The Wilds Await

first death in Doredon.

Death of the Donkey slayer.

Doredun. 7th of Havis

Ida, Amber, Yarid, Varis, Savric


Havis 7th.  

Amber buys her 5th donkey, and we head out to the skull. After arriving at the platform we headed west for 24 miles until we found a river. We decided to camp inside a bears cave, hoping it would not come back during the night, it did. We made short work of it, killing it with arrows and magic. Skinning it yielded 7 claws ,  9 teeth and a fine bear hide, 91.5gp worth of a bear. Upon further inspection we found that it was already wounded by 2 bolts from a crossbow. Yarid could tell us that the make of the bolts was fine, and that the bolts had traveled at great speed to penetrate the beast so far, from these facts he surmised that they must have been of dwarven make. we also found out that the reason this cave was so lucrative to the bear was that it was heated from a source of warm water flowing underground inside of the cave, so we were kept warm all night.

Havis 8th, 
We decided to find the source of the hot water in the cave, so we followed the heat until we found a hot spring lake, as we approached it we saw a unicorn, Ida decided to approach it and it hailed us in Celestial and in Elven.
It told us its name was Jubilant Mane, and that it was the springs guardian, given this task by the Hirophant, a Seraph level Celestial, who apparently rules all Celestials in the lands of Doredun. Jubi also told us that if we were smart, we would once a year go on a pilgrimage to the far north, up the mountains, and pay homage, and leave a offering of submission to Hirophant. But we were also told that the hike up the mountain would be arduous and the mix of cold and low oxygen could lead us to our deaths.
Yarid then asked the Unicorn for info on Devine symbols and was shown 2, a shadowed cloaked figure, which the elfs follow, and an iron circlet, of the rock people, probably some sort of Earth Genasi tribe.

After leaving Jubi and his Onsen, we travled south for about 12-14 miles, and came to the end of the forest and the start of some kind of devastated landscape, barren as far as we could see.
Varis and Savric went out hunting for food, and Amber decided to go out and look for some plants all by her self, leaving Ida and Yarid to make camp by them self, Ida makes a fire after the tents are set up and Yarid reads a book.
After Varis and Savric return to camp with rabbits and other small game, we make food and wait for Amber, after she does not show up an additional hour later, we track her down and find a band of Wood-elfs.

Ida hails them and approaches slowly while asking them for a parley, the leader of the elfs, Surge Stride, a druid, tells us that yes, they have seen a dwarf fitting Ambers description in the area, and tells us that sadly they killed her as there is a war between elfs and dwarves in Doredun. We go on to negotiate the return of Ambers body, Yarid talks to the elf Swift Force about pipe-weed, and we forge a tentative truce with the elfs and us, the "skullwalkers" until an emissary from us goes to the Heart-tree and talks to their leader to forge a more permanent arrangement for us to not have to choose a side in a war we have no stake in.
he sends out word ahead of us to please leave us alone as we only want to go home and mourn. We return to camp carrying Amber and go to sleep.

Havis 9th
the next day Ida notices that ambers body deteriorates, due to a deal struck with the demon Sammael, her soul turns her skin red and cracked. Yarid talkes about striking deals with devils, demons and celestials, and how this happens to all bodies that have their soul claimed. We have an idea about the spring, and that it might save her soul at least, so we head back to Jubi to ask for permission to add her body to the water, Jubi goes on to explain that the body will be destroyed, but the soul will be trapped in the lake and give it more strength and nourish the land.

yarid looks at the unicorns focus, 2 wings around a hair from the Heirophant's head, in a locket.
the unicorn gives yarid an insect, it works as a summon for Jubilant mane, only to be used in times of trouble, it will only live for a few days.

We continue on our journey north-east towards the skull platform. on-route we are ambushed by bull-centaurs, and we fight for our lives, calling upon Jubi to help us.
The epic fight between humanoids, bull-centaurs and a unicorn is swift and decisive, and we come out victorious. After getting the heads and weapons from them, we headed out once more.
the rest of the journey back to the skull was smooth.

Log partly by Amber before death, and then completed by Ida.



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