The Wilds Await

The hard journey East.

Slogfest in Sarek, session 44


Ida Valfarsdòttir, Cleric 5

Aodi the Swashbuckler, Rogue 3 

Zeratix, the Sword for hire.  Fighter(?) 2



34th of Plenth.
Clear skies and no wind to speak of.
All the gods seem appeased, Solam shines his light brightly across the lands.
      We walked 6 miles east, set camp and was attacked by Wargmen during Zeratix' watch, then wolves during Ida's watch, and the rest of the night went by in silence. We left the corpses to be fed on by Carrion.

35th of plenth.
Stiff Breeze.
Vondal is gathering more wind to make a storm.
      We walked in silence as the winds carried snowdrifts and bit into our skin.
halfway or so through the day we happened upon some more wargmen, who we promptly killed in self-defence. Before Solam lost the fight against whomever governs the nightsky we faught a Direbear to secure shelter for the night in its cave, and for food, Aodi snuck up on it and struck a crucial blow into the beasts eye. enraged the beast rushed out and found Aodi where he was skulking behind the cave and mauled him. Aodi went down, but we killed the bear and got Aodi back on his feet. The fact that it was a Direbear cave kept creatures away, and the night passed in silence.

36th of plenth.
Heavy snowfall, wind has died down, sunlight peaks through between the heavy snowladen cloudy skies.

Hroth has set his wrath upon the lands yet again.
As Solam and Hroth battle for our attention, Ida noticed we had walked southwest for 12 miles the past day, instead of East.
       We headed northeast this day, to get back on track. We stopped by the start of the glacier and set camp in a small crevasse.
During Zeratix's watch that night we fought some Snow-lions. One of the lions lept down on Ida and knocked her out. But Zeratix and company made short work of the lions, Ida skinned them and we slept the rest of the night.

37th of plenth.
slight breeze, snowfall still heavy.
      We walked 12 miles west, to get back towards home, and known lands, tired of being assaulted by the fauna of the lands. Nothing of interest happened this day, as all fauna were deterred by Hroth's raging, but we did find the tracks of the direbear we killed the 2nd day next to the road.

38th of Plenth.
Snowfall persists, wind dies down.
At least Vondal lets up, even though Hroth does not.
      We headed north east to the skull platform and returned home to santaur, mild weather, a warm fire, and mulled wine.
We sold the bearpelt for 120gold, 40each. And kept the Snowlion pelts for Ida and Zeratix, as Aodi wouldn't even be able to carry one, and they look amazing.


Excerpts from the journal of Cleric Ida Valfarsdòttir, Skjoldmøy of Vondal, and Blessed of Hess.



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