The Wilds Await

Merefolk and Titans. Session 47

Sheik drinks whitestuff and gets busy with a meremaid.


Devros warlock 4

Ida Cleric 5

Sheik Paladin 5



6th of Calsar

Devros, Sheik, and I head to Maraankosh,
We decided to go to the southeast up the mountain, about 15 miles from the skull, and set camp.
during the night we were attacked by a Girallon, a large beast beating his chest, after some magics from devros, and me taking a beating, we scare it off with a vision of a greater Girallon. Apparantly not all Girallon are friendly, despite what I have been told by some other people who have encountered them previously. The rest of the night was silent, as the fight seemed to have scared off all other wildlife in the area.

7th of Calsar

We arrive at a village to the southeast populated by Arrakoa, Merefolk, Fire-dwarves, and grayish dwarves, they all seem to live there as one people.
A local Mereman, tells us the name of the village is Visalaman.
Devros flattered the mereman on the beautiful lands and waters they live by.
The mereman then told us the fishing is declining recently. Probably due to some corruption of the ocean by Meri Adrie. The mereman then told us his name is Urhur. We agreed to have a drink together at the tavern "trident" after he had a chance to put his fishing gear away for the day,  and he warned us that the barkeeper is grumpy.

Walking though, we notice the village is a small fishing village, with a harbor house.
Fishermen are mostly merefolk, while the dwarves are tradesman, Arrakoa are mostly scholars.

We entered the bar at the other side of town and found the barkeep, a Mereman. He is fairly big for his kind. grumpy as all hell. He warmed up to us when we told him Urhur is a "friend" of ours.
He then told us his name is Ekemon, and he has never seen a dragonborn personally, and the last time they were sighted was during a war long ago between Titans and Dragons.
He gave us a free round of a darkblue drink, called "water of life". We waited some time for Urhur to join us by the window drinking our drinks, Sheik is a lightweight, did you know this?

Urhur finally joins us, carrying a pitcher of a brown drink they call Drag, he tells us the story of  Vitoranaxis over drinks, I have jotted it down as best as I can by memory, but I had had a few drinks, what follows is what I remember:

Vitoranaxis has been renown for being the leader of the bloodriders, 
it's been said that Vitoranaxis still lives, he is as old as the titans, he is known as the rider supreme.
He appears to be the leader of the bloodriders and humanoid as far as anyone knows.
Gariex the great red dragon sent the bloodriders out to do war, an epic battle between giants and dragons. Skaal or the war of creation as it was known, for lands were broken, mountains were made and countries descended to endless depths, raged on for a long time, and no end was in sight. Annam the Allfather and Gariex  played a "chess" like game for 7 days and nights to decide a victor, it ended in a stalemate. The game and the war went nowhere, it was pointless, so both sides agreed to end the war. that was 10000 years ago.
      Vitoranaxis was sent as an agent of the dragons, to kill the sons of anaam, the titans.
After the war ended most bloodriders gave back the 6 sword of power, created to slay Titans, but 1 did not. Vitoranaxis held on to his sword, he then destroyed 2 of the other riders, and the others fled to other lands. He found them all and used their swords to make a seal for his own sword, Mortanica. A rune blade of extreme power. the blade is said to be held in this land. 
many do not believe this to be true, but the giants are cautious. They think Vitoranaxis roams the lands, looking for the right time to strike. And the corruption might be his doing.


Much more info on Vitoranaxis he could not tell us, seek a scholar at Nistor he said. Upon asking about Nistor all he could say was: Nistor is at the north of Maraan.
find the second outpost of the second river, then head east 70-80 miles. Nistor is there.  Entry is barred if you do not carry a worthy offering, like a book or scroll of power, or a story for their Archives.

He then told us that Marnissa, a cloudgiant I have met before, is the head librarian. I can add to this that she was the first female giant I have ever met, also that she is fickle. Nistor is the main city of the Cloud Titan Nicias.

that evening we rented a fine room, and were given many delicacies of the sea from the Merefolk chef, and drink Drag, a salty ale of the merefolk. Shiek was given a jar off white liquid as a hangover cure by Ekemon the bartender. Sheik then went outside to barf while Devros and I ate seafood and drank Drag.
    Shiek took a long while getting back to us, we got slightly worried. I found Sheik at the bar with a black dragonborn named Cian. He claims to have been to Sarek, southeast from the Skull towards the glacier. he found strange caves, and as they went back they lost a friend there. he goes on to tell us he retired after as a result.

Cian claimed to be from a small village far to the east of Maraan, Castle Eilif it is called.
Sheik stayed to chat as I went back up to bed, finding Devros asleep in the armchair.

Sidenote: Ekemon sells Thunderbrew, it is 20gp per glass, but it is magical and enhances your perception, but according to Sheik it makes you light sensitive for a short while.

Sheik also told me that during his talks with Cian, he tried to ask him who the Earl was back then, but Cian dodged the question. And also that the following morning he could not get the barkeep to say a single bad thing about the man, as if he was charmed. We all felt anxious about this Cian Character.


8th of Calsar

I tell Devros about Cian, and to be wary during breakfast. Shiek joined us halfway through and started talking to Ekemon the bartender about Cian the dragonborn, as we pretend to not have been talking about him ourselves just moments before.
Apparently Cian has been to Santaur and Sarek, he lost his company in Sarek to wolfs during eternal darkness.

I tell the others about the 5 blades and my theories about them: 
That I found a place called the Alter of the 5 blades and we found inscriptions on the alter that read:

The blade of death is protected by it riders, For he who hold the Runeblade, Mortanica. will be the wielder of death incarnate.
Ash in found in stone. Dust is found in clouds. Time is found in the endless depths. Mirror is found in ice. Blood is found in death.

I tell them also that upon the 2 blades we have found so far the runes read:

"Ash will be the melter of morality, bringer of acid, and the deconstructer of constructs."

"I'm death incarnate with my power I crumble mountains, I empty oceans and even kill gods."

Urhur then entered the bar and asked us to follow him.

Urhur lead us to the elder, at a small price to himself, he is a captain of a ship that took us to the middle of the bay, unaided by sail or oar. We were told to stay at the center of the ship, or else drown. the ship then sank into the water, surrounded by a air bubble. This was done by a strong and old enchantment on the ship. During the decent we heard singing from the depths by merefolk.

After a decent amount of time we arrived at a small outpost the captain called Allise, and he stated we needed to talk to the Lady, before we can venture on to Alantair.
The same kind of runes and air bubble surround the village, and the seas floor is sturdy to walk upon. Sheik suddenly started flirting with a mermaid, on our way to the Lady. Sheik got more and more rude and inappropriate. He left us to flirt with her in her house.

On our way we saw a sea serpent, it looked at us and the merefolk waved at it, it seems friendly towards them as it nodded to them in response to the waves. We arrived and entered a small temple, and were asked to be respectful.

I recognized the size and form of a 12-14foot creature, with silver/blue hair to her waist. A well shaped, curvy body, and ocean blue eyes. Perfection made flesh according to my traveling companions. She was clearly a female storm giantess.

Her name is Geena, she tells us we need not be so formal, and asked if we want to head over to Alantair. We told her we were seeking info from Vilmas, about Meri Adrie, Vitoranaxis, Gariex, she gasped audibly at the mention of Meri Adrie. She then asked what order I wanted the info in, as she had most of it anyway, I jotted this down for you aswell in the order it was given;


He was the greatest, the leader of the bloodriders. They were emissaries of the dragonborn, not all of them dragonborn or fully dragon, but they were a differential bunch, all a kind of dragon. Vampires are demons of a kind, sustained in unlife by drinking blood.  The bloodriders are vampires and are the first of their kin. All vampires are decedents of bloodriders, and they are often called riders of the apocalypse. We Titans have a saying, "When we go to Ash, and our Dust is settled, only Time can Mirror what our Blood has spawned." He held a blade like none other. the blade is called Mortanica, and in giant it is equivalent with the word heaven.


Overlord of the red dragon clan, waged war on Amman, ask Nicias.

Meri Adrie:

Older sister of  Vilas and I. She is first daughter of Vilmas. She was the enchantress of the sea. Now she controls our fathers greatest asset off old, the kraken and the LeviathanLeviathan, Kraken and the sea serpent are the guardians of the sea. only the sea serpent remains, and their names are secret, names hold great power over beings. The sea serpent is a shape shifter and stays small to not unsettle creatures of the sea.


Some of this info we already knew, but getting a second source on it bodes well for the accuracy of the tellings.

We were denied access to Alantair, unless we complete a task for Geena first.
She wants us to find the Trident of Othea. It might be on a mountain, as Othea loves mountains.
The Trident was taken by Lenaxus, but he looses interest fast and might have left it there somewhere. Find the biggest moutain next to Maraan was the only advice she could give.

Geena would not speak of gods when asked about Vondal. But told me to seek him out inside of his mountain, or under it,  as the cold wouldn't affect us there unlike on the top off the peaks.
Devros and I were then offered a blessing from Geena. We both accepted the Blessing of the Storm titan. Alas we also received lingering injuries that will last 2 weeks, before it can be healed, according to my medicine knowledge. 

We later headed up via the boat again, but were ambushed by seafolk who worshiped the Kraken. we brought them down in quick order, and got back to the surface.
Upon reaching shore we met Cian, who told us he was bringing us back to the skull, so we left with him. We made sure to keep an eye on him during the trip, as we have misgivings about him due to his formiddable knowledge about Santaur and Sarek, even though the Mysts only partet recently and he claimed to have been to both places 20 years ago. 

9th of Calsar

We got back to Santaur via skulls. I told Devros and Sheik that Cian might be Vitoranaxis or one of his followers, as he must be very old if he knows of places that have just recently been recovered from beyond the mysts. They seemed to at least agree that something was very odd about Cian. We then headed our separate ways.


Excerpts from the journal of Cleric Ida Valfarsdòttir, Skjoldmøy of Vondal, Blessed of Hess, and Blessed of Geena.



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