The Wilds Await

The Tale Of The Gnomes Who Stare At Goats

Session 40: Notes From the Adventure from 17th Of Plenth to the 21st Of Plenth

A curious tale with an unexpected beginning, a unhappy middle and a victorious end.


The tale begins with a need of exploration and the finishing of unsettled business, renewed by the fine ale of Santaur, I Buldrak and my companion Varis assembled a group of adventures to go and continue the exploration of Crystal cave.Word quickly went around town and quickly we were swamped with people pledging their services, thru the many we picked the strongest who presented himself as Sarloc, we quickly made haste the the skull, along the route we came across a beast shouting and forcing a goat to eat dirt. I quickly inquire what he doing with the goat, he make nonsensical noises and continued shouting at the goat.I depart wondering if this is normal behavior for the people of Santaur. I travel for roughly a kilometer before realizing my companion is not with me, I retrace my steps to find Varis still conversing with this person.Annoyed at this that we are wasting time I pick up the goat and start to make haste towards the skull.What I didn't realize was that this person had the goat on a lead, and in tow he followed us to the skull.I expected once I dropped the goat that he would go about his business, along the way the it seemed that Varis has befriended the person and learned of his name.Tzark , A name that should not be forgotten.


We traveled effortlessly thou the jungle a well trodden path know, greeting the dragon as an old friend.We greeted Masud, for a few of our company  this was a new experience and they basked in his glory, the greetings were brief  as we made for the skull to Marrenkesh.

We chose to take the land path to the crystal cave, as we grew wearily from our travels we came across a large ruin to seek shelter inside, scouting the place we find some tracks of a party but nothing seems to take our intrest.Only a leather bound book in a language that we could not discern.Further exploration yielded a den of a Gorillion, a terrifying beast that bore resemblance of a silverback gorilla but with four arms.It stood 10ft tall, just over 2 Buldraks.Beating its chest it moved towards us this was going to be a bloody battle indeed.But before me I saw a display that I have never seen the liking of before.Our newest party member Tzark started beating his chest and making an offering of goat milk, the gorilla drank deeply and further conversed with the gorilla,words not known to me but the actions I can only describe that of a female dwarf complimenting a male dwarf on the size of his beard.Suddenly Tzark dashes off and returns quickly holding his preclusions goat seemingly offering to this gorrila.We leave the gorilla in peace as we leave to setup camp.A few moments later the beast returnes chomping on the hind of the coat and perches itself outside of our camp seemingly as a lookout. The night goes uneventfully until the gorrilla starts beating its chest, the party is awoken to the sound of the gorilla charging an unknown beast, we rush after bearly awake to find before us a hill giant.Our party is soon to act an a swift flurry of arrows and a beating from the gorilla the foe is taken down with minimal damage to the party.We are then greeted to a second rumbling and from behind we see a fire giant in toe seeming tired an weiry himself, he introduces himself and acknowledges my firebeard and explains that he was chasing this corrupted hill giant for two days and that we have done Masud a great deed in slaying this foe.We thank him and return to the camp to sleep.


We broke camp early and set of towards the cave, we make the cave by dawn and precede to hunt the Guath that we saw the last time we delve in here, the cryterals were diminished so we knew he was still in the area.Scarloc turned a corner to be frozen before us, it was like time had stopped for him, we knew this was the doing of the Gauth and I charged foreword only to be met with the same fate.The party prepared themselves and Sarloc and I find the fire in ourselves to move and reposition.A hard battle ensue and a valiant effort from all of the party including Tzark for his bravery in charging the Guath he was frozen, seeing an opportunity I prayed to Masud and swung the Gauth seeming to crack it in half, doing this triggered a blast from inside and I was flung agansit the wall.As I came around Sarloc informs me that Tzark made the ultimate sacrifice to allow me to make the killing blow.The party grieves for Tzark when a smaller Guath came around the courner, speaking with Sarloc he asks for him to be his master due to being a magic user, Sarloc refuses but decides to return Tzarks body to be buried and find an owner for this creature.


We take a short rest and return to the outpost to gather ourselves an aid in burying the body.Due to two of our party members leaving us we asked Sarloc to spread word that we need reinforcements and Sheik answered the call.


We went back to the cave along the way we hear a familiar rumbling sound but the air was still, we investigate and come across an obvious titan.We bow and exchange greetings and we find that this is Dunmore, Titan Of nature, the second son, a creator of worlds.We converse and ask if there are any services we could offer his land and he bestowed another quest to rid the Blood halls as they as diminishing his power. We accept and he offers another giant silver coin and the mark of Dunmore he said it allows a faster travel across his land, a few members agree and are marked with tattoos.He explained to them how to call him for aid.Leaving the giant we move on at a seemingly much faster rate and we meet the cave nearly half a day before expected.We put this down to this mysterious mark and thanks are said to Dunmore.


We enter the cave one last time to rid it on evil and are met with the sound of arguing.The party turns a corner and before even see whats round there Varis lets fly an arrow and I hear the all familier sound of a body slumping as the life is forced from it by steel, wood and fleching. As I turn the corner to investigate what caused this use of force I am hit with daggers seemly from the shadows, bleeding badly I retreat, the party moves in but is surrounded by a darkness untouched by torches.We hear a scuttling as I swing at darkness and meet the feeling of flesh.Another battle ensues fighting shadows it seems I escape this veil of darkness followed by Varis.We hear more bodies hitting the floor and Sheik preying to his gods whilst swiping his warpick.The darkness lifts and we see the shadow appear, we were attacked by darklings, we see the leader flee in fear of our battle prowess and we chase him thru the caves using a pincer movement to catch and behead the elder darkling.We find a tome on his body in dwarfish about the titans and a note of importance.We press on and clear the cave, we rest in the entrance and make an effort to return back to the portal since we have accomplished our quest. Following the road back we meet the sight of an ambush two carts overturned and hear crunching.Sheik leads that pack to investigate to find a heard of Owlbears eating the driver of these wagons.Battle ensures and the fighting is fierce, I was heavily wounded and my fire weakened the party fought valiantly desperately trying to kill these creatures. In my wounded state I see 2 owlbears drop next to me with arrows protruding thru their skulls and I am brought back into being thru a pray to Shieks gods I see the final blow on the last owlbear marking our survival and end of this quest.We skin and loot the wagons and make a redoubled effort to the skull carrying our loot in tow. We pass with familiar greetings and end in Santaur happy with our efforts and share a meal and and ale with the party before we disband to other adventures.We our left with heavy coin purses and an even heaver heart for our lost brother in arms.Storys will be told from the great halls of this adventure.


Buldrak FireBeard 










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