The Wilds Await

Maephoon, Plenth 37th-40th , 1186

A sticky situation in the mountains

West Marches field report by Capt. N. Greywood
To be delivered to King Godric I

Dates: 37th through the 40th of Plenth, 1186
Location: Maephoon
Attending: Capt. Nevin Greywood, Gleipnir Oathold, Comet, Oamon, Pahgigoth

Despite our harrowing experience with the brain slugs earlier in this very same month, I was assigned the duty of further exploring the realm known as Maephoon. Leaving on the 37th of Plenth with 4 voluntary adventurers, we traveled by the skull vehicle and arrived without incident at the same platform as in previous excursions.

It was decided that we should try to find our way to Mystwatch, a monastery that Gleipnir had visited on a previous journey to this strange land. Following his lead, we followed the road first east for a small amount, then north, and then west. During this part of the journey we met a Fyr named Baleth. He was wary of us but after conversing with Gleipnir he soon became more accepting. He even gave Gleipnir a bear pelt bag as some sort of token of friendship.

We traveled on and decided to camp for the night, just off the side of the road. Nearby we noticed an unusual maple tree, and Comet tried to speak with it, as Druids often do. He had no luck and we turned in for the night. 

At night we saw lights to the south, most likely coming from a Fyr village. They seem to be active well into nightfall. To the north, in the distance we heard strange voices, as if mumbling in a language we did not recognize. They did not come closer and we did not attempt to find their source.

In the morning, the maple tree now displayed some dancing lights and a voice spoke to us inside our heads. The tree holds the spirit of Kalas who, although weak now, had once been a nature seraph, similar to the others that had been encountered on other journeys. We conversed with it for a while and learned several things:

  • Long ago there was called Eolair the Keeper, who used to protect the land from the blackness. He was a god of law and order and it was he who kept all the seraphs in line and solved the quarrels. His current location is unknown.
  • Cirial, another seraph, governed the transition between life and death, but he caused trouble, yelling at the other seraphs and telling them what to do, despite having no authority. When Cirial gained too much power Eolair sealed him away.
  • Another seraph, Jalkar, is in Maephoon somewhere to the east, and Kalas wished us to say hi to him if we were to encounter to him.
  • The force that caused the destruction of the valley that surrounds the area was commanded by one called Sharagras.
  • In order for Kalas to regain any power, it requires worshippers of Nature and Order, as well as cultivation and growth. The tree released several leaves and Kalas asked us to plant them and watch over them for several hours until they took root. It was in this manner that new shrines to Kalas can spread to new places.

If further expeditions wish to find this Fane of Kalas, Comet has provided the following directions: The Fane of Kalas is directly NW from the landing about 15M, but is much safer to travel the road. Follow the road N until you reach the second Fork, then head W. You will come to another fork, take the bend heading N. Head west when you come to another fork, and travel for about 8M. You will come across a small rock outcrop along the road, with a strange red tree to the N of the road. This is the Fane of Kalas.

We continued on our way and journeyed west to a river. There was a single giant footprint, 10 feet across, that was somewhat frog-like in its appearance. It was headed east, so we crossed over the river to the west and then headed north/northwest around some rocky mountains. We headed west some more but Gleipnir had lost his bearings and was no longer sure which way we should go to find the monastery of Mystwatch. It was decided that rather than wander aimlessly through the mountains, we would turn back and return to Santaur and attempt a new excursion in the future.

We made camp for the night and I took first watch. Within a few hours an elven woman with dark skin and silver hair came across us. Spotting our donkeys, she sent her pet towards them and we were forced to confront it. 

The pet seemed to be some sort of tar elemental and was a strange foe: It wasn’t difficult to hit, but regular weapons did not do very much damage (and often times would get stuck inside its sticky mass) but enchanted weapons performed well. It had the ability to strangle foes caught in its sticky appendages and seemed to be immune to poison. 

The battle was strange but quick. Oamon had not the time to don his armor and was the main target of the elemental’s wrath, so he received substantial injuries early in the fight. Comet transformed into a giant spider and upon biting the creature found its fangs stuck inside. Pahgigoth, the simpleton that thinks he is a mighty wizard, revealed his true nature when he entered a battle frenzy and attacked with his axe. With my sabre enchanted by Gleipnir, I was able to slay the creature, at which point it popped violently, like a festering boil, with a force strong enough to cause serious injury.

At that point we turned our attention to the dark elf who attempted some magics upon us with no luck. She attempted to flee by sliding down the slopes of the mountain side but we were in no mood to let her go. Gleipnir used his own magics to cause her metal armor to head up and we pursued after her down the same slopes. Pahgigoth jumped at her but did not succeed in landing a blow. I was able to land on top of her, driving my sabre through her armor before jumping off. Comet, still in the form of a massive spider, shot webs at her and she tumbled down the slope to a landing below. She broke free of the webbing and reached for an amulet around her neck. Pahgigoth continued down the slope after her and struck her with his axe. Overcome with rage, he continued to hack at her long after there was any need to. Despite being of no use as a wizard, he was indeed quite a formidable warrior in close combat.

The amulet continued to glow and the rocks in the side of the mountain opened, revealing a stone hallway inside. Comet took the amulet off the elf’s body and the rocks began to close and we decided it would not be wise to be in that hallway once shut.

The rest of the night continued without incident and in the morning we retraced our steps. Along the way, we noticed that a skull, not unlike the kind that transported us to Maephoon, sat on a silver platform in a field of black thorny vegetation. The plants, likely dead from the blackness that plagued this land, did not pose much difficulty and when we reached the skull we recognized that the symbols on it indicated its next flight would take us back to Midgard. It was a bit smaller than the previous skull, but we all managed to fit inside and made the return journey. 

If exploring Maephoon, this newly discovered platform would be a better starting point for traveling northwest of the valley and will probably prove to be a quicker route to Mystwatch in the future.





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