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  • Westingford Family

    The Westingford Family

    The Westingford family are powerful landowners in the Kingdom of [[Pelias]], holding the Earldom of Westmarch on the extreme western borders of the world of [[Midgard]]. They also hold manors in …

  • Troneford


    Troneford is a village a few miles east of [[Santaur]] in the Earldom of Westmarch. It is held from Earl [[Westingford]] by the Sanders of Saundersfoot Manor.

    Arms of the Sander family

  • Dykehurst


    Dykehurst or Dykeshurst is a village on the edge of the Kingsdyke that protects the manors of Earl Westingford from the bandits of [[Thieves Forest]]. It is held by the Tollens of Marchkeep for Earl Westingford. The …

  • Hawkenlye

    The Barony of Hawkenlye

    The Barony of Hawkenlye is a fief located a days march east of [[Dykehurst]] and two days east of [[Santaur]]. It is held by Baron Hugo DeWarren for Earl Westingford. The Baron is a harsh taskmaster and is ever fearful …

  • Dreywood

    The Dreywood

    The Dreywood is an ancient forest and hunting chase located a day's ride east of [[Santaur]]. By day the forest is used by charcoal burners and woodsmen and hunters, but by night, no-one will set foot within …

  • Gibbet Road

    The Gibbet Road

    The Gibbet Road is a local name for the section of the Old East Road that runs through [[Thieves Forest]] to [[Hawkenlye]]. It is so called because of the many outlaws and bandits who have been taken and hung …