The Wilds Await

Kungsholm, there and back again. Session 51

Skull Merry-go-round, and the wise old blind one.

4th of Froar.

Yarid, Oamon, Greywood, and me set out to Sarek.


Vondal and Hroth are in a good mood, and Solam is at his weakest.

We decided to explore where the skull goes, so here is a short description of what we found, we only ask that this information is used wisely, and that others Check the time and direction the skulls head to verify our findings:

First skull: <u>the original platform, close to Volkenheim, where everyone sets out from.</u>

Second skull: <u>To the south, it is in Kieran's lands. We are told by a person there that we are not wanted there, and will be attacked if we leave the skull at this location. This is southwest of the first skull.</u>

Third skull: <u>The Platform is located in a Myre, could not get my bearings on where this was in location to the others, maybe if we pay more attention the next time, but we tried to keep warm.</u>

Fourth skull: <u>The platform is located on the top of a pyramid with a crown over the skull, at least 3000 feet up in the air. Surrounded by a massive ruin. Goes on for miles.</u>

Fifth skull: <u>North west. Dives into a valley of frozen mist. We could hardly see outside of the jaw, so we kept safe inside.</u>

Sixth skull: <u>North for 3 hours. The platform is in a Barren wasteland, only a ice fortress is to be seen to the north, about a mile away, in the shadow of the Mysts.</u>

Seventh skull: <u>South-East up a slope. Wast mountain range, wind at our back.
The foot is visible, middle covered in storms, and the top out of reach of the storms.
Much fluffy snow up towards the glacier surrounding Leirhe. at least 20,000 feet tall. Skull looks upon the north face of Leirhe. We arrived around midnight.</u>

5th of Froar


Vondal and Hroth are still in a good mood, and Solam is at his weakest.

Eighth skull: <u>North-East, East. We arrive on a small island. There is no signs of civilization or life, open planes and trees/bushes. North-Northwest of Volkenheim. might be the blood island. The platform has deep grooves carved into it. done by something large, like a 4m tall cat or some-such. Most animals on the island are big, like elephant, bear and the like. Hunters paradise.</u>

Ninth skull: <u>South for tens of miles. Lands elevated, Leirhe to the West. Plains sloping to the south from the north, there is a fort of stone to the North, similar to Santaur in architecture, but in dissaray. Very early morning, slightly after first light in Santaur standard time.</u>

Tenth skull: <u>The one we found not that long ago. wind directly from the east. not that far off from Kungsholm.</u> 

We head out from the skull. Sun is still not showing to the west.

We come across a trail that seems like someone pushed a barrel full of warm water across the snow. upon inspection the footprints are in fact of a warm lizard like creature that is quite large, broader than a man, about twice as long, not a barrel.

Yarid speculates it might be a creature that likes cold weather, and that cooks knights in their armor and eats them. We choose to disregard the tracks and have Sleet do aerial recognizance, it informs us of a object about half a mile to the east of us. Its a 5×5 meter square thing, looks like walls that are naturally vertical. The edges are to straight to be a hill.

We dig out a timber wall under the fluffy new snow. Oamon finally finds a door after some digging around the building. We knock but there is no reply. We enter and find it to be warm, with a fire going. We see the back of a chair, occupied by a thin being, hunched over. Infront of the figure, there is a table with a candle or a torch on it, otherwise it is just like all the other cabins.
As we move around the chair we se a old man with thin gray hair and beard, wrinkled skin and liver spots. He sits up in the chair but does not look at us.

Yarid casts detect magic, and finds out the candle is a continual flame, and that the heat is magical in nature. I greet him and he finally speak up, claiming to not have had company for a long while, and that he has lived here for a decade.
He says he is called Thorvid, the blind one by the people of Kungsholm. Ida remarks that it is a bit on the nose, he says they are not mistaken, non the less. He also claims we are half a days march from Kungsholm, but that there is no point in going today. As at the end of Calsar, and the first half of Froar, no-one leaves their houses, he is also suprised that Hroth has not claimed our souls yet.

Kungsholm is built in the ruins of a older city, and is quite the sight to behold, or at least he has been told this.

Yarid askes the man if he has warded the hut himself, but Thorvid claims it always has been, from ancient times. As there has ever been a blind-one living there, and there ever will be.

Thorvid postulates that there might be more than one at a time, but they all share a common trait, they are Witchlings, cursed ones, and they all see visions of a city, it is wast, and seems to be made of white stone, with a hole in the wall, inside is a library, it is always the same, for as he grew older, the city grew livelier, the hole got repaired, and the snow melted away, he sees a man, that is more than a man, as tall as a building, which is why the streets are so wide, but the man can shrink down to human size, he has along hair and a beard, it is white as snow, and has lost his left eye, he spends most of his life reading, and is also a caster of wards, but most of this only comes in glimpses, and over time. Also he has a hooded man he speaks with, in white robes, who wields a trident like staff, except the spike in the middle is the head of a staff, and the two other prongs crown over it.

Yarid recognizes this figure as Lir, God of the waves, from Allodheim, father of a bloodline of people that are mainly scholars, famed for collecting knowledge.  I tell Yarid in no uncertain terms that Lir is dead and buried. But yarid claims the blood still might give boons to the people, granting skills in magic and a long life. Even a dead god might erect a Fane around himself, and it might not be safe.

Thorvid has not heard of Nemir, when I ask him about him.

He tells us to either head south to the sea, then east,  alternately head east until the sea, then south, Kungsholm lies by the sea.
I set down a lightning rod 20 paces away from the hut, to let Vondal know not to hit the hut.

The old man gives us shelter for the night, so that we may set out in the morning to find Kungsholm during the day, even if we are not allowed in, or to talk to anyone.

6th of Froar.

Wind is picking up slightly. Vondal is afoot. 

as a parting gift he tells us that the servants of Hroth poses as people and send them out to seek shelter, and then kill the givers of respite, and this is why the people of Kungsholm shy away from people in the dead of winter.

Despite this ee head to Kungsholm. The ruins grow more and more frequent as we get closer to the fortress city of Kungsholm. No force in Sarek could bring down this mighty city. 
We see lights burning in the several towers we see. The city wall even stretches out into the sea to protect the harbor.

I'm certain there are people in the guard post but they do not notice us, so Yarid sends Sleet up to have a look. Inside the architecture matches the rest of Kungsholm. It seems like just one big building an the port, not longhouses like in Volkenheim. It however is big enough to house at least a few 1000 souls. the scale is rediculess to say the least.
Yarid yet again has an insight, that it is manmade, by one of the Older civilisations of a forgotten age. A relic of the ancient past.

We head back to the cabin of Thorvid. During our trek, Greywood heads off course, and we find a brushlike tree, but all the leaves have been burnt of, and the branches have been cut or rent of, lying next to the roots. it smells of scorched wood. Not only is it recent, but it is caused by lightning, even though we did not hear thunder. This is clearly a miracle from Vondal, and a sign to me. Yarid finds a hole under the roots. Inside the hole I find a tunnel, that gets larger, it leads into a snow cave, inside of it there is a chest with pelts and human trophies, furthermore there is left a kind of offering, a book lying on a log, at the foot end of the pelt on the floor. It's clearly a Lithar cave, but Vondal wanted me to find the book.

I inspect the leatherbound tome, like a journal, it looks ancient, and upon picking it up, I notice it is spattered in blood, and has faint claw marks, as if carried here by a clawed creature.
I show Yarid, but he does not know the language. but he can tell its really old. He casts Identify on it for me, and learns that it has at some point been the target of divination magic, and that something powerful had seeked it out, and brought it here.

We head back out, and tell the party we shall head on. The rest of the journey back to Thorvids cabin is silent.

I speak with Thorvid as the others sleep, he tells me that of all the ruins in Sarek, the skulls are the newest, by many thousands of years. The snow conceals a lot of Sarek's history, fabels and myths, and only we can prove what is what, by going out and looking.

He goes on to tell me that blind ones can communicate when they sleep. I ask if he can ask other blind ones to come find us by the skull platforms, but he says that being blind and walking around is a bad Idea, but he will ask non the less if some will send someone to meet us, if able.

He adds that latly he has had visions of a fellow blind one in a cell of black ice, and of one next to a large pillar that radiated heat and light like the sun.
He also talks of people that come to visit, to scald, threaten, ask questions or other thing, but he does not know of much else of interest to us.

I ask but he has not heard of the Children of Korsh, so my search continues.

I go to bed, for we must wenture out during the middle of the night to catch the skull.

7th of Froar.

Vondal puts a strong wind at our backs, to get us home on time I guess.

We head out during the night, a storm on the horizon, and we make it to the skull before the storm hits us. On our way we find canine tracks heading south but disregard them, Yarid does send out sleet to look, but she finds nothing before it gets to cold, and heads back to us.

We place the sleds next to the platform on the first skull, as always, before heading home to Santaur.


Excerpts from the journal of Cleric Ida Valfarsdòttir, Skjoldmøy of Vondal, Blessed of Hess, and Blessed of Geena.




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