The Wilds Await

Session 46: Unload the Toad

I went to meet Mr. Greywood at The Adventurer's Boot to continue the story of my heroics yesterday. I heard he was planning a visit to a super secret tunnel in the side of a mountain. I'd also never been to the land of Maephoon before so it seemed like a good chance to go exploring. Exploring dangerous lands is also an important part of being a heroine.

It wasn't just me joining Mr. Greywood however. A group of other people named Ghesh, Zeratix, Greysome, and Oamon also came along. I want to make a note that Greywood, and Greysome are not related however. Greywood is a Grey from the woods, and Greysome is a Grey from the land of some. I'm not sure where the land of some is though I will have to check a map when I get the chance.

Anyways after meeting together we all traveled west of Santaur till we found a platform hosting one of those large skulls. The green skull accepted us as travelers, and took us far off into the skies. The land we found was just begging for me to go adventuring in it. The land was dark with shadows, and the light only just barely seemed to hold it at bay.

In spite of it we arrived safely, and made our way out towards our destination. It didn't take us long to arrive at the mountainside which we set off to reach. Once there Mr. Greywood made his way to the spot from his memory so that he could open up the secret passageway. He held out a amulet that he had, and sure enough the mountain opened up to something not seen by eyes in many years.

A long hallway sat before us, and its length even bested the range of my dark sight. Mr. Zeratrix lead the way, and at the end of the hallway was a face carved into the stone. Mr. Greywood once again took point, and proceeded to put the amulet into the odd sculpture's mouth. Almost as quickly as he did though he had to remove his hand as the magic carving tried to take his hand clean off.

After just a moment the carving came to life, and said we needed the blessings of the master. I wasn't really sure what that meant, but the rest of the group seemed to have a good idea. They told the face that they had killed the master already, and from there they began to blunder about talking to the thing.

I remembered a few stories I'd heard of people outsmarting such guardians, and after I told that to the group Mr. Zeratrix tried to negotiate with the door. I'm not quite sure exactly how the conversation went, but it was very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very boring. Like really, really, really boring. Somehow though he convinced the stone wall to open up, and let us through. I wasn't aware you could negotiate with doors, but I will have to keep that in mind in the future.

After getting things open though I kinda started getting suspicious that Mr. Zeratrix might not be such a good guy. He started calling all of us slaves for some reason, and he had a nasty look in his eyes. Whatever the case was we made our way into the next room, and let me tell you this one was G-R-O-S-S GROSS! I mean I'm a heroine, but even for me this room was a bit too much.

The room was just one long plank of wood suspended over a bunch of beetles. Like really gross looking beetles. They were crawling around everywhere underneath us, and I'm pretty sure falling down would have been a really disgusting death. At the end of room we found another door, and I'm going to tell you now the story only gets worse from there.

The second room in a row was exactly the same! More boards, and more beetles! At least this time when Mr. Greywood reached the end he actually got into another room. The bad part was that the board moved back so none of us could cross. We all ended up having to get out of the way so Mr. Greywood could play with the right switch to get it to go back to how it was.

After that we all made our way to the next room, and let me tell you this place was amazing. It was a huge open area with a large pit in the middle. Across the pit were four archways that all lead to some large magical thing in the center of the room. Though two of the archways were already broken from being so old.

The pit below went down farther than the eye could see, and the room had four different doors for us to explore. Each door except for one had something written on it, and Mr. Ghesh used some of his magic to read the doors. It was a good thing too because it takes me like 10 whole minutes to cast that spell. I'm gonna have to ask him how he does it so quick. The doors are listed below.


Northeastern Door: Had the word "Servant" written on it.

Northwestern Door: Had the word "Pens" written on it.

Southeastern Door: Had the word "Slave" written on it, but apparently it had been scratched out, and rewritten in a bunch of different languages.

Southwestern Door: Was just the plain wood door we used to come into the room.


I suggested we go through the slave door so we could rescue the slaves. After hearing that Mr. Greywood opened up the door, and the vile smell of villainous villains came bursting out of the corridor. In response to this Mr. Greywood went to the other two doors to check them as well.

The servant door was dimly lit with small candles, and we could hear noises coming from the long hallway that it opened up into. I also noticed it was very clean. They must have had some really good servants taking care of it. Then the other door labeled pens actually smelled really good. It smelled really sweet like someone was baking with large amounts of sugar, and honey.

After checking each door we then started arguing over which door to go through. I of course wanted to go save the slaves. Mr. Zeratrix on the other hand wanted to go down the servant room. He kept talking about how the residents would be good to rob, and how much he liked robbing people for money. He also threatened to throw Cure, and me down the pit since I wanted to do the right thing. He was a really horrible person!

With everyone having a split opinion I turned to Mr. Greywood for direction. He had organized this expedition after all so I was ready to listen to his desires. The man said that he thought we should go to the southeast like I said since three of us were already wanting to go that way. So finally off we went, though Mr. Zeratrix kept giving me nasty looks.

We trekked down the long hallway that came after the door, and found ourselves in a true maze. Tons of twists, turns, and different paths laid in front of us. I should have left some sort of marks so we could find our way out, but I didn't think to do it. Anyways we all went along, but for some reason we had trouble staying together.

Some people ran way out in front, and others ran way behind. None the less we all traveled down together passing some foul smelling pools of water on our way. Shortly after that we found a shrine with green lines, and a green leaf on it. In fact if I remember right we found two of them. I think the shrines were dedicated to a seraph or god, but I really don't know that much about that sort of stuff.

We were going to spend a bit of time investigating the shrines, but we had to ditch them when we started to hear the sounds of battle. Mr. Zeratrix apparently ran off on his own, and got ambushed without the group. I don't know the full details, but supposedly a bunch of dark skinned dwarves with plants coming out of their orifices jumped out of the water to attack him.

We weren't anywhere close though so we just had to chase after the sounds of him screaming for help. On the way there some sort of magical rope tied up Mr. Oamon. Luckily it just hung him from the ceiling, and he was able to escape pretty easy since he's so strong. However it did slow him down a bit.

Eventually though we all caught up to Mr. Zeratrix. By the time we got there he had already killed the dwarf monsters, but two monster toads were after him instead. Just like the dwarves the monster toads came out of the water as well. The toads were black with long barbed tongues. They had three mouths full of jagged teeth, and large eyes with no irises.

By the time we arrived Mr. Zeratrix was nothing, but a damsel in distress. I answered his cries like any true heroine would, and ran forward while he coward behind my strong figure. Though he didn't seem all that thankful for my assistance. I'm going to have to teach him some manners.

Anyways Mr. Ghesh took the point, and fought held off the creatures with his longsword, and ice breath. I came in behind him, and used my burning justice to engulf the animals in pink flames. Just like I was taught the flames didn't harm anyone of pure heart so Mr. Ghesh was fine. Mr. Greywood also got involved using his bow to lay down a hail of arrows on the creatures.

Even with all of our combined efforts though the monstrous beasts still did quite a number on our friend. Looking for vengeance Mr. Ghesh sliced one of the toads in two, but the monster would not go down without a final curse. It let out a large horrible croaking sound that piercing the ears, and the mind. I felt a horrible shock in my brain, and was barely standing after the blow.

I of course was not going to back down from evil just because I had taken on some wounds. Though I did notice it knocked Zeratix unconscious. I wanted to help him, but I had one of the toads pulling me in with its tongue. The damn thing tried to crush me with a backflip too, but I managed to cast shield of justice just in time to block the assault.

After that I backed away to get some distance, and Mr. Oamon took point in front of the monster. I was really glad too because I'm pretty sure I would have died with just one more blow. Even then I didn't back away though, and once I saw the group taking care of Zeratrix I downed my potion to get back into the fight.

I tied some cloth around my head to cover my ears in case this frog cried out again, and then took my place behind Mr. Oamon. I wasn't going to let the damned evil creature survive that encounter. So when the black monster tried to flee into the nearby water I knew exactly what I had to do.

I used my electric orb of justice on the water, and I was pretty sure that the creature died to the blow. Just a moment later Mr. Oamon picked me up, and began to carry me out of the maze. I think we would have gotten all the way out, but he got caught up in the rope trap again. Of course he just broke out of it with ease shortly after. 

After a bit of getting lost we did eventually find our way out of the maze. Though the main room wasn't very welcoming. Mr. Zeratrix kept trying to kick me off into the pit, and a dark elf came peaking out of the door labeled servant. When we saw this we all ran for the exit not wanting to die to any other monsters.

Our escape turned out pretty well, but as we jumped off the boards fell down into the pits of beetles. I'm not sure if getting back across will be an easy task. I'm also pretty sure those dark elves were trying to kill us. Damn dark elves. Always so evil, and dark. Either way I want to go back to that place. I can't stand the thought of leaving monsters there to do evil deeds.

Though I guess that's going to have to wait till I get some rest. I'm hurting pretty bad after that last encounter, and I won't be able to be a great heroine if I die to those boars in my upcoming mission. Before that happens I also need to pass on the information I found out to the Earl. I heard a rumor that he was willing to pay gold pieces for info.

I think his name was Lord Westingford? I'll have to go ask around about it before I go marching in. Those noble types are real particular about that sorta stuff. I will also need to make sure to bring the group with me so we can split the reward. I'm not really the greedy type. Though I do need some money to live.


3rd of Calsar, Year 1186



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