The Wilds Await

The Tall and the Bearded

From the journals of Gleipnir Oathold

Plenth 13th-20th

The party:

- Ashuriel, the Young Gnomish Wizard

- Pin, the Old Gnomish Wizard

- Gleipnir, the Dwarven Cleric

- Vaki, the Goliath Barbarian

- Scarloc, the Elven Ranger

Our journey begins with brief introductions for yours truly.  It seems that our fine Pin had a pupil I was unaware of, and I was introduced to Ashuriel.  To make matters short, we were all eager to be about Solara, and decided to head out for the northern chain of mountains, and the desolate wastes they border.  It was rumored that the Valmari, the local humans of this area, were quite interested in these chalky deposits found throughout the area, and could be found mining it from the wastes.  We hoped to come across their tracks and ask them for directions to where they engaged in trade with my dwarven kin.  As it turns out, the journey would be far more complicated than simply finding this location, but more on that later.

We struck out from the Ur-Gate, marching north towards the wastes when we chanced upon the entrance to a worked cavern.  Hoping that my kin would be closer than I previously imagined, I set about chanting a rite of Augury to determine if the worked passage would lead to my kin.  According to the runes, there are no dwarves this way, and yet the familiar carving of the stonework would suggest a Midgard's mason's skill in craft.  Strange indeed, yet my kin were not within the cavern so we pressed further up the valley into the open waste.  As we reached the wastes,  we slept throughout the night and came across a strange red tumbleweed.  For any new adventurers traveling Solara, these tumbleweeds are Extremely Dangerous, and are capable of summoning or creating undead creatures from their plant bodies.  Various shades and skeletal creatures that can drain your life stepped out from the many red tumbleweeds that simply cropped up during the night.  We had managed to fight them back, but any party caught unawares by these plants, or that see them during the day are advised to burn them when you find them.  

Turning west, Scarloc had managed to find the wagon ruts and caravan tracks, evidence of the Valmari's passage, and offered council that we should follow.  As we made our journey we chanced upon a great earth turner, an úrm of massive size.  With scales and ridges of a metal sheen the úrm shattered through the ground as a great quake.  Luckily I had felt it through the stone during my merging.  Ashuriel quickly threw up a rope into the area, conjuring a strange room that hung in the air.  We waited out the creatures passing, figuring that the úrm would be blind to us if we didn't touch the ground with our feet.  Guessing correctly, the úrm left our campsite mostly intact, except for one of my companions tent, and turned southward.  Immediately after our departure from Ashuriel's space, a strange goat herder approached us.  He slung questions, insults, and drawings upon us, hoping to sketch the úrm and us while we passed.  Despite his rudeness, I, by Muradin's Tenants, entreated him with a gift to send him well upon his way.  He did point us in the direction of a place known as Fort Tycon, a stronghold and staging ground for the Valmari's operations on the mainland.  We separated from our rude guide, and made journey north towards Tycon.

During our journey's north, we chanced upon a lone cabin.  Fair warning to adventurers passing towards Tycon, this cabin is no ordinary resting place.  Indeed were it not for the the strange goatherder's brew keeping me awake, I likely would have fallen prey to the curse.  Everything seemed fine, but when we awoke, a deep slumber had come over Vaki.  Seemingly impossible to awaken, we hurried her out of the cabin, and marched her a little away from the cabin.  I used all my cunning and did what any good medicine man would do, jabbed a knife lightly into her.  She then proceeded to hurl Pin, who was standing right next to me, at my head.  Though she meant nothing by it, I could sense a change about her behavior and her manic.  Seemingly aged in thought to a child, I worried our Vaki might be permanently…stunted, but hopefully this will even out in time.

Thankfully our journey north proved fruitful, and with Tycon in sight we strode to the gate ready to enquire the location of my dwarven kin.  We entreated with the guards, and got the attention of their lieutenant.  We negotiated with him, and learned much of the Valmari, their coins, and procured an ambassador who would be able to speak with Eddon on the matters of the Valmari.  In addition they spoke of the location of my kin, in the trading hold of Geraduer.  It was located at the very end of the western mountains of the Ur-Gate chain.  However, to gain entry one would require a bagpipe and a song that would ring out to proclaim you as friend to the hold.  Believe me when I say that there are many many songs, and that the precise knowledge of it will be required to even gain entry to hold.



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