The Wilds Await

A salty siege turned sour

25th Penth – To Sarek

Party Members








Scribed by Mardus Henley, scribe for Savric De Warren in his own words.


I had gathered a party to head to Sarek, for I had been instructed to assault a keep. Bloodaxe had given the description, North East of Kierans camp where the river flows down from the glacier there is a lake, on the North edge of that lake there lies a shrine to Varanor, around that is built a fort.

I had to retrieve a quiver from the shrine. Gathering the party was easy for two of my companions are followers themselves Bodi and Vaki and the rest at least know of him.


We travelled well prepared, with so much in tow that we struggled to get it all in the skull platform, the ride was most uncomfortable. We set off in the direction we assumed and travelled for some time in the cold but with relative ease, despite bad weather. The first thing we encountered I had come across twice before, the signs of whatever titan creatures approaching and bring the bitter cold with them! I had almost been frozen to death in a hut previously, only to emerge the next day for the party to find giant prints in the earth. We know to skirt whatever these are when they approach, and we did so.


On another rest a pack of wolves approached, they were curious, we decided to scare them away as they were of no real threat. We continued to make progress towards the camp, on the next watch we were approached by the same pack of wolves again! Bodi decided to feed the pack and coax them to follow us, not a normal course of action to me but who am I to judge.


The directions turned out to be accurate and from a mile away we were able to see our target, this is where Pin was able to assist us with his magic and scout the camp from distance. He said there were some 18 people outside and likely more in the buildings. As we were by bloodaxe a statue stood in the middle, that was where we needed to get to. There were warriors undergoing training around the shrine and someone who looked like a leader. To the East stood a gate, which we resolved would be the point of attack. First we would need to go back and fetch our siege equipment.


Bodi tried to communicate to the wolves to wait here and that there was food inside, I think he was interested in one of the pack a dark young wolf. Whether they would stay I don't know and we left on our way.


Our journey was not uneventful to the skull platform, we came across a great stone door that had been revealed by melted snow. It looked dark and formidable, many of our party were keen to investigate as it had inscriptions in, in Horth or Glarnic, I can't remember which, they all look the same to me. There was some discussion about whether we should investigate but it was thought best not to as we had a job to accomplish but maybe we could return.


It was then we felt the presence of a magical storm of Vondal approach, I did not want to be at the mercy of Vondal again in the open. The doorway seemed the only option. Forcing our way in did not work. Bodi touched against the wall and appeared to try and connect with it but was flung back and looked in some pain. Fisher stepped forward with a feather I recognised and placed it against the door, which yielded and we seemed to be encompassed by a magical shield from the elements. I remember he got the feather when we ventured to Karrendorr, there was a raven that followed us and transformed into a strange woman that had said she was a daughter of Hess. This doorway must be connected to Hess.


We set off again when Vondals wrath eased and we made it back to the skull platform where we had left our Ballista and the strange Minotaur in fancy clothes we had brought to help man it. The journey back to the fort was mostly uneventful and we travelled quickly.


We used magic to hide our approach and began our assault choosing to target the gate. I fired first with an arrow with Bodi's, Vakis and my image upon it, we were to let them know who was brining this assault. The shot was true and I was able to pick off one archer and seriously wound another, as the ballista crashed a pot of oil against the gates. Vaki began to charge forward and we hailed some more projectiles on them, lighting up the gate in flames and setting a building within the camp on fire. Bodi, Vaki and myself began to assault, moving forwards whilst giving fire. Pin and Fisher were by the ballista but it did not work as we hoped, with many projectiles missing their mark. More archers appeared upon the walls and we were able to set fire to another section causing some disarray. Some helpful magic from Efrexoa stopped more warriors reaching the wall on one section. Vaki was able to get upon the walls, launching from her horse and climbing like some kind of creature, and engaging an archer, a formidable sight upon the walls.


Arrows rained down on her but none caused damage, the archers were smart however and those of us following up the attack were unable to land shots as they ducked beneath the ramparts. It quickly became apparent we were in trouble and would need to retreat. Vaki climbed from the ramparts as we covered with a few shots and everyone turned to run. I would not have made it away without the help of Efrexoa turning himself into horse form and coming back for me. We had arrows rained upon us three times, knocking him out of his form twice, before Brian and Vaki were able to turn and rescue us. We made it out of range just in time, we could not have sustained much more of a beating.


We made our way back in defeat, our victors knowing exactly who had brought the assault upon them.


Upon the way back we encountered a monstrous bear, I have again encountered before and we at least emerged from this fight easily victorious, a small win. We settled down to rest and recover, the next morning there were elk tracks, Bodi seemed upset he wasn't awake to see them. I will remember not to shoot them if I happen to chance on any. The only other thing we found were canine tracks and some bodies picked clean along the way but at this time we thought best to return and come back on another day. Bodi and Vaki sought out bloodaxe, I thought it best to not return until I was victorious, I will be. We will return more prepared and claim what I've been tasked with



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