Mystbound Realms

Mystbound Realms


The Mystbound Realms is a Fantasy RPG setting created by Stephen Dove and is copyright the author (2002).

The setting envisages that the world is an infinite and unbounded plain that is divided up into worlds by an arcane Myst. The worlds are the 'hollows' in the mile-high Mysts and most are completely isolated from all other worlds. Worlds can be of any size; and many are either growing or shrinking over the course of centuries as the Mysts ebb and flow.

The Mysts created all the Races of Aethyr including the Gods of the setting. The Mysts are also the source of arcane magic; divine magic is derived from the Gods, who sequestered some of the power of the Mysts in their bodies long ago.

The Races of Aethyr arose in the Mysts. They were creatures of magic and could walk freely between worlds, through the Mysts. These races were not bound by the 'natural laws' of any of the worlds of the setting. They were also mutable and could often change form. Another common characteristic was that they were said to be immortal.

There were uncounted races of Aethyr but those that are remembered include:

The Elvarin: the race the Gods made the many races of Elves in memory of. The Elvarin could rival the Gods in magic and were also the wisest of all the races. They travelled the Mysts according to a song they were said to hear that drew them ever onward through the Mysts and foretold the fate of all things.

The Dwarren: the race the Gods made the many races of Dwarves in the image of. The Dwarren were elemental creatures who had mastery of all elements; but loved stone and water best of all.

The Holvari; The High Men of Old were mighty indeed and threw down several Titan-Drakes and humbled some of the Gods. The Gods remembered them well and made the many races of man-kind in their restless image.

The Gods

The Gods of the Mystbound Realms are Gods of places, not of abstract concepts. They are mighty in magic, but have a material form that they can usually alter at will. The difference between the Gods and the other Races of Aethyr is that the Gods created living beings known as the Races of Adamant. Some Gods created one race; others created many races. The Gods also left the Mysts and came out into the worlds, reshaping them to be better to their liking.

In the Tenth Age, when most games are set, all the Gods have fallen into slumber. Few understand why but some scholars believe that the Gods are dreaming the next worlds into existence. The mortal forms of these sleeping Gods can be found merged into the land, in mountains, lakes, hills or seas or else interred in great Fanes by those who worship them.

In the Mystbound Realms, a cleric of a particular God communes with their sleeping deity by means of a lock of their hair, or a drop of their blood bound into a holy symbol by a magical process.

The Races of Adamant

The Races of Adamant are the playable character races. They have solid, immutable forms, are subject to natural laws like death and were originally created by the Gods. Since many Gods created their own versions of Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Dragonborn etc, there are thousands of versions of each race that are culturally or linguistically unrelated. Hence in Mystbound Realms, there are Elves who are aboriginal tribes of hunter nomads who live in skin tents, and there are also wandering companies of Elves who are masters of magic and are as beautiful as Tolkien's High Elves.

The Races of Adamant cannot enter the Mysts; as their bodies or souls are instantly corrupted  by it and they become monsters. They are therefore bound to the world in which they were born unless Myst-tides or Ur-Gates allows them to travel between worlds.

Mystbound Realms

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