The Wilds Await

Back to Yiere and the Gobin cave - 34th Plenth 1886

How we might have saved Warren from goblin raids.

It was early when we all met at the Adventurers Boot to gather our things and head on our way.

When we arrived, on the 34th of Plenth we were immediately greeted by friendly people and we greet them back. We were at Warren so we looked for their leader and Spoke to Hark. We discussed what we were planning on doing, and he almost pleaded that if we would not go fight the goblins in their hideout, that we would ask others to return when we arrived back in Santuar. He also warned us, that south of the Goblin caves, and south-west from Warren there was a Basalisk lair, but not the type of Basalisk we are familiar with. Instead it was a massive snake like creature.

Lily and myself, Her wanting to be a hero, and myself wanting to spread the light we convinced the rest of the group that it would be the best use of our time. Hark was extatic and sent us towards an outpost just north of Warren, and when we arrived we almost weren't able to enter, but I convinced them to let us in as Hark had sent us. A construct opened the gate for us and we entered. The walls were lined with some Goblin skulls. We ate dinner, and  Smithy the leader of the fort offered us Longbottom ale and Greywood accepted. The men looked beaten, and a lot of their weapons were rusted and worn. After talking we got provisions and slept the night.

It was now 35th of Plenth and in the morning we set off with 2 of the Toad Company soldiers as a guide to allow us to travel more quickly. On our way to the cave, Greywood spots something weird. It was a halfling riding a Flesh Fang (a bi-pedal lizard) but it disappeard quickly and the guards didn't believe him. Continuing on we eventually came upon bones lieing on the ground, as well as strung up deceased humanoids. It affected Lily strongly and I promised her I'd help to burry them on our return but we moved on.

We came upon the cave after about half the day and noticed a couple Goblins walking into the cave. Lily drew her bow and felled one of them but the other didn't even notice. I tied up Valhal my mule and then headed closer to the cave. Greywood snuck in to recon and found another goblin that was eating another's corpse which he killed.

There was a fire inside lighting the room slightly and there were large mushrooms as well as weird glowing green pools of gunk that we avoided. When he came out to get us, Lily cast her Light on my shield and we moved in. Greywood showed us where the hole was, and Yarid sent in his familiar seeing a moving worm. We tried to discuss weather to collapes the tunnel or tempt it out so I yelled in the hole for the beast to come at me. It didn't so Lily descided to crawl in and attack it, taking quite a few "Fire bolts" at the beast until it ran. We headed east and noticed a river flowing through the cave.

It wasn't long until we realized the room was full of Goblins. When the battle began a few were felled and one retreated to call reinforcements. Another 4 melee, plus 2 regular archers, and 3 archers riding wolves. We took care of them fairly easily enough though. Further east was very dark, but north-west was a light room. I started looting some of the corpses, but a strange rumbling sound came and Greywood didn't want to check the brigthly lit room by himself so we moved on without getting all the goodies. We entered that room and noticed it was a treasure/throne room of sorts and filtered through the crates. We found mostly old goblin armor and weapons, but up near the throne there was a little bit of gold, ad well as an Ivory Cube that must be used for something. It reminded me of the Ivory Knight piece I found the the Hedge Maze that once led us to this world.

Heading back east, wanting to check out the corridors we couldn't see through and came across two enormous worms. They didn't look like much so Greywood rushed in and attacked one. It didn't do much at first, but when it was able the second one breathed a heavy dense coud of poison into the air that surrounded Lily and myself, also blocking our vision. We decided to retreat as the cloud was powerful and we headed south. I had to shove one of the creatures out of the way that was blocking the exit for Yarid to escape, but then we ran out. There was another injured Goblin that we seen on our way out but we weren't able to kill it.

When we made it back outside the other guards pointed to a few goblins that had escaped, but were taken care of. We all burried the dead bodies and moved on back to the outpost. On our way, we came across the halfling with the Flesh Fangs again, only this time it was at his hut. I'm not sure how we missed it on our way to the Goblin caves. His name was Halison and offered to teach us how to tame Flesh Fangs if we were to find him again. We talked for a while, and during that time it not only got dark very quickly, but then became day again just as quickly. The halfling smile when I mentioned it but said he didn't know what I meant and that time must have just been passing quickly because of such a pleasant conversation. We left shortly after.

It should now be 36th of Plenth as we made it back to the outpost a few hours later, feeling rejuvenated even though we all should have been exhausted. After explaining what happened to Smithy the head Guard of the outpost  he decided he should talk with Hark in Warren and exp[lain/warn them of what ocured and to wait for news from the group that headed to a newly formed Goblin cave to the east. It was a quick journey and after greeting Hark again we headed to the "Teleport" Stone and ended up back near Santuar. There was a lot to think about, and we needed a full rest.



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