The Wilds Await

Zwerg-Diplomatie Jawhol!

Session 72

The 45th day of Shiel in the year 1187

Adventuring party: Codi, Fisher, Pin, Rawr and Villo


we gathered a party of elfs.. even though my muradins cursed letter asked for dwarfs. mahall give me strength. we set out South West from the skull into the elven lands, we had a uneventful walk, and I got the time to jot down some maps for the area. During the night we were attacked by some kind of Abyssal hound, we made short work of it, until it came back alive and attacked again, this time we made shorter work of it and made sure to destroy the remaining skulls that the creature left behind, mind the black fog, Muradin knows it struck at us as a last little attempt to kill us as we destroyed them, getting them from some range with boots on is to be advised.

Next day we headed further southwest, we came across a small animal that Pin gave food to, it in return showed us some berries that are safe to eat, they also give vigour to the imbiber. It tastes nice, Pin said they were named Elderberries.

We then walekd until we found a river, wanting to cross it and venture further into the land we scoutet the riverside for a large enough tree to be felled across the river. after 4 miles of walking east and south along the river we found a massive tree and I felled it. after waling across it we chopped off the excess and found 5 units of darkwood inside of the trunk of it. We saw a big frog on the last part of the journey and the night went by without incident. day 3, we went further southwest until a second river, there we found a wall on the east side of it, and as we aproched I took the lead, and walked ahead of the party. I spoke to a Dwarven guard and he sent for an emmiserry, we spoke for a while and we were invited in, as long as I kept the Elfs in check and in order. it was some kind of Dwarven logging camp, and it had a small retinue of dwarven guards keeping watch and tents all around, we got some tents designated to us, I'll add more notes in the morning. this is a very exciting moment in my life…

These are the final journal entries of my travelling companion, Codi Ironhammer who fell while bravely combatting a monstrous landwyrm that threatened the safety of our party and our dwarven hosts. He died as he lived, with courage and inadvisable nudity.

The landwyrm that slew Codi was a powerful foe, it's thick hide resisted all physical attacks and it attacked twice in rapid succession after burrowing it's way to a chosen target underground. Magical attacks are definitely advised if one comes across this creature in the future.

After finally dispatching the landwyrm we checked on our fallen compatriot but realised there was nothing to be done for him. We harvested what we could from our kill and made arrangements with one of the guards who fought alongside us for Codi to have a proper dwarven burial as a warrior should.

The landwyrms are apparently used as siege creatures by other factions and these were merely young ones, however these creatures had not been seen in a long time so may be an indication of another faction making moves behind the scenes to capitalise on the conflict between the dwarves and elves.

The funeral rights and celebration were held in the morning but without our emissary to guide us in negotiations with the dwarfs we felt it unwise to continue with our task and after trading some of the Landwyrm hide for more darkwood and a manual on its uses, we began making our way skullward. Before we left we were given a token of safe passage in dwarven lands which will be available for any party wishing to travel in the dwarven territories and can be collected from the adventurers guild.

The journey back passed uneventfully and we arrived home unscathed. We shall have to return to these lands on another day, preferably with another dwarven emissary to continue Codi's work lest his sacrifice be in vain.

Signed Fisher.



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