The Wilds Await

Adventure to "Dragonhold" - Sunmar 45

My first Adventure on the West side of Midgard

Sunmar 45th 11th year of King Godrics Reign

I was waiting for Lord Westingford in his dining hall, eating a nice meal after my long travel from the Far Eastern Forrest. I was almost done my meal when the Lord called me into his Solar, and I walked in to meet Eddon Gray, the Lords nephew, Gleipnir a Drawf Cleric, Andreth a human Warlock, and Grin a  Rogue.

They had been talking of Eddons recent forray into St. Cuthburts tomb, and Andreths ability to remove the ancient sword from its holding place. I was called in when they began to speak of their next journey. A well liked Dragonborn Paladin had found part of a relic that helped lead the way to an ancient dragonhold. His mission was to find a sword said to help protect from Evil and Dragonkin. With the current party unable to read certain languages, I readily volunteered myself and my magic, and the Lord assured them I'd be of help. We planned shortly and then readied for the morning.

Havis 1st

Gelipnir hands Eddon some sort of arm bracelet, looking sad, and then asking him to lead the way. We headed west to the Pelias wall via long saddle. When we reached the gate, we notice a group of Drwarves from the west. The guards noticed Eddon, and opend the gate without question. The gate opened smoothly without as much as a mouses squeek thanks to the "Dreen Dwarves" Grin spoke with them breifly and heard that not much has happened around the gates recently.

Eddon mentioned a dream he had, in which his patron laid an artifact on the ground infront of a ruin named Valdins Hold, so we headed North-Northwest heading there. After travelling only around 8 miles Northwest there were a group of barows a slight way off that the animals sneered at while we passed, growing more complacent the furthur away we walked. We continued another 8 miles through the hillsand seen some sort of ruined village or temple that we veered away from. We could always investigate it later, or on the way back to Santuar.


We kept on, until we came across a broad river flowing south. It was to wide and deep to ford with the animals. We followed it north and named it Allcia River. After another 6 miles or so we passed the lake that the river was flowing in and out of, it was still hilly, with light forest around us. As we were looking for a place to camp, we walked over a rise and seen a ruined stone mill. I went to investigate it and found that it might have been a mill for ancient dwarves, as it was impecibly old, but the stonework base was still in decent shape. Checking for traps, I find none, but do notice some tracks. It looked to be full of wild game, but I also notice some tracks that looked like a bi-pedal pig. Maybe Boarmen.

Grin and myself found nothing of interest, but Eddon found  a small alter on an inlet in the middle of the shallowed river. We made camp near this marble alter, thinking that we would have notice of any animals of creatures trying to sneam up on us. Gleipnir merged himself into stone to protect his own body. Through inestigation, Eddon believed the alter belonged to Naery. Unbenownst to us, lighting a fire beside an Alter dedicated to water was a bad idea.

During Grins watch, while I was in the middle of my trance, a Specter appeared and proceeded to charm grin. Seeing him get up and walk strangely into the river I got up to see what was the matter. Thats when I first seen the Specter and a giant eel, that vanished infront of my eye. Andreth cast waterwaking upon us, and we all rushed in to fight the bitch. Her first move (in combat), however was to cast mass dispell, which caused us to fall into wasit/shoulder deep water. I believed we had almost defeated her, when Eddon, Grin and myself were frozen in the river. The Specter tried to threaten us, but I wouldn't back down. After she left, the large frozen chunk of ice began to float swiftly down the river. Barrakus, with strength twice that of a normal warhorse blocked the floating ice and allowed us to escape.

Gleipnir and Grin each recieved a strange mark on their forearm. I felt something comming upon me, but I shrugged it off with my willpower. We then gathered our belonging and made camp in the ruined mill for the rest of the night.

Havis 2nd

We continuedNorth-northwest untill eventually comming across an enormoul tracks arounds cavern with more unusual tracks around. Again, we passed it by. We finaly reached a strange brokendown fortress. We found day old tracks that reminded me of lizardfolk, but we werent planing on staying so it didn't bother us. Eddon knew this was where he needed to be. Valdins Hold. He looked around for a short while before exlaiming in joy. He had found what he was looking for, a small artifact of St. Cuthbert. We continued on toward DragonHold. We went about 3 miles in very difficult terrain. It was starting to become dark again, and we looked for a palce to spend the night.  We eventually found a small outcrop of rocks, surrounded be trees and shrubs. In the lower areas it looked as if there were large buffalo that travelled through often, and recently. We took the higher area thinking it was safe, and set up camp under the trees. I stayed up in the trees for my watch, but returned to the ground for my trance. During the night, there was a ruccous, and when I opened my eyes there was a giant Buffalo walking towards me. Out of instinct I jumped into a tree, but the Buffalo still charged right into the mule that was with us, her name was Frankie.


To be Continued.



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