The Wilds Await

What Goes Down Must Go Up

Hmm, My name is Pindelton Huppelmeff! Seeker of magic and keeper of fates. 

I found two companions Silent and Villo for this mission and they were quite rude and ignored me in the tavern, acting if they did not see me. I had seen that we had all recently applied as adventurers and well we were seeking adventure! News arrived of a new skull and naturally we went to check it out. It seems that we were the only adventurers there and only left with the three of us. The strange thing about this skull is that instead of going into the air sunk into the ground. But soon we arrived at our new destination, and a giant statue of a dwarf and an anvil were awaiting us the anvil if you touch it will send you back to the skull. 


We knocked on the door but received no answer so we invited ourselves in, there was quite a good amount of plate mail armor about so we thought it a good idea to secure it for selling. Though when we went to drag it through the door they disappeared and turned into human flesh. Down the hall there was a large room with a well that I wanted to check out but before I could Villo decided to jump into the well and Silent dragged me into it with him. Quite rude. We found ourselves in some new unknown place and after searching around we heard the sounds of a bugbear in pain being attacked by some strange fire bugs which we quickly eviscerated and even finished off the reinforcements. The bugbear said he name was Kodof and quickly became friends with us. We palled around with him for a bit more on that level killing some more of those fire bugs (which by the way taste quite good) and finding some items. The only other thing of interest on this floor was some strange stair case that you could not climb up as it would turn into a slipery slope the closer you got to the top. The other was a well that was warm to the touch and that created an item once you reach inside. The items were quite nice and its how I got this spiffy hat. Though their magic deactivates once you go past the barrier and just become mundane weapons and armor. Once we were done with all of this we went down the next flight of stairs to the next floor. 


In this room there was a massive cage that said deep and a giant door that said danger so I put one and two together and decided to look where the lever to the cage connected to. I was able to figure out where in the ground the mechanism was located and had Silent skillfully pull out the gear that controlled the contraption. We were able to get it open and onto the next floor.


On the third floor we were met by a large tavern with markings insinuating dwarven ladies of the night for sale, and in the other room there was a group of men fighting. Silent decided to look around the room for useful items but the men did not take kindly to this and attacked us. I took one down with my staff and we all drank some powerful drink that gave us the senses of a master tavern brawler and allowed us to pummel our opponents quite easily. After this I blacked out for a little while as the drink was quite strong. We then woke up and found our way to another well that took us back to our starting point, and so we made our way out of this place but to our dismay our new friend Kodof was unable to come with us. Also as a note you will not be able to leave from this place if you take too many items with you as the magic anvil will not glow if they are on your person. 



Pindelton Huppelmeff



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