Pelias is a human dominated Kingdom on the western edge of the World of Midgard in the Mystbound Realms. Pelias is a feudal land where all nobles hold their land from King Godric. It is divided up into the Earldoms of Eastmarch, Northmarch, Westmarch, Southmarch, Horkona and Saris. The Capitol of Pelias is the City of Kingsbridge.

Pelias has been at peace for a century and there is little excitement to be had in the land. It is a peaceful and rural country that has known nothing worse than a few bandits for several generations.

Pelias is tolerant of non-humans though they are extremely uncommon. Elves and Dwarves are rare and the other races are almost unknown. Most folk of Pelias will never have seen a non-human nor seen magic used.

Magic is also very rare and weak in all Earldoms but Westmarch where the power of the adjacent world seems to be leaking in. Indeed any magic of higher than first level fails if enacted anywhere else on the World of Midgard but in Westmarch. Spells are unfettered in Westmarch and magic of any level can be cast.

Pelias is also the name of the Kingdom's first King; the legendary Pelias the 1st who lead his people here from another world, long ago according to ancient tales.

The patron God of Pelias is Kastus; a god of healing and of harvests.


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