The Wilds Await

Making base in Biibabalamtu

A series of knotted ropes appears at the adventurer’s guild from Tal-Thrūm who insists that is it a log of his recent adventure to Biibabalamtu. After some translation is done on the length of rope it reads as follows.

Party: Tal-Thrūm, Oscar Mason, Tira, Yarid, and Zeratix

        I came to this city at the will of my god and I try to understand its customs but they confuse me. Women live with men and apparently ones blood makes them better than others. I ask the locals questions of who might need my help and they told me to go to some place of drink. Apparently it is a boot that people drink at, looked like a normal tavern to me. Here I met my companions for this trip, Yarid a man of the arcane who likes to inhale burning substances, Oscar who was quite skilled with his polearm, Zeratix, a larger man with somewhat green skin and pointed ears, and Tira a fare woman whose ears are also pointed and for some reason takes on the burden of a man. Apparently there was a new land that needed to be explored and a family heirloom of Oscars that needed to be retrieved. We set out and arrived at some strange monument shaped in the image of a human skull and were told to enter it. I was hesitant at first but joined my companions for their journey. The sight of the world moving past through the skull was an astonishing thing to see, but it was over soon and we were on this untouched land.

      Upon arrival at this place any would feel its terrible heat and wetness; it is a struggle to keep your sanity when everything touching your body starts to stick to you especially in heavy armor with the sun being ever so relentless and never setting. Tira found some text that read the fairy queen told them to rebel against the masters and that it was a mistake.  The forests were so thick and untrodden it seemed that every step we took forward we needed to take three back. I am surprised that my companions would go to this place without someone who is a master of this terrain. Nevertheless we found our way through on our first night unimpeded. We traveled again the next day again finding our path hard trodden; we went to bed and rotated our watches as usual. Yarid spotted some strange lizard like creatures that were at least the height of five men and ate the leaves from the heights of the massive trees in the area. They seemed docile enough so we let them be; some other creatures however had different plans for the beasts. Some humanoid looking creatures attacked them and seemed to be looking for a meal but were met back with force and were soon destroyed and turned into fine dust by the giant lizards. Other than that the night was then calm. Traveling the next day we set out and happened upon a well surrounded by the undead creatures we saw attacking the giant lizards earlier.

     Expecting these creatures to be inherently evil we attacked one of them at the edge of the encampment but were met with no resistance from it the strange thing was we saw its spirit or something of the sort floating to the well apparently the creatures can not die but return once killed. Near the well there was a similar creature except there were some strange worms extruding from its body and it was shouting at us in some language that none of us knew. We proceeded to attack this other creature to no avail until Yarid tapped into a large vain of mana and sent forth a vicious attack at the creature. The damage this did startled it, the creature lunged into the well which seemed to heal it every time it came into contact with it. Before jumping in the creature called out to its companions in the area and the once docile creatures sprang into action coming after us. Soon to be surrounded one of the creatures started speaking to Zeratix, it was his old employer Aodi who apparently had another job offer for him. Aodi called off the creatures and spoke to Zeratix for a moment. Apparently he had been cursed and wanted to hire Zeratix to break the curse and that afflicted him. To get more information on the matter apparently there was some type of deity in the well which we spoke to and learned that it was Stanza the Faerie Queen, the one mentioned in the graffiti from earlier. She spoke of an old master named Rarakan who cursed her people and was also the cause of Aodi’s affliction and said in defeating Rarakan he and the others would be cured and free to pass on. Stanza also told Oscar and I that we were afflicted by the plague in this area caused by bites of mosquitos in the area, and that drinking from her well would heal us. I felt no ill will from her so I indeed did drink from it and felt refreshed beyond belief.

     We were told many things about the area including where to find the temple of  Rarakan if we ever wished to take the battle too him as in the temple he is only a husk of his former self and much weaker than in his full state. That being said though he is still a master and should not be treated lightly for a fraction of their power is still enough to end many men. We decided to build a fortification at this well for future endeavors and the area should be safe as long as one of the husks do not go mad as Stanza can control them until a certain point where their hunger for flesh takes over and they are irredeemable; you can find a marking for this place at the exit of the skull marked on a fallen pillar. Mosquitos in the area carry the plague but hate torch fire with a passion so as long as your party carries one with you there should be no worry of being bitten by these creatures. And Stanza very sternly warned us that if you are ever to see a door appear in the woods to not open it and if you are foolish to still do this to not go into the well as the real body of Zeratix lies there with a great amount of its power still there. It would mean death to tamper with such a thing without great preparation. Lastly Oscar found at the bottom of the well some drorn blade, a glave that was once wielded by his now dead brother Gawain. Oscar seemed to be relieved to have this once again in his families possession.

     Our party then returned home quite uneventfully after these events and found our way back onto the skull to return home. The group asked me to write this for them but I am not too familiar with the common languages writing yet as I just recently learned it to speak to your people. I now seek a place to stay but I cannot seem to find where the men sleep as everywhere I go seems to be a common area for men and women to mingle.


Knotted by,





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