The Wilds Await

Seeking Mahal

Session 45


45th of Plenth

Gathered the day before the new moon this time. We are going to make another attempt at reaching the fane of Mahal in Morrendeep. Delayed beyond anything i thought possible but finally here we are again. I can only hope Jin still breathes.

Setting out i feel confident for the party is larger and more experienced this time, me, Gleipnir and Eddon are the three returning members, joined by Puck, Ida and Sheik.

We took the skull and headed through the secret entrance, waiting for a day on the other side for the moon to be at its lowest, hoping this would keep us safe from Grishilgrim at the very least.


1st of Calsar

Going down into the Morrendeep, this time we went straight ahead, or had we been under the open sky, East. Do this until you get to the first bridge, you can reach it from your boat but beware of the water for creatures dwell there carnivorous fish, worms and frogs i know of so far.

We were attacked by frogs and from here the rest was an hour long running battle until we made it to the fane. Dispatching the frogs we went after some skeletons that had tried to exploit our distraction, i would place these things at the level of bandits, perhaps a bit worse.

Going North, or left if that description is easier. Realising that this used to be guest quarters it also had several hidden doors leading to garrisons complete with bow firing skeletons through murder holes we cleared out a part of it.

Given no respite by this cursed tomb, as we were trying to stop for a moment, find our bearings and talk about our next move some of Grishilgrims minions found the mess we had made of the skeletal guardians of this place.

These Draconids tongue is called "Skareth", a language shared by most if not all creatures corrupted by Skarnfire. It is a tongue i have learned through study so i could understand them when they decided this was the work of intruders and declared to tell the king so the drums of war may sound again. Not having time to explain this to my companions i sprinted out the door and managed to kill one of them, leaving us with four survivors. My companions trusting me followed me in this pursuit and we left the guest area intended for visitors to Mahal, riddled with murder holes and arrow slits behind.

Pursuing the Draconids into a great fungus garden, or rather across the stone bridges sixty feet above it we managed to slay them. But not before alerting the rest of the Draconids. Luckily for us they fled what i assume to be their garrison to the West of the fungus garden. They did not flee from us though and this left us fighting the five headed serpent that had scared them off. Having few places to go we made a stand and eventually slew the beast. Use fire if you ever encounter another one of these monstrosities.

It was then i saw it, a crystal dome directly east of the fungus garden. Gleipnir must have sensed it as he appeared to know what it was. We headed that way and came upon the fane of Mahal, crossing the water to it with the last of the spell Gleipnir had cast upon us that very morning.

One final challenge emerged from the water. A skeletal dragon. Sheik wasted no time and charged it, striking it and buying the rest of us enough time to bring the cursed thing down, almost returning to the realm of the dead he had recently escaped from doing so.


Entering the fane we found a massive sarcophagus, surrounded by stone trees, not carved imitations of trees found in the wild. No these were their own thing entirely and from there branches grew crystals.

We left our offerings and suddenly appeared just West of the second wall, or the Pelias wall as it is called in Santaur. Gleipnir assured me he had communed with Mahal so the expedition was in a way a success, even if we did not get the chance to seek Jin or the prince Garreck.

I have nothing but kind words to say of my companions during this journey, in the face of horrors that shattered entire war bands and would have broken the minds of lesser beings. Not only did they stand firm, they met the challenge head on and in the end emerged the victors.



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