The Wilds Await

Trees and thoughts

Session 73

Mittern 5 – Mittern 8

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Lily + Cure
Roar + Tiny Wolf
WolfBlood the donkey

Roar has gathered party for the visit of the elves. We loads Wolfblood up 
with stuff and heads to the Elves. Roar asked about the abnormal thunder they 
heard on the way back from the previous mission no one seems to know about it.
 We meet a party of elven scouts missing a druid.
We talk with them. I told them we are going to town to find out more about
the mystical Deepwood. We get to the Treefortress and goes to the head 
Druid. We gets a quest about some free escaped prisoners in the east.
From Spiked Thorn. More like a mention that they are there and we may deal
with them if we wants to. Unsure if he wants them dead.. or captured however.

Before we at all go there I (Roar) brings the party to the weaver dark elf
for more knowledge about the dark wood. Today the Weaver had a torch 
and a dwarf prisoner. Shrike and the weaver seemed to share a Language.
and spike shortly, I wonder if they are perhaps family related… i got a glare 
from our weaver which might have been a confirmation of that.. unsure still.
After a short talk about the prison camp and dark wood we got the mission
from the weaver to take with us a dwarven prisoner to the camp in the east

We come close to the prison camp and come upon a scout group of elves.
They and our prisoner dwarf has a argument about the war before we shove
our dwarf to continue on.We ome across what is the prison camp, we see 
a large tower and prisoners in prisoner cloth and crude weapons, Some
might even be using guard weapons we are not sure. Before we get into
a discussion  on how to approach this we get to learn that the dwarf prisoner
 is named Durfus.  Then Lilly makes the dwarf invisible and we don't know 
Where he went. He was sure he would take this opportunity to get as far away
from us as he could, as he was given the chance. Shrike decided to walk up 
and be taken in by the guards  aswell for some reason Now all we can do is wait
and see what Shrike is up to… and if the dwarf will at all try and escape.

After 20 minutes of waiting Shrike comes out with a small being. very tiny
actually. We didn’t know what was going on at this time. We were met by
Shrike and a small thing called Tiny. After a short while the dwarf also comes
out from his invisibility. Probably knowing he wouldn't get far in elven territory
and his escape would be highly futile. After a large discussion about what 
to do, we decided to bring Tiny and the now “free” dwarf back with us to 
the skull. I (Roar) was not eager to try and test the limits of our relationship
with the elves but like most of the party we didn’t want to doom this tiny
person to the same servitude and prison as the weaver. I do express my sympathy
for someone imprisoned for all his life and while i don’t want the same
for this Tiny… is the chance of the elves finding out and perhaps souring
our relationship with those who are closest to our skull landing… worth it?

On our way to the skull platform we heard the same weird thunder in 
the same interval as last time. Tiny said he made that and called it a “cannon”
It was said it shoot air to launch projectiles? I (Roar) do ponder if i may 
be elven biased or just worried about angering the closest and in my mind
the deadliest faction of the war that we are being neutral in.

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