The Wilds Await

A new Skull, Session 48

The long trip north.

13th of Calsar

Yarid, Greysome, Oaman, Grin, and I head into Sarek.

The days of Solam are over for this year, as he stuggles to even show his light over the lands. Light Wind and Snowfall greet us upon our arrival.

    After getting to Sarek we trek over to the closest cabin I know off, as the sun was already setting. We find the cabin unoccupied so we huddle in for the night.

14th of Calsar

Vondal seems to be stiring in the east. 18 hours of lightning storms.
      We head out towards Volkenheim, the storms are thunderous but the winds are slow moving, despite not hearing eachother, we walk on. I see some snowlynx prints in the snow, but other then that we make a steady pace. during the night snow starts to fall heavily during Grins watch.

15th of Calsar

Snows still falls as we pack up camp to head out for the day.Vondal left, and Hroth decided to show up during the night. Light Snowfall.
      Shortly after leaving the site we are set upon by 2 snowlynx, hiding in the snowstorm.
Greysome takes a beating early in the fight, and Oamon secures the first kill with the help of Grin.

The second lynx then leaps atop Graysome and rips his throat out in a vicious attack, it then drags him of into the snowdrift. Yarid smacks it with shatter, and I end it with my sacred electricity.

We go through Greysome's stuff, and Grin says we have to bury him, even though I suggest we leave him to feed the wildlife. Grin sets fire to him and we watch him sink into the snow.

At the end of the day, we  walk downwards and onto ice. We step back onto land and set up camp. During Oamons watch we are set upon by Atseli, white draugr like creatures of ice and death. Oamon takes one down, and I turn the rest to dust, thanks to Vondal.


16th of Calsar.

Hroth has settled, slight breeze. we walk straight to Volkenheim with out incident across the Iced sea.

      In the town square we find Thane Rolf sentencing a man named Haakon to exile, I say I will take him with us on the morrow when we leave. Rolf is happy about this, as Haakon wont just go out to die alone in the dark cold wilderness.

Oamon decides to hand one of his swords and 25lb of our collective lynxmeat to Rolf as a gesture of good faith between Volkenheim and the people of the Earth from which he is a ambassador, and the rest of us. After this we decide to sleep in the guesthouse. 

17th of Calsar.
Light Wind persists
      We follow the coast north past the river and find a Vik full of Draugr guarding a ship.
I follow the tenents of Vondal, and task the others to attack them, without mercy. We destroy them and their ship with swift and furious justice. The rest of the walk is slow but silent.

18th of calsar

Heavy Snowfall, Hroth is at it again. this is his time of year after all.

     After a 6 mile march  we find the body of a dire bear buried in the snow, shot down with black corrupting arrows. Haakon tells us about the feathered one, valkires bring things killed by their black arrows, to her, to rise again in her service.
They live a days march away from the stoutfolk that are in service to the stern lady, atop a place called the Eyrie, black as night against the horizon, pestering the children of the stern lady. The Eyrie supposedly lies a few days Southwest of the Westwood. And the Westwood is situated South of the Twin Lakes.

We walk north towards the cursewood and settle down for the night, on my watch I need to chase away some critters, otherwise silent and still.

19th of Calsar.

Heavy Snowfall & Light Winds.
      We continue north down the hill and end up getting lost in a snowstorm.
Sometime during the day we hear trembling underground, we believe it to be a giant purple worm. We stand still and wait for it to pass. Rest of the walk is done in silence.

20th of Calsar.

Light Snowfall
     Snow finally lets up, and we find ourselves next to the sea, and we can see what Haakon calls the island of blood. It is where Holmgang's are traditionally held, it is an elevated stone platform 60 feet tall with area for spectators to witness the two fighters duel it out on the blood soak round slab or rock surrounded by a 15 feet wide gap.

Holmgang's are for settling disputes between people, from Thrall to King as to not risk anyone else but the two who are in conflict.

21st  of Calsar.

Sunshine and a slight breeze.
     We keep following the coast nothing of note happened this day.

22nd of Calsar.

Light Snowfall
        We get ambushed by a catlike humanoid, reminiciant of a lynx. It hit like a bull, and had the ability to heal, but thanks to Grin with Bluesteel, we denied it the ability to heal, and made short work of it there after, but it was a hard fight.

After this fight we lick our wounds and follow the coast eastwards, We find a second skullplatform in Sarek, by nightfall, we stay there to see when it arrives and when it leaves.

23rd of Calsar.

Light snowfall.
      At the first rays of light, we take it back to the first one, then back to Santaur.

We sell the 2 lynx pelt, the meat and claws/fangs. We also sell Greysome's gear and that of the Lynx like creature. 


Excerpts from the journal of Cleric Ida Valfarsdòttir, Skjoldmøy of Vondal, Blessed of Hess, and Blessed of Geena.



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