The Wilds Await

Merefolk and Titans. Session 47
Sheik drinks whitestuff and gets busy with a meremaid.


Devros warlock 4

Ida Cleric 5

Sheik Paladin 5



6th of Calsar

Devros, Sheik, and I head to Maraankosh,
We decided to go to the southeast up the mountain, about 15 miles from the skull, and set camp.
during the night we were attacked by a Girallon, a large beast beating his chest, after some magics from devros, and me taking a beating, we scare it off with a vision of a greater Girallon. Apparantly not all Girallon are friendly, despite what I have been told by some other people who have encountered them previously. The rest of the night was silent, as the fight seemed to have scared off all other wildlife in the area.

7th of Calsar

We arrive at a village to the southeast populated by Arrakoa, Merefolk, Fire-dwarves, and grayish dwarves, they all seem to live there as one people.
A local Mereman, tells us the name of the village is Visalaman.
Devros flattered the mereman on the beautiful lands and waters they live by.
The mereman then told us the fishing is declining recently. Probably due to some corruption of the ocean by Meri Adrie. The mereman then told us his name is Urhur. We agreed to have a drink together at the tavern "trident" after he had a chance to put his fishing gear away for the day,  and he warned us that the barkeeper is grumpy.

Walking though, we notice the village is a small fishing village, with a harbor house.
Fishermen are mostly merefolk, while the dwarves are tradesman, Arrakoa are mostly scholars.

We entered the bar at the other side of town and found the barkeep, a Mereman. He is fairly big for his kind. grumpy as all hell. He warmed up to us when we told him Urhur is a "friend" of ours.
He then told us his name is Ekemon, and he has never seen a dragonborn personally, and the last time they were sighted was during a war long ago between Titans and Dragons.
He gave us a free round of a darkblue drink, called "water of life". We waited some time for Urhur to join us by the window drinking our drinks, Sheik is a lightweight, did you know this?

Urhur finally joins us, carrying a pitcher of a brown drink they call Drag, he tells us the story of  Vitoranaxis over drinks, I have jotted it down as best as I can by memory, but I had had a few drinks, what follows is what I remember:

Vitoranaxis has been renown for being the leader of the bloodriders, 
it's been said that Vitoranaxis still lives, he is as old as the titans, he is known as the rider supreme.
He appears to be the leader of the bloodriders and humanoid as far as anyone knows.
Gariex the great red dragon sent the bloodriders out to do war, an epic battle between giants and dragons. Skaal or the war of creation as it was known, for lands were broken, mountains were made and countries descended to endless depths, raged on for a long time, and no end was in sight. Annam the Allfather and Gariex  played a "chess" like game for 7 days and nights to decide a victor, it ended in a stalemate. The game and the war went nowhere, it was pointless, so both sides agreed to end the war. that was 10000 years ago.
      Vitoranaxis was sent as an agent of the dragons, to kill the sons of anaam, the titans.
After the war ended most bloodriders gave back the 6 sword of power, created to slay Titans, but 1 did not. Vitoranaxis held on to his sword, he then destroyed 2 of the other riders, and the others fled to other lands. He found them all and used their swords to make a seal for his own sword, Mortanica. A rune blade of extreme power. the blade is said to be held in this land. 
many do not believe this to be true, but the giants are cautious. They think Vitoranaxis roams the lands, looking for the right time to strike. And the corruption might be his doing.


Much more info on Vitoranaxis he could not tell us, seek a scholar at Nistor he said. Upon asking about Nistor all he could say was: Nistor is at the north of Maraan.
find the second outpost of the second river, then head east 70-80 miles. Nistor is there.  Entry is barred if you do not carry a worthy offering, like a book or scroll of power, or a story for their Archives.

He then told us that Marnissa, a cloudgiant I have met before, is the head librarian. I can add to this that she was the first female giant I have ever met, also that she is fickle. Nistor is the main city of the Cloud Titan Nicias.

that evening we rented a fine room, and were given many delicacies of the sea from the Merefolk chef, and drink Drag, a salty ale of the merefolk. Shiek was given a jar off white liquid as a hangover cure by Ekemon the bartender. Sheik then went outside to barf while Devros and I ate seafood and drank Drag.
    Shiek took a long while getting back to us, we got slightly worried. I found Sheik at the bar with a black dragonborn named Cian. He claims to have been to Sarek, southeast from the Skull towards the glacier. he found strange caves, and as they went back they lost a friend there. he goes on to tell us he retired after as a result.

Cian claimed to be from a small village far to the east of Maraan, Castle Eilif it is called.
Sheik stayed to chat as I went back up to bed, finding Devros asleep in the armchair.

Sidenote: Ekemon sells Thunderbrew, it is 20gp per glass, but it is magical and enhances your perception, but according to Sheik it makes you light sensitive for a short while.

Sheik also told me that during his talks with Cian, he tried to ask him who the Earl was back then, but Cian dodged the question. And also that the following morning he could not get the barkeep to say a single bad thing about the man, as if he was charmed. We all felt anxious about this Cian Character.


8th of Calsar

I tell Devros about Cian, and to be wary during breakfast. Shiek joined us halfway through and started talking to Ekemon the bartender about Cian the dragonborn, as we pretend to not have been talking about him ourselves just moments before.
Apparently Cian has been to Santaur and Sarek, he lost his company in Sarek to wolfs during eternal darkness.

I tell the others about the 5 blades and my theories about them: 
That I found a place called the Alter of the 5 blades and we found inscriptions on the alter that read:

The blade of death is protected by it riders, For he who hold the Runeblade, Mortanica. will be the wielder of death incarnate.
Ash in found in stone. Dust is found in clouds. Time is found in the endless depths. Mirror is found in ice. Blood is found in death.

I tell them also that upon the 2 blades we have found so far the runes read:

"Ash will be the melter of morality, bringer of acid, and the deconstructer of constructs."

"I'm death incarnate with my power I crumble mountains, I empty oceans and even kill gods."

Urhur then entered the bar and asked us to follow him.

Urhur lead us to the elder, at a small price to himself, he is a captain of a ship that took us to the middle of the bay, unaided by sail or oar. We were told to stay at the center of the ship, or else drown. the ship then sank into the water, surrounded by a air bubble. This was done by a strong and old enchantment on the ship. During the decent we heard singing from the depths by merefolk.

After a decent amount of time we arrived at a small outpost the captain called Allise, and he stated we needed to talk to the Lady, before we can venture on to Alantair.
The same kind of runes and air bubble surround the village, and the seas floor is sturdy to walk upon. Sheik suddenly started flirting with a mermaid, on our way to the Lady. Sheik got more and more rude and inappropriate. He left us to flirt with her in her house.

On our way we saw a sea serpent, it looked at us and the merefolk waved at it, it seems friendly towards them as it nodded to them in response to the waves. We arrived and entered a small temple, and were asked to be respectful.

I recognized the size and form of a 12-14foot creature, with silver/blue hair to her waist. A well shaped, curvy body, and ocean blue eyes. Perfection made flesh according to my traveling companions. She was clearly a female storm giantess.

Her name is Geena, she tells us we need not be so formal, and asked if we want to head over to Alantair. We told her we were seeking info from Vilmas, about Meri Adrie, Vitoranaxis, Gariex, she gasped audibly at the mention of Meri Adrie. She then asked what order I wanted the info in, as she had most of it anyway, I jotted this down for you aswell in the order it was given;


He was the greatest, the leader of the bloodriders. They were emissaries of the dragonborn, not all of them dragonborn or fully dragon, but they were a differential bunch, all a kind of dragon. Vampires are demons of a kind, sustained in unlife by drinking blood.  The bloodriders are vampires and are the first of their kin. All vampires are decedents of bloodriders, and they are often called riders of the apocalypse. We Titans have a saying, "When we go to Ash, and our Dust is settled, only Time can Mirror what our Blood has spawned." He held a blade like none other. the blade is called Mortanica, and in giant it is equivalent with the word heaven.


Overlord of the red dragon clan, waged war on Amman, ask Nicias.

Meri Adrie:

Older sister of  Vilas and I. She is first daughter of Vilmas. She was the enchantress of the sea. Now she controls our fathers greatest asset off old, the kraken and the LeviathanLeviathan, Kraken and the sea serpent are the guardians of the sea. only the sea serpent remains, and their names are secret, names hold great power over beings. The sea serpent is a shape shifter and stays small to not unsettle creatures of the sea.


Some of this info we already knew, but getting a second source on it bodes well for the accuracy of the tellings.

We were denied access to Alantair, unless we complete a task for Geena first.
She wants us to find the Trident of Othea. It might be on a mountain, as Othea loves mountains.
The Trident was taken by Lenaxus, but he looses interest fast and might have left it there somewhere. Find the biggest moutain next to Maraan was the only advice she could give.

Geena would not speak of gods when asked about Vondal. But told me to seek him out inside of his mountain, or under it,  as the cold wouldn't affect us there unlike on the top off the peaks.
Devros and I were then offered a blessing from Geena. We both accepted the Blessing of the Storm titan. Alas we also received lingering injuries that will last 2 weeks, before it can be healed, according to my medicine knowledge. 

We later headed up via the boat again, but were ambushed by seafolk who worshiped the Kraken. we brought them down in quick order, and got back to the surface.
Upon reaching shore we met Cian, who told us he was bringing us back to the skull, so we left with him. We made sure to keep an eye on him during the trip, as we have misgivings about him due to his formiddable knowledge about Santaur and Sarek, even though the Mysts only partet recently and he claimed to have been to both places 20 years ago. 

9th of Calsar

We got back to Santaur via skulls. I told Devros and Sheik that Cian might be Vitoranaxis or one of his followers, as he must be very old if he knows of places that have just recently been recovered from beyond the mysts. They seemed to at least agree that something was very odd about Cian. We then headed our separate ways.


Excerpts from the journal of Cleric Ida Valfarsdòttir, Skjoldmøy of Vondal, Blessed of Hess, and Blessed of Geena.

Session 46: Unload the Toad

I went to meet Mr. Greywood at The Adventurer's Boot to continue the story of my heroics yesterday. I heard he was planning a visit to a super secret tunnel in the side of a mountain. I'd also never been to the land of Maephoon before so it seemed like a good chance to go exploring. Exploring dangerous lands is also an important part of being a heroine.

It wasn't just me joining Mr. Greywood however. A group of other people named Ghesh, Zeratix, Greysome, and Oamon also came along. I want to make a note that Greywood, and Greysome are not related however. Greywood is a Grey from the woods, and Greysome is a Grey from the land of some. I'm not sure where the land of some is though I will have to check a map when I get the chance.

Anyways after meeting together we all traveled west of Santaur till we found a platform hosting one of those large skulls. The green skull accepted us as travelers, and took us far off into the skies. The land we found was just begging for me to go adventuring in it. The land was dark with shadows, and the light only just barely seemed to hold it at bay.

In spite of it we arrived safely, and made our way out towards our destination. It didn't take us long to arrive at the mountainside which we set off to reach. Once there Mr. Greywood made his way to the spot from his memory so that he could open up the secret passageway. He held out a amulet that he had, and sure enough the mountain opened up to something not seen by eyes in many years.

A long hallway sat before us, and its length even bested the range of my dark sight. Mr. Zeratrix lead the way, and at the end of the hallway was a face carved into the stone. Mr. Greywood once again took point, and proceeded to put the amulet into the odd sculpture's mouth. Almost as quickly as he did though he had to remove his hand as the magic carving tried to take his hand clean off.

After just a moment the carving came to life, and said we needed the blessings of the master. I wasn't really sure what that meant, but the rest of the group seemed to have a good idea. They told the face that they had killed the master already, and from there they began to blunder about talking to the thing.

I remembered a few stories I'd heard of people outsmarting such guardians, and after I told that to the group Mr. Zeratrix tried to negotiate with the door. I'm not quite sure exactly how the conversation went, but it was very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very boring. Like really, really, really boring. Somehow though he convinced the stone wall to open up, and let us through. I wasn't aware you could negotiate with doors, but I will have to keep that in mind in the future.

After getting things open though I kinda started getting suspicious that Mr. Zeratrix might not be such a good guy. He started calling all of us slaves for some reason, and he had a nasty look in his eyes. Whatever the case was we made our way into the next room, and let me tell you this one was G-R-O-S-S GROSS! I mean I'm a heroine, but even for me this room was a bit too much.

The room was just one long plank of wood suspended over a bunch of beetles. Like really gross looking beetles. They were crawling around everywhere underneath us, and I'm pretty sure falling down would have been a really disgusting death. At the end of room we found another door, and I'm going to tell you now the story only gets worse from there.

The second room in a row was exactly the same! More boards, and more beetles! At least this time when Mr. Greywood reached the end he actually got into another room. The bad part was that the board moved back so none of us could cross. We all ended up having to get out of the way so Mr. Greywood could play with the right switch to get it to go back to how it was.

After that we all made our way to the next room, and let me tell you this place was amazing. It was a huge open area with a large pit in the middle. Across the pit were four archways that all lead to some large magical thing in the center of the room. Though two of the archways were already broken from being so old.

The pit below went down farther than the eye could see, and the room had four different doors for us to explore. Each door except for one had something written on it, and Mr. Ghesh used some of his magic to read the doors. It was a good thing too because it takes me like 10 whole minutes to cast that spell. I'm gonna have to ask him how he does it so quick. The doors are listed below.


Northeastern Door: Had the word "Servant" written on it.

Northwestern Door: Had the word "Pens" written on it.

Southeastern Door: Had the word "Slave" written on it, but apparently it had been scratched out, and rewritten in a bunch of different languages.

Southwestern Door: Was just the plain wood door we used to come into the room.


I suggested we go through the slave door so we could rescue the slaves. After hearing that Mr. Greywood opened up the door, and the vile smell of villainous villains came bursting out of the corridor. In response to this Mr. Greywood went to the other two doors to check them as well.

The servant door was dimly lit with small candles, and we could hear noises coming from the long hallway that it opened up into. I also noticed it was very clean. They must have had some really good servants taking care of it. Then the other door labeled pens actually smelled really good. It smelled really sweet like someone was baking with large amounts of sugar, and honey.

After checking each door we then started arguing over which door to go through. I of course wanted to go save the slaves. Mr. Zeratrix on the other hand wanted to go down the servant room. He kept talking about how the residents would be good to rob, and how much he liked robbing people for money. He also threatened to throw Cure, and me down the pit since I wanted to do the right thing. He was a really horrible person!

With everyone having a split opinion I turned to Mr. Greywood for direction. He had organized this expedition after all so I was ready to listen to his desires. The man said that he thought we should go to the southeast like I said since three of us were already wanting to go that way. So finally off we went, though Mr. Zeratrix kept giving me nasty looks.

We trekked down the long hallway that came after the door, and found ourselves in a true maze. Tons of twists, turns, and different paths laid in front of us. I should have left some sort of marks so we could find our way out, but I didn't think to do it. Anyways we all went along, but for some reason we had trouble staying together.

Some people ran way out in front, and others ran way behind. None the less we all traveled down together passing some foul smelling pools of water on our way. Shortly after that we found a shrine with green lines, and a green leaf on it. In fact if I remember right we found two of them. I think the shrines were dedicated to a seraph or god, but I really don't know that much about that sort of stuff.

We were going to spend a bit of time investigating the shrines, but we had to ditch them when we started to hear the sounds of battle. Mr. Zeratrix apparently ran off on his own, and got ambushed without the group. I don't know the full details, but supposedly a bunch of dark skinned dwarves with plants coming out of their orifices jumped out of the water to attack him.

We weren't anywhere close though so we just had to chase after the sounds of him screaming for help. On the way there some sort of magical rope tied up Mr. Oamon. Luckily it just hung him from the ceiling, and he was able to escape pretty easy since he's so strong. However it did slow him down a bit.

Eventually though we all caught up to Mr. Zeratrix. By the time we got there he had already killed the dwarf monsters, but two monster toads were after him instead. Just like the dwarves the monster toads came out of the water as well. The toads were black with long barbed tongues. They had three mouths full of jagged teeth, and large eyes with no irises.

By the time we arrived Mr. Zeratrix was nothing, but a damsel in distress. I answered his cries like any true heroine would, and ran forward while he coward behind my strong figure. Though he didn't seem all that thankful for my assistance. I'm going to have to teach him some manners.

Anyways Mr. Ghesh took the point, and fought held off the creatures with his longsword, and ice breath. I came in behind him, and used my burning justice to engulf the animals in pink flames. Just like I was taught the flames didn't harm anyone of pure heart so Mr. Ghesh was fine. Mr. Greywood also got involved using his bow to lay down a hail of arrows on the creatures.

Even with all of our combined efforts though the monstrous beasts still did quite a number on our friend. Looking for vengeance Mr. Ghesh sliced one of the toads in two, but the monster would not go down without a final curse. It let out a large horrible croaking sound that piercing the ears, and the mind. I felt a horrible shock in my brain, and was barely standing after the blow.

I of course was not going to back down from evil just because I had taken on some wounds. Though I did notice it knocked Zeratix unconscious. I wanted to help him, but I had one of the toads pulling me in with its tongue. The damn thing tried to crush me with a backflip too, but I managed to cast shield of justice just in time to block the assault.

After that I backed away to get some distance, and Mr. Oamon took point in front of the monster. I was really glad too because I'm pretty sure I would have died with just one more blow. Even then I didn't back away though, and once I saw the group taking care of Zeratrix I downed my potion to get back into the fight.

I tied some cloth around my head to cover my ears in case this frog cried out again, and then took my place behind Mr. Oamon. I wasn't going to let the damned evil creature survive that encounter. So when the black monster tried to flee into the nearby water I knew exactly what I had to do.

I used my electric orb of justice on the water, and I was pretty sure that the creature died to the blow. Just a moment later Mr. Oamon picked me up, and began to carry me out of the maze. I think we would have gotten all the way out, but he got caught up in the rope trap again. Of course he just broke out of it with ease shortly after. 

After a bit of getting lost we did eventually find our way out of the maze. Though the main room wasn't very welcoming. Mr. Zeratrix kept trying to kick me off into the pit, and a dark elf came peaking out of the door labeled servant. When we saw this we all ran for the exit not wanting to die to any other monsters.

Our escape turned out pretty well, but as we jumped off the boards fell down into the pits of beetles. I'm not sure if getting back across will be an easy task. I'm also pretty sure those dark elves were trying to kill us. Damn dark elves. Always so evil, and dark. Either way I want to go back to that place. I can't stand the thought of leaving monsters there to do evil deeds.

Though I guess that's going to have to wait till I get some rest. I'm hurting pretty bad after that last encounter, and I won't be able to be a great heroine if I die to those boars in my upcoming mission. Before that happens I also need to pass on the information I found out to the Earl. I heard a rumor that he was willing to pay gold pieces for info.

I think his name was Lord Westingford? I'll have to go ask around about it before I go marching in. Those noble types are real particular about that sorta stuff. I will also need to make sure to bring the group with me so we can split the reward. I'm not really the greedy type. Though I do need some money to live.


3rd of Calsar, Year 1186

Seeking Mahal

Session 45


45th of Plenth

Gathered the day before the new moon this time. We are going to make another attempt at reaching the fane of Mahal in Morrendeep. Delayed beyond anything i thought possible but finally here we are again. I can only hope Jin still breathes.

Setting out i feel confident for the party is larger and more experienced this time, me, Gleipnir and Eddon are the three returning members, joined by Puck, Ida and Sheik.

We took the skull and headed through the secret entrance, waiting for a day on the other side for the moon to be at its lowest, hoping this would keep us safe from Grishilgrim at the very least.


1st of Calsar

Going down into the Morrendeep, this time we went straight ahead, or had we been under the open sky, East. Do this until you get to the first bridge, you can reach it from your boat but beware of the water for creatures dwell there carnivorous fish, worms and frogs i know of so far.

We were attacked by frogs and from here the rest was an hour long running battle until we made it to the fane. Dispatching the frogs we went after some skeletons that had tried to exploit our distraction, i would place these things at the level of bandits, perhaps a bit worse.

Going North, or left if that description is easier. Realising that this used to be guest quarters it also had several hidden doors leading to garrisons complete with bow firing skeletons through murder holes we cleared out a part of it.

Given no respite by this cursed tomb, as we were trying to stop for a moment, find our bearings and talk about our next move some of Grishilgrims minions found the mess we had made of the skeletal guardians of this place.

These Draconids tongue is called "Skareth", a language shared by most if not all creatures corrupted by Skarnfire. It is a tongue i have learned through study so i could understand them when they decided this was the work of intruders and declared to tell the king so the drums of war may sound again. Not having time to explain this to my companions i sprinted out the door and managed to kill one of them, leaving us with four survivors. My companions trusting me followed me in this pursuit and we left the guest area intended for visitors to Mahal, riddled with murder holes and arrow slits behind.

Pursuing the Draconids into a great fungus garden, or rather across the stone bridges sixty feet above it we managed to slay them. But not before alerting the rest of the Draconids. Luckily for us they fled what i assume to be their garrison to the West of the fungus garden. They did not flee from us though and this left us fighting the five headed serpent that had scared them off. Having few places to go we made a stand and eventually slew the beast. Use fire if you ever encounter another one of these monstrosities.

It was then i saw it, a crystal dome directly east of the fungus garden. Gleipnir must have sensed it as he appeared to know what it was. We headed that way and came upon the fane of Mahal, crossing the water to it with the last of the spell Gleipnir had cast upon us that very morning.

One final challenge emerged from the water. A skeletal dragon. Sheik wasted no time and charged it, striking it and buying the rest of us enough time to bring the cursed thing down, almost returning to the realm of the dead he had recently escaped from doing so.


Entering the fane we found a massive sarcophagus, surrounded by stone trees, not carved imitations of trees found in the wild. No these were their own thing entirely and from there branches grew crystals.

We left our offerings and suddenly appeared just West of the second wall, or the Pelias wall as it is called in Santaur. Gleipnir assured me he had communed with Mahal so the expedition was in a way a success, even if we did not get the chance to seek Jin or the prince Garreck.

I have nothing but kind words to say of my companions during this journey, in the face of horrors that shattered entire war bands and would have broken the minds of lesser beings. Not only did they stand firm, they met the challenge head on and in the end emerged the victors.

Maephoon, Plenth 37th-40th , 1186
A sticky situation in the mountains

West Marches field report by Capt. N. Greywood
To be delivered to King Godric I

Dates: 37th through the 40th of Plenth, 1186
Location: Maephoon
Attending: Capt. Nevin Greywood, Gleipnir Oathold, Comet, Oamon, Pahgigoth

Despite our harrowing experience with the brain slugs earlier in this very same month, I was assigned the duty of further exploring the realm known as Maephoon. Leaving on the 37th of Plenth with 4 voluntary adventurers, we traveled by the skull vehicle and arrived without incident at the same platform as in previous excursions.

It was decided that we should try to find our way to Mystwatch, a monastery that Gleipnir had visited on a previous journey to this strange land. Following his lead, we followed the road first east for a small amount, then north, and then west. During this part of the journey we met a Fyr named Baleth. He was wary of us but after conversing with Gleipnir he soon became more accepting. He even gave Gleipnir a bear pelt bag as some sort of token of friendship.

We traveled on and decided to camp for the night, just off the side of the road. Nearby we noticed an unusual maple tree, and Comet tried to speak with it, as Druids often do. He had no luck and we turned in for the night. 

At night we saw lights to the south, most likely coming from a Fyr village. They seem to be active well into nightfall. To the north, in the distance we heard strange voices, as if mumbling in a language we did not recognize. They did not come closer and we did not attempt to find their source.

In the morning, the maple tree now displayed some dancing lights and a voice spoke to us inside our heads. The tree holds the spirit of Kalas who, although weak now, had once been a nature seraph, similar to the others that had been encountered on other journeys. We conversed with it for a while and learned several things:

  • Long ago there was called Eolair the Keeper, who used to protect the land from the blackness. He was a god of law and order and it was he who kept all the seraphs in line and solved the quarrels. His current location is unknown.
  • Cirial, another seraph, governed the transition between life and death, but he caused trouble, yelling at the other seraphs and telling them what to do, despite having no authority. When Cirial gained too much power Eolair sealed him away.
  • Another seraph, Jalkar, is in Maephoon somewhere to the east, and Kalas wished us to say hi to him if we were to encounter to him.
  • The force that caused the destruction of the valley that surrounds the area was commanded by one called Sharagras.
  • In order for Kalas to regain any power, it requires worshippers of Nature and Order, as well as cultivation and growth. The tree released several leaves and Kalas asked us to plant them and watch over them for several hours until they took root. It was in this manner that new shrines to Kalas can spread to new places.

If further expeditions wish to find this Fane of Kalas, Comet has provided the following directions: The Fane of Kalas is directly NW from the landing about 15M, but is much safer to travel the road. Follow the road N until you reach the second Fork, then head W. You will come to another fork, take the bend heading N. Head west when you come to another fork, and travel for about 8M. You will come across a small rock outcrop along the road, with a strange red tree to the N of the road. This is the Fane of Kalas.

We continued on our way and journeyed west to a river. There was a single giant footprint, 10 feet across, that was somewhat frog-like in its appearance. It was headed east, so we crossed over the river to the west and then headed north/northwest around some rocky mountains. We headed west some more but Gleipnir had lost his bearings and was no longer sure which way we should go to find the monastery of Mystwatch. It was decided that rather than wander aimlessly through the mountains, we would turn back and return to Santaur and attempt a new excursion in the future.

We made camp for the night and I took first watch. Within a few hours an elven woman with dark skin and silver hair came across us. Spotting our donkeys, she sent her pet towards them and we were forced to confront it. 

The pet seemed to be some sort of tar elemental and was a strange foe: It wasn’t difficult to hit, but regular weapons did not do very much damage (and often times would get stuck inside its sticky mass) but enchanted weapons performed well. It had the ability to strangle foes caught in its sticky appendages and seemed to be immune to poison. 

The battle was strange but quick. Oamon had not the time to don his armor and was the main target of the elemental’s wrath, so he received substantial injuries early in the fight. Comet transformed into a giant spider and upon biting the creature found its fangs stuck inside. Pahgigoth, the simpleton that thinks he is a mighty wizard, revealed his true nature when he entered a battle frenzy and attacked with his axe. With my sabre enchanted by Gleipnir, I was able to slay the creature, at which point it popped violently, like a festering boil, with a force strong enough to cause serious injury.

At that point we turned our attention to the dark elf who attempted some magics upon us with no luck. She attempted to flee by sliding down the slopes of the mountain side but we were in no mood to let her go. Gleipnir used his own magics to cause her metal armor to head up and we pursued after her down the same slopes. Pahgigoth jumped at her but did not succeed in landing a blow. I was able to land on top of her, driving my sabre through her armor before jumping off. Comet, still in the form of a massive spider, shot webs at her and she tumbled down the slope to a landing below. She broke free of the webbing and reached for an amulet around her neck. Pahgigoth continued down the slope after her and struck her with his axe. Overcome with rage, he continued to hack at her long after there was any need to. Despite being of no use as a wizard, he was indeed quite a formidable warrior in close combat.

The amulet continued to glow and the rocks in the side of the mountain opened, revealing a stone hallway inside. Comet took the amulet off the elf’s body and the rocks began to close and we decided it would not be wise to be in that hallway once shut.

The rest of the night continued without incident and in the morning we retraced our steps. Along the way, we noticed that a skull, not unlike the kind that transported us to Maephoon, sat on a silver platform in a field of black thorny vegetation. The plants, likely dead from the blackness that plagued this land, did not pose much difficulty and when we reached the skull we recognized that the symbols on it indicated its next flight would take us back to Midgard. It was a bit smaller than the previous skull, but we all managed to fit inside and made the return journey. 

If exploring Maephoon, this newly discovered platform would be a better starting point for traveling northwest of the valley and will probably prove to be a quicker route to Mystwatch in the future.



The hard journey East.
Slogfest in Sarek, session 44


Ida Valfarsdòttir, Cleric 5

Aodi the Swashbuckler, Rogue 3 

Zeratix, the Sword for hire.  Fighter(?) 2



34th of Plenth.
Clear skies and no wind to speak of.
All the gods seem appeased, Solam shines his light brightly across the lands.
      We walked 6 miles east, set camp and was attacked by Wargmen during Zeratix' watch, then wolves during Ida's watch, and the rest of the night went by in silence. We left the corpses to be fed on by Carrion.

35th of plenth.
Stiff Breeze.
Vondal is gathering more wind to make a storm.
      We walked in silence as the winds carried snowdrifts and bit into our skin.
halfway or so through the day we happened upon some more wargmen, who we promptly killed in self-defence. Before Solam lost the fight against whomever governs the nightsky we faught a Direbear to secure shelter for the night in its cave, and for food, Aodi snuck up on it and struck a crucial blow into the beasts eye. enraged the beast rushed out and found Aodi where he was skulking behind the cave and mauled him. Aodi went down, but we killed the bear and got Aodi back on his feet. The fact that it was a Direbear cave kept creatures away, and the night passed in silence.

36th of plenth.
Heavy snowfall, wind has died down, sunlight peaks through between the heavy snowladen cloudy skies.

Hroth has set his wrath upon the lands yet again.
As Solam and Hroth battle for our attention, Ida noticed we had walked southwest for 12 miles the past day, instead of East.
       We headed northeast this day, to get back on track. We stopped by the start of the glacier and set camp in a small crevasse.
During Zeratix's watch that night we fought some Snow-lions. One of the lions lept down on Ida and knocked her out. But Zeratix and company made short work of the lions, Ida skinned them and we slept the rest of the night.

37th of plenth.
slight breeze, snowfall still heavy.
      We walked 12 miles west, to get back towards home, and known lands, tired of being assaulted by the fauna of the lands. Nothing of interest happened this day, as all fauna were deterred by Hroth's raging, but we did find the tracks of the direbear we killed the 2nd day next to the road.

38th of Plenth.
Snowfall persists, wind dies down.
At least Vondal lets up, even though Hroth does not.
      We headed north east to the skull platform and returned home to santaur, mild weather, a warm fire, and mulled wine.
We sold the bearpelt for 120gold, 40each. And kept the Snowlion pelts for Ida and Zeratix, as Aodi wouldn't even be able to carry one, and they look amazing.


Excerpts from the journal of Cleric Ida Valfarsdòttir, Skjoldmøy of Vondal, and Blessed of Hess.

Weasels, Wolves, and Bears. Oh my!

I'm unsure of how accurate these notes may be, but I can only hope to catch my journal up to recent events. I had a bit to drink the other day so things have gotten very fuzzy for me. I told myself I wasn't going to do that again, but I didn't want to be rude. Anyways I'm getting ahead of myself lets go back to the start.

So I went to The Adventure's Boot to follow up on a notice a saw posted. I wanted to finally begin my life as a heroine of justice. The first step to that of course would be heading out as an adventurer. When I arrived I saw the whole group who was heading out, and decided to ask them if I could join.

The first one who caught my eye was small halfling with spiked scale male, and a large gray wolf. He introduced himself as Bodi, and I did my best to be polite. Next to him sat dwarf smoking pipe weed. He had black hair with a bear to match. The man introduced himself as Gleipnir. Next on the list was a short woman by the name of Ida.

She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and was rather petite and beautiful. She rather reminded me of an elf in that regard. She also carried a warhammer to accompany her splint mail.. The final member was another halfling named Aodi. He was the brother to Bodi, and was very exotic looks. His eyes were so beautiful I lost myself for a few moments after meeting him.

The group of people all proved to be really nice. Miss Ida took me out to buy some winter clothing for our journey to Sarek. The cloak she bought me fit rather snuggly, and ended up probably saving my life. I'll have to thank her properly when I get the chance. Maybe she'd enjoy a letter, or perhaps a song? I'll have to think about it. She wasn't the only person to give me something though.

Mr. Gleipnir gave me a ring on our way out as well. Though a few people made a joke about it being a wedding ring. Maybe I should give it back to him. I'm not really at a marrying age yet. Elves aren't supposed to marry till they near 100. I'm not sure exactly how old I am, but I'm sure I'm not exactly close to that yet.

After that we talked for awhile about being attacked by lightning bolts. I didn't really get to hear the full story about that however as we made our way out via giant skull. I really hope I am remembering that part incorrectly due to the alcohol, but for now lets just gloss over it. After that we arrived in the frozen land.

There was more snow than I had ever seen, and none of the words people told me could have prepared me for the cold. The weather was terrible as well, but according to the group it was apparently good weather for the area. I'm not sure how much I really want to go back to that place! However I will say it was also quite beautiful in its own way.

The animals around the wasteland were really hungry as well. Birds tried to steal our foodstuffs, but luckily Cure managed to hold them off. Then that night cure spotted a weasel trying to run off with some more food. I shot it down with mom's bow, but at the time I thought it was a monster. It turned out just to be a weasel however, and I was pretty disappointed.

The next day on the way to the Shrine we found several doggy tracks. Eventually we arrived at Ida's shrine where she prayed for awhile. After she was done Gleipnir prayed too, but he couldn't get a vision apparently. I think it's because he gave me that ring. He's probably married to a god, or something. Now she's mad cause he gifted me a ring.

I think they said the goddess was named something like Heiss, or Hess maybe? She's supposed to be about life, death, and the natural order if I remember right. Anyways on our way to the next shrine Frey started making noises. Bodi barked back at the doggy, and then we found a bear hiding in a cave. This bear was a big monstrous creature.

It was so big in fact that I thought it was a monster, but that turned out not to be the case. However I still made a song about the encounter. After we took care of Bodi got into a brawl with some wolves because he didn't want to give them our bear meat. I'm not sure what that was all about, but I got upset because Ida refused to go help save him.

Luckily he was a tough guy, and managed to beat back all the wolves. After that we took our rest for the night, and then headed for the city of Volkenheim on the next morning. Once there I helped Aodi give away the bear meat to the villagers. I was glad because they were very nice about the gift. We ended up getting invited to a party.

I think Gleipnir might have mentioned something about harpies living the land as well, but to be honest I don't remember anything past that point very well. I was given some sort of sweet drink at the party was alcohol in it. I think it also had honey, but I'm not really sure. I wasn't really able to hold the liquor however, and I'm pretty sure I ended up sobbing down a storm again.

The next morning I woke up some place completely different, and was pretty confused. I remember heading to another shrine after that, and dropping off the bear claws. I think some of the others made an offering as well, but it's all a blur. I really need to make sure to avoid drinking again in the future. After that however we luckily went home so I could rest.

30th of Plenth, Year 1186

Here's the song I made.

Back to Yiere and the Gobin cave - 34th Plenth 1886
How we might have saved Warren from goblin raids.

It was early when we all met at the Adventurers Boot to gather our things and head on our way.

When we arrived, on the 34th of Plenth we were immediately greeted by friendly people and we greet them back. We were at Warren so we looked for their leader and Spoke to Hark. We discussed what we were planning on doing, and he almost pleaded that if we would not go fight the goblins in their hideout, that we would ask others to return when we arrived back in Santuar. He also warned us, that south of the Goblin caves, and south-west from Warren there was a Basalisk lair, but not the type of Basalisk we are familiar with. Instead it was a massive snake like creature.

Lily and myself, Her wanting to be a hero, and myself wanting to spread the light we convinced the rest of the group that it would be the best use of our time. Hark was extatic and sent us towards an outpost just north of Warren, and when we arrived we almost weren't able to enter, but I convinced them to let us in as Hark had sent us. A construct opened the gate for us and we entered. The walls were lined with some Goblin skulls. We ate dinner, and  Smithy the leader of the fort offered us Longbottom ale and Greywood accepted. The men looked beaten, and a lot of their weapons were rusted and worn. After talking we got provisions and slept the night.

It was now 35th of Plenth and in the morning we set off with 2 of the Toad Company soldiers as a guide to allow us to travel more quickly. On our way to the cave, Greywood spots something weird. It was a halfling riding a Flesh Fang (a bi-pedal lizard) but it disappeard quickly and the guards didn't believe him. Continuing on we eventually came upon bones lieing on the ground, as well as strung up deceased humanoids. It affected Lily strongly and I promised her I'd help to burry them on our return but we moved on.

We came upon the cave after about half the day and noticed a couple Goblins walking into the cave. Lily drew her bow and felled one of them but the other didn't even notice. I tied up Valhal my mule and then headed closer to the cave. Greywood snuck in to recon and found another goblin that was eating another's corpse which he killed.

There was a fire inside lighting the room slightly and there were large mushrooms as well as weird glowing green pools of gunk that we avoided. When he came out to get us, Lily cast her Light on my shield and we moved in. Greywood showed us where the hole was, and Yarid sent in his familiar seeing a moving worm. We tried to discuss weather to collapes the tunnel or tempt it out so I yelled in the hole for the beast to come at me. It didn't so Lily descided to crawl in and attack it, taking quite a few "Fire bolts" at the beast until it ran. We headed east and noticed a river flowing through the cave.

It wasn't long until we realized the room was full of Goblins. When the battle began a few were felled and one retreated to call reinforcements. Another 4 melee, plus 2 regular archers, and 3 archers riding wolves. We took care of them fairly easily enough though. Further east was very dark, but north-west was a light room. I started looting some of the corpses, but a strange rumbling sound came and Greywood didn't want to check the brigthly lit room by himself so we moved on without getting all the goodies. We entered that room and noticed it was a treasure/throne room of sorts and filtered through the crates. We found mostly old goblin armor and weapons, but up near the throne there was a little bit of gold, ad well as an Ivory Cube that must be used for something. It reminded me of the Ivory Knight piece I found the the Hedge Maze that once led us to this world.

Heading back east, wanting to check out the corridors we couldn't see through and came across two enormous worms. They didn't look like much so Greywood rushed in and attacked one. It didn't do much at first, but when it was able the second one breathed a heavy dense coud of poison into the air that surrounded Lily and myself, also blocking our vision. We decided to retreat as the cloud was powerful and we headed south. I had to shove one of the creatures out of the way that was blocking the exit for Yarid to escape, but then we ran out. There was another injured Goblin that we seen on our way out but we weren't able to kill it.

When we made it back outside the other guards pointed to a few goblins that had escaped, but were taken care of. We all burried the dead bodies and moved on back to the outpost. On our way, we came across the halfling with the Flesh Fangs again, only this time it was at his hut. I'm not sure how we missed it on our way to the Goblin caves. His name was Halison and offered to teach us how to tame Flesh Fangs if we were to find him again. We talked for a while, and during that time it not only got dark very quickly, but then became day again just as quickly. The halfling smile when I mentioned it but said he didn't know what I meant and that time must have just been passing quickly because of such a pleasant conversation. We left shortly after.

It should now be 36th of Plenth as we made it back to the outpost a few hours later, feeling rejuvenated even though we all should have been exhausted. After explaining what happened to Smithy the head Guard of the outpost  he decided he should talk with Hark in Warren and exp[lain/warn them of what ocured and to wait for news from the group that headed to a newly formed Goblin cave to the east. It was a quick journey and after greeting Hark again we headed to the "Teleport" Stone and ended up back near Santuar. There was a lot to think about, and we needed a full rest.

Thunder Cavern, Orb of Kastus and Tusker territory expansion
Sometimes lucky

Andreth, Human Cleric 1/Warlock 4 (Niko)
Devros, Half-Elf Warlock 4 (Cosmic)
Grin, Human Rogue 3/Bard 1 (Bevie)
Pierre, Halfling Druid 2 (Mem)
Scarloc, Wood Elf Ranger 5 (VRH)
Report of the events of the search for ruins of the first city of Santaur, from the 6th to the 8th of Plenth, year 1186, under the banner of Lord Westingford’s Men, by Andreth Norian, deacon in the Church of Kastus in Santaur, Westmarch.
To my beloved temple brothers and sisters.
Not yet had the dew dried off in the morning sun when we took to the road. Scarloc had called together an accomplished company of men, save for the lively newcomer Pierre. A halfling with the wild in his veins and a memorable way of speech. Our mission was to locate the ruins of the previous settlement of Santaur which fell to the mysts some 800 years ago when the durability of the 1st wall came to its end. Rumored to lie half a dozen miles east of the original Pelias and on the northern bank of the Surannos river the old town ought to be easy enough to find, we figured. The arcane skull few hours from Wall’s End functioned as our one way free ride to Skullmeet. The dreary objects’s platform strikes the sky with a vibrant grassy color when it is to head there, I heard. The shine’s shift to a bright red sharply an hour after marked our departure. I had not taken this route in the past and so the havoc that our grim carriage wrecked as it passed over and partly through the terrain was certainly an experience.
Though the skull’s landing spot on the northern side of Surannos was seemingly clear of the influence of Morrendeep and Rishilgrin, we lingered not a minute longer within eyesight of the hold than we needed to. A cobblestone road partially sunken under the turf was the first clue for the direction of our target. Eased from his rangerly duties for a moment, Scarloc took the opportunity to explain more of the dicey situation at hand. Relations between the seraph’s who are responsible for keeping the Pelias Wall standing are cracking. If their pact of hundreds of years crumbles our stony barrier will share that fate. He gathered the group in the hopes of uncovering clues on how to bring the godlings to an agreement once more.
Hardly an hour had passed when we found ourselves in harsh rainfall. Hardy as we were there was little to be done against a shower which cuts your visibility to only a few feet. At first a gathering of trees looked like suitable protection against the elements but soon the storm began bombarding us with painful ice pellets. The donkey was hastily covered in blanket and bedroll and a sprint to the nearest solid shelter commenced. A now dry riverbed lead us to the mouth of a cave. Nothing more than a cursory glance was needed to tell that the hollow was inhabited though expansive. It was reasoned that if luck was with us we might avoid confrontation and pressing on in the rain was not sensible. I employed a spell to dry off most of my gear as the others used the traditional method of huddling around a campfire. Devros sent his magical pet bird to seek out and report back of any dangers deeper within the complex and it soon returned. It informed us of magical runes and bears coming towards us from deeper within. Others took battle stance as I ran to lead and tie the donkey outside, hopefully beyond the reach of the beasts. Thanks to the early warning we were able to take down the first animal charging towards us before it got a chance to even scratch anybody. Pierre unleashed his nature magics and warped himself into a shape mirroring the bears’. One by one the animals dropped lifeless and the fight would have concluded with us all unharmed if it wasn’t for a mishap on Devros’ part. A rogue evocation surge dislodged a part of the cavern’s ceiling causing a cave in which while taking out the last remaining bear also nearly buried Grin with it. He managed to dodge the better part of the dropping stones but ended up isolated on the other side of the narrow pathway. By the time the still bear formed Pierre managed to dig us a path through Grin had in his usual habit wandered off on his own. Scarloc rushed in to fetch him back. I stood watch by the cave in for the small while they were gone. 
As they returned they noted a large pool of water having formed in just mere moments and an odd translucent shape forming at the bottom. None of us could identify the thing as anything we were familiar with. Cautious of the area filling up with water we returned to our campfire in the cave’s mouth. Grin thought to pile some of the rocks back in place so no creature could easily pass to or from deeper in the cave. A fine plan if it wasn’t for the our next adversary’s liquid nature. Just as we breathed a sigh of relief for the rain having calmed a massive pitch colored ooze surged through the small openings between the rubble. It caught Grin with one its many battering strikes injuring him and his armor alike. The creature’s bulk was considerable however we judged ourselves quicker. Backing away, relying on arrows and channeled blasts worked well enough however just as it seemed we had the battle won the monster unleashed another kind of an attack. A bolt of thunder struck one of my companions from the jelly and leaped between us in a flash of an eye. I unfortunately did not manage to ground myself in time and took the full brunt of the hit. The spell fell our pack animal and nearly had all of us join it at death’s door but we endured. With aching burns and cramping muscles we continued to fight for our lives. Both Scarloc and I saw an opportune moment when the pudding like creature slithered out to the cave’s mouth and decimated the thing in but a few seconds. Luck and talent combined into a deadly volley. After the stretchy creature’s demise was confirmed we all slumped next to each other to finally get some rest in.
The sun was became visible again after many hours of awful weather. There was no time to admire it however as the bear den’s dweomer imbued walls simply couldn’t be left uninvestigated for longer. Tunnels which curved south from the now stable pool area contained a collection of ancient carvings which lit up the corridor in a lush green hue. It didn’t take us for long to realize they were scriptings of spells. Having an specialist in the arcane with us would have greatly increased the amount of knowledge we could get from the symbols I suspect. Devros spent the following three hours copying the markings onto parchment as best he was able while we secured the cave and tended more to our wounds. We headed deeper and after a curve or two found the previously slain beasts’ sleeping place. Among the vast amount of hay and other bedding material we found skeletal remains of the animals’ victims. A few gold and most notably a ring and a gemstone. We thought neither was especially interesting until a few moments later when while passing by the glowing carvings sudden burst of lightning lashed out from the walls, separating us from each other. Judging by the just found jewel’s sudden shine, Scarloc entering the vicinity of a stone pillar covered in runes with it in his possession had activated a trap or mechanism unknown quality. Devros tested the barrier’s might by flinging a copper coin at it. The piece ended up on the other side as hunk of molten metal; we concluded charging through should be avoided. After a moment’s search Scarloc was able to spot a cavity in the surface of the middle pillar which fit the stone perfectly and with our instruction inserted the jewel. A minute of violent electrical activity passed after which the mechanism released us from our bind. As best as we could tell the event had loaded the previously barely detectable amount of magic inside the gemstone into full charge. Devros told us he could sense that device could be in the future be used again for this purpose, once it had regained its power. He indicated that the process would take some time. On our way out we noticed small lumps similar to the ooze creature forming at the bottom of the water pool. Their growth seemed extremely sluggish though I would advise anyone planning to visit the place in the future to be ready for an encounter with their bigger kind.
By the time we had concluded the cave to be of no further interest this time the sun was long on its way down so we stayed there for the night as well. In the morning we continued our trek on the road, following it northeast. After a while we saw the large ruins of a tower by a lake and a much traveled trail leading up to it. The building’s walls still stood 20 to 40 feet high but only the ground floor remained. By the lake under a tree rested the skeleton of a man with little to no flesh or cloth remaining on it. The flesh that was there was oddly only slightly rotted and likely somehow poisonous as a dead crow lied near it with a piece still in its beak. In front of the tower there was a corpse of a horse which appeared untouched by rot or scavengers’ tooth. Its nostrils were swelled which my nature inclined companions believed must have caused a suffocation death. Under the animal’s skin were corpse eating beetles, though they were deceased as well. Inside of the keep held a tent, a not long dead corpse of a man and a 10 foot pit dug into the floor. In the pit was a sizable chest which looked it it had been just dug up from the ground. Grin was very eager to fetch the prize and before anyone had a chance to say anything he was already preparing to climb down. He made quick work of the lock guarding the treasure, shoved it to a bag and tossed it over. As he was getting up I and Pierre called the company to take up arms. A gigantic serpent had arisen from the lake and was aggressively heading to our direction. By Kastus it was a miracle we survived. If the snake’s monstrous size was not enough of a threat it also unleashed two clouds of suffocating poison on us from its mouth. The first bow downed Devros and Pierre, the former of which I was able to awaken with a swift use of healing magic and the latter unexpectedly rose up on his own. Grin made a brave and at the same time insane stunt by leaping off the broken edge of the tower onto the serpent’s back. His boldness was rewarded with access to make clear cuts straight into the creature’s head. Though I speak of his actions praise in hindsight at the time I was terrified for him. One wrong step and he could have soon found himself in the thing’s gullet. The combat was fierce as both sides dealt horrible wounds to each other but eventually we brought the overgrown garden snake down. For some unspeakable reason Pierre had come up with the idea of contesting the creature’s strength in the form of a giant octopus, a form which he now used to swim in the snake’s watery domain. He came across the serpents sunken nest within it a large orange tinted crystal orb. He dragged the thing for us to see also taking one of the many eggs. When I saw the orb everything clicked into place. A book recovered from the man’s corpse inside the tower had been The Life of Culain Volume 4 which describes the later years of the priest’s life and among other things his tower and the item within. This was the long lost Orb of Kastus, stolen by the masters who also cursed the tower so the Orb could never be returned. And now we had found it, by chance even. From what we could gather from the dead man’s belongings he was a treasure seeker who had found a map between the pages of the precious book and lost his life to the guardian. We later found evidence the serpent having been a creation of the masters. Should a party capable of diving into the lake traverse the area in the future the remaining eggs should be destroyed, for the sake of every other living being’s safety.
We bedded down again and the evening and night passed without incident aside a battle scarred Auroch rampaging through the area with its cows in toe and Pierre nearly dying to a poison cloud which the deceased snake’s stomach puffed out after he stabbed it, truly idiotic. On the morning of the third day we continued our journey east, still on the road. We had made irritatingly little progress toward our original objective and only now crossed a bridge not more than half a day’s trip away from Skullmeet. Some Auroch were cooling off in the river but with Scarloc’s aid we passed by without agitating them. A steele on the bridge named it Stonebridge, the small river Aurus, the road Pelias Road and welcomed us the kingdom, city of Santus. We knew we were on the right track. A mile or so east on the road, by sharp turn,  Scarloc climbed a hill distinctively different from the surroundings, perhaps old ruins now sunken into the earth we thought. There was however no time to wonder such things. He dove prone quickly after reaching the pinnacle and slid down to warn of us Tuskers among other bipedal creatures doing battle in what looked like the remains of a fortress a stone’s throw away. We were in no shape to take on this foe and made a speedy retreat. Inside he told to be a somewhat intact building, an interesting target for future expeditions perhaps. We believed to have finally located the place we came for even if entering at the time would not be in the cards. After some hours of traversing the wood around old Santaur we heard Tusker bands’ horns and knew they had caught wind of us. Again our wood elf companion proved his worth by shrouding us in his magic and leading us to safety. We arrived at the gates of the Wall the same night.

The Tale Of The Gnomes Who Stare At Goats
Session 40: Notes From the Adventure from 17th Of Plenth to the 21st Of Plenth

A curious tale with an unexpected beginning, a unhappy middle and a victorious end.


The tale begins with a need of exploration and the finishing of unsettled business, renewed by the fine ale of Santaur, I Buldrak and my companion Varis assembled a group of adventures to go and continue the exploration of Crystal cave.Word quickly went around town and quickly we were swamped with people pledging their services, thru the many we picked the strongest who presented himself as Sarloc, we quickly made haste the the skull, along the route we came across a beast shouting and forcing a goat to eat dirt. I quickly inquire what he doing with the goat, he make nonsensical noises and continued shouting at the goat.I depart wondering if this is normal behavior for the people of Santaur. I travel for roughly a kilometer before realizing my companion is not with me, I retrace my steps to find Varis still conversing with this person.Annoyed at this that we are wasting time I pick up the goat and start to make haste towards the skull.What I didn't realize was that this person had the goat on a lead, and in tow he followed us to the skull.I expected once I dropped the goat that he would go about his business, along the way the it seemed that Varis has befriended the person and learned of his name.Tzark , A name that should not be forgotten.


We traveled effortlessly thou the jungle a well trodden path know, greeting the dragon as an old friend.We greeted Masud, for a few of our company  this was a new experience and they basked in his glory, the greetings were brief  as we made for the skull to Marrenkesh.

We chose to take the land path to the crystal cave, as we grew wearily from our travels we came across a large ruin to seek shelter inside, scouting the place we find some tracks of a party but nothing seems to take our intrest.Only a leather bound book in a language that we could not discern.Further exploration yielded a den of a Gorillion, a terrifying beast that bore resemblance of a silverback gorilla but with four arms.It stood 10ft tall, just over 2 Buldraks.Beating its chest it moved towards us this was going to be a bloody battle indeed.But before me I saw a display that I have never seen the liking of before.Our newest party member Tzark started beating his chest and making an offering of goat milk, the gorilla drank deeply and further conversed with the gorilla,words not known to me but the actions I can only describe that of a female dwarf complimenting a male dwarf on the size of his beard.Suddenly Tzark dashes off and returns quickly holding his preclusions goat seemingly offering to this gorrila.We leave the gorilla in peace as we leave to setup camp.A few moments later the beast returnes chomping on the hind of the coat and perches itself outside of our camp seemingly as a lookout. The night goes uneventfully until the gorrilla starts beating its chest, the party is awoken to the sound of the gorilla charging an unknown beast, we rush after bearly awake to find before us a hill giant.Our party is soon to act an a swift flurry of arrows and a beating from the gorilla the foe is taken down with minimal damage to the party.We are then greeted to a second rumbling and from behind we see a fire giant in toe seeming tired an weiry himself, he introduces himself and acknowledges my firebeard and explains that he was chasing this corrupted hill giant for two days and that we have done Masud a great deed in slaying this foe.We thank him and return to the camp to sleep.


We broke camp early and set of towards the cave, we make the cave by dawn and precede to hunt the Guath that we saw the last time we delve in here, the cryterals were diminished so we knew he was still in the area.Scarloc turned a corner to be frozen before us, it was like time had stopped for him, we knew this was the doing of the Gauth and I charged foreword only to be met with the same fate.The party prepared themselves and Sarloc and I find the fire in ourselves to move and reposition.A hard battle ensue and a valiant effort from all of the party including Tzark for his bravery in charging the Guath he was frozen, seeing an opportunity I prayed to Masud and swung the Gauth seeming to crack it in half, doing this triggered a blast from inside and I was flung agansit the wall.As I came around Sarloc informs me that Tzark made the ultimate sacrifice to allow me to make the killing blow.The party grieves for Tzark when a smaller Guath came around the courner, speaking with Sarloc he asks for him to be his master due to being a magic user, Sarloc refuses but decides to return Tzarks body to be buried and find an owner for this creature.


We take a short rest and return to the outpost to gather ourselves an aid in burying the body.Due to two of our party members leaving us we asked Sarloc to spread word that we need reinforcements and Sheik answered the call.


We went back to the cave along the way we hear a familiar rumbling sound but the air was still, we investigate and come across an obvious titan.We bow and exchange greetings and we find that this is Dunmore, Titan Of nature, the second son, a creator of worlds.We converse and ask if there are any services we could offer his land and he bestowed another quest to rid the Blood halls as they as diminishing his power. We accept and he offers another giant silver coin and the mark of Dunmore he said it allows a faster travel across his land, a few members agree and are marked with tattoos.He explained to them how to call him for aid.Leaving the giant we move on at a seemingly much faster rate and we meet the cave nearly half a day before expected.We put this down to this mysterious mark and thanks are said to Dunmore.


We enter the cave one last time to rid it on evil and are met with the sound of arguing.The party turns a corner and before even see whats round there Varis lets fly an arrow and I hear the all familier sound of a body slumping as the life is forced from it by steel, wood and fleching. As I turn the corner to investigate what caused this use of force I am hit with daggers seemly from the shadows, bleeding badly I retreat, the party moves in but is surrounded by a darkness untouched by torches.We hear a scuttling as I swing at darkness and meet the feeling of flesh.Another battle ensues fighting shadows it seems I escape this veil of darkness followed by Varis.We hear more bodies hitting the floor and Sheik preying to his gods whilst swiping his warpick.The darkness lifts and we see the shadow appear, we were attacked by darklings, we see the leader flee in fear of our battle prowess and we chase him thru the caves using a pincer movement to catch and behead the elder darkling.We find a tome on his body in dwarfish about the titans and a note of importance.We press on and clear the cave, we rest in the entrance and make an effort to return back to the portal since we have accomplished our quest. Following the road back we meet the sight of an ambush two carts overturned and hear crunching.Sheik leads that pack to investigate to find a heard of Owlbears eating the driver of these wagons.Battle ensures and the fighting is fierce, I was heavily wounded and my fire weakened the party fought valiantly desperately trying to kill these creatures. In my wounded state I see 2 owlbears drop next to me with arrows protruding thru their skulls and I am brought back into being thru a pray to Shieks gods I see the final blow on the last owlbear marking our survival and end of this quest.We skin and loot the wagons and make a redoubled effort to the skull carrying our loot in tow. We pass with familiar greetings and end in Santaur happy with our efforts and share a meal and and ale with the party before we disband to other adventures.We our left with heavy coin purses and an even heaver heart for our lost brother in arms.Storys will be told from the great halls of this adventure.


Buldrak FireBeard 








Time lords

30 planth or so
we headed out to skull where BOldrak once tok us, past a stony marble looking dragon who is keeping guard for the entrace. we decided to head north west from the skull a bit, where we came across, a circle with thses corupted crystal who will take the magic that has been cast around it. for good or ill effects. 

Vardis found a leathery satchel the first day at a camp, a healing potion and a spellscroll who we will find out later in town. we came across a corupted giant wich  we skipped, soonly after we came across these Metasheen Dwarfs, lord and a like. named Galruk Metasheen who took us to the stone giangts. by airship as we gave them the info about this corruption cave and giant. 

took us 4 days by the airship , we found these creatures named  arakkoa who lived to 125y or so. serving the ships as they have been saved a long time ago when there where on the brink of exstiction 

After talking to Vilas  and  Abadai we got more infomration about the 5 blades, that their grand father who crafted the Montanica, the death sword,   as the wielder get stronger by every kill, he also loses a part of him self, until he become a dragon worm.  

also showed him the ash blade, and after talking to Abadai who then agreed to reactivatet the blade, as it seemed fit i was able to use it. But never, NEVER! turn my blade against the alliance of giants, storm, cloud, fire, ice and stone. as he will find me and end my pitty life.  As i get the blade back, uncovred from the ash, its a fine sword, silver handle, cromed with gold and a handguard, the blade it self is silver aliek metal blade, with runes on it, slightly flow of green.    

If we ever finished a Quest for them, we are to talk to Mika at the outpost, as going by the airship is for the privliges and lord alike. unless we are summoned or have something realy importan to say thats a life or deaths matter.    

on the 10th day we see Boulder the firely dwarf at the outpost,  seeing we where going to the cave to explore more and to kill this cave fisher, we tok him with us. we found a cloud giant  named marnissa on the road to the cave. 

The corrupted cave –  it seems like the crystals sucks up all magic used near them,  there is a way to see wich one is active, if they glow, magic have been used near it. may it be positive or negative magic.  if they dont glow, no magic has been used near them, so be care of what u do near these. we killed 3 dead merfolks who was corrupted by the crystals.  but the main goal was to find this cave fisher as the yield was to good to leav.   as we looked around the cave, we found this big mushroom, with posionus spores,  where our ranger got draged true, so left us with little choice, we had to rush it to save our mate.  not a big battle as i was able to grappel it like a champ so the rest of party to easly kill it.  not long after we killed the cave fisher we  found live merfolks, alongside a kraken priest, we at oce anganged these as boulder reconise them as the prime foe of the allaience. after a might battle, we killed them, taking the head of the kraken priest. wich i gave to Mika as a thropy later on.

seeing something at the bottom of the pound inside the cave,  and after great party work, as i dive down to get it, we found the Time sword, on of the 5 blades, now holding 2 of 5 blades. 
and from the cave fish we got 4 gallions of the blood, 2 prime meat and 4 shells. selling it at the outpost.
 On the way out of the cave we spotted small beholders, who had been drawn to the power of these crystals, one who kept sucking the magic out of the crystal having 5 eyes, as it gained more and more power. and a lesser one with 4, who often act as a pet for wizards.  


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