The Wilds Await

return the body of Kreugor Firebeard

Havic 20th

Varis Galanodel

We arrived at the battle grounds, finding tracks and no bodies whatsoever.
No dwarfs no goblins. We follow a tracks of what the party call a firebeard
We hear a sound of a screech from the direction the wood elves find the 
tracks are going. Ida screams for us to go in and charge yet doesn't seem
seem to do as she told us and walks to the creature and tries to calm it.
She quickly found herself doing something stupid and backs off. the
circles around the party and seems to be going for the parties donkeys. Or
so we thought, no one engaged the creature even as it scared fo the donkies
it didn't even go for the donkeys and headed in the direction we came from.
Party split in all directions.

The creature wandered off to the east (Where we came from) and we went to
the dwarf body and loaded the fire dwarf on a donkey with leaves. We had a
short water break before moving on. Traveling the where we need to bring 
the fire dwarf.

In the way down south we cam upon a small creature which the wood elves
quickly deduced was a psuedo dragon. It took and interest in the mages but
ultimatly took a liking to Ida. No words was exhanged from the creature.

We come to what looks like a frail bridge and a temple which has some 
symbols of humanoids being hovered over by some figures, much like a god.
Our mission leader moves fourth and a eyes opens in the door. With a 
whispers from our guy the door opens and the word "uncle" can be heard.

We enter the place and a skull on a platform with red smoke coming from its
eye sockets. its huge, fielding 6-7 mammoths. its seems to be much like our
own skull platform floater. We enter the skull and its works much like ours
but instead of floating its spins and burries itself down instead.

We gets taking somewhere else to another land where we a few days come to 
a place which have birds of prey, stoneclad dwarfs and giants as it approches
us but mostly Buldrak and its the "general's" body. We get to know that we
are expected to travel for 5 days to an unknown location. Buldrak told us
the less we know the better. We boated for many many day when we meet
what we got told was a corrupted giant. While we was on deck a boulder from
the currupted giant came flying and sent Ida, Buldrak and the Oamon flying.
Luckyly no one fell over board. 

We arrives at land.. for the second time and heads out yet again, after a 
while we can feel the ground rumble as we meet another giant. Most likely
currupted as it is white. But it was wrong. He seemed friendly but speaks
a language not familiar to us. Except Buldrik. I get the feeling of being
left out… but in these lands i feel anything but home so i don't really 
care. The giaint gave Lady Ida a silver shield in exhange for a… pole?

We arrive at a city which seems very defended with a drawbrigde and magna
streams. Its guarded by giant people with even larger great weapons. inside
we can't even see the roof but there is windows with fires in them. symbols
and guards are present. A mare. its a very deep hall. Inside we meet a 
giant that is so big its makes mockery of any others we have seen to now.
Must be a fire giant… again.

We got to learn the warhammer of the "uncle" was a warhammer was forged by
this very giant. A warhammer given to a general to lead his armies into
battle. We got to pose some questions inwhich Lady Ida took a interest in
doing. I gathered that there seems to be a potential civil war and probably
a war with.. goblins?

Citadel of Nistor was mentioned to be a place where there is the most knowledge
then this giant can offer. But there is only way to enter this place. A book
or a scroll of immense knowledge. Or a story for their guardian that is worthy
to them will also let you enter.

Seek out Vilmos? Needs a boat to seek this one.

There are wielder of "the high magic" that is still alive within this lands.

On our way back we was promised a safe escort by the fire bearded king.
Returning we came upon a camp of 3 ogres who didn't take lightly to our
presence. We came into battle and the female wood elf ran off immidietly.
Lady Arriam wasn't as brave as was to be expected. We got the help of a fire
giant during the combat which ended in a easy victory for us. We found a
fire greatsword in the "house" of the ogres. A nearby alter is also holding
a slot for the greatsword along with 4 other wholes. Ice, earth, wind and ?
We named it the Alter/ruins of the 5 blades. There was an inscription saying this

"The inscription says the blade of death is protected by it riders, 
For he who hold the Runeblade, Mortanica. will be the wielder of death incarnate.
Ash in found in stone
Dust is found in clouds
Time is found in the endless depths
Mirror is found in ice
Blood is found in death"

After sailign back for many days, traviling over land we met a bigger giant
Vilas. The son of Vilmas? He is a storm giant who was at least 10 feet taller
He holds the power to imbue weapons with lightning. but needs the storm forge
which is at their citadel. Vilas was on his way to meet Obadai the titan of 

After miles and miles of travel with the fire giant. He escorted us all the 
way. Giving us a warning to not travel south. It is extremly dangerous (we 
on a blue dot on map. End… or the start of the river). We arrive safely 
at safe place. 27 days traveled. 

Loot gained
Giant silver coin
Fire great sword (Ashblade) (went to Oemon/Luchi)
Ring(s) of communication? (went to Varis/Wolf)
52 gold (pr player)
8 silver (pr player)
4 copper (pr player)



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