inside. I took it to my care to identify and deal with if necessary.
Our return journey to the elven city was without incident and our rewards there generous. Especially their pipeweed was to my liking.

The walking dead episode 15 The drow cave
Gm: Niko


Date 45th of Froar

The party gathers to hunt some dark elves.
When we leave the second skull some of the party looks they have been here before.
and they make way towards the monastery,

While some of the party are skittish and kind of weary. Apart from the strange set-up of the party where Gigo makes a solid impression he gone completely mad.
We have gone quite a good part of the trip, with no difficulty.
Apart from a strange discussion between Gigo and Jackamon . where Gigo was trying to steal a magic box from Jackamon , I (Jin) noticed this and stole it back from Gigo and made up some excuse to give it back to Gigo and make him do what the Gnome told him to do, Dear me this is gonna a gigantic headache trip. At least Greywood and the other guy is normal as far as I know.
We again find one of the masters at the monastery.
We talked about the artifacts we found before.
Kasandros talked about the world and about artifacts spread around the world.

We went discussing which part of the day we should leave.

I then asked the master to train me in his way of martial arts, He said he needs to prepare for another student.
Also, I noticed that Gigo was trying to follow and listen in to our conversation. Not only did he fail he put on some makeup and looked like a complete Idiot.I finally convinced Gigo to give up this folly. He Did which was good cause the master just appeared behind me when I did not even notice. the evening I found that my water skin was punctured. I will think it was Gigo was, of course, the one who did it.

The Next morning we went plowing through the snow. and it was cold especially for the gnome who was all the way down to his waist.
we Found what looks like a barrow. this looks like a sacrificing pit.

Just when we approached we spotted a type of air gennassi with some imp, This looked like trouble……. Then I looked a Gigo he looked like more trouble. Really this fucking idiot. pardon my language. We had a tough fight an imp escaped and we killed not only an air gennasi but during the fight, 3 more bone like creatures just stepped up. and attacked as well these all fell to our mighty blows.

afterward, the crafty gnome did look at the value at the cloak the gennasi was wearing looked expensive if repaired.

then we saw the door which was written in some draconic, which indicated that the greatest of monks were buried here. We were convinced that this was the place where we should be. When the rest of the party took a look. An old man like me needed his beauty rest. Gigo came out not like himself. He saw multiple dark elves.and we discussed a long while but finally decided to make a mini bomber owl out off oppie the mechanical owl familiar of Jackamo.
he dropped an oil flask on the barrels inside with some magical pixy dust he was completely silent. this was glorious to see. Like looking at a painting but then it moves….. this would be a great invention for the keen minds…… Where was I yess after this,
combat began we shouted and we were frantically calling but oppie with his magic silent dust. Our threats were on deaf ears.

After some hard combat where we faced blindness and deafening magic.
many injuries and great strikes from Gigo and Greywood. Some great blows going back and forth.
Acre jumped across the barrels and got blasted to kingdom come.

we were all stunned by this death. Then Gigo roared and went across the barrels followed by Greywood and they made short work of the people there. While Gigo was still pounding his already dead enemy into even smaller pieces with his " cough " MAGIC. I coerced the other dark elf into surrender we could use him for more information about the location of other strongholds.

Then there came a hard part. I looked at Acre and realized he could still be saved. I redraw the sign of Aros on the blood and tried to summon the power of my Deity's Necromantic power to make Acre more stable. Well, I did not hear Aros but I did feel some eyes on me when I opened my own eyes to have a look. five gigantic eyes were hovering in front of me. He wanted me as a puppet but I stated that I was loyal to Aros and was not willing to make that deal just yet. But I need my companion back and I tried to give my worldly possessions. I offered things from hunting trophies to magical dust.
They thought this was trivial. But they accepted this offering and Acre came back……… Well, not completely he was zombified so to say. So I decided I would help him get his life back, as much as I can.
We did find some interesting items in the crypt. which we decided to take with us.

the items we found were
a spel book.
Light Halfplate
Cloak – bonus Action hide with ADV
Handcrossbow – Crossbow Expert feat
non magical
Belt – monk – 10 charges (one use only) free use, Charge gives one Ki.

Be warned these Items are cursed and should be handled with great care.

Well after our hard and taxing journey we return to the monastery to hand in the prisoner and to say we will be back after we rested.

I have come to realize one thing…. This land has high rewards but even higher risks we should thread more carefully next time and a healer won't be a bad idea to bring next time.



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