The Wilds Await

Once you bisect the Barmaid, it get's Orcward.

21st Mittern

Attending: Sparax, Pin, Fisher, Silence and Villo

We arrived on Doredun, a strange place beset by preternatural weather, isolating our starting point from anywhere but a large and grandiose manor. We looked into entrance of the manor, our party seemed concerned that their ally had screwed up their plan to leave their previously obtained items for them. He did however leave a message saying that some equipment had been left for us 'by the fire'.


We saw some brandy that was feeling uneasy, bizarre for an alcoholic beverage. Pin, the smartest member of our group theorized that it may be because the new champion was not present. Whatever that meant. After collecting the equipment from a central bowl with a fire placed within it we continued onward through several rooms, many of which were almost identical to the equipment room but without lit fires. These rooms were unnaturally chilly and generally unpleasant to be in. Some sort of spell or mechanism seems to be afoot, though as a humble fisherman I wouldn't dare to make assumptions on such things.


We dropped into a pool which transported us to another strange building and lead out into a pub called The Dog Inn. Silence flirted with a barmaid and she seemed very interested in his tankard. The barman told us about a bar fight that robbed him of his only cask of Fireman's Fighting brandy.


Next thing we know the woman appeared holding Silence's tankard aloft and then was immediately bisected by a half naked Silence.


The barman fainted and we played cards with bugbears until he came back to consciousness.


We appear to have traveled to a place they went to last time only an impossible amount of time has passed.


The tankard that caused such a fuss appeared to belong to Fireman himself, he also happened to be the original owner of the tavern and was an undefeated brawler who regularly knocked out everyone who entered his establishment.


We entered the basement of the tavern which seemed to lead into a series of hallways. We accidentally set off a wire trap while exploring some of the basements stores which alerted an unknown hulking creature but we were able to throw it off our scent through a combination of trickery and stealth. I feel I somewhat squandered this good fortune when I was tempted into attacking a rodent of unusual size (I really can't stand the things, even ones that aren't the size of a mastiff) and alerted both an orc and a troll to our presence, not to mention those wretched plague carrying vermin. I informed the group and we set up an ambush ready for their approach.



After a brief tussle we dispatched the two brutes with minimum damage to our party. We entered the room where the lumbering creatures had been holed up and found a chest with a few trinkets inside. We proceeded to rest for the evening to allow our more injured party members to recover from their injuries. During the conflict Pin seemed to be overwhelmed by a magic hat he'd put on from our arrival and floated off in a bubble, I retrieved the floating gnome upon our success and dragged him along with us in a way that he'd be both safe and still be able to provide us with his unique talents.


After ascertaining that our party was ready for any trials ahead we pressed on through a doorway at the southernmost point of the largest store room where we had spent the night. Once again we were lead down several tens of feet of tunnels before coming out at a tomb of sorts filled with sarcophagi and numerous orcs. One of the orcs was significantly stronger than the rest and had a bizarre pet with one eye. It was a drawn out conflict but nothing we couldn't handle and after subverting the enemy we collected the spoils of our victory.


After a minor incident with the slightly more enthusiastic of our group reveling in the rewards we'd gained we made our way back toward our origin.


We dropped a dead rat into one of the teleportation wells which switched deceased abomination for two sets of armour with varied abilities, we decided to take these treasures back to the bar possibly for trade or just safe return home.


Upon our return to the bar we traded some of our discoveries with the bar keep for a little gold and some items. He also offered us information on the ways of the land in which we were but naive travelers. The bar had on it's premises a piano which transformed the favoured mercenary currency of the land for varied treasures and abilities gained by truly bonding with an item in your possession. Villo used his token wisely, gaining a valuable boon from an item he possessed and Sparax deepened his bond with a fellow adventurer. I knew what reward would mean most to me and willed it to be. After reaping our rewards we traded with the ally of Villo, Pin and Silence mentioned earlier then returned home.



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