The Wilds Await

lost chapter of the epic rafting

date uknown

Regyard, dolphus,  and yarid

so we set out from the skull as usual  heading south true the elven forest and at the end of the day we made camp near the river, during the night, 2 frogmen attacked us, easly killed, made frog stew for breakfest.   morning after we decided that going all the way south, gona be hard so we made a raft,  Yarid made a battleship plan,  all we was able to make was a tiny raft. tok us 2 days by rafting to get down to the dwarfen encampent,  dolphus  talked to the capitan of the place and got a rit or something to go to the dwarwen hold. 

On the road, we meet some guarding  something heavy and big, and we was not allowed to pass, so made it around. standing in line to get in.  got sendt to a shitty innkeep in the slums due to dolphus not seducing the tollkeper hag.   made some friends in the illigal arena- fighting.  and the rest made a deal with the shady lord of the slum.

so the next day we headed to scare the shit out of this ''new'' commer who wanted to start selling spicecs, killed his guards, and yarid kicked the hell out of him. after i had the fight in the arena, we bet'ed the maximum gold. where i had to fight the twins of the place, a close battle, and i let them live.  so after the disccusion what to do, we made a deal, so we had 2 ways of getting to talk to make the trade agreedment.

later that day, we found a powerfull stick wizard, who sold sticks and useless magical items,learned about two groups of mages .  body – a group of mages who did pshisycal protecking and  soul mage-one dude spiritual way .

after this we got all the paper and documents rdy, we talked to the guy higher up. and after that it was only to head home with the papers and suchs. 2days north or so, we found a unicorn who magicaly teleported us back home!




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